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Darth Marell was born shortly after the Jedi Civil War. Left by his parents to the Jedi on Coruscant, Marell grew to be a great Jedi Knight until the age of 16 where he learned Sith Alchemy and begun his fall to the Darkside. He used Sith Alchemy and cybernetics to live nearly 4,000 years and become a Sith Emperor and lead and Entire Empire of Sith Lords and Sith Troopers in a fight against Jedi.


Early life[]

Darth Marell was born on Coruscaunt a Human Male named Marell, his Parents only known by him. Marell was raised by his parents until the age of 5 when they had to deal with a threat of the Sith Empire. Marell was taken in by a Jedi Master and trained in the force. at the age of 15 he passed his Jedi Knight Trials. No one had ever been allowed to take the trials that young. he had passed the trials and became a Jedi Knight. at the Age of 16 he was sent to Korriban to rescue a Jedi that had sent out a beacon. Marell arrived to find the Jedi murdered already by a Mysterious man in black robes.The Man told him the Jedi are weak, this one was a fool. Marell ignited his lightsaber and begun a Lightsaber duel with the mysterious dark man. the fight came to an end when the mysterious man kicked Marell off a cliff and Marell fell to the ground and the mysterious man jumped down telling blade to listen to the man or die. Marell agreed to listen as the Man informed him the power to the darkside can bring many powers a Jedi can never have, including creating life, resurrection and being able to pro-long life...sometimes forever. Marell liked what he heard and never returned to the Jedi temple and swore himself to the Mysterious man....

The Fall to the Darkside[]

Marell exceeded the man's thoughts of him become very powerful in the Darkside, The Man had given Marell the name of Darth Marell when he figured he was worthy of the title Sith Lord, Marell never took on a Normal Darth Name but used his real name as Maak and Revan hadonce done. The man then made the mistake of teaching him Sith Alchemy. After Darth Marell fully knew Sith Alchemy he killed his Master on a meeting with the Sith Emperor on Dromund Kaas. The Sith Emperor was very pleased with this and made him a Sith Marauder for the Sith Empire. Darth Marell was issued the Marauder Armor, robes and Mask and a new Lightsaber. Using Sith Alchemy Darth Marell pro-longed his life for 300 years and aided the Sith Empire in the Sacking of Coruscaunt and the Invasion on the Republic.

The Old Republic[]

Darth Marell Aided Darth Malgus in the Sacking of Coruscaunt then again on the attack in Alderaan. Although Darth Marell was knocked unconsious by a Double Bladed Wielding Jedi. Darth Marell had a serious impact on killing thousands of Republic Troopers at Darth Malgus's side and the other Sith Marauders sides.During the entire War Darth Marell went without knowing what retreat or fear was. he was showing to be extremley powerful once even saving a handful of Sith Marauders from an entire fleet of Republic Troopers by Using the force to smash the republic ships together killing thousands of troops. When the war finally came to an end, Darth Marell went deep into Space and hid somewhere on Dromund Kaas, training himself to be stronger in the Darkside, learning Sith Witches spells and Learning more about Sith Alchemy. Darth Marell used Sith Alchemy to live thousands more years, but not much could be told of him after the Galactic War until Darth Bane's fall....

The Phantom Menace[]

Darth Marell realizing the Jedi were just merely destroyed and Darth Bane enstated the rule of 2. Darth Marell used Sith Alchemy to hide the darkside within him and killed a Jedi and Stole the robes and then begin to edit the Jedi Archives data base and sumbit himself into the Order as his former name Marell. Marell remained hidden and did Jedi Duties as the current events of the Galaxy took place, a young queen of Naboo fighting for her planet from the vile Trade Federation why two Jedi named Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui Gon-Jinn try and discover the identity of a Mysterious man that attacked them on Tatooine. After some time at the death of Qui Gon Jinn, it was revieled that the Mysterious man was indeed a Sith Lord and the Sith had Returned. 10 years later the Trade Federation alligned with Sepratists and a Clone army was rumored to be made for the republic. This initiated the Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars[]

Marell fought in the Clone wars as a Jedi, he was made a General and was sent to Mygeeto with General Ki Adi-Mundi. During the Clone wars Blade noticed the Clone Troopers plotting something then attempting to take a massive crystal. Marell figured this could not be good for Jedi and proceeded a plan of his own to fake his death. Marell placed a charge on a Tank and then proceed to climb onto it killing Battle droids with his lightsaber. The tank blew up killing several Clones and droids and it sent Marell off the city platforms and to fall to the surface where Master Ki Adi Mundi thought Marell had fallen to his death. Just a few short hours of hiding in a cave he felt a disturbance in the force, he felt Jedi dying everywhere. he knew it had happened, the Jedi were ordered to be killed. He knew he was right in faking his own death where on the Surface he decided to hide and live for the next several years.

"The ISC are cowards, they could never stand foot against our Empire."

— Darth Marell to Darth Kalmanis

Post-Legacy Era[]

Marell finally emerged from his crystalized cave home after he heard the rumors of Emperor Palpantine and Darth Vader are now dead. Marell belived this to be the end of the Sith and decide to re-join the Jedi. He started a Dark Jedi Order and Begin to instruct Several Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi were Purged by the Sith resulting in Marell to find another home. He travelled to Tatooine and Joined a Jedi Order there and was Given a Master Named Allana. After some time Master Allana Exiled him from the Jedi Order finding him doing Sith Alchemy. She had Exiled him from the Jedi order. Marell then travelled to Naboo and thus Created the Jedi Order of Naboo. Marell a Jedi Grand Master aided the Kalway Order Of Jedi (KOJ), New Jedi Order (NJO), New Order of the Jedi (NOJ) as well as The Galactic Army Of The Republic (GAR) in a fight against the Sith on Ruusan, naming it the Great Ruusan War. Marell helped in Ridding Ruusan of the Sith, but shortly after the Sith attacked Naboo and the Jedi Order was wiped out and the Queen of Naboo was Murdered. Marell then left to Yavin and Joined the KOJ.

Marell: "Take what I have taught you my Apprentice, learn from it, It is the same teachings my Relative Revan once taught me."
Bigdogg Oompa: "Revan once taught you, how is that possiable, he lived 4,000 years ago?"
Marell: "That is not important, what is, is my teachings, goodbye my Apprentice."
― Marell conversing with his Apprentice Bigdogg Oompa

"The Darkside is in my blood, it calls to me constantly, for i can never stay in the Light, I loved you Master Allana, but one day, you and i shall meet again, and not for the better."

— Darth Marell to Allana Alateen-Akribos

Kalway Order of Jedi and the second and Final Fall[]

Marell was given the Master Lady Rose. He had his memory wiped to prevent any knowledge of the darkside, He showed Lady Rose his will to learn and that he was infact very strong in the force. but after sometime he begin to slowly become careless and his anger and agression got worse and his Memory started coming back. Marell left Yavin for a break to avoid being a danger to the Jedi. he went to Kamino where he fell to the Darkside at the hands of a Sith Master and joined the Sith Order PoR. Shortly after Joining PoR Marell got his name back as Darth Marell. Darth Marell gained the title Sith Lord and then left PoR in search of his own mysterious goals. Some say when he faded away into the Galaxy he had died attempting to find what he was looking for, but it was in fact false. He was on Dathmoir with the Nightsisters where everything he knew before his memory wipe had come back to him except one thing.....

Nightsister Magic for Sith Alchemy[]

Darth Marell was exploring Dathmoir and ran into a Nightsister clan. The Nightsisters had plans to kill Darth Marell, but Darth Marell had informed them he only wishes to learn thier spells and magic, and in return he would teach them Sith Alchemy.The Nightsisters agreed and Darth Marell left Dathmoir with now even more knowledge then when he had arrived and had the capablity to do nightsister magic as well as spells.

The Rise of Tvarka iv Tave D'uzlika Raiskus and the Birth of a Sith Empire[]

Darth Marell took the title of Dark Lord of the Sith and created a Sith order on Tatooine hidden in the city of Mos Eisely. the Sith Order name: Tvarka iv Tave D'uzlika Raiskus, Sith Language, and thus only in his Order would know what it meant.Darth Cujo and Darth Kalmanis were his first subjects, both taught and became very powerful Sith Lords and then took on thier own Apprentices. as time went on Tvarka iv Tave D'uzlika Raiskus got bigger and bigger. Darth Marell decided to exapnd and create an Army of Sith Troopers, thus he begin to recruit for the new Sith Army. By the time the Army and the Sith order were rather to large to be hidden, Darth Marell ordered a strike on ISC to take control of the City. his Attempt was futile and the Sith Were pushed Back. the ISC Ordered a KOS (Kill On Sight) To Darth Marell. Darth Marell then decided a new stronger action was needed, he begin hiring Bounty Hunters and Assassins, and Begin looking into politic matters and created a Goverment. Thus the Sith Empire was born.....

The Sith Empire[]

Sith Emperor, Darth Marell

Darth Marell passed the title of Dark Lord down to Darth Kalmanis why Darth Marell took his place as the new Sith Emperor. his first Orders for th new Sith Empire. Create a Sith Armada and get a Planet under our control. The Sith of Tvarka iv Tave D'uzlika Raiskus Went to Mygeeto andfound a Small hidden Jedi Acadamy. The Tvarka iv Tave D'uzlika Raiskus Wiped out the Jedi acadamy and begin re-building the city as well building a Sith Temple. Emperor Marell Ordered a Strike on Yavin just days after he met a women, a red'Twi'Lek that he had known from his past somehow, but was unsure how. Emperor Marell took this woman as his Apprentice and trained her. when she reached the level of Darth, he gave her the name Darth Adara. Darth Adara then reminded Emperor Marell that they were married in the past and had a Child. Darth Marell fell in love with Darth Adara as she fell in Love with him. Darth Marell made Darth Adara a Sith Master then made her his Hand. Together they begin to make the Sith Empire rise. They led the Sith Empire on to defeat the KOJ 3 times. after some time Darth Cujo, master Xaris and darth kalmanis left the Sith order to persue thier own goals, Darth Xaris's Place was taken by a Zabrak strong in the force Named Darth Dret, and Darth Kalmanis was replaced by the new Dark Lord, Darth Kane. Recently, Emperor Marell made the act of declaring war on the KOJ. Darth Marell's Sith Empire destroyed KOJ but then was soon called War against by Darth Validus. Darth Marell's Sith Went toe to toe Against Darth Validus's Sith. In the end it turned out to be a Bloody brutal war ad started the Sith Empire Wars. It ended in the destruction of Mygeeto and Darth Marell's Sth Empire was brought to an End. Months Later Darth Marell went to Korriban after hiding on Dromund Kaas. Lord Marell then stopped using Sith Alchemy and his Cybernetics to keep him alive and eventually died.


Darth Marell - Sith Scorcerer

A year Later It was learned Darth Marell's Essence was preserved and held in a labatory as it was awaiting a new Body. a New Body was aqquired and Darth Marell's Essence was transfered into the Body, a Body not was not human, but the species was never identified and Darth Marell was Re-Born. Darth Marell Spread the word about his Re-Birth and begun recruiting for his Army now known as the Shadow Forces and for his Sith Order. Darth Marell then confronted Lord Validus and Claimed him the True Sith Emperor and then Lord Marell took the title as Sith Overlord. Darth Marell was then requested by Validus to bring down a Threat of FAKE Sith known as the Sinistral Empire. Darth Marell succeeded in Killing the Leader of the Sinistral Empire and reported his deeds to Lord Validus and requsted to be put on he Dark Council. Due to his shortcomings he was rejected of the superior council mantle. Darth Marell as well has re-ordered the construction of his Sith Armada once again. His Armada was used for a secret mission that remained a mystery to everyone. But shortly after the Creation of the Sith Armada Lord Marel attended a sith empire meeting where validus stepped down as emperor and Lord Marell turned his back on the empire and created the Dark Government. Lord Marell left the Dark Government in Darth Arden's hands, his former apprentice, making him the Dark Chancellor before Darth Marell and Darth Kane dissapered into deep space on a Mysterious Mission. Lord Kane returned as a Jedi, as for Lord Marell, it was said he had never returned...

His Return[]

Darth Marell on Vjun

After Some Time It was revieled that The Mysterious Jedi That returned with Arun Kirkorian was indeed Marell, he had his Mind swiped of being the powerful Sith Inquisito, but meeting and fighting in the Republic War against the Sith Empire begun to bring back his memories where the Mysterious Jedi (Marell) Went into deep space t try nd recovermore of his memories. Arun Kirorian unknowing of where his Jedi Counsular went, left into deep space to look for him. The Two Returned with a new Sit Lord whom they called Emperor, thus meaning, Arun and Marell had fallen once again back to the Darkside. The Three Sith Lords Landedon Vjun and quickly begin to construct a Sith Citadel where plans of a NEW Sith Empire begin. The Plans where simple, Darth Kane (Arun) The Dar Lord of the Sith to run the Entre Sit order under the new name, The New Sith Dynasty, Darth Marell The Emperor's Hand to ake care of everything under the Mysterious Sith Emperor, Darth Kane an Darth Marel back as the Vanguards of the Shadow realm have returned, as thier plans along with the Mysterious Sith Empire ramianed Unknown, but hints were dropped when the New Sith Dynasty Bombed Dantooine injuring 5 Jedi in the process all under the Mysterious Sth Empeor's Orders.

The Dark Government & Darth Marell's Demise[]

Darth Marell Formed the Dark Government, an Imperial Government to fight against the Republic. it was a well organized government and they struck quickly with out patience causing it's demise. The Dark Government invaded Tython with the Dark Government's Imperial fleet. all the Jedi banned together and defeated the Dark Government's forces pushing them back to thier capital world Eclipse. Darth Marell then stepped down out of power and gave it to Darth Kraylar while Darth Marell trained a new apprentice, Darth Vyrassu. Darth Vyrassu saw the wrongs of Darth Marell and begun a plan to kill him once and for all. once Darth Vyrassu reached the rank of Dark Lord, Darth Vyrassu confronted Darth Marell and killed him forever, now Darth Vyrassu head of the Dark Council on Eclipse, he sits back and waits as Darth Kraylar re-grows the Dark Government and repair it from Darth Marell's fatal plans. Darth Vyrassu acknowledged his master was indeed powerful, but he will do better then Marell ever did.