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Darth Sinis was a male Human Obelisk Master. He was one of the legendary six Dark Jedi Masters of the Dark Ancients and known as The Ancients Fist for some time.


Born to a seemingly normal family of merchants from Byss he doesn’t remember what his family endured to bring him a normal life. At 5 years old he and his family narrowly escaped a Sith controlled world after a Krath magician decided he should be used in experiments and rituals due the date of his birth and certain factors in his astrology. These made him a potent find for the Krath. They worked their deepest magic and warped time around the young child to manipulate his fate. He endured these rituals until the age of five. Scaring his psyche and then threw it his soul. The power of Sith Alchemy was so great his fate was shattered and repaired in the form they wished it to be. At 5 years of age the boy was already showing signs of the conflict that was brought to rage in his soul. He was intelligent but cynical and did cruel things to other children his age. His parents saw the effects this had on their young child and decided to flee with him and live in hiding from the Sith Empire. But the Krath had foreseen this as it was there plan for the boy to live away from the origins of what would become his true nature. He continued to grow and the dark energies installed in him affected the course of the lives of everyone around him. His parents moved him from place to place always in fear of the Sith but made extra efforts to bring their child up in the light of their love. Instinctively he knew they had made many sacrifices for him and this knowledge became a main part of his personality. His loyalty to his mother and father became the paramount virtue in his soul. But this was also part of the Sith’s dark work. Around the age of puberty he began having nightmares and other strange dreams. He would awake remembering conversations of things he knew but knew nothing about. Voices in his dreams told him of his certain fate. He saw images of a man who fought empowered by hatred and fury. His parents did their best to disregard them as dreams at first and later would get angry when he brought them up. Around 15 a man came to their home he was introduced as his uncle Robert. The man was very strange, cryptic he spoke of things that Tyrant had never before heard. Things like the Sith and there wars. He stayed with Tyrants family for a few months. One night Tyrant heard his father and the man arguing. He snuck out to investigate right in time to see the man look in to his father’s eyes and all but command him to calm down. It was hardly noticeable but Tyrant felt a strange aura from the whole situation and it stayed with him. The man left soon after.

A fateful Encounter

About his 16th birthday he returned home one day to find his parents gone without a trace. He waited for three days with no word but on the third day Robert appeared on his door step and told him his parents had been taken to be executed by the Jedi which of course was a lie. He introduced himself as Sith Lord Robert of Tyrants home world Byss. Knowing nothing really about Jedi or Sith he accepted this as truth and so began a hatred for the Jedi order that would last his entire life. His uncle promised to take care of him and to grant him revenge on the Jedi one day if he worked hard and studied the ways of the Sith. Tyrant trained for many years in Sith magic and the archaic ways of the dark side of the force. His studies focused mainly on a false history providing him with accounts of the Jedi’s evil deeds and the workings of Krath rituals and magic. His Krath uncle spared no expense to see he was well learned in the teachings. The Sith worked hard in their efforts to twist the strong morals and pervert the lessons his parents had taught him until he was an evil person with a flawed logic that granted him the right to do terrible things. In his mind the Jedi where false in all things. For the Krath’s magic was so strong they crafted his destiny so he would have love in his heart for the Jedi to murder. The Sith had their way and he worked hard until he was 25. Now skilled with a saber and learned in the ways of the dark side he left his uncles care. His uncle booked him passage on a ship to Byss where his new life began. A product of a life-long work by the dark forces to deliver him back to them: A perfect, malicious, a true son of Byss. Home at last to destroy the Jedi and finally achieve his long awaited revenge.

The Path of a Dark Jedi

A short time after his arrival on Byss he met Dark Lady Raven. She offered him a place in her order and had him trained by the greatest warrior in the galaxy, Darth Nox. After some time and many victories his allegiance to her and her order grew. And when there was a division in the order and The Dark Lady broke from the Sith and took up the way of the Dark Jedi he followed her for he knew that she would be the one to grant him vengeance against the Jedi. When the time came for him to take on the trials of a Knight, Tyrant was ready. His saber skills where widely known throughout the galaxy and his understandings of the dark teachings where well learned. He passed each trial without failing and when the time came to choose a path he chose that of the Obelisk. He could have easily walked any of the three paths. Nothing of the dark side was kept from him. He could speak on the nature of the force as well as any Krath. He could command the loyalties of his men like a true Sith Lord, but because of the state of the galaxy he was in he knew he would take up the path of the warrior. And so he emerged from his trials an obelisk. He considers himself a solder. He defends the Dark Lady and her intentions for the galaxy with violence and force.

Dark Jedi Master Sinis

The day came when he was named Darth Sinis Dark Jedi Master. After serving the Dark Lady for some time his destiny was finally revealed. The brutal man from the images in his mind was now a reality. His order grew strong in the midst of his coming. This is considered by some to be the pinnacle of his life. Shortly after being given the title Dark Jedi Master and the name Darth Sinis Raven and the Dark Ancients allied with the empire and began creating a home on the world of Bastion. Unfortunately the Sith destroyed the entire planet and the order returned to Non. Not long after his master The Dark Lady Raven disappeared. True to his word that he would serve no other he left for the Outer Rim. After sometime the other masters of the Dark Ancients ex-communicated him. He returned to a galaxy with no master, no order and no allies. All he has are the teachings of Raven and his hatred for the Jedi. Armed with this he sets out to re-envision his dream of destroying the Jedi and erasing them from the universe.