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Date of profile: 15 years after the war that destroyed Dantooine.

Now a man with a past...and a very colorful past at that. Darth Knave began his career with the Dark Lords of the Sith as a lowly initiate. It wasn't until their fall that he discovered his true path with the force... leadership. Known then only as Lucifer Kirkorian, ex-initiate of the Dark Lords of the Sith, took it upon himself with his brother in arms Dark Master Chaos to create and lead one of the most powerful, and long lasting Sith empires of all time...the Sith Legends.

As he grew with the Sith Legends, so did his passions. An avid reader, he was always looking to learn more about the force, and true mastery of the force, something which he did not believe anyone around him had. Knave was also a philosopher, teaching his unique views based on what he had learned from ancient texts. Darth Knave, as he soon became known to be called, was also a true leader, bringing together the most powerful, the most dangerous, and by far the most well-remembered Sith ever to be known. Above all, though...Darth Knave was a lover, always true, always faithful, and always protective.

His past highlights many influential characters, two of which, he called his wife. The first, known as Lady Traversina, was a peculiar Sith, powerful in her own right, but to his regret, fell to the ways of deception. Having been manipulated by a slave trader, it is rumored that she met an end that was far from pleasant, and even farther from honorable. A terrible story of betrayal and loss was told in the text "A Rise to Power." They fathered a child, Hecate Kostolany Kirkorian, she was a lightsaber prodigy, with her mother's beauty and her father's attitude. She was, undoubtedly, Sith...to the very core. Sometimes even surprising her father with her sharp tongue and quick blade.

He was, however, able to move on from his loss. He met a Nekochan, known to her enemies as Darth Neko, but to Lucifer, she was known as Annexis Childs. Beginning as Knave's apprentice, he took her in as a refugee from a defunct Sith faction, and taught her the way of the Sith as only he saw it. Her stunning beauty, and her unmatched personality quickly grew on Knave, though, and he quickly fell deeply in love with her. Their love for each other did not come without its problems, however... for she was the younger sister to Jedi Master Crysia Leonov.

War. A war of epic proportions that brought about the near destruction of a planet, with Darth Knave at the helm. Emperor of Dantooine, at the height of his glory, leading the Sith Enigma to true glory as their conquest spread about the galaxy. Darth Knave gave up his empire in order to spare the life of his beloved Darth Neko after a tense stand-off with Jedi Master Leonov. The war wasn't over, but with him out of the equation, it was the opportunity the Jedi needed to regain power, and they did. They had a son, named Abaddon Fujin Kirkorian, known for his agility, dexterity, and a crude, crass sarcasm that could only be associated with his father.

Flowery Kave at the Sith Legends Temple

Shortly after, Knave disappeared into the unknown. Only he knows what exactly happened during this time, the only thing that is known publicly is that his wife was no longer at his side. He now travels alone. The only thing ever reported publicly was by one he confided in, Dark Lady Chaos, whom he knew as Nymph Zenith, the only words she reported him saying were "a truly sad, terrible turn of events." When asked of the specific events that occurred, he has been known to become reclusive, even violent in his attempt to shut out his memories and keep those around him from knowing what he knows. He is quoted saying "Only two people need to know, myself, and the Jedi." It is assumed that Jedi he spoke of is none other than her sister, Master Leonov, but she could not be found for questioning.

Rare photo of Knave today

Present day, Darth Knave made a return from the shadows, only to find his beloved Sith Legends lay in ruins, and the Sith Enigma long forgotten. He still wears the wedding ring from his second marriage, to Darth Neko...more than a decade later. With no place to call home, he is considered a nomad, traveling about in his prized ship, The Zealot, an infiltrator class sith star fighter, often making his traveles while in cloak as to avoid detection. Sightings have been reported of the once great Darth Knave at seedy strip clubs, often helping himself to their bar selection, where he sits, drinks, smokes, and thinks as he watches the entertainer for the night. Living every night that way for the past several years as the memories of his lost empire continue to plague his psyche.