Early LifeEdit

Robert Legend was born in a upper class Imperial home on Ziost during his parents 'Zalo (human) and Mary Legend (Echani)' service in the Imperial Army. His hair was as black as space, and his eyes were a light green that complimented his pale skin. When he was of age his parents enrolled Robert into the Sith Academy as it was mandatory of all force sensitives to enlist. Being the patriots they were, his parents saw this as a great honor and weren't the slightest bit hesitant sending the boy off. Early on in his training he showed great promise in the art of saber combat, his peers often becoming enraged as it seemed the young Sith could see his opponents incoming attacks before they happened, perhaps a trait he gained from his Echani mother.

Eventually the young Sith gain the attention of Lord Terrenes, a Sith Lord that saw a potential force to be reckoned within Robert, and claimed him as his apprentice under the new name Sylum (The Sword).

During Sylum's training, Lord Terrenes would often stress how true Sith rid themselves of restraint and compassion, and killing a innocent child should be no different than killing an enemy on a battlefield. The day had arrived when Lord Terrenes sent Sylum (now 17) to assassinate a Jedi hiding among the Kalway Order.

Sylum was thrilled, his entire life had trained him for this moment. Upon landing he followed a conveniently placed beacon that would lead him towards his target. His search would eventually lead him to a short stairway, on top sat a youngling that greeted Sylum as he made his way towards the Padawan boy. Sylum's beacon flashed wildly, as he looked back and forth between the flashing device, and the Padawan sitting in the open in the center of the Jedi academy. At this moment Sylum was conflicted, as he unhooked his saber from his belt. He could not bring himself to ignite its blade, as the youngling continued to converse with him. He stood there looking at this boy that was no more than nine years old, for what seemed like hours, though it was only seconds before he heard the static filled voice of his master in his ear piece. "Do it!" was all that was said, triggering a tear that slowly ran down the young Sith's cheek as he ignited his blade. He attempted to conceal his emotions with a narrow glare as the crimson light illuminated the padawns face. " I am sorry..." was all Sylum said as he plunged the saber into the Padawan. His first kill still haunts him to this day, and still he struggles with his restraint. Though he hides it well the majority of the time.

At the age of 25, Sylum was granted the rank of Lord among the order, with his master's mysterious disappearance, the young lord was force to look to other mentors to continue his training. Soon after, Lord Sylum took on an apprentice of his own, Adaliah, a young Dathomirian hybrid. The synergy between the two in battle was something to behold, their skill complimenting the others. It was not uncommon for one to deflect blaster fire or saber strikes for the other, strengthening their bond as the years went on. With his countless victories against the Jedi and the Grand Army of the Republic, his achievements, as well as his skills in saber mastery were noticed by the Dark Council of the Empire.


The Wrath

With that, Lord Sylum left his home planet Ziost, and relocated to the City of Khayal, on the planet Byss, the Empire's capital. There he was elevated to the rank of Darth, and tasked with overseeing the combat training of the Orders lords and disciples, as well as often spearheading assaults against Republic forces and Jedi enclaves alike.

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