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Darth Trayous is a well known figure among the Obsidian Dominion created by Lord Sinuous. He's one of the only known Obsidian Dominion member to ever achieve the rank of Darth and was for a long time considered as the main scholar of the academy. Following the years, Darth Trayous formed many apprentice and helped the dominion Master in the formation of their own apprentice by providing them text, holocrons and other source of information.

Original from the planet Korriban, Darth Trayous is also one of the few Pureblood Sith (Tsis) that sill live in the galaxy. His age is unknown but given the fact that Tsis are considered extinct since a long many century it make us think that he is really older than he looks like. The secret of his longlife may be held in his pureblood origin, yet many beleive that he used Sith Sorcery and Alchemy from the holocron he found in his life to extend his life lenght.

Darth Trayous is know to be a Kissai (sorcerer) and focus on the bogan manipulation. His favorite type of spell are illusion type. It is said that his ability to manipulate and creat illusion is among the best; to the point that it's hard sometime to say if the creature or the event he creats are either summonned from the Neither World of the Force or simply illusions. Yet, real or not, one shouldn't take them lightly as even the more illusive one can harm or even kill the targeted person.


((Author note: all event are romanced version of actual role-playing event that occurred during my time on SWG and SL from 2007 until today, my SL stories start at the end of chapter 5))

Chapter 1: The beginning

My story begin a long time ago, when I still was a child. I'm born on Korriban, among those I use to call Brothers. During my youth I was caste aside by the Kissai to become one of the Massassi warrior. I've grown up with the purpose to one day serve the Kissai. They trained me, tainted me so I can slowly become a warrior. It's only after 27 years that my chance came to prove them my strength.

One day, the Kissai made me and my brothers fight against each other into a special arena of theirs. We were 17 exactly, all Tsis brothers grown up to that special challenge. The battle was savage, one after the other the brothers were dieing, crushed by the hand of a stronger one. At the end, only me was standing in the middle of a circle of blood and bodies of those I use to call few hours ago Brothers. I was breathless, enraged, I wanted to kill more and more yet there were none remaining. So I stood there waiting for something to happen, for another one to step in so I can break his skull into pieces. Despite all my hunger for more, none step in.

I can't say how long I've waited into that mood, min, hours, days, I'm not sure. However my rage slowly cooled down but never went away. All I hoped was to have a chance to kill those Kissai who did this to me. They finally came in. One of them, a sorcerer, slowly walked toward me. It was too much, I couldn't hold anymore. I rushed all my will forward to kill her, take her down, destroy her. Back then, I didn't knew I had the abilities to manipulate the force like a Kissai. I alway beleive that I was born to become Massassi. it was my first experience, the rage and the hate allowed me to access to it even without the training of the sith nor the jedi. The second I've unleashed my rage, the sorcerer was blown away, arms wild open, she was death before her body was torn apart on the rock behind her.

For some reason, it was too much for me to handle, I was tire, drained from my previous fight against my brothers. So I fainted. Once I woke up, I found myself in the middle of some ritual. The Kissai were doing something to me, my body was changing, becoming stronger, my skin was darker. It's than that i've realized the truth: they were recreating the Massassi ritual to cut my connection to the force once again. However the pain of that physical change, the worst was still to come. I felt the will of the Inquisitor, she was trying to break me, to make me bow to her, to obey. Her shadow was tearing apart my mind, trying to destroy my barriers one by one to submit me to her will. The pain was impossible to describe. No living things could have survive and stayed conscious to such pain, however, the ritual was keeping me awake, it didn't want to let me go before she was done.

There were no more hope for me, no more resistance I could afford. The kissai was too strong, she was almost done with breaking my protection walls one by one with the pain intensifying every single second. Than I remembered what I had done to the Tsis back in the arena, I remembered that power made of hate and rage that was mine and more important, I finally understood how to access to it and how to let myself go to my passion. My rage was so deep, the cumulation of anger, humiliation, frustration of an entire lifetime beeing the slave of this Kissai. The frustration of being force again and again to slay down my brothers, to bow, to submit to the games of those witches. All my will adding with the new physical abilities and a stronger connection to this darkness due to the ritual finally made me a monster of hate, a being of evil.

I opened my eyes and faced the Kissai. I couldn't stop myself from laughing. A sound of pure madness, of hunger, of pain and joy all at once. It is that precise moment, just before the she could succeed, when she was almost done with my transformation but hadn't submitted me yet, that I unleashed my strength. The wave was hundred time more impressive than the one I had unleash in the arena. I didn't only crush the Kissai, but the whole temple was blown away. I drained from the chaos it made, from the pain I could feel among the Tsis who survived and finally, I stood, in the middle of the carnage. Finally I could take my vengeance and destroy them all.

For the following days, I've hunt all Tsis, Kissai and brothers of the clan, killing them, destroying them, feeding myself from their death and their pain. I was merciless, no matter the rank, the sex, the age, I took them down, one by one with my own empty hand. My only weapons were this new connection to that darkness and that new body made to become a hunter, a destroyer. I've stop this massacre only when the last one of the clan was death, so none would knew about my ancient existence and none would ever have authority over me. So finally, my journey could begin, I could start my real life as a Tsis, and not a slave anymore.

Chapter 2: The Abandoned Sith Academy of Korriban

During my training, before the ritual, I had heard tales from some of my brothers about the Republic. I knew little about them since the kissai didn't want us to focus on anything else but serving them as warriors. So there I was, alone in the desert of Korriban, searching for this so called republic. During my lonely walk, I finally found what I tough to be the Republic. It was some old sith academy, hided into Korriban Desert, probably the remains of an ancient clan of kissai that they've set to train some weaker acolyte. Yet for me, at that moment, it was the evidence I was seeking, the kissai, despite all they told me, weren't the only ones to rule and this so called Republic exist, or at least had existed according to the ruins.

I've lived there for almost a year, trying to learn from the remains. I did not knew the Basic Language back than so it was impossible for me to understand the scrolls and other stuff, yet I was trying. Starting with holographic records from still operational computers. It's in my 13 weeks there that I became lucky, I accidentally activated some computer that hold records of conversation between the Sith Empire and the kissai clan. The holos were linked with a translating program. From there, I've pass my time trying to traduce holographic logs and learn the Basic.

My second chance came when I've explored a wing of the academy for the first time. Now more knowledgeable in basic with the translating program inhand on a holowrist, I was able to learn from the different archives and computers storage. That day, I found the old training section of the academy and the archives about the progress the different student were making. It is at this specific moment that I've learn more about the Sith abilities. Back then i didn't knew about the sith empire more than what I had learn from the computers of that academy. Also, the academy wasn't the Lord one, it was made to train those weaker in the dark side but strong enough to become warriors or assassins. So I began to learn on my own. I had a special interest for the Sith Assassin abilities and ways of using the darkside. It was risky to do it alone, but I had a hunger for knowledge and power that I couldn't stop. I decided back then to become stronger or die trying.

Training that way for a while, I slowly learned to control the force and my abilities. Yet I was angry. It felt like if the training was missing something, a huge part of the knowledge I carve for what was absent. They were only teaching basic exercise and the record were often referring to the "real apprentice" on the Byss academy. Those references were more and more bothering me. Yet there was little I could do. There were no starship and even if there was one I didn't knew how to pilot it. So days after days my power was growing perfecting my skill, yet the motivation was lowering. More the days were passing, more I was starting to realize that no matter how strong I become, I was still stuck on that abandoned planet surrounded by Kissai Clan and their massassi. I had no choice, I had to find a way to get to those world of knowledge that they kept referring to. Ziost, Byss, Malachor V and many others, I was obsessed by it.

Chapter 3: The Journey begin

My real journey began about a year and a half after my discovery of the Abandoned Sith Academy. One day, while I was coming back from the desert, I found the academy hidden gate wide open; someone or something has made its way inside. Using my new Assassin abilities, I've cloaked myself by using the force and I start a whole new form of hunt, for the first time since I was here, I was feeling what the record were describing as a strong force signature. I've followed the signature in the maze of the academy. It was leading me on corridor that I hadn't bother to explore yet, going deeper and deeper inside the academy.

After a while walking, the wall changed, from the durasteel plain wall, they became stones wall and than simply cave wall. There were no light in the caverns, simply a maze of corridors made from an ancient rivers that dig them. Yet the Signature was stronger, I was feeling it more and more, his attraction was stronger at every step I made in its direction. After few hours of wandering, I've reached some sort of ruins. It was an ancient tomb, way more ancient than the academy. Yet, for some reason, the sith of the academy had never found it. They simply built their academy over it because those ruin were surrounded by the dark side. I personnaly think the masters back then never heard about the tomb, they simply choose a location really strong into the dark side to help into the training of the apprentice, not knowing the real source of that energy.

However, the force signature was now clear, it was coming from the room right infront of me, in the center of those ruins. I've slowly opened the door and step in. The room was empty. the only thing in it was a small pyramidal object floating in the center of the room. Something was wrong about it. It was twisted by somekind of power, pure darkness was emanating from it. It was some sort of beacon of the dark side. Yet, that object wasn't the sith signature I was following. For some reason, the signature was everywhere but no where all at once. It was confusing, devastating. It was like trying to hold gas in his hand.

Than I heard him, from all side at once. A man was breating, slowly, deeply. He was watching me, toying with me. I could feel his amusement yet couldn't see him. Without any warning, I found myself pushed really hard on the wall, I was hovering about a meter in the air, my back squeezed to the wall by the Force. A man, one of which the kissai describe as a dark jedi, was standing next to the pyramidal object. I couldn't see his face, he was wearing a hooded black cloak that was hiding his face. It's at that precise moment that the truth had hit me, he was a Lord of the SIth and he attracted me here to trap me.

Back then I didn't knew that this person would become my first Master. His name was Darth Santos.. He was one of the rare survivor of the ancient wars that opposed the jedi and the sith. He never talked to me about his past nor his own master, yet he showed me the path of the Sith. I've spend about 7 more years under his tutelage. I was his apprentice and he well exploited my talent as a Sith Assassin. I was to track down his enemies, to uncover items and more in exchange of knowledge and force training. At some point it became clear to me, his goal wasn't to take back on the old sith legacy, but simply to stack more knowledge again and again to become stronger and hold for himself the secrets of the ancient Sith Sorcery. Following his command, we have soon accumulated many artifact and holocrons from which we both learned. yet, it was still not enough for me, something was missing, a real goal.

Chapter 4: Revelation

It took me about 5 more years as an apprentice to finally reach the conclusion that my Master had a too weak will, he has no real ambition except his own comfort and most of all, even with all his knowledge, he fell apart from the real ways of the SIth. I had no more choice, get raid of him and his illusion to fully assume the title of the sith, the Darth title. So, from than, I started to hide from him some of the artifact and the holocrons I found to learn more about the dark side than he ever will. By making me do the tasks and the search, he also gave me power over what he would eventually learn since he was too lazy to do the search himself. I then began to slowly become stronger than him, always training, pushing me to my edges, breaking my limits. When he was heading back to rest I was staying to study and perfect myself. Where he lied in comfort I was on mission and perfecting my assassin skills. And most of all, when he was waiting my return for new knowledge, I was studying it all and selecting what he would learn and what he won't.

Two more year were enough, I had now the conviction that I've learned all I could from him, my knowledge was bigger than his, my body stronger, my will greater and my force connection deeper; I couldn't loose. So one day, when he sent me to some Lehon tomb, I've called him and convinced him to come, pretexting that my discovery was too great and too massive to move it. I indeed found one of the rare tomb hidden into Lehon ground containing a holocron, a recent one.

When my master arrived, I met him at the landing zone. I showed him the way and let him go first, as a master should. Yet before his arrival, I just had time to set the old tomb traps back on. He evaded the firsts traps easily but however didn't said a word and continued forward. Once in the room, he never turned to face me and said: "So this is how our journey together end apprentice, I was expecting you to move sooner, yet here we are". The battle that followed was one of legend, two being with the abilities to wield the sith sorcery and trained in the art of lightsaber fight..

I must admit back then that I underestimated him before the battle, He was way stronger than I believed. He was nearly my equal yet he wasn't. The transformation and the link created by the kissai ritual reinforced too much my bound with the force and my physical advantages. Also, I had two advantges over him, the fighting technique I've learn while I was a Massassi adding to all the lightsaber form he showed me and my assassin training into the Dathomir academy. One ability that I've learn there was one of the old force assassin method. Those assassin learned a special dark force abilities that improve their abilities, it was really simple, stronger into the force their prey is, stronger they become. They somehow learned to drain from their prey link with the force and get themselves stronger than him. The archive was describing them like this :

"It is a different war these Sith wage, a thing of silence and shadow. They strike from the darkness, hiding from the face of the galaxy, until all Jedi are exterminated. After all the Jedi are gone, then the galaxy is theirs, no matter whether the Sith or the Republic rules... it is the dark side that shall reign, unchecked. I believe them to be the result of... special teachings. [...] Those Sith assassins can sense their prey through the Force—it is like a hunger. They feed... and grow stronger... when they are near Force Sensitives. The stronger their prey is in the Force, the deadlier they become."

— Kreia, on the assassins of the Sith Triumvirate[src]

So the battle raged between me and my old master. We fought with rage, violence, destruction. We both had a cumulative of anger toward each other and we both carved for the power and the pride from getting raid of the other one. Only the holocron was saved from our duel. All things around us were destroyed, blew apart, the scrolls were now dust, the glyph were fractured and all other treasure were consume into sorcery and madness. I've kill my master with a final wave of lightning while I was draining the remains of his once force. He was twisted, consumed by pain. HIs skin was merely holding on his body and all his bones broken. Finally, I had win, my victory over him had broken my last chains. The Force has set me free. From this specific moment, I proclaimed myself a Darth. I was now Darth Trayous, the Assassin, the Holder of Knowledge.

Chapter 5: Reunions

Back to the Dathomir enclave, which we've set has home since the last year, I began to search into my old master belonging. I needed to learn more about his plan, his contact, his visions and his goals that he was hiding from me. There I found something really interesting, an 􀀀 . This map was the card of the ancient sith empire and their forgotten solar system. It was a list of world that few even set a foot on and that many of them would still hold many secrets.

I've began my search with the east part of the map. following the Stygian Caldera way up to Ch'hodos. The planet amoung that way were empty, only ruins and shell of what once was the glorious Sith Empire. They hold secrets, yet none worth of my attention. Those were minor worlds of the ancient empire so only minor sith had their tomb on those planets. However, I still found few items of interest such amulets and scepters, yet no holocrons or anything of real worth.

Things began to be interesting when I was preparing to leave Ch'hodos. Back there I had a choice to make; continuing the Stygian Caldera way to Ziost system or changing my course to the Zorfe Trete way. I was siting on my ship, debating the possibilities, one leading to Dromund Kaas and the other one to Ziost, both planet had a huge part in the history of the SIth. Before I could decide on which way to go, my long range radar started to buzz. It was detecting space traffic along the Nache Bhelfia way toward Ziost system. The decision was than made, Ziost first.

I wasn't prepare to face what was waiting for me on Ziost. Traffic there is uncommun, the Nache Bhelfia way wasn't on public record of the Republic or the sith empire, which mean only smuggler, jedi, tomb raiders or pirated could access to it. Yet I was wrong, it was none of them.

At my arrival on the system, I immediately felt strong force signatures tainted by the dark side. For some strange reason, those signature were close to the one of my old Sith Master, that wasn't a good sign. My master alway insisted on the fact that we were the last Lords of the sith alive, yet it seem that it was another lie, or at least, those weren't Lords.

My scan picked up the ID of odd dark military ship close to some ruins on the Ziost frozen land. After a quick look on the planetary map, I've land on the landing zone of some old Sith ruins, close to the ship signature. Cloaking myself with the force, I've walk to the door on the top of the temple. There was a huge contrast between the door and the rest of the ruin, it had recently been replaced for durasteel doors by someone. This was my first step into Obsidian Dominion.

Chapter 6: My rise

Since my enter into the Dominion, I've trained and learn among Masters. Lord Sinuous quickly understood my nature, my potential and valued my knowledge, however my skill with a lightsaber, as good as it was, was not yet at the level of the masters of the Dominion. They were marauders, specialized into canalizing their rage into their combat forms to destroy their opponent by the blade. So I've train in the Obsidian Space Station facilities for a time. Exploiting the opportunities to study the different combat forms of other groups while OD was hosting their weekly tournament Slowly, I rose among them. Each of my victories were improving my skills, my knowledge and my rank. After 6 years of service, I've finally reach the rank of Darth, only I and another member ever held that rank among the Dominion.

However, some of the member were respecting only what some would call a monarchy of the sith. Believing into their right of blood instead of rules of power usually followed by the sith. So when I left with Lord Sinuous on a special journey that took us half a year (we both had to go offline from RL issues), those member found their opportunity to take control over the Dominion, pretending to be the legitimate leaders. Fortunately for us, they never had a real control over the Dominion, when we came back, the academy restriction were still under complete control of Lord Sinuous, that monarchy never manage to hack the system and take control over the land. But their blow was a lethal one, too many of our apprentice had left and followed the monarchy believing in their lies.

So having no more choice, Lord Sinous, Lady Eva and I rebuilt the order from the ash. While the two others were renovating, recruiting and managing, I was training the apprentice. Lady Eva was the most promising student yet she left us in suicide, the weight of the whole reconstruction and intergalactic politic was too much for her. That was about the same period as we were preparing the ceremony for my achievement of the Dreadlord rank. Yet the ceremony never happened, her departure, even if she was simply an apprentice, had repercussion that influenced the whole order. Lord Sinuous had no choice, he couldn't take over all the work that Lady Eva was doing, and i couldn't do it either. So, soon after that, Lord Sinuous went away on another journey of his, one of reflexion. He embarked his spaceship and left me on Ziost, taking with him all access and control key over the academy and never returned or glanced back.

((OOCly, it was my first long time offline after this, mainly due to Sliver departure and a rush of work in RL that made me slowly quit SL))

Chapter 7: Deception

After Lord Sinuous departure, I had no more things to do. Only few rare worthless apprentice remained and I wouldn't wast my time to take the lead over the ruins and the remains of an academy that I couldn't use to my wish. So I exiled myself to Yavin to meditate, observe and debate. This little journey of mine was really interesting. It was the first time that I could observe and analyses the Kalaway Order without expecting any political or aggressive moves from them.

I've been meditating and thinking over Yavin's garden for many days. During that time, I was either thinking about my future and my role has a sith or debating philosophical questions with some jedi and grey jedi that lived there. I had many different offer and opportunities that I could choose yet none of them were fully satisfying me. I was seeking for something else, beyond the usual things. A path of action that would bring me back to my past glory. I wanted to enter into the political world again.

My patience was well rewarded. I didn't only meet lightsiders on yavin ground, I also met sith and different kind of force sensitive. One of them was Darth Talon, ROTH council member. During that time, I kept myself in neutral ground, not taking political side or making any actions that would justify a group or another to go against me. So, I also kept it that way with the different propositions I got.

However, only Darth Talon one seemed to fulfill the request I had to myself and to the Orders. I than began to make my search and analyse the path of action of ROTH, to see its potential and its worth. Back than, when their order was merely beginning, the results were positives and interesting, leading to another kind of Order, a new way of the Sith that I didn't experienced yet on this universe. After some reflexion and a brief interaction with Darth Talon and some jedi, I accepted his proposition to become one of the three council member of ROTH.

For some reason, our alliance never worked. I was still looking back, thinking about the Dominion, even about the Tsis, my origins, and i didn't like the behaviors and the path of action they were taking. I found that I wasn't on the same level as those so called sith were. After questioning myself I decide that it wasn't my place. So I left them without any notice. I was back on my journey, my exile. I had to find the truth about my nature, about the Tsis.

(( OOCly i went another time offline for a long period in 2013-2014, was bored of those childish group and they quickly lost all interest I had in them when they first presented their plan to me, wasted potential in my opinion and the drama profile that was slowly starting to be draw didn't interest me at all, today, knowing what they became, i'm glad I didn't stay ))

Chapter 8 : Korriban

Since my departure from ROTH, I've been wandering on the different Sith associated planets. One day, I decided to return to korriban, among the real sith, the Tsis, hoping that none would recognize me. I've land on the capital, the largest Tsis official city of the planet and i soon realized that the ritual of my youth had transform me physically more than I expected. It was obvious, I was Massassi for the other Tsis. I couldn't but assume the role they were forcing me.

If there is one think to understand about the Tsis caste, is that Massassi are warrior slave of the Kissai, so has a massassi, they expected me to have a master to which i respond. That was my largest problem, I had no master, no loyalty to a clan. I soon started to attract unwanted attention. I had no choice, I had to join a clan if i wished to walk among other Tsis, and by doing so, I also had to hide my connection to the force, only kissai were teach in sorcery. That was a hard time for me, to come back to what I once was. However I managed to find myself a clan.

I've met Truzuth Tagas near the ruin in the valley of the dark lords of korriban. Back than, he was the Massassi General of a Tsis clan associated to the Byss Empire. After a small conversation, he invited me to meet his master on the Byss world. Since that day, i'm officially known has a Massassi of this clan, yet my past and my knowledge of the sith path, the one influenced by the Dark Jedi, are still hidden to them. To be honest, they believed that I simply was another massassi who his family's kissai has died from another clan war and that ended up on his own, seeking for a new and stronger master to pledge his loyalty. However, this wasn't enough. Being a servant was not part of my plan, I had to move, find myself in a better condition.

I simply couldn't stand like a mere guard with all I've learn, it would have been an insult to my past, to my knowledge and to my abilities. So while I kept an eye on Truzuth, I went back to Byss and started looking around for opportunities. Yet days became weeks and weeks became years, it was simple, none of those I met had the potential, the power and the knowledge to learn i was looking for. There were few opportunities, yet none satisfying enough, so I waited.

Here I am now, waiting, seeking, a simple wanderer, however patience is one of my strength, any wise one know that rushing in is a mistake so I hide in the shadow until my time comes once again.

Signed: Darth Trayous