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"Young one, you violate sith territory, for this alone I should have your lungs”

Darth Septus Welcoms a KOJ padawan to Lehon

The fall of Borelli Wachmann is well documented within the vaults of the Order of the KOJ jedi, After tricked into thinking that he was betrayed by the Jedi Borelli left the order vowing revenge and taking the name Lord Septus.

After many months his path crossed with the Sith and in due time Septus grew to the rank of Darth and one of the Ruling council, from there he became Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side for the Order of Sith Lords commanding huge respect and with leigions of sith at his command.

The Jedi are constantly on the look out for Septus for he has brought the KOJ to its knees many a time.

The last known sighting of Septus was by the Jedi known as Kitten, Darth Septus broke into the KOJ councill rooms only to have Kitten watch him dissapate into force lightning .. the End ???

No, for he returned only to be outcast by the Sith Emperor, now Septus hides in the darkness and other rim territories slowly building a new power base.

Biography : The Birth of Septus

Now a powerful Sith Lord, Lord Septus is the Outcome of a fallen hero .. A Jedi who was both wise and powerful with the force, a Jedi who was tipped to make Master status, however it was not to be.

Borelli Watchmann A Jedi of the KOJ order, one who was thought Incoruptible by many Turned to the dark side and on his Brothers and sisters.

The creation of Lord Septus stretches back right to when Borelli was being trained by his then Master the Lady Criss, A former Sith the Lady Criss gave Borelli insight on how a sith operated and fought teaching him some sith tricks and force powers, hoping these would guard him against Sith attacks. Such an attack came possessed by a Ghost of a Sith master, Borelli won however a Sith in a rare moment of kindness blessed a mind seal onto Borelli, so that he would never be overcome by possession or mind attacks again.

This would come back to haunt Criss for her Student in time would fall, and in turn use this knowledge against the KOJ.

It was atop the KOJ Jedi temple that Borelli still a Wise and Strong Jedi waited for his destiny to unfold, he had seen a vision that he would face Lord prazen alone, the outcome of the Duel would seal a ongoing battle between the two, for Borelli was hunting down Prazen for his terrible crimes against Jedi and the Galaxy, It would be the start of his down fall.

Prazen approached and the two fought a epic lightsaber battle, Borelli gaining the upperhand through his use of the light side of the force and his unique lightsaber, however Prazen was lulling the Jedi into a false sence of security, almost beaten Prazen begged for mercy, Borelli should not have given any but that is not the Jedi way and it was a fatel error, Prazen blasted the Jedi with all the powers of the Dark side of the force, sith lightning burning and breaking his body, the Dark Lord was simply to powerful for the Gran Jedi, taking his saber he swung and sliced of Borellis leg, and using his dark powers threw Borelli from the Jedi temple roof .. Borelli was broken, as Jedi rushed to help Borelli, Prazen slipped back into the shadows waiting for his opportunity.

Prazen and His New Apprentice Lord Septus

As borelli lay unconscious the Jedi frantically fought to save his life, his Leg was gone, his bones were broken and his mind became unlocked .. this was Prazens moment, pretending to be a concerned civillian Prazen swamped Borellies now open mind to images of the jedi fighting him, where once Prazen stood now the Jedi master Zero replaced him, to borelli Zero had fought him had taken his leg and had broken his body, Borelli awoke to find being stood over by Jedi holding scalpels .. he lashed out with whatever force powers he had .. Prazen sensed his moment to secure his new apprentice, knocking out the Jedi in the room, Prazen dragged Borelli to his Ship, telling him that the Jedi had turned on him and that he was saving him, still drugged from the operations and his mind still open Borelli nodded allowing prazen to "save" the Jedi and Wisk him away where as Borelli recovered he told him more of the Jedis betrayal to him.

The Jedi now realising that Borelli had been abducted sent Master Zero and his Apprentice to bring back Borelli and bring the abductor to Justice, this played right into Prazen hands his words now played true for the Jedi had been sent to Kill them both.

The four Met upon Yavin, Borelli now spotting a robot Leg, Despite Zeros efforts Prazen turned Borelli onto the startled Jedi and a battle ensued, Zero however a master lightsaber fighter had no trouble disarming Prazen ((under the name Peter)) However again this Was Prazen manipulating events for his own cause and Borelli seeing his new "Friend" being beaten by the Man who took his leg enraged Borelli, Suddenly Zero was hit by force lightning .. although not doing much damage to the venerable Jedi master the Shock of this gave Prazen enough time to force Puch Zero back and Force poisen his Apprentice .. giving time for Borelli and himself to Escape.

Some days later after borelli had recovered .. Prazen took him to Yavin 4 again .. there ontop of the Sith ruins Borelli pledged himself to Prazen as his Apprentice .. From that Moment the Jedi known as Borelli died ..

"The Jedi have caused you pain and suffering, they hunt you like a animal, Join me and I will teach you what you need to hurt them back"

"Yes my Master"

"Arise Lord Septus, you are reborn"

The Dark Jedi Lord Septus Wearing His MK1 Helm

Biography : The Wrath of Septus

The fist act of Septus revenge was to cause a rift between the GAR and the KOJ one that if properly manipulated would spill into full scale conflict.

Dressed in His KOJ jedi robes Septus planted 6 explosive devices within the GAR headquaters, while Prazen went back pleeding forgiveness and that it was a Jedi plot to dicredit him.

However Septus was dicoverd while planting the Explosives, not that this matterd as it renforced that the KOJ were attacking the GAR, the two Dark Jedi had also manipulated Master Zero to come to the GAR HQ for talks about the two surrendering.

As soon as Zero touched down he was arrested by the Clones only to find Septus in jail already and Prazen back as a official for the clones, with Septus claiming that it was Zero himself who had instructed the placement of the devices, a war of words broke out.

Eventually Zero was able to prove that he had not sanctioned the action of the Gran, with Prazen and Septus losing the battle Prazen decided to cut the negotiations and the plan short, pulling out a blaster he freed Septus and the two escaped with a Clone bounty on there heads ((One that still stands to this day))

As for the KOJ and the GAR this episode strained there relationship with the Clones now to this day not trusting the KOJ jedi.

Biography : Attack of the Virsuses

After this set back Lord Septus was now even more obssed with destroying the KOJ jedi, with Prazen now chasing after his own agenda Septus went about building his own power base and started to distance himself from Prazens teachings.

Where as a Jedi Septus was a fine healer, he now turned this skill to tourcher, and where he had been studiing Midi chorines, this now was perverted to manipulating Midis into toxins and poisens.

The first of many Viruses was ready within months and the KOJ felt the full effects, this nasy virus attacked the Midi’s in a Jedis blood changing killing off and warping the Midis to make the subject turn into little more than a gibbering slave.

This first attempt was quickly thwarted by the KOJ healers, however the toxin showed promice and as Septus delved deeper into the dark side he was able to create more potent toxins, many a KOJ jedi was kiddnapped only to find themselvs a test subject of Septus.

Septus would go on to Attack the KOJ with viruses a further 3 times that year, each more potent than the last, this culminated in the release on powerful toxins within the Yavin 4 atmosphear itself, each time though the Jedi were able to create an antidote, and each time this happend septus would look to refine his virus and as time passed he learned to incorporate dark side magics into them, however the abilities he craved were beyond Prazen and his Dark Jedi teachings.

Septus needed more power from the dark side, and his attention turned to the Sith for now Septus was starting to outgrow his former master in his use of the Dark side and as he looked less and less for guidence he sought information that only the sith could teach him.

However Prazen had forseen this and instead of loosing his prize apprentice he sought to manuver the situation to his own gain.

Prazen tasked Septus to infiltrate the Sith, become one of them and in time destroy them from within.

The first part was to win favour with the Sith, this was acomplished by Septus going to an old enemy !

Biography : A Union of The Dark Side

Septus made contact with the Sith Witch Viso on a remote moon, she found the situation amusing that the once honrable Borelli had fallen to the dark side, she taunted Septus that she knew that he would fall, Septus ignoring this simply spelled out why he was there.

To Destroy the KOJ and claim Yavin for the Dark Side, Viso agreed to help for she to had an interest in watching the KOJ suffer.

Viso was a member of the Order of Sith Lords and more importantly Supreeme Prophet for them, she comanded hughe power and respect from the Sith.

It was important to have such a sponcer, for the resourses commanded by Viso was more than Septus would be able to command, it was also important that the Sith did not know that Prazen was Septus Master for Prazen a fallen Sith would still have a bounty on him under Sith law this would carry onto any Apprentices that he would take.

The deal they brokerd was this.

Septus leads a Sith War Band against the KOJ Jedi

Septus would be given command of any Sith troops or resourses to use in a war against the KOJ Jedi, the flip side would be that if Captured the Sith would disown Septus as a rogue Dark Side user.

This agreed Septus formed a plan that would strike at the heart of the KOJ.

The capture of Master Luvbutton Moonsoo !

Biography : The Capture of Moonsoo

The KOJ jedi Ash Warburn was the Bait, Septus in broad daylight attacked and dragged of the Padawan to his ship while the Jedi looked on in horror, making it obvious Septus Hyperspaced deep into Sith space.

Hacking into the KOJ holo net he explained that he would kill the Padawan to make a point that the Jedi do not care about there own.

The Trap was set, Viso and a battalion lay hidden upon the Sith base.

All that was needed now was paitence.

Septus amused himself during this time by torturing the Padawan, he found the screams and fear pleasing to his soul and ears.

As predicted the Jedi came, led by Moonsoo, a small party of 3, they infiltrated into the base all the while being watched by Septus.

As they tried to break into the Sith holding cells Septus sprang his trap, Moonsoo was shut off from the other 2 Jedi by Shutter doors as She tried to push through with the force she turned round to see Septus and Viso sabers ignited in front of her, Moonsoo put up a brave fight but was quickly overcome by the two.

As for the other Jedi the Sith troopers staitiond at the base quickly took them down, with master Moonsoo now captured Septus would be able to strike the blow he wished, killing the Grand Master of the KOJ.

Darth Septus Meditates with The Dark Side of the Force

However Septus and Viso had underestimated the KOJ, not known to them a second group had infiltrated the Sith base and had planted explosives around the perimiter.

Septus was confronted by the second group and told that if Moonsoo and the other Jedi was not released then the explosives would be detonated.

Normally suth a threat from Jedi would be a bluff however this group was lead by a Mercanary Madolorian.

A Teanse stand off followed.

Viso conducted the negotiations with the Second group of Jedi while Septus tried to flank and attack the Jedi from behind.

Agreeing to release Moonsoo Viso smiled knowing Septus was about to attack, however just at the last minit the tables were turned, the Mandalorian ignited the explosives !

Dispite Septus rushing to attack the distraction allowed all the Jedi to escape.

Septus cursed to the Stars, however he had proven himself to Viso and in turn the Sith.

Distancing himself even more from Prazen Septus acepted the offer from Viso to become a trusted ally of the Order of Sith Lords.

Biography : Septus Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side

The Shrine of Blood was an ancient relic containing samples of blood from some of the greatest Jedi ever including Grand Master Yoda and Anikin Skywalker.

This Relic soon became the focal point of most if not all the Sith and Jedi across the Universe, for whoever controlled the Shrine would have accsess to the very DNA of great Jedi, for the Jedi this was an opportunity to study why these Jedi were so great for the Sith it was an opportunity to accsess the DNA of Great Jedi and pervert it to there own needs through cloning or Sith magics.

Lord Septus and the Order of Sith Lords Capture the Shrine of Blood

Once the location of the Shrine was located then the scramble was on to recover the shrine.

Located on yavin 4 it was the KOJ who recoverd the Shrine and with agreement from the Other Jedi orders placed it a high security location protected round the clock.

Such a prize was just to tempting for Septus, the chance to extract the DNA from Yoda made his mouth water, with such a prize he could learn more secrets of the Midi Chlorians and use it for his own dark needs.

Again with the Sith as his Ally they formed a plan to Capture the Shrine.


Using his knowledge of the KOJ base and security codes, Septus easily bypassed the the Security of the KOJ and captured the Shrine.

Returning to the Order of Sith Lords he proudly handed over the Shrine indicating that all he washed was the chance to take some samples from the Blood that was within the shrine.

The Sith by this point were impressed with Septus, and Viso herself offerd what Septus had now been desiring for some time.

She offerd Septus the Rank of Darth and Supreme Prophet and the Chance to study all the Siths secrets.

Septus accepted.

Now Septus was at his peak he now controlled legions of Sith who would lay down there lives simply to protect him, he was a member of the Dark Council of the Sith Lords and was able to study all of the dark secrets he could.

Darth Septus takes the title of Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side

Originally Prazen had wanted Septus to infiltrate the Sith to destroy it from within.

Septus now fully turned his Back on his master, publicly declaring a price on Prazens head.

Now Septus was The Master and Yavin would again feel his Wrath but this time he had legions of Sith at his controll.

The Council was happy for Septus to follow his own agenda, and as Prophet he was seen as the Spiritual leader for the Sith.

Darth Septus at the Hight of his Power and Influance

Septus would attack the KOJ now several times, the Shrine of Blood usually being the reason for it was now changing Jedi and Sith hands on a regular basis.

However Septus needed no excuse to attack the KOJ and as his influence incressed, this brought the Order of Sith Lords and Septus into Direct conflict with other Jedi orders.

Now Septus not only was looking to wipe out the KOJ but he was planning to commit genocide upon all the Jedi of the Galaxy.

The KOJ and the rest of the Galaxy knew and feared Septus name.

The KOJ even started a Clone Trooper Program to counter the increeses attacks apon Yavin 4, Septus was always a willing partner to any assault on the Jedi but now he was able to command from the back lines, Jedi by there scores died and Septus power grew.

He was ready to unleash his ultimate weapon and with it it total anilation of the Jedi !

Biography : Septus Captured

Septus final “solution” was a weapon created by all of his research, it would infiltrate the blood supply of the vitim and through dark sith magics would convert the Midis of the victim into dark side viruses that would attack the victims higher brain functions turning them into obedient dark side slaves.

The delivery system was a holocron that would open up emmiting a bright light that would implant the virus onto the victim.

Only the prototype was created and Septus was eager to try out his new Jedi solution.

Several Jedi would find themselves in Septus laboratory as Guinea pigs and after several trails Septus was ready to unleash the weapon on to the Yavin system than the rest of the galaxy.

However the Jedi were tipped off through thereown intelligence and a desidion was made.

The KOJ were to take the fight to Septus to bring him to justice and stop his attempted genocide of Jedi.

With that in mind the KOJ troopers were charged with infiltrating the Order of Sith lords home base to forcably take Septus back to Yavin to stand trial for his many many crime.

Although captured Septus was able to escape to the surface on Yavin 4 only to be confronted by a score of Jedi knights.

Dispite a concerted effort even Septus skills were no match for the collective efforts of the KOJ and wa captured.

The Jedi had to move quickly Septus was isolated and taken to a secret holding station while the Jedi prepared for a Trail the largedst of its kind and incress defences against any possible Sith retaliation.

The scene was set, and Septus was moved under maximum security to the Yavin 4 KOJ justice rooms.

There under heavy guard and ray shields Septus would be forced to confront his crimes, stand trail and have him finaly broughtt to justice.

For the Jedi though this would be there bigest dissapontment.

And would lead many to Question why the Jedi were guardians of the Galaxy !

The Great Trial Of Darth Septus

Biography : The Great Trial of Septus

The Trial of Septus was a Huge Event.

The KOJ had set up there defence and while Septus was offerd council he wanted to Defend himself

What the Jedi did not know was Septus after having been captured and held for trial before had already been able to manipulate events so that the trail would be a farce of justice.

Septus first acused the Jedi of holding him under there own rules and that Sith law would not allow such a thing.

The trail quickly became a circus.

Septus was accused several times of being in contempt of court.

This went on for some time the Jedi not realising that Septus was stalling.

Eventually the Sith defence team turned up.

Septus smiled as one by one the charges were brought into disripute.

The Jedi were being undone by there own beauracy.

The final piece of the sharade was Septus had manipulated a Padawan to obsessing over his capture and trial, with the trail quickly going against the Jedi this padawan snapped attacking Septus in full view, although stopped Septus played the victim and the Judges had no option but to quash the charges.

Inconsistances in the way Septus had been arrested also showed the Jedi in the eyes of the Galaxy to be incompetent.

Septus walked free and the Jedi were left to defend both there Justice system and there reputation as Guardians of the Galaxy.

To Septus and the Sith though this was a Huge victory.

This would not be the last time the Jedi would try and bring Septus to Justice.

And the Jedi learned there lessons.

Biography : The Great Break Out

Septus was now free to once again cause misery to the KOJ and the Galaxys other Jedi, under Jedi laws he could not be re-trialed on the crimes he was charged with.

The slate was wiped clean, and Septus was all to happy to keep reminding the Jedi of there verdict.

However the Jedi now took matters into there own hands and Septus was targeted by the Jedi to be brought to Justice trial verdict or not.

Septus now through Sith meditaion had realised that it had been Prazen that had taken his leg and tricked him into joining the Dark side, for Septus though the chance of redemption in fact he revaled in the raw power the dark side gave him.

By now Borelli truly was dead and only Septus remaned.

Septus having found out this revilation now confronted Prazen himself, this time however Septus had the power of the Dark side as his Ally and Prazen was defeated.

Prazen goaded Septus to finish him but Septus decided that Prazen would live knowing that his Appretice had outgrown him on almost every level.

During this period Septus felt invincible, on the occasions that Septus was captured hundreds of loyal Sith would lay down there lives to break the Supreme Prophet out.

The Jedi of the KOJ though had constructed a new secret maximum security prision guarded and run by the KOJ trooper core.

This was to be Septus prison and the location of a daring break out.

Septus was captured and inturned within the Prison.

The Sith had already begun to track there Prophet with a view to both releasing him and making an example of who ever had been holding Septus.

Dispite the Security of the KOJ prison Septus knew the Sith would find him.

They did.

The Sith amassed a huge fleet of ships and warriors to attack the KOJ station.

With the Sith asaulting the Prison Septus seized his opportunity.

The Jedi had taken many precautions with holding Septus one was to have a tank of Ysalamiri suspended above him in his cell, Septus though was mearly waiting for the right moment, taking out parts from his mecanical leg he constructed a crude insendry device, letting it off in his prison the Sith Lord watched and smiled as the sprinkler system activated, pulling his bed over and removing his mecanical leg he pushed the Tank towards the sprinkler, the tank filled with water, the Ysalamiri eventually drowned, with his force powers back septus tore the prison cell appart , those Troopers left to guard Septus were ither blasted by Sith lightning or crushed by force chokes.

With the battle still raging around him Septus activated his locator beacon, as more troopers rushed to subdue Septus the outer hull of the Prison exploded, a Sith boarding craft attached itself to the hull, this was Septus salvation jumping in he activated the boosters and flew away as Jedi and troopers were sucked into Space.

Septus set his corse for the Sith flagship, then something happened, a Jedi fighter blasted the Ship septus was in, the hyperdrive engaged.

Septus was gone, heading unknown still at large.

Biography : The Aftermath

Septus was able to find his way back into Sith Space some weeks later, however The Order of Sith Lords was no more, possible inturnal fractures had caused the Order to split into smaller factions hungry for power.

With his power base gone Septus retreeted to his Lab only to find the Jedi had stripped the Lab bare of all his research and samples.

The Jedi though had not been able to locate his secret hanger though and his ship had remained untouched by the Jedi purge.

Septus now was a Sith Lord unatached, the Order of Sith Lords had failed and his Research gone Septus had but one thing left, his hatred for the KOJ Jedi.

Has Darth Septus Retuned ?

Biography : The Return of Septus ?

Recently A Holo transmission was sent to Yavin 4 and observed by Septus old Jedi Master, Dro Plund

Darth Septus Wearing His MK3 Helm and with his Forked Lightsaber

“Consider this a Warning, I am Still Watching the KOJ and Yavin IV”

The Trasmission cut off, all attempts at tracing it have proven fruitless.

However Septus has been Spotted wandering around the KOJ temple and libray by the Jedi known as Vayra Jewell, And Dro Plund has been contacted by Septus via force talepathy does this mean Septus is back to haunt the KOJ jedi ??

Biography : Septus Returns

Septus did indeed return.

This time he used a different tatic .. the media. Having established himself a base Septus contacted the reporter Daana Kira, Septus hoped that by manipulating the media he could force a conflict within the Yavin system between the KOJ and the Sith Emperor.

Septus implanted thoughs of himself into the reporter Daana Kira and she started to seek him out not realising she was being guided by Septus at all times.

The first meeting went exatly to plan with Septus conducting his “interview” in the Yavin IV Sith Ruins, as planned the Jedi were drawn to the meeting, however Septus had planned for this for he was not there in person and was infact a hologram, as the Holo image dissapated Daana Kira picked up the small holo device, just as Septus had hoped.

Septus Talks With Daana Kira

The second time Septus choose to reveal himself to the reporter he used the opportunity to offer Yavin 4 back to he sith, claiming it a “Jewell World” of the Sith empire forcably taken by the Jedi, Septus hoped that by claiming this across the Galactic news and offering it to the current Sith Emperor, Emperor Validus, that the Sith would rally to his cause attacking Yavin, However Septus stock had fallen.

In his absence the Sith Emperor had installed a new Supreeme Prophet of the Dark Side and moved the direction of the Sith for his own needs, Septus simply was a outcast a fallen member of a once proud Emperor.

A Bounty was placed on Septus, and he was openly attacked by the General of the Sith army. Once again escaping capture (Or Worse) Septus fled to the Out rim territories to meditate on his next course of acion.


Biography : Present Timeline

Currently the location of Septus is unknown, Those Bounty Hunters who have gone to claim the Septus bounty have not returned.

Some say Septus is rebuilding his power base, while others point to a string of virus outbreaks claiming that Septus has restablished his Powerbase, Others have simply sugested that Septus has gone into hiding and with no real power is a rouge Sith Lord.

What ever the Situation All that can be said is Darth Septus is indeed unaccounted for and at Large within the Galaxy


Septus uses two elegant variation of a forked lightsaber each consisting of two Blades, as a Jedi Septus used the extra blade for greater protection, now they are used for greater attack.

Lightsaber Combat

Fluant in all known forms of saber combat Septus is an unpradictable opponant, his true power however stems from not the blade but the situation, many have faced Septus only to find it was a set up for an elaborate trap !


Expencive and elegant robes, a Mechanical Leg and fine jewlery, dispite Septus being Septic to the core his apparel reflects great wealth.

Septus also uses many Masks to Intimidate and strike fear into his opponants, to date 3 variations of Mask have been constructed by Septus and recorded by jedi security forces, each a Sith artifact in there own right.

Darth Septus Mk 3 Helm

The current vertion has various blasters and poisen gas injectors hidden within it.

The leg Septus lost was first replaced with a prosthetic by the Jedi, however Septus first had it replaced by Prazen with a mechanical leg now however he has replaced it with a mechanical claw based on designs he found within the sith archives.

The Story of Septus is Told to KOJ Padawans to Warn them against the Dark Side


Septus is a master of Force Poisens. his former studi of Midi's now is perverted into the construction and creation of toxins and viruses, many having been tested on Jedi and the Yavin system, a slippery customer Septus has evaded jedi authorities a total of 27 times, he has stood trail but there was not enough proof to tie him to the crimes.

The force flows Strongly with Septus, a master of Both Jedi and Sith powers, As a Jedi he would always disarm an opponent through the force, as a Sith however Septus will happily blast with Sith lightning, Choke, or Force Poison his opponents to death.

He Is also a master of the rare Red Force Lightning.

However of all Septus force Skills he is a true master of Force Telepathy, able to reach out to people accross the galaxy to invade there mind, used mostly to communicate Septus was also able to implant ideas or a feeling into his subject.