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"I was thinking of putting your dead skull on display when I cut it from your still bleeding corpse."

— Darth Rowe


Born on the lush forest world of Ziost, Darth Rowe was the chosen child of two born (or generically designed) under Dark Lord Summanus and Dark Lady Keres. She was raised knowing only four things: Power, dominance, pain, and suffering. Through the years, she grew to be something worse than her parents could hope for and she began her training to become a Sith Lord. In time, she would become a Darth, and achieve a position as an Elite member of the High Council of Sith for the Order of Sith Legends.

She spent her years on the Council as the Minister of Intelligence and Special Operations, spying and murdering for the grass roots organizations (Sith Legends and the Assembly of Darkness), that would later develop into the unified Sith Empire.

In her exploits, Rowe has tortured some of the most notable members of society, such as Jedi Master Luvbutton Moonsoo, under the directions of her father, Dark Lord Summanus. She also kidnapped and nearly killed Queen Hyacinth of the Fel Empire on Coruscant, on her own accord for little more reason than boredom.

Serving the Sith Empire, Darth Rowe went out to begin a Sith Purge, intent on destroying all Sith who do not follow her in her path of death and destruction. What began as the Empire’s most skilled assassin’s desire, quickly snowballed into a sect and later became an army of Sith who wished to expand on Darth Rowe’s mission of extermination of the weak. In time, Darth Rowe used this to her advantage and so the Order of Rowe (OoR) was born. Rowe has been known to consume the flesh if her victims before, and after, she kills them. Speak ill of her and she will eat your tongue. Fight well and it is your heart she is after.

When OoR served its purpose, Darth Rowe left it behind and answered the calling yet again to the Sith Empire now based on Byss. There she served first as the Imperial Fist of Emperor Validus and later as one of the Emperor's Hands. To date, only three apprentices are known to have ever survived her training, despite countless Sith who came and failed, usually with their life.

Later Career

After Emperor Destius took the throne, Darth Rowe served as both Jen'ari (Dark Lady of the Sith) and Imperial Executor. When Emperor Destius was believed dead following an assassination attempt by Jen'ari Infestus, the Sith Sorcerer usurped Executor Rowe’s claim to the throne. The attack on Emperor Destius occurred while Executor Rowe was away on the planet Anzat. She soon returned and challenged the new Emperor Infestus. A massive fight ensued that destroyed much of the citadel. Rowe ultimately came out victorious and became the first Sith Empress borne from DLoTS. Destius did emerge again but was set on hunting down all those who aided the late Jen'ari Infestus in trying to assassinate him. To this day, Rowe still sits on the throne of the Sith Empire currently based in the city of Validestius on the volcanic planet of Byss.

History & Traits

Darth Rowe has inherited many traits from her parents. Her short temper could be attibuted to her mother, Darth Keres and her amazing ability with the lightsaber to her father, Darth Summanus. Easily brought to anger, Rowe has used her focused rage to bring her victory in countless lightsaber duels with scores of Jedi ignorant to her incredible skill.

Her skin is pale and her eyes, an exquisite shade of blue. Her hair is black as coal, and, like her mother, it displays the trademark red tips at the ends. Of all the things she can disguise, her sea blue eyes and red tipped hair cannot change. While she can dye her hair, her red tipped locks will bleed through the coloring so much that she must wear a wig to hide it. No one is entirely sure what race Rowe is, but to say she is pure evil is a gross understatement. It is rumored that Darth Rowe is Anzati, although there is no record of her having proboscises, so this claim is unfounded.

Rowe was raised knowing only 4 things: Power, dominance, pain and suffering. Through the years she grew to be something worse than her parents could hope for and she began her training to become a sith lord. In time, she would become a Darth and achieve a position as an elite member of the high council of sith for the order of Sith Legends. She spent her years on the council as the Minister of Intelligence and Special Operations, spying and killing for the grass roots organizations (Legends and AoD) that would later develop into the unified Sith Empire under Eperor Kestrel. She has led the campaigns to bring down the Nw order of Jedi outpost on Kashyyyk after they were driven from Yavin IV as well as landing crushing blows to Naboo and Coruscant's Imperial City. Her crowning moment was the the subsequent occupation and near destruction of the planet Ruusan under the banner of Emeperor Validus. For her efforts, she was granted the coveted title of Emperor's Hand.


Rowe is a complex young woman. Ever since she was born, she was raised by her father to be a cruel, ruthless Sith and to manipulate people by controlling them through fear. She is a dedicated Darth, relentlessly drilling herself towards perfection and will settle for nothing less. Even as a child she was seen to react with hostility when outdone. She is rather vain and believes that power and domination are what makes a person strong. She is known for being one of the cruelest Sith in the empire. From a young age, Rowe demonstrated sadistic aggression and lack of remorse. She lacks empathy, treats people as expendable, and seems unable to view them as living beings with feelings. Her amorality and ability to act without hesitation or remorse also accounts for her ability to create force lightning. Ironically, for all her refinement and self-confidence, Rowe does retain some insecurities. Although she is shown as a good strategist and capable of predicting what her enemies will do, she has a disadvantage in ordinary social situations as she does not know how to act. Although her father clearly favored her over her sister Jehn, it is plain that Summanus did not show genuine love for either of his children, simply dispensing approval to his daughter Rowe when it suited his purpose. This shaped Rowe's fears that she would be unable to rely on anyone for affection. Unable to trust others, she instead tries to dominate them by making them fear her.


"You think you know her, you think you can beat her...you can even think you're smarter than her... but the truth is, you are already dead..."

Darth Mortis

"I must say that during my short time here in this quadrant of the galaxy I have watched the good name of the Sith having been on the receiving end of machinations so Machiavellian that it has rarely been my experience to encounter... You who relish in your blinded weakness will perish before me. We are Sith, and we are legion..."

— Darth Rowe

"Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it"

— Darth Rowe