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Darth Kane is the son of Jedi Masters Zav and Zuric Kirkorian he was also a Jedi Knight in the Onderon Jedi Order until he was betrayed an turned to the dark side joining the "sith empire" on Mygeeto and becoming the dark lord's fist and only a shadow of the man who once was Arun Kirkorian he dedicated his life to gaining more power and the destruction of the jedi

he grew up on Onderon and joined the onderon jedi order where he fell to the darkside. having been defeated in combat by a sith lord and barely escaping with his life he returned to onderon to follow the ways of the light he trained vigorously and attained full knighthood but the seed of darkness was already planted he quickly found himself falling into old habits becoming boastfull and cocky his thoughts becoming darker and darker as time went by till over a misunderstanding he was betrayed by the jedi and returned to the darkside becoming Darth Kane his power so great he rose quicly through the ranks of the "sith empire" to become the the dark lord's fist and soon found himself with the chance to become the dark lord as the previouse one had betrayed the empire and the sith by joining the jedi. when he attained the mantle of Dark Lord he turned his sights to his original goal........the destruction of the jedi and now he had all he needed at his disposal sometime after he left for deep space with the then emporer marell to dromund kass it is unknown what took place there but kane returned with a mysteriouse jedi and baring his former name arun kirkorian he began his own jedi order becoming the Grand Master of The Jedi Remnants but little did others know that the jedi he returned with was marell, marell's memory had been whiped it is still a mystery as to who did it and why but as marell slowly gained his memory back Kane began thirsting for his old power once again the two went into deep space this time returning as their true selves but also accompanied by a mysteriouse sith lord that would take the throne of the sith empire on Vjun. Soon After the emporer began showing ignorance and Kane and Marell grew tired of watching him proclaim himself as emporer. Kane and Marell stormed his chambers and after a long and drawn out battle Kane crippled the emporer while Marell struck the killing blow Kane and marell then formed the Order of The Jen'ari

Darth Kane's Return
Darth Kane's Return
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"Derriphan" Darth Kane's Sith Sword

"Derriphan" is the sword of Darth Kane Dark Lord of The Sith over the course of many months he has used sith alchemy to infuse it with the dark side of the force as a result there is a constant flow of lightning running along the blade. the sword was later destroyed by an ojo jedi knight. After holding the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith unoppsed for years one sith assassin named uni zoma stepped forward and challenged and Darth Kane died defending his title

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