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The Sith Empire Belived to be the Orginal Sith Empire Found in the Old Republic at the time Darth Revan was the Dark Lord For it. 4,000 years later Darth Revans Heir, Dark Lord of the Sith re-found the Sith Empire and grew it into Massive size filled with Assassins, Sith Lords, Sith Troopers, and Bounty Hunters, The Sith Empire was orginally Re-Born on Mos Eisely as the Sith Order Tvarka iv Tave D'uzlika Raiskus. After they begin to grow they moved to Mygeeto and Wiped out a small Hidden Jedi Acadamy and begun the construction of a Sith Aramada!



The Sith Empire Born 4,000 years ago in the time of the Old Republic by a Dark Sith Emperor as Darth Revan the Dark Lord of the Sith for it and Darth Malek as his Apprentice. Darth Maleks lust for power drove him to betray Darth Revan and fired upon Revans Flagship during a Jedi Raid. the Jedi found Revan Wounded and Unconsious. The Jedi order wiped Revans memory and re trained him as a Jedi. with the help of Bastila Shan, Revan grew stronger and defeated his former Apprentice Darth Malek. After the Defeat of Darth Malek Revan's memories reminded him of a great Evil. Revan travelled into Sith Space in search of it and was never heard from again. 300 years later Darth Revan's Former Sith Emperor Invaded the republic causing a Massin war. the events of that war are unknown, but what is know is the Sith Empire fell. 4,000 Years later a Dark Lord named Darth Marell who is known as the Hier and rumored in relations of Revan, found the Legacy of Revan in a Jedi Archive Libary. Darth Marell Took what he knew back to his Apprentice Darth Cujo, and together they learned and studied more about Darth Revan until they finally knew enough and begun the construction to re-make the Old Republic Sith Empire.

Arrival on Tatooine[]

Sith Army Insignia

Darth Marell & Darth Cujo figured Tatooine would be a good place to hide why they planned and built the Empire. Starting out with a small corellian cruiser they had managed to stop at Coruscaunt on thier way and Discovered in an old wharehouse a Hammerhead Republic cruiser. Darth Marell and Darth Cujo stayed a while and begun working on it to make it flyable. once completed they stole the hammerhead and set out for Tatooine. As much as they would have liked to keep thier arrival a Secret, it did not happen that way. Several people in the City of Mos Eisely noticed the hammerhead arriving and then a drop ship coming from it and landing in a docking bay within the City.Darth Marell and Darth Cujo disguised as peasents they rented a home in Mos Eisely and begun planning and recruiting to train Sith lords, before they knew it they needed a bigger building. they wandered the city searching and met a Sith Lord from FOTD, Darth Kalmanis having trouble

with some Jedi at a Jedi Garrison.Darth Cujo and Darth Marell Aided Darth Kalmanis and quickly defeated the Jedi and then took the Jedi Garrison as thiers.

Sith Goverment Insiginia

Mos Eisely Aware of the Sith Empire[]

As time went on, Several People begin to notice Shadow Troopers running around the City and always fighting with the local Law Enforcement, the ISC, Fel's Imperials. Some begun to wonder who the Shadow Troopers were. in Secret the Sith Empire had begun Negotaions with the Leader of Totality Institute for an Invasion on Naboo. The Invasion was quick and responsive, the Leader of Totally Institue Became the Overseer of Naboo. this news was alerted to Fel's Empire back on Tatooine since the ISC had run Naboo and Tatooine. after more time went on, the Holonews begin doing reports about the mysterious Sith Empire. Eventually the Sith Empire begin terrorizing the Citizens of Mos Eisely by setting Several buildings on fire then Slaughtering hundreads of Jawas and destroying the Jawa Sandcrawler. The ISC begun the move against the Sith Empire. in a Long heated Battle that left many Sith Troopers, and few Sith Lords wounded or Dead, as well as Several ISC Troopers wounded, as well as Darth Cujo wounded to the point of near death, ISC had exiled the Sith Empire from Tatooine. the Sith Empire retreated to Naboo before the ISC had striked there to remove the Overseer and the Sith Empire as well as NSO. the Attacks was a Success and the Sith Empire was no longer in an area controlled by Fel's Empire.

Mygeeto and the Defeat of a Secret Jedi Acadamy[]

The Sith Empire needed a home quickly. They discovered a Secret Jedi Acadamy on Mygeeto. the Sith Empire invaded Mygeeto and wiped out the Jedi Acadamy and took the Planet of Mygeeto as thier own. The Battle against the Jedi acadamy was not easy, Several Jedi murdered and few Sith Lords had fallen, it destroyed the Jedi Temple as well as several other buildings. The Sith Empire begun re constructing Mygeeto's Cities from the battle as well as a new Sith Temple. The Dark Lord of the Sith Empire passed on the title of Dark Lord to Darth Kalmanis and Darth Marell took his Place as the new Sith Emperor. Darth Marell ordered the Construction of a Sith Armada to wipe the Jedi from Exsistance. Darth Marell and Armada would not be enough, he need a powerful weapon like Revan once had, like the Starforge. Emperor Marell took Darth Kalmanis and several Sith Troopers on a Galaxy wide search looking for any clues to the Rakata and maybe a clue to help them re-build the Starforge. Darth Kalmanis and Emperor Marell discovred the Planet Lehon on thier journies and knew of the Rakata's once home there. nothing turned up on thier search for anything about a Starforge. But they did discover something else that would help them make something that could be as powerful as the Starforge, what is is they found was never known. With what Emperor Marell and Darth Kalmanis had found, the Emperor ordered the construction of a Secret weapon that would be as powerful as the once legendary Stargorge. The Emperor Named the Secret weapon The Dark Reaper. Overtime the Sith Armada begin to get bigger with two Capital Star Destroyer ships, Known as the Judgment and The Reaver, Along with thier Main hammerhead Ship the Revanant. the Sith Armada was turning out to be rather devastating for anyone who dared challenge the Sith Empire. While the Sith Armada grew, the Emperor begun his own Goverment, the Sith Empire Goverment, with it's own set of Senators, Ambassadors and other Politacl Figures. As the Sith Armada grew and the Sith Empire itself grew, the Emperor informed his Sith Council they were going to use the Armada to invade Jedi controlled worlds and wipe the Jedi from Exsistane. But where they would start, remains a mystery....

Kalway Order of Jedi Vs Sith Empire[]

Emperor Marell ordered a strike on the KOJ on Yavin IV. The KOJ were not ready for the scale sized attack the Emperor had. KOJ Quickly fell and the Grandmaster Luvbutton Moonsoo. a Week later a handful of KOJ came to Mygeeto to demand Peace or they were going to detain the Emperor. The Sith of Tvarka iv Tave D'uzlika Raiskus did not like that one bit and quickly attacked, the Grandmaster fell quickly and oredered a retreat. another week passed by and the Emperor ordered another strike on KOJ. this time several other sith orders had helped and KOJ was quickly defeated. a few more days went by and the Emperor ordered to fully invade KOJ and take over Yavin. KOJ upped it's security and had GAR, (Galactic Army of the Republic) Aid them. the Empire did not succeed in taking over Yavin and was forced to leave Yavin after all the Sith in the Sith Empire were defeated except for Darth Niayga, Darth Adara, Darth Amadus, and an alliance Member of the Galactic Empire.