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Darth Maziel, standing in the Rakata Temple on Tatooine.

Darth Maziel is a female Falleen Sith Lord in Darth Krayt's One Sith as of 137ABY, who later joined the Dark Lords of the Sith. As a Sith apprentice, Maziel was initially trained by Darth Talon. Maziel is cold-blooded, has slightly clawed fingers and toes, lacks the usual facial and spinal ridges of her race (like Xora), naturally exudes pheromones at will, has the ability to alter her skin pigmentation, is immune to mind tricks, and is styled with black Sith tattoos covering her body and face, each having been earned in ritual combat and inscribed by Talon herself.

Background Information

Darth Maziel defending against blaster bolts.

Maziel was a young noble of House Kataren which has traditional ties to the Falleen military. A Force sensitive of exceptional ability, she excelled as a fighter pilot and swiftly rose through the ranks of the Falleen Space Armada to become one of the youngest Commanders in Falleen history. However, the isolationist nature of the Falleen never truly put her skills to the test, so she later allied with the reformed Black Sun, to eventually become Vigo of the Falleen system and the Ninth Quadrant. Her smuggling enterprises brought her close to the Sith-Imperial War when she supplied illegal Yuuzhan Vong weapons to Emperor Krayt's troops. Maziel came to the attention of Darth Stryfe and Darth Talon, who sensed her powers and used her innate feeling of superiority as a means to set her on the path to the Dark Side and join the Sith.

Legacy Era

After her initial training under Darth Talon, Maziel was dispatched to the Arkanis Sector of the Outer Rim Territories to deal with the Fel Imperialist presence there. This led her to Tatooine and Mos Eisley, where her military level security clearance and experience in criminal activities would be put to good use. Infiltrating a Sith Order known as the Formation of the Dark, she gradually rose through the ranks to become a Sith Lord, to be named Darth Maziel, but soon after she abandoned them to openly declare loyalty to the One Sith. In so doing, she garnered the interest of the Sith Lord Alakar Xyvern. After a few months of strategic planning, Darth Wyyrlok, acting as Regent of the Empire, dispatched a fleet to blockade Tatooine, and Maziel led the One Sith's ruthless occupation, crushing almost all opposition. For her efforts, Wyyrlok promoted her to Hand of the New Sith Imperial Order. The occupation did not last, however, and was finally ended through an alliance between the local Jedi (under the banner of the True Force), rebel Sith of the Formation of the Dark, and a small group of Freedom Fighters known as the Red Warriors. To prevent further open conflict between Fel's Imperialist faction and the Sith Empire, the Concord of Falleen was signed, granting diplomatic embassies on several worlds, including Tatooine and Naboo. Maziel became an Ambassador for the Empire, travelling between the embassies as the Galactic Regent's envoy. When the truth of Wyyrlok's betrayal on Had Abbadon was revealed to her by Darth Talon, Maziel left Tatooine to return to Korriban so that she might stand by her master and the reborn Krayt.

Post-Legacy Era

Darth Maziel's return to Korriban.

After the fall of the One Sith, Maziel returned to Falleen, her homeworld, in excile, until she was largely forgotten, along with her titles and status. Almost a century passed before she heard of new Sith orders being founded as the galaxy returned from the brink of chaos. She returned to Korriban, where the One Sith was born, to find out more about them, and from there travelled outward, to Corusanct, Malachor V and beyond, in search of a new master, to rise again as one of the true Sith. Then she chanced upon the Ravager, in orbit over Byss. Finally, she felt that she had found the order worthy of her expectations and strove to be worthy of them, and joined the Dark Lords of the Sith as a disciple, a rank granted by Darth AEON, who became her new master. It took Maziel just twenty days to achieve the rank of Sith Lord, bestowed upon her by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Validus, and it was only a few months after this that she became a Darth once more. As a Sith Marauder she worked closely with the Order's Fist, and took part in many strikes upon Ruusan and stood by Validus' side when the Dark Lords claimed Ossus. Maziel mysteriously vanished for several months following the attack on Ossus, leaving some to think that she may have died. However, there are rumours that she has been seen once again on Byss.

Personality and Traits

While Maziel seems as cold as her blood most of the time, she is actually quite lustful and passionate, especially for power. She was unshakeably loyal to Darth Krayt's new Sith Order, following the commands of its leaders without question or hesitation, and took to a red skin pigmentation inscribed with black Sith tattoos, common to the One Sith. Yet, in Darth Krayt's quest to sustain his life, many of his followers began to question him, including Maziel, though this doubt was for the man rather than the Order itself (she stood by him to the bitter the end, however). When the One Sith eventually fell, she transferred her complete, unwavering loyalty to the Dark Lords of the Sith. Maziel has been known to be quite sexually promiscuous, where she finds a release from the normal command of her emotions, and has posed nude for the Huttler magazine (Issue 3).

Powers and Abilities

Darth Maziel's double-bladed lightsaber.

Maziel's ability in combat is considerable. She is known to use acrobatic flips and leaps in lightsaber combat, possibly making her a user of Ataru lightsaber combat, as well as Juyo/Vaapad and Sokan, and she sometimes employs a double-bladed lightsaber. Her talents at fighting and knowledge of the Sith led to her swift promotion to Sith Lord in the One Sith, and later ensured that she joined the Dark Lords of the Sith as a disciple, bypassing their first rank entirely. She is also an able pilot, and has an FC-20 speeder bike and a Eta-2 Actis class light interceptor. In addition, Maziel can naturally exude pheromones to make her all but irresistible to both sexes.