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Shadowsoul was born around the year 27 BBY on the isolated planet Callon in the outer rim. A few years after he was born a damaged jedi envoy crash landed in a small city outside the capital of Callon. Many callosians lost their homes and loved ones to the crash to include his own family. Within a few years of the crash, the jedi that survived and built a small temple to spread peace and house those that survived the crash. By this time the jedi discovered the local people were quite adept at using the force, moreso than they have seen among other races they have spread peace to throughout the galaxy. Shadowsoul was distraught with anger and rage at the death of his parents and vowed he would kill all the jedi and free their world of these "invaders".

At the age of 10, Shadowsoul joined the newly established Jedi academy that was errected outside his hometown. He quickly advanced through all the classes with excellent grades and remarks from all of his teachers. His aptitude for using a doublebladed saber and an unmatched proficiency with it earned him the respect from his classmates for being able to master such a dangerous weapon, not only to those he fought but to himself as well. The teachers of the academy had no idea of his intentions to burn down the academy and kill every last jedi, alien or otherwise, from his planet.

At the age of 14, Shadowsoul was nearing the end of his training at the academy. As the date of his graduation grew closer, he had spent many hours within the academy library learning everything he could about the layout and resources used in the construction of the academy. Shadowsoul was able to gather everything he needed to bring down the building in a burning inferno late at night. He had calculated that he could combine small explosives near the central area of the academy would cause the building to collapse inward to avoid any more of his people losing more homes to these jedi invaders, while at the same time placing a substance similar to napalm around every entrance of the building to create a large enough fire to trap everyone inside unable to control the fire. He spent many hours preparing everything and checking over everything several times to make sure it was all prepared perfectly for his graduation, to include making sure he had a list of all jedi padawans, knights, and masters that would be somewhere else on the planet to hunt and slaughter. He relished the thought of cutting down every last jedi all the way up until his graduation.

Two month had gone by and all his plans were finally at an end. On the day of his graduation, Shadowsoul had set a timer on all of his "fireworks" throughout the academy to go off at the time he was to receive his own knighting by the presiding Jedi Master, a double-bladed lightsaber with a rare white color crystal. The timing was perfect. He had just been handed his new lightsaber when the explosives went off, startling all those present outside. Within moments the Jedi master who had presented the lightsaber was skewered in the gut by Shadowsoul. The rest of the audience was in shock at the death of the Master and the destruction of the academy. The wave of death felt through the force was so powerful that no one could react fast enough to the swift actions of Shadowsoul as he plowed a path of death through the crowd. By the end of the day the academy was a smoldering pile of rubble and every jedi within 3 hours of the city was dead or dying from severe wounds, even Shadowsoul had sustained many wounds as he fought his way through the ranks of the jedi. By the end of the month, every jedi on the planet was dead. Shadowsouls revenge was satisfied when he killed the last jedi in a slow, extremely painful death.

A year later, Shadowsoul left his home in search of a calling, the calling of the Sith. Years passed as he visited what few worlds were near him, yet he could not find anyone who knew of these teachings. Thanks to the extremely long life of his race, he was finally able to find a planet that held the teachings he sought. A meteor shower had damaged his ship, as he was passing the planet known as Byss, forcing him to land to make repairs. He was able to land successfully and as he began looking over the damage that he was soo concerned about distracted him from the feeling of death, lust, all the things he was searching for. A planet controlled by the Dark Side.