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"Sometimes I remember myself one way...sometimes another. The Dark Side is complex that way. Which is exactly the way I like it."

— Darth Luneris

Biography and History


Clioa'natine is a Twi'lek who came from a poor family on Ryloth, where she was verbally abused as a child by her father and ignored by her mother. She started a dancing career when she was a teenager just because it seemed the easiest way to make a quick credit in some sort of legal fashion. Unfortunately for her, the proprietor of the cantina where she danced at not only tried to take advantage of her but attempted to sell her to his customers as a slave girl. While she was dancing one evening, she met an off-world male human named Bleys Cole.

Becoming a Padawan

Bleys was a Gray Jedi who had left the New Jedi Order years earlier due to disputes within the organization. After a number of months of coming in the cantina he taught her in the ways of the Force, sensing Clio's strength and uncanny "luck" to get out of a bad situation. She immediately quit her dancing job and left Ryloth with him to learn the ways of the Force . She was taught by him to not look upon the Jedi Council with much favor, but to look at the Force more as a tool for the capacity to do good for others without politics involved. After a year of training, however, she was still curious about the

Jedi Clio

Council itself and could only see how much good it could do in protecting people, especially the poor and downtrodden like she had been. After months of training on Ryloth, she left Bleys to go seek out the Jedi Council.

While she was enroute to the NJO temple, the passenger transport Clio was being carried on was attacked by remnants of the Fel Empire. They boarded the ship, raiding supplies and killing anybody who got in their way. Clio barely escaped the encounter with her life, but not before losing her newly made lightsaber right before ducking into an escape pod.

The Imperial Remnant was about to blow her pod to pieces when they were attacked by a group of Mandalorian cruisers looking to raid the transport and the Fel Imperials. In a twist of fate, her pod went from being nearly destroyed to capture by one of the Mandalorian ships. By this time, Clio's wounds were great so they were easily able to capture her and throw her in a brig. After much debate about what to do with all of the prisoners they had gotten from the raid they decided to sell most of them off to the Hutts on Nar Shaddaa for money to keep their clan stocked with supplies and weapons.

Clio was briefly sold into slavery to a Hutt known as Limace Fa'athra. During her time there, she met a Dark Jedi Chiss woman named Saryse, who was on the run from an unknown Sith faction. She taught Clio a little bit of the Dark Side of the Force and the power it could bring. Saryse suggested to Clio to escape from her situation by killing Limace herself and escaping to Korriban where she would be safe from any retribution from the Hutts. Before anything else could happen, the Hutts had Saryse killed for murdering a debt collector she had owed a lot of credits to.

Falling to the Dark Side

Clio was warned of the Dark Side by Bleys but she eventually saw no other choice from her horrible life. One night when Limace was asleep, she slit open his throat with a knife and escaped quietly out a servant entrance. Afterwards, she disguised herself by stealing some clothes from a resident and snuck onto the first transport out of Nar Shaddaa. She enjoyed killing the Hutt...and that was her first step down the path of the Dark Side.

On the transport out of Nar Shaddaa, she noticed a familiar face in the crowd. It was Bleys. Clio told him of what happened to her on Nar Shaddaa, and he sensed the darkness within her for the first time. He asked her about the darkness growing inside her, and she exploded on him with her anger. She asked him why he hadn't come to save her and he said he hadn't known about her being on Nar Shaddaa at all, he was on the transport only passing through and that it was only through the fate of the Force that brought him on it.

Clio's anger rose to the point of trying to Force Choke her old teacher but his skills were able to resist it. However she picked up a nearby vase and threw it at Bleys right as they landed at another stop, Tatooine. From there, she ran off the ship and lost herself in the crowds of Mos Eisley. She went to the nearby cantina and hired a spacer to take her to Korriban. Since she had no money at all, she used Force Persuasion instead to get him to take her there.


Assembly of Darkness Academy

Clio as a "hopeful" on her way to Korriban Academy

After Clio arrived on Korriban she immediately enlisted in the Assembly of Darkness Academy there and graduated through the sessions fairly quickly, her instructors sensing that she was strong in the Dark Side already. She became an Apprentice of Darth Dolor ((Tabatha Fegte)) after losing her left arm in the trials and having it rebuilt by Dolor. Afterwards, she became firmly on the path down the Dark Side, taking a path of becoming a Sith Warrior. Dolor and the other Sith started to instruct her in various lightsaber combat forms, her combat skills becoming very much improved after her rise to Apprentice.

Clio's First Apprenticeship

After a couple of months, Bleys showed up on Korriban, and tried to reason with Clio about becoming a Sith and how her fall towards the Dark Side was not yet complete. At first, she didn't listen to him, enjoying her newfound power and rank but he finally persuaded her to sneak off of Korriban one night after finally convincing her. She decided to give Bleys a chance and there was a small part of herself that was disgusted with turning to the Dark Side, even though she would have never admitted that.

They went to his homeworld of Chandrila for nearly a year. Unfortunately his efforts to purge Clio of the Dark Side was extremely difficult, so one fateful evening, Bleys telepathically went into her mind to see what he could do from within. Clouded by the Dark Side of the Force, she saw it more as an attack than attempt to heal her. She used Force Telekinesis to rip his saber from his belt and kill him with it. Then she escaped off of Chandrila by stealing a ship before the authorities could notice the murder or the stolen ship.

The Dark Lords of the Sith

Apprentice in Dark Lords of the Sith

From there, she realized her true path was the Dark Side of the Force and she headed towards Byss, which was the home of the Dark Lords of the Sith. On Byss, she ran into her old AoD classmate and ally, Karissa Serégon. She was now a Sith Lady named Darth Revanche. ((Kasie Smythe)) She asked Clio to join their Order as her new apprentice and Clio gleefully accepted.

Eventually Clio rose to the ranks of [1]Sith Lord, after completing her mission on Talus, to retrieve all of the library records of the Old Order of The Jedi Temple there. She was no longer Revanche's apprentice. She had been dubbed the Sith name of Luneris by Revanche, and was well on her way to becoming a Darth. She became allies with only a few others within the Dark Lords of the Sith, and considered that when she became a Darth, she would take on instructing others herself. However, this was not meant to be.

Her mission on Talus had brought out much of the light in her again, the kindness of Master Azlum Grimlock and the other Jedi there made her realize something that she might have forgotten. Guilt started to plague her and she did not wish to let the other Dark Lords know what happened. Therefore, she left Byss, with her ship heading for the Unknown Regions.

In the Unknown Regions, Luneris found a planet that was similar to Korriban, but uninhabited by any intelligent species. The Dark Side, however was strong there, for over 25 milennia before, Xim the Despot used it as an outpost and a hidden retreat. She retrained herself, to purge herself of the heretical Jedi thoughts and wishes she had, and after completing her training, went back to the known regions of space.

The New Sith Order

Luneris' apprentice Elaine.

Luneris considered rejoining the Dark Lords once more, however, her long absence had most likely changed the Order in some way, but, she remembered in their records, of an ancient Sith Temple on Prakith. She was hoping to possibly start her own Order, but realized The Sith Empire had already established themselves on the planet, and the primary Order that used it as their home was The New Sith Order, led primarily by Cain Rosenkreuz. After a brief introduction, Luneris was allowed to join this New Sith Order and quickly became a part of the Order and their inner workings.

Soon after, she took her first Sith Apprentice, a Miraluka named Aurora Nabulsi ((Aurora Fleury)). For her second apprentice she took on a Mirialan, the Contessa Elaine Corrino as her second one.Aurora unfortunately disappeared during her training, but Elaine learned quite quickly, and her Force abilities improved dramatically during this time. With the additional tasks assigned to her, Lady Luneris became the Shadow Hand of the New Sith Order, the equivalent of something like, 'Lord of Lords', she became second only to the triumvirate of Masters (Apparition, Chaos and Keres) who rule the Order.

Being the Shadow Hand gave her the task of setting up a new council for the Lords so they have a say more in how the Order is run. Luneris has taken on a task of being an Advisor to the Sith Empire's council for Lord Apparition. She also has taken on the rank of Sith Magician in the Sorcery Academy of the New Sith Order, run by Dark Lady Chaos, ((Nymph Zenith)) and adding to her already formidable repertoire of powers, Sith Sorcery.

Luneris' Apprentice, Aurora Nabulsi

Not long after this, she was also rewarded by Dark Lady Chaos, Darth Keres ((Drac Coalcliff)) and Darth Rowe ((Isabella Stein)) to be recruited into the renowned House of Darkrose. She was proud to become a sister in such an esteemed extended family. Lord Apparition had on the same day granted her a Barony in his Dukedom on the Tetan planet of Keres II, making her a noble in the Tetan Empire. Her Apprentice graduated soon after that as well and became the Sith Lady Ristiriita. So, she quickly took another Apprentice, for she saw that one of her greatest passions was instructing students. Lady Luneris took an Umbaran girl named Astarael ((Aya Yuheng)) under her wing to start training quickly as well. Her potential led Luneris to eventually Force bond with her, the first Apprentice she has done so with.

Not too long after this, Luneris was promoted to a Master level within the New Sith Order and she claimed the ancient title of [2]Darth, while keeping her Sith Lord name. However, her duties increased inside the Order, and her Apprentice became even more impatient to learn from her, so Astarael left her training to become more in tune with her wishes to be a Sith Warrior, since Luneris' training in such things stopped long ago. She eventually decided to remove the Force bond that was made with her, for she knew that it was a mistake.

Meditation on Prakith

Luneris' Order

Her first experiments at removing her bond from Astarael was possibly using some of her allies from the New Sith Order, such as her former apprentice Lady Ristriita or the apprentice of Lord Volken Nan'ayee Lyn Teeubo. With them and a handful of others, Luneris secretly created another Order, called the Order of Ardor. She told them their goal was to overthrow the New Sith Order on Prakith and create their own, more powerful, less insular Order. That was a ruse however. Her real goal was to just rid herself of this bond using her minion's powers to her own. With that, she decided to attempt to use her own former apprentice Ristiriita and the Twi'lek girl, Nana. Together they founded the Order of Ardor, and then Luneris decided to dissassemble Nana first when she happened upon her after a fierce battle she was in to see what would happen to someone if they were torn apart and cloned piece by piece to perhaps, cure them of all flaws, inside and out. At first, it seemed that her experiment might have been successful. She trained this clone to be better than the original, even though all traces of her originals Twi'lek heritage were eradicated. This clone, named Lyn became powerful. The clone's power made her completely unstable and insane however, and she saw the cost of the Dark Side on her. It was too great, and Lyn disappeared into the unknown not long after she had been dubbed a Sith Lord, known as Lady Lyssa by Luneris, never to be seen again.

Return to Unknown Regions

Luneris disbanded the Order quickly, instead of experimenting on Elaine and exiled herself to the Unknown regions once more. Instead of returning to the planet she had formerly gone to last time, she found a different one, with a sentient unknown race on it. She easily conquered the planet using her Dark Side powers and Sorcery, and set herself up as a ruler, for one purpose only, to continue her experiments. Eventually she learned enough to break her bond, however the cost was her youth, and any traces that were left of the Light Side in her. For decades, she experimented on the population more, to see what other kinds of secrets life might hold, and became more powerful in her Sorcery because of it. Her appearance, was altered to look young, beautiful and unscarred. Tragedies and cruetly unseen by this peaceful population were all made in the name of her experiments. Eventually, Luneris felt the few that were left could teach her no more, so she returned to the [3]Core Worlds.

((There was some RP back in 2016. Honestly, most of it was rather short. It should not affect her bio at all. -Clio.))

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