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Entry in the Jedi Archives

Little is known about Darth Ptas. What little we do know has come at great expense. Many Wookiees died in the great wars of Kashyyyk to learn certain things about the past of Darth Ptas.

What little we do know is that Darth Ptas was once known as Lady Aku, an apprentice of Darth Ikijji, who in turn was an apprentice of Darth Syn, one of the original members of Dark Lords of the Sith. Before she was Lady Aku, nothing much is known other than that the journals of Darth Knave reveal that he lured her into his Sith Order, Sith Legends, having discovered her on Dantooine.

As Lady Aku, before becoming Darth Ptas, she resided at the Sith Legends base in Orion. During this time she studied under Darth Ikijji, frequently traveling to Dantooine to hunt down the Jedi, Nenilai Valentine. During this time she also learned the arts of light-saber creation and fire projection from Darth Ron'Zar, also an apprentice of Darth Syn.

After becoming Darth Ptas she pledged herself to Dark Lord Malice, a powerful and dangerous Sith who, despite several attempts to destroy his plans on the part of various forces, refounded the Sith homeworld of Ziost, then relocating the Sith Citadel to Byss, where it remained until that entire world was destroyed. During that entire time, Darth Ptas ruled over Sith Legends as Dark Lady, and along with Dark Lord Malice. They continued this arrangement through the time when Sith Legends moved to Ziost, where Ptas & Malice ruled until she mysteriously disappeared.

After a long period of rumors to her death, she reappeared with the resurfacing of the Dark Lords of the Sith, was sighted numerous times in Byss. It was learned through monitoring of Mandalorian chatter that Ptas was sighted near the mining world of Gromas 16. Teams of clones were sent there to retrieve information but they never returned. A strike team of Jedi Knights sent to rescue a Padawan held captive by Ptas there was killed when she self-destructed the large cruiser they were all aboard.

It was thought that Ptas perished in this event, however, she resurfaced upon Ruusan and, after killing several Jedi, she was finally subdued and cut down. Her corpse was jettisoned to the surface of Gromas 16.

We believed that Darth Ptas was killed at this time. However, records of large shipments of cryogenic tanks, biosupport materials, recombinant protein broths, and other cloning supplies have lead us to believe she may have transferred her essence into another body. Recent Sith activity on Korriban has raised concerns, since a large fleet of freighters and battleships were seen moving from the Gromas system to the Horuset System prior to this activity. However, subspace disturbances in the hyperspace lanes leading to Korriban have prevented further investigation.


Ptas is extremely dangerous and never to be reasoned with. The Jedi Incident Reports Archive indicates that she has never come to Jedi territory and left without leaving behind a corpse. She is a skilled assassin and to be treated as armed and dangerous at any time. When she speaks, the words may say something else, but they simply mean, "I am going to kill you." If she has the ability to restrain her insatiable desire to constantly kill, then we have seen no evidence of it.


Ptas stands extremely tall for a female. Has not been seen without a cloak covering her appearance. It is believed that she may use Sith Alchemical tricks to mask her appearance at times, but it is not known if she holds any alternate identities of which we are unaware. Despite the front of her cloak hanging open, the only time holocams and surveillance droids have picked up any verifiable features is when the shadowy areas within the cloak were illuminated by her saber as she sheathed it after killing a Jedi. It is thought that some cybernetic enhancements/repairs may explain the metal tube that was seen running from her heart area into her neck area..





((This biographical information would not be known to characters in-world without IC discovery.))

Birth & Childhood

Gistya Antilles was born on Talus in 177 ABY. She was raised by her parents, wealthy Corellian aristocrats who owned a large aerospace firm. As a youth she had aspirations to be a fighter pilot and set record times in the Tralus Run for her age category. It was then that her grandfather, a former Mandalorian warrior, kidnapped her for observation by the Sith. Her memory of this event was erased, and she was returned to her parents.

Becoming a Sith

After graduating from the Talus Academy of Space Engineering, Gistya left to explore the Galaxy. Upon travelling to Dantooine to take up residence, she was recruited into the Sith by Darth Knave. Gistya was interested in light-saber creation and combat, and quickly mastered these arts with the teaching of Darth Ron'zar. Her Master, Darth Ikijji, trained her in the acrobatic art of Ataru.

Advancement to Dark Lady of Sith Legends

Rule on Byss

Upon the foundation of the original Byss, Darth Knave and Darth Chaos left the order of Sith Legends under the command of Darth Ptas. She ruled over the Sith Legends in Byss. She designed the Temple of Marka Ragnos on Byss, which was used as a home for the Dark Ancients and Sith Ancients, who, despite this architectural service, sought to war against her. However, she successfully fended off war with Dark Lady Raven until the entire world was destroyed by Darth Validus.

Rule on Ziost

Ptas along with Darth Malice relocated to Ziost, providing a new home for the Sith refugees after Byss' destruction. It was at this time that Sith Legends had risen to be the most powerful Order in the Galaxy, and those Sith who began their training at this time are now amongst the most powerful in the Galaxy: Darth Rowe and Marka Slade are among them.

However, one day, and without warning, Dark Lady Ptas suddenly disappeared. She had travelled to the inner core to meditate upon the Dark Side, leaving the Order to its own fate. When she did return at long last, she was shortly betrayed by her fellow Sith, those who had risen to power in her absence. They blamed her for the actions of the Cult of Ragnos which had happened while she was away. For in the power vacuum she had left behind, the unity she had built between the Sith dissolved and they started going at each others' throats.

Ptas' betrayers included her former Shadow Hand, Darth Summanus, but the act was masterminded by another. In the end, they saw to it that Ptas was exiled from all the Sith worlds: Ziost, Vjun, and especially Korriban, perhaps out of fear that she might someday regain power.

Period of Dark Meditation

Ptas merely watched as the vultures who betrayed her disintegrated the Order she had built into a Galactic dominating force. They killed Sith Legends, subsuming it into the Assembly of Darkness, a Dark Jedi group operating out of Vjun and later Korriban.

Disgusted, Ptas dropped the name of "Dark Lady" or even "Darth" and withdrew into the abyss of the Dark Side itself. It was then that she began to form a new order, The Sith'ari, based on ideas that originated whilst she had been ruling over the pre-destruction Byss under Darth Validus. Ptas' plans remained a secret except to a select few.

After combing through the thousands of planets and moons of the Galaxy, Ptas finally found the perfect world for a new, secret alchemical laboratory: Gromas 16, the site of a former military project of Emperor Palpatine. It is an abundant source of the strongest material known in the Galaxy, and its proximity to Mandalore would enable Ptas to build a trade alliance with the Mandalorians, who had long been a thorn in her side.

Return to Dark Lords of the Sith

As fate would have it, one of the Sith'ari -- Darth Validus -- left the Sith'ari so that he might reform Dark Lords of the Sith. Ptas followed Validus and ceased her active involvement with the Sith'ari. She and several others formed the Dark Council of Dark Lords of the Sith, a group of equals dedicated to the running of that order. Under her watch she suggested the instigation of regular weekly meetings of the Order, which continue to this day. As well, she lent Gromas 16 to the purposes of the Order. She continued to serve under Dark Lord Validus and Dark Lord Mortis for some time, and began operating out of Gromas 16.

Leaving the Dark Lords of the Sith

However, some of her fellow Darths began to believe she was starting her own Order upon Gromas 16 and became paranoid about her activities. Meanwhile she observed as Dark Lord Validus promoted himself to the title of Emperor, but became disgusted when he began to step outside his bounds, promoting newcomers to higher ranks than the original members who reformed the order, then dissolving the Dark Council itself, taking full control over the Order.

After secret research upon Korriban and meditation upon the Dark Side, Ptas further realized the truth she had always known: that the Rule of Two had been misinterpreted by Darth Bane, and the Rule of One that had risen in its place was corrupt and heretical. She then promptly left the Dark Lords of the Sith in order to further research the matter, uninhibited by anything but the Dark Side itself.

Revival of Korriban

During another period of Dark Meditation, Ptas received a vision of ancient Sith manuscripts hidden deep in the tombs of Korriban. Therefore she directed all shipments of phrik to Korriban for the creation of a new Sith citadel and temple by Darth Dureal, in the design of the Ancient Sith. However, this temple of phrik would be one that would be built to out-last even the planet itself.

Ptas scoured Korriban in search of these ancient manuscripts, using the Corellian Mining Corporation as a front for these activities. Upon finding them, it was then that Ptas realized her destiny lay beyond the confines of the Inner Core or the Mid Rim: upon the desert world of Korriban.

Now, upon the original home-world of the Sith, Ptas has pressed forth with the revival of a Sith Order founded upon the most ancient Sith prophesy known, The Sith'ari. However, unreliable hyperspace lanes have temporarily blocked access to the world.

Etymology of "Ptas"

The name "Ptas," like any good Darth name, has its roots in the ancient languages. In the case of "Ptas," it is actually an Ancient Greek command, πτάς, the second-person singular aorist indicative active of πέτομαι, "to fly (away, in ones own best interest)."

ψυχὴ ἐκ ῥεθέων πταμένη Ἄϊδόσδε βεβήκει

- Homer.

"The soul flew out from his limbs and walked into Hades."

ἆρ᾽ οὖν οὐχὶ ὅσῳ ἂν μᾶλλον τοῖς πολίταις ἀπεχθάνηται ταῦτα δρῶν, τοσούτῳ πλειόνων καὶ πιστοτέρων δορυφόρων δεήσεται;

πῶς γὰρ οὔ;

τίνες οὖν οἱ πιστοί; καὶ πόθεν αὐτοὺς μεταπέμψεται;

αὐτόματοι, ἔφη, πολλοὶ ἥξουσι πετόμενοι, ἐὰν τὸν μισθὸν διδῷ.

- Plato

"Won't she need a larger and more loyal bodyguard, the more her actions make the citizens of the Galaxy hate her?"

"Of course."

"And who will these trustworthy people be? And where will she get them from?"

"They'll come flying through hyperspace, if she pays them."

(Excerpt from 'Plato's Galactic Republic')