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"Before, you two where just pawns in my game of life... but now we are done."

— Darth Tempus, to Lord Rhal and Lord Decayus.

Darth Tempus, also known as Broxxen Ansar, was a male Twi'lek Sith Lord and main antagonist of the Sith Triumvirate, which was allied with the Sith Lords of Byss, and the Cult of Ragnos. He, and the Triumvirate had warred against the Kalway Order of Jedi, upon Yavin and the Ossus Jedi Order's frequently, and had appeared in many large battles along side the Dark Lords of the Sith.


Early Life

"Your mother was slaughtered by the Sith"

— Jedi Knight Arma, to his son Broxxen Ansar.

Darth Tempus, originally was the son of a Jedi Knight, one of the Jedi Knights of the Kalway, sir Arma. But his turn to the Dark Side came swiftly, when he was destroyed by the news of his mother, and family. Thus, his rise to the Dark Side was easy. His father fought him mercilessly, in an attempt to bring him back into the light, though it wasn't going to work. Tempus, whom was now entirely twisted by the Dark Side, and had become a minion to it's power, and greatness left to the outter rim for months, searching for Sith to rise up with him. Of course, he Lord Tempus wasn't stupid enough to allow the Sith to take over himself, and he wasn't going to be called a fool. So he split the leadership, in an attempt to bring himself closer to fame.

The Story of Three

"Join me, and feed your addiction to power!"

— Darth Tempus explains to both Darth Rhal, and Darth Decayus how easy it would be to take over the galaxy with three fists reighning down.

After Rhal, and Decayus where found, Tempus returned to known space with an army of Sith. Each of them specialising in many different aspects of the Force. Within the two years they served him, many died through war. Others where killed via torture, and unsuffucing pain. Many couldn't stand his vision of leadership, and glory. It wasn't that of peace, it was that of pure revenge. Eventually he decided he had enough power to overthrow his Triumviral friends, and he did so. Thus, resulting in the reign on Darth Tempus, the Dark Lord of the Sith Triumvirate.

Personality and traits

Darth Tempus, being a Twi'lek was often crude, and arrogant. Especially over those he deemed unworthy. He wouldn't take the time to look at a person, unless they where kneeling, or on the other end of his Lightsaber. Though, often bold and merciless, he had been known to show effection to few. Too few, in many peoples eyes. From a boy he had been taught to utilize stances Juyo, and Makashi... thus making him a fierce battle opponent, and far more arrogant than users of Soresu and Djem So. He was always on the offence, never on defence. Over all, Tempus was extremely arrogant, but with good reason. He kept a tight fist over the Sith under his wing.

Powers and abilities

Darth Tempus had a quick grasp, and learning over the Force, it was where his passion layed. He was adept, and formidible with a Lightsaber, but overall was a more dangerous, and highly vicious opponent with the Force at his side. He had learned abilities such as Choke, Grip, Electrical Judgement, and the universal powers such as push, and pull. He had a mastery over the Force that few others can, and will ever claim.