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Darth Kestrel or Lord Kestrel, later known as Emperor Kestrel, created the Sith Empire of Vjun and is credited with unifying the major of that timeperiod, this unification was the first to take place since the original unification of the Sith under Darth Padar. Kestrel was a unique ruler, in that it was his sole drive to push forward the way of the Sith. Creating the Assembly of Darkness as an assembly of sith leaders, Kestrel slowly began to win their respect and backing. Kestrel, with the full support of the major Sith Orders, forcibly took the title of Emperor from Dark Lord Malice on Ziost (whom he had previously served under as Dark Architect) and moved the Sith Capital to Vjun.

Character Biography

Kestrel's rule was strong, and unchallenged. It brought about a new era of Sith. Kestrel lead several invasions of Jedi strongholds, as well as a methodical eradication of any groups claiming to be sith.

Shortly after taking the Throne, Emperor Kestrel handed over the leadership of the Assembly of Darkness over to Darth Chaos, and Darth Keres. AoD remains to this day faithful to Lord Kestrel, even in his death. it was believed that they held the only relics of his armour, but since then it has been revealed that several of Kestrel's Monks retain precious artifacts that may hold the secret to the location of Kestrel's coveted Holocron.

Kestrel's death was a devious plot by Arzjah Radek to take the Emperor's throne. Trusted by Kestrel, Arzjah was secretly able to reprogram The cyborg known as Darth Melanchol. Unable to sense the cyborg's erratic presence, Melanchol was able to slip past Kestrel's personal guard, and unleash the destructive power of her energy core directly at Kestrel. Able to repel the energy for a short time, Kestrel's flesh was ripped away leaving only his armour behind. Witnesses say that his Dark Side Spirit was seen erupting from his burning body in a terrible force that blew a hole in the structure of Kestrel's Great Sith Hall. The location of Kestrel's Dark Side Spirit is not accounted for, but a few have claimed to have received advice or guidance from him.

Kestrel's Funeral was conducted by the leaders of the AoD, and those loyal to him. Amongst a massive congregation, his remains were laid to rest on Korriban in an unused tomb. His Tomb has since been raided by Arzjah's sith, marauders, scavengers and Jedi who wish never to have Kestrel's Holocron found.

Kestrel was succeeded by Emperor Arzjah Radek in 2008, however it is believed clones of Kestrel exist in the galaxy to this day awaiting his Spirit's return.

OOC Information

RR Almodovar was known for his trademark builds in SWRP on Second Life, such as on Ziost as well as Vjun (2008) and Korriban (Assembly of Darkness).