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Darth Ravena is a female of the Zabrak species, and a member of the One Sith, being one of many Sith Lords to serve under Darth Krayt. During the Second Imperial Civil War, Ravena was stationed on the Outer Rim world of Rodia.


The female Zabrak known as Darth Ravena is a Sith Lady of Darth Krayt's Sith Order, and also a commander within the Imperial Navy of Krayt's Sith Empire. Ravena is a third-generation Sith, raised and trained on the ancient Sith burial world of Korriban and thus, she had no idea of what life was like outside the order and had no purpose to her existence other than to serve Krayt's will.

Ravena wields two red-bladed lightsabers in the service of the Emperor, and employed them during the Second Imperial Civil War while she was assigned to the Outer Rim world of Rodia. She was also accompanied by a garrison of Imperial stormtroopers which were under his command. In Rodia she perpetrated countless acts of atrocity against those she suspected of resisting Krayt's Imperial domination on the planeta. Among her victimes are the Jedi Master Needo Guisse's family.

Encounter with Guisse[]

Needo Guisse attacks Darth Ravena.

In 133 ABY, Ravena sensed the presence of Guisse on the planet but to late to avoid being ambushed by him in a swamp. The two fought and the skilled Ravena used the Force to mash Guisse with a large rock. However, the Jedi managed to flee to Naboo, but ravena, sensing the increasing taint of the dark Side in him pursued Guisse and attacked him again in the city of Keren, where the Jedi was still healing his wounds. While they fight, Darth Ravena seduced him to the Dark Side by telling him the Sith had the power to bring his family back to life, but not before she severed Guisse's left arm and cut off his left the eyes. After the very wounded and fallen Guisse surrended to her, Ravena took him to Coruscant, where Darth Krayt himself named him Darth Devolous and replaced his lost body parts by advanced cybernetic prostheses.


Seven years later, Ravena was betrayed by Darth Devolous. The Rodian found out that Ravena was indeed the one who massacred his family and that the crumbling One Sith had no knowledge to return the dead to life and went after the Sith. Darth Devolous stabbed the Zabrak's back with his new double-bladed lightsaber while she was fighting Devolous former apprentice, Lyin Quan, in Naboo.

Ravena managed to survive the mortal wound and escaped the scene after falling in a river bellow the bridge she was fighting the Jedi. The Zabrak reached Korriban where she was healed by her first master, the Dark Jedi Lord Dragonash. She joined him in his quest to find a Sith Holocron.

Personality and traits[]

Darth Ravena's rage.

As a member of the One Sith, Darth Ravena is a loyal minion to Darth Krayt. Like nearly all of her Sith brethren, Ravena is adorned with red and black Sith tattoos all over her face. Darth Ravena became a Lord of the Sith Order at a young age and was granted the Darth honorific in recognition of her abilities. She is ambitious for more power within the Empire, and so hoped to exploit the innate abilities of her Sith brethren in order to seize more authority.

Powers and Abilities[]

Like many of the One Sith, Darth Ravena wielded two red-bladed lightsabers as an adept of the Jar'Kai form of combat. She is also a military commander, and was left in command of the garrison which was stationed on Rodia between 130 and 133 ABY. Strong in the Force, Ravena was also able to command telekinesis, something which she used to repel Guisse and throw a large rock at him.