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"Aberration is the key to evolution. Without it, those who would be the Dark Rulers of the galaxy would line Jedi halls, bearing closed minds and narrow opportunities."

— Darth Moi'Rai

Darth Moi'Rai is a high-ranking Sith Lord in the Dark Lords of the Sith.


In the beginning[]

The cold depths of space hide away many secrets; wonders of the universe and answers to near-impossible questions. Such is the way with one tale. A tale which whispers the early life of a mysterious figure, a man of great potential and infamy. His name, Corvin Dex, was bestowed upon him by his pirating parents. Deus Dex, his father, was known to many deep space pilots, as his ruthless pirating techniques involved countless deaths upon thousands of space faring individuals. And so, over the years, Deus’ name became common knowledge to anyone who would dare travel through the unguarded quadrants of the galaxy. Naturally, Corvin was raised in a merciless environment, his father’s business conflicting with Corvin’s everyday hobbies.

The Calling[]


Corvin was an overly logical thinker. Yes, he could spend the rest of his days within the confines of his ship, destroying trooper after trooper in a blind rage. However, over the years he had developed an overly-influential impulse of self-preservation. He gave himself up, allowing several troopers to bind and pull him from his ship, escorting him through the ocean of white until it began to fade into gold-armoured troopers. These, obviously superior officer-type troopers, surrounded Corvin, as an obscenely dark grey armoured trooper approached him. His head slightly tilted, his hand in a generally calm position behind his back, he spoke, the sarcastic tone which once echoed through the hangar being emited from a mouth-vent on the trooper’s helmet...

"You have massacred many of my troopers, yet here you stand, unscathed, unharmed... Only out of sheer morbid curiosity as to how you did so are you alive. I beg you to meet a close friend of mine, as I am sure he will be able to answer such a query.... Darth Gevecht! A moment of your valuable time?"

Clearly this man was a highly superior officer of whatever organisation the snowy troopers belonged to, although his 'friend' was of a completely different variety of attire. Cloaked in a black hybrid of armour and thick material, the one they referred to as 'Gevecht' approached the small circle void of white troopers. His face conveyed an unfamiliar species, though this was not of Corvin's concern. Gevecht spoke slowly, his voice yet more subtle and influencial than the sadistic Head Trooper...

"To all of those who see you now, boy, they are blind. You outmatch the many troopers who dare regard themselves a match to your skills. You outwit those who dare intrude on your ship. Yet you are blind. You know not of your power. Yes, you may have read the manual, but to understand it is something completely different. We can teach you to use your powers to their full potential, so as to better benefit yourself... I trust this is the offer you have been searching for?"

Corvin began to presume the possibilities, his imagination running through his past, delving into the possibilities. When he spoke, he was far quieter than the Head-Trooper and far more panic-absorbed than Gevecht:

"Are you a Jedi?"

Gevecht’s laugh echoed the hangar bay, far louder than the Head-Trooper’s:

"We are more than the Jedi. If they are the north, we are their south. If they are the positive, we are their negative. Did you ever consider that there was something in this galaxy which transcended even the Jedi? Then we are that something, boy..."

Corvin’s eyes tightened, the prospect of omnipotience becoming a reality for him:

"And do you visit people’s parents and ask them permission to train their children as the Jedi do?"

Gevecht shook his fur covered face, the words he spoke then being much more silken and fluid than he had previously

"Our potential finds us... As you have. And I offer you the choice. It consists of two possibilities. You may die right here, right now or you may embrace the possibility of a far grander life, one which involves the discovery of untold wonders... The choice is yours"

Upon uttering the last few words in his phrase, Gevecht would spawn a beam of light as the duo of Jedi had done many years ago, this on, however, a bloodshine red. He held the tip of the beam to Corvin’s forehead. Self-preservation dropped Corvin to his knees, his head bowed:

"I will serve..."

The beam of light disappeared, as Gevecht stepped forward, the hand from which the beam had protruded outstretched, hovering over Corvin’s head... Blue sparks began to jump between Gevecht’s paw-tips, As Gevecht’s hand drew closer to Corvin’s head, the electric blue sparks began to jump from Gevechts hand to his forehead, the pain travelling down his spine. Such pain would presumably represent integration into some form of cult. Gevecht spoke plainly after this:

"Welcome, dear Corvin, to the Dark Lords of the Sith..."

From then on, Corvin organised himself so that his priorities, as well as allegiances and actions circulated singularly around the Dark Lords of the Sith. He learned from their ways, began to think as they did as well as act as his peers did. He would carry out the tasks set upon him to his highest ability. Of the three primary tasks set forth upon any initiate who would dare test his abilities in the Dark Lords of the Sith, Corvin favoured one substantially: the creation of a lightsaber, of which Corvin had learned was the resultant of the beams of light he had seen in the past, protruding from force user’s hands. It was said that the process of creating a lightsaber was long and tiresome, with many attempts necessary before success could be attained, persistence being the ultimate test... Oddly, however, the functionality of Corvin’s first attempt proved successful, Corvin’s only issue being the ergonomics of his hilt design, of which he laboured hours over finding a comfortable metal to serve as his link to the saber beam...

Upon completion of this task amongst the other two, Corvin was summoned to his first gathering of the order, in his he would witness the Emperor himself as well as lay eyes on some of the most ruthless of Sith Lords... He did not, however, expect what was to come; Emperor Validus beckoned him forward, affront of the whole order, acknowledging his feats since his first day in the order. He bestowed upon Corvin the title and insignia of ‘Disciple’, advising him it would be wise for him to now search for a Master who would, in time, divulge his secrets onto him, while Corvin relished embracing the dark side of the force more and more...

Tying up loose ends[]

The poisoning of Bakura[]

Ambassador Dex with Queen Ma'at Nephthys of Bakura.

Lord of the Sith[]

Invisible Leadership[]

Darth Fate[]

Sector 5[]

The Dunes of Monarchy[]

The Spy's Supremacy[]

The Promising One[]

Appendage of Rule[]


Darth Moi'Rai possesses an overwhelming tendancy to keep to himself. Through his self-preservative mindset, he is often so secretive that even those within DLoTS hesitate to approach him. Whislt this is the case, he has always answered the call of the Imperium in whatever form it demanded of him; wars, advice, politics, assassinations and infiltrations glisten his resumé to justifiably explain why he has held such positions in the Empire as Hand and Arch Prophet.

Patience was never something Moi'Rai, in his earlier years, had ever grasped. He wished upon himself powers that only the most potent of Sith legends possessed, though he soon learned that short cuts could prove fatal. When he eventually did develope a patient and cunning attitude towards all things in the galaxy, he began to rise through the ranks of the order and his specialisation with relative ease.

Current Status[]

Darth Moi'Rai now stands as the Emperor's Hand, second in heriarchy only to the Dark Lords themselves. With his peer, Darth Infestus, he advises the Emperor on important and crucial Imperial Strategy as well as acting as a direct extension of the will of the Dark Lords.


As an Imperial Hand, Darth Moi'Rai has direct access to the Empire's wealth. As far as assets go, he is the Fleet Admiral of the Sector 5 Phalanx, a collection of 20+ Imperial Star Destroyers with one Super Star Destroyer at the lead gifted to him by Dark Lord Validus to guard the then Empire world of Prakith. Since the collapse of Prakith, Sector 5's fleet has been moved to join the already considerable fleet defending the Imperial Centre, remaining at the Hand's bidding should they be required.

Darth Moi'Rai is trained in the arts of the generic lightsaber, though he has extensive experience with a dual blade as well as a light whip - expertise he had passed on to only one of his apprentices, Darth Sar'Rai. His collection of lightsabers is vast, though the one in particular he uses is encoded with advanced software to counter unnauthorised use. In addition, the hilt, instead of a kill switch, has a count down system leading to a self destruct. Such an ability is built into most of his saber hilts in a last gasp attempt to prevent capture or indeed finish an opponent off.

During his stint as a Disciple of DLoTS, Moi'Rai came across two tradesmen who, upon arriving on Byss, offered Orbaslisks to any who could afford them. Upon seeing the then Hand Darth Gevecht purchase a few, Moi'Rai caught up with the merchants before they left the capital, buying a few for himself. Later in life, by manipulation of the force and mastery of the illusion of the light side, Moi'Rai was able to concentrate the Orbalisks into the materials that made up his boots, vambrace gloves and Helmet. Added protection that would affect those around him potent in the dark side.

Behind the Scenes[]

Darth Moi'Rai is a character played by the Second Life Avatar "Corvinus Dexing" who is the sole driver of this character. He was the once owner of the Second Life simulator Prakith until its usage had been exhausted.