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Kim Akselbrad was born in the Outer Rim parents died shortly after birth at the hands of a bounty hunter. Kim was sold into slavery till she was 12 when she killed her owner and stole all the kredits he had. Kim took to flying ships never being thought how this helped her to make more kredits then most could dream as a smuggler at age 16. She was a well know theif and killed some of the victems she robbed. Kim became tired of smuggleing goods and spice so layed low on Tatooine. Kim stole what she wanted mostly to buy spice like Yarrock and gunjack, gunjack kim tryed to avoved cause it lessend her fine motor control and the ability to reason.

By the time she was 18 she had become a skilled Assassin and killed a dozen targets inclueding bounty hunters and senitors while fighting her spice useage which nearly got her killed. At the age of 22 kim had killed without thinking twice and was able to sense force use not knowing herself to be force sencetive till she met a Sith Lord Darth Aries. Darth Aries took Kim under his wing showing her what the force had to to offer. Kim soon joined his order called Order of Aries quickly earning the name Darth Kyron how ever her past as a theif caught up to her when Darth Aries caught her trying to sell his fathers lightsaber the only thing left of his father. Kim tryed to denie it but he did not beleave her. Darth Aries and his new appentnce Caught up to Kyron on Coruscant and approched her. Darth Kyron drew her duel lightsabers as did Darth Aries and his apprentice, Kyron Charged them both the apprentice fell quickly, Darth Kyron was far better trained. Aries and kyron locked

Darth Kyron.png

blades, Kyron did a backflip and kicked off of Aries's chest his blade digging into kyrons leg. Darth Aries stood over kyron who had hit the ground hard. Aries raised his blade above his head thinking he had won when Kyron thrust her blade through his chest and out his back then cut up towards his right shoulder cuting his right arm off. Kyron Soon was on her own again but not For long while on Korriban where she met Darth Rowe who aloud her to join her Order kim did so and worked her way up. Kim was now a darth once more. Kyron Left OoR to join her Master Darth Aran in Shadows of the Triumvirate and would not be denied by those weaker then herself.