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"Just as I slew my master, one day you shall be powerful enough to slay me... or I shall kill you myself"

— Darth Periculosa to her apprentice


Early Life


— Ultera'Thren, when seeing her former master dead.

Ultera’Thren was born on the planet Ryloth 19 years ago. It was during this time that her parents raised her until the age of 10, when she was taken by slavers, her father murdered and mother taken away. Ultera was brought before the slave market as a “bride virgin” – a young girl betrothed to one of the seedier families at a young age to ensure she would be a virgin whenever they chose to bed her. It was during one of these trades that her mistress, a Sith Alchemist, sensed her Force sensitivity and proceeded to purchase her upon the market. Ultera had no understanding of why the woman purchased her, and fully expected to be attached to another. To her surprise, she was instead brought to a small hut on a forest planet where the woman began to show her the basics of her craft.

It was, at least as she perceived it, a happy time for Ultera. She could feel her connection to the Force grow as the woman taught her the basics of their craft and trade. She would send the young Twi’lek into the forest to gather materials for the various potions she would craft for her arts. The woman showed the girl the basics of using a lightsaber, and had just begun her more in depth tutelage regarding the Sith magics.

One day Ultera returned to find the door smashed in and her mistress’ body lying upon the floor. As the young woman entered she saw a man tearing through the various scrolls and tomes, fuming and cursing as he appeared to be searching for something. It was just then that he stopped, turned, and growling yanked the young woman with the Force, pulling her in close. “Where is it?” he growled, close enough she could feel his hot breath upon her face. “I know she discovered it, where is it??” he screamed, roughly grabbing one of her lekku and pulling hard on it. Ultera had no understanding of what the man meant, but her fear and anger grew inside her as she did understand he had taken all she knew away from her. As her focused anger grew, the man’s focus in his blind anger waned. He never saw the glint of steel, or felt the shift of her weight, as she grasped the metal tool from the bench with her hand. Even as he thought he held her still she summoned enough power to move her arm.

It was only her arm, and a Sith Lord with proper focus would have immediately removed her arm with his lightsaber or held it still with his power. Unfortunately for him, his focus was not there… and even though it was just her arm, it carried with it all her anger and fear – that, and the sharp metal tool that she plunged deep into his eye.

The man suddenly dropped her, and in her rage she grasped a large tome from the bench and began to strike the man over and over. In her rage she refused to stop, slamming the heavy tome against his unprotected form repeatedly, blood splattering her ashen colored skin. Only until her anger faded and her focus waned that she stopped and took stock of what had happened.

Ultera carried her mistress to a quiet cove and laid her to rest there, the last tender emotion she thought she would ever feel. She had not known that their relationship was different from other Sith Lords and their Apprentices; all she had known was this woman had freed her from her servitude, protected her, fed her, and cared for her. It was the only life she had known for the last 8 years, and now it was over.

She claimed the lightsaber of her mistress and the man who attacked them, never having been given one of her own. Her only regret was that she lacked the knowledge to decipher the woman’s writings, never having learned her name. Though she had only basic training, she managed to take what she could carry from the hut and burned the rest, using the craft to fly into the reaches of space. Her she decided she would seek others who had learned the same arts as her, and grow in them. Her hand gripped the throttle as she engaged the hyperdrive, making a solemn oath:

She would never be weak again.

Arrival on Byss

Ultera made her way to Byss, making ends meet along the way with through simple robbery, murder, and assassination, using the few gifts she had learned in her earlier years to avoid capture from authorities. Finally her small ship arrived upon the homeworld of the Sith Empire, where she sought to join them to grow and learn.

She was accepted as an Initiate, where she soon caught the eye of several potential masters. It was also at this time that she came into contact with another new Initiate, the woman who would someday come to be known as Darth Scorne. They would form a fast companionship, someday become lovers and the lethal duo that would bring fear into the worlds they visited.

Ultera was chosen as the apprentice of the accomplished duelist, Darth Derriphan. She learned the arts of the Dark Side from him, and became accomplished in the form of Ataru in his tutelage. She grew in power and skill, receiving the attention of others in the Order as well. Soon came her final task, her final test before becoming a Lord of the Order... a duel with her master, Derriphan.

Duel on the Lava Shores

Before the duel, Ultera had chosen her new Sith name... Periculosa. It was her new identity that now went before her master. She knelt before him, ready for her next lesson, unaware that it was to be her final one. Instead she was met with insult, with scoffing, from the master she had pleased to this point. Anger swelled within her, and their sabers ignited - the duel had commenced.

Periculosa had not been dormant in her studies, for she was well aware that the time might come. She had learned from the most accomplished duelists on Byss, including her lover, and she matched her master blow for blow. Fueled by her anger, she began to overpower her master, before a final surge of the Force flowed through her, taking her master off guard and casting him deep into the lava. Spent, the twi'lek fell to her knees, breathing heavily from the toll of battle.

Looking up, she saw the form of her master above the lava, spectral but still powerful in death. She waited for retribution, lacking the skills and strength to stave off such a powerful spirit of the Dark Side, but instead was met with pride. Her master nodded and spoke to her, expressing how she was now ready, for she had surpassed him.

Lady Periculosa

"It is rare that a Disciple slays a Darth; even rarer still one of the skill of my master. For this, I fear any future master will fear me and restrict my training."

— Lady Periculosa, seeking a new master upon her elevation

After slaying Darth Derriphan, the Disciple Periculosa was elevated to the rank of Lord.  It was at this time that she was selected by the present Arch Sorceress, Darth Nyx, to become her apprentice.  It was during this time especially that her bond with Scorne, a Marauder and fierce duelist, grew stronger. These factors led to a culmination of events that marked the Lord's time prior to her next ascension:

  • The Slaughter on Tetan
  • The repulsion of the Grand Army of the Republic
  • The Jedi Massacre on Dantooine

These campaigns soon marked Periculosa as one of the better duelists in the Galaxy, with her focus on the acrobatic style of Ataru.  The twi'lek was described by some as appearing to almost dance as she fought, her graceful motions fluid and artistic to those who observed her fighting skill.  These skills were honed by her now lover and master of Vaapad, Scorne - the two using their skills in combat to cut a path of blood and destruction in the name of the Empire.

Ascension to Darth

"There are many that claim the mantle of Darth in the Galaxy... in my travels, only those that have done so on Byss, or those rare ones of near quality, have earned the respect to be called as such. For the rest of them, I simply referred to them as "Sith"."

— Darth Periculosa

Lady Periculosa's accomplishments did not go unnoticed, and she was elevated to the rank of Darth by the Emperor.  By this time she as well into her studies in the art of Sorcery, learning many new skills at the hands of Darth Nyx and Emperor Destius.  She had assisted in the transfer of two fallen essences, bringing both beings back from the realm of the Bogan.  Her studies continued, until as such time as her former master departed from the order - leaving her to continue her training on her own.

Arch Sorceress Periculosa


"Your act of impertinence has cost you a limb. Each one you engage in will cost you another, and then finally I shall rip your spirit from your vessel and use you as a construct in a future experiment."

— Arch Sorceress Periculosa, disciplining her pupil


Darth Periculosa served the Empire as the Arch Sorceress, her formidable saber skills now augmented by her study and mastery of the Sorcery arts.  She has taken time to craft artifacts that she carries on her at all times, the most prominent one a mask that hides her delicate features.  To this day, she has revealed to no one what these items do.

Exarch Periculosa and the Formation of Sith Mythos

At the behest of then Emperor Destius, Periculosa was tasked with the creation of an additional Sith Order, one dedicated to the advancement of the Empire but with their own take and goals to accomplish this task. Darth Vindica, formerly known as Darth Scorne, accompanied Periculosa on this endeavor.

Executor and right hand of the Empress

After a tumultuous time for the Empire which saw two changes to the one who occupied the throne, Empress Rowe became the leader of the Sith Empire. Periculosa, who had forever remained faithful to the Empire even after departing from DLoTS, was asked to become the Executor and second of the Empire. The twi'lek gratefully accepted the position, a return to the tradition of the Executor position being held by someone outside of the Dark Lords of the Sith. Executor, Dark Lady, Exarch, Darth... all titles now claimed by Periculosa who had started from such humble beginnings. Few within the Empire are as greatly feared as the sorceress.


"What is love, but a deeper form of passion? Those who are Sith should never shy away from the deeper roots of their passionate selves."

— Darth Periculosa, on her lover Darth Scorne

Soon after joining the Dark Lords of the Sith, the twi'lek then known as Ultera'thren met the duelist who would eventually become the feared warrior, Darth Scorne.  They soon became friends, rising up in the ranks at nearly identical paces even as they took wholly divergent paths to achieve their goals.  It was during this time that the attraction was fostered between the two, building them into a formidable team - a potent dual-edged blade for the Empire.  It was thanks to Darth Scorne that Darth Periculosa was pushed hard to better herself with her lightsaber, adding a potent element with her Ataru-based style that would quickly quell any notion that the sorceress had let her lightsaber skills falter in lieu of potent Force skills. Despite this, Periculosa never matched Scorne in skill with a blade - but there was no jealousy or rivalry between them.  They were instead sent to deal with the deadliest of foes for the Empire, never failing or faltering to deliver despite the odds.  Fear of the pair quickly spread throughout the Galaxy... 


"Fail me, and die."

— Darth Periculosa to one of her apprentices

Darth Periculosa has had many apprentices through the years, and only one - Darth Invidia - has proven to be worthy and has survived to this day.