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"When it comes down to it trust no one. No person will ever hold your secret, no walls are bound to keep them in and most of all in the end even your own heart will betray you. That is why you cannot love, you cannot have friends, and you must keep everyone at a distance.However, they all must never know that they are never not standing right next to you in your loving embrace."

— Isolde

Renai Stillwater was a Force-sensitive female born on Zeltros. She became a citizen of the Yavin IV and joined the Kalway Order of Jedi shortly after arriving. Over the years she has been a part also of the Jedi of the New Dawn , Grey Jedi Association , the Solari Jedi Order , Uvena Jedi Academy , Jensaarai, Dark Lords of the Sith and now The One Sith.



Far away on a planet named Zeltros a little girl was born into a noble family. She was adorable and beautiful by nature as all Zeltrons were. As she grew her curiosity grew about other planets and her own world. A luxury planet allowed her to give into simple pleasures and party when she wanted to for no reason at all. One day she asked her father, "Daddy, what is beyond Zeltros?" He explained to her there there were more things beyond her imagination out there. There was good and evil and a fine line between them both. He told her of planets like Yavin, Tatooine, and Naboo. She learned some history of Yavin IV because of it's lush and beautiful grounds. She was searching for something she did not know. He told her of Jedi and the Sith. Her distaste of the Sith became greater the more she learned about them. At the age of 19 she received her first tattoo upon her body. By the age of 21 her sister ( who was 3 years older ) had decided to run away and leave her behind to fulfill the family's roles and fall in love with a noble of her own. After time of not hearing from Connie she slipped into that role by dancing at the local cantina with her mother. Her father often was busy with duties of the military as He was a captain. She met someone and started to fall in love with Him.

Something did not feel right though. She knew nothing of him except that He always asked for her when she was dancing. She had a strange feeling about this man but couldn't help loving him. Still a pull inside her kept telling her to leave and travel to far away places that her father used to tell her about in bedtime stories. She knew what she had to do. One morning she packed her things and grabbed some credits that she had saved up from dancing and other pleasurable things and headed out the door leaving only a letter behind explaining that she couldn't live up to what they wished of her and that she needed to find what her soul was searching for. As she was leaving she saw the man she loved on a corner while on her way to the hanger. She saw him terrorizing a Zeltros citizen and then she saw it. The hilt of a Lightsaber and she knew where she must go.

She ran and ran far away from the corner and didn't stop until she was at the hanger. She then bought her way to Yavin IV on a meager transport show with just a few clothes in a pack. She came there for a fresh start and a life where she could help those in need instead of running for it. She then found a Jedi application in the street just laying there like it was waiting for her. She picked it up and then ran into a Padawan named Christopher. He showed her around the beautiful city and she became head over heels in love with it. That is when she decided to become a Jedi.

Yavin IV

Yavin IV home of the Kalway Order of Jedi

Renai's Jedi training began on Yavin IV. She was found to be force sensitive and she started her training. As time went on she saw her sister become a knight at Dantooine Jedi Enclave and she was proud. Proud to have her sister now be a Jedi. Looking up to her sister dreaming of the day when she would be a knight.

During her training she got to visit different worlds with her Master. He taught her a bit about each planet they visited. Ilum, Coruscant, and Dantooine. She also got her first lesson in flying. That was not fun though. She has vowed never to fly again if she can help it. Crashing into things just didn't seem like a fun idea anymore after that visit to the medbay. There will begin the true journey of growth and knowledge.

A while after that promotion she then gets a message from a friend saying that her sister Connie was on a mission. He would be able to pass her a message if Ren wanted to get one together. Ren gets it together and asks her master to take her to Coruscant to meet the man. On their way they run into Kristan. Kris looks around and attempts to turn Ren. She tries every trick in the book. From the lying Jedi to the fact she has a gift and needs to be properly trained in it's workings. She almost gave in to her. Almost being the key word. Ren severed the link that Kris held with her cutting all the ties to the emotions Kris was pumping into her. She was told by Sir Blackheart to release her emotions, to let them go, and she smiled and did as she was told. The others stood fast against the onslaught of emotions as they rushed around them trying to break them.

She then stood and placed her feet firmly on the ground and decided that no one was going to be hurt that day as she asked Kris to depart. Kris wasn't going to budge so Ren did what she thought was right and she walked away motioning for her friends and family to follow. After a few moment and some witty comments they followed her and continued their journey back to Yavin IV . She came back from this mission changed some how. She was no longer scared of what Kris could do to her, but instead she was empowered. She is in control of her emotions more so now then ever before. She can control the influences of others emotions on her. It was a long and painstaking journey that day but Ren was the better after it was done.

The months seemed to fly by as she continued her training upon Yavin IV. Her main focus was learning her lessons, combat training, and something special. Her Master had taught her water manipulation of some sort. Ren finds that this aides her greatly when she finds it extremely hard to meditate or focus on things going on around her. When she was promoted to her final level of training within the Kalway Order she was told about a mission she was to embark upon.

A tip from a friend told her that there was a sith holocron on Ossus. Ren wanted to acquire the holocron quickly because it contains a prophecy as well as information on a sith lord. She thought that she needed to get this holocron at all costs before the Sith learned of it's presence. She gathered a group of her family and went to Ossus to hunt for the holocron. While there she ran into Kristan again. There were words exchanged but not like before. There was no mention of 'family' or the Jedi this time. It was all business. Kristan wouldn't let go of the holocron peacefully so the Jedi were forced to defend themselves when Kristan decided to fight for it. After the battle Ren, was quite disturbed by the events, her feelings not ever quite the same anymore. She had the holocron but at what price? One sith killed and another wounded.

Renai finished her training and was promoted to a Knight of the Kalway Order. Shortly after her knighting she took on an apprentice to train as her own. His name was Eriden Robespear. He was a spacer and was finding it difficult to stay situated on one planet. There were times that Ren did understand this and decided on trips to various worlds just to get him into the stars once again. She found training a padawan was almost like raising a child but in a different way of course. They spent much time together as she tried to coax him out of the shell that he placed himself in.

His training was never finished.

Marriage and a Family

Master Kyrain Rhandt and Lady Renai Rhandt

During the training of her padawan Renai had gotten rather close with a Master of the Kalway Order. Master Kyrain Rhandt was who she went to for so many things. She often sought out his advice in matters to training her padawan and in her own personal life. After some time however they did finally admit they did fancy each other then eventually did get married. The marriage was successful for some time but after an unfortunate accident, involving Darth Sakura, Kyrain came back a changed man and the marriage fell apart after the dissolving of Jedi of the New Dawn .

Mos Entha

The cities of Mos Entha and Mos Taike with the Dunes

There was some unrest within the Kalway order from a few that belonged. The details of which Renai never goes into no matter who asks her. Her husband at the time brought her with to great a new order. There Renai did her best to help the Order run as smoothly as possible. During this time Renai became pregnant with twins on top of everything else that was going on. She gave birth to Aisling and Kyra. Renai made a special trip and placed them in the care of a dear family friend so that she and her husband could continue on their work. Kyrain left for a mission soon after that and it was a while before Ren saw him again. During which time the Order fell and there was nothing more that Renai could do to save it. At this time she returned to Kalway. No one knows exactly what happened between the two but Kyrain and Renai did divorce and went their separate ways.

Back to Kalway

The Kalway Academy Grounds

The Kalway Order of Jedi accepted Ren back into the folds and she once again took on her old padawan Eriden. That was not going to last however. His restlessness for being amongst the stars won out and he asked to be dismissed from the order. She granted this wish and hoped that the Force guided his path well. Once again she looked into taking on an apprentice but she found none that would click.

There was a time on Mos Entha that Renai married again. He was a long time friend of hers from back with the Kalway Order of Jedi. Their marriage did not last long however. Renai ended up having slight problem when she was forced to kill someone she thought was close to her. She would have to battle this alternate personality for control of her very body and this whole ordeal led to the demise of her marriage to Xan especially when this personality tried to kill him.

Deciding to travel a bit she met a student name Lumine with the Solari Jedi Order and had decided that maybe it was once again time for a change. She spent many days in seclusion thinking and meditating over the decision that she was going to make. The need to move on seemed to be just what she needed after the years with Kalway. She hugged her friends and wished them all well once again leaving and setting forth to Mos Entha.

Solari Jedi Order

Mos Entha Where the Solari Used to Call Home

Renai's time with the Solari Order was brief due to many different circumstances. The problems stemmed from a padawan that was under her care. Once again she never goes into too many details about why she did depart or the fall of the order but does speak highly of the Grand Master before and after her time there. When she decided to leave the Solari Order she had decided that she was done with the Jedi. From this point on she would concentrate on the neutral side of things. She trained her sights on the Hutts and proceeded to offer her services to Shaka the Huttling on Nar Shaddaa. Our story continues there.

Nar Shaddaa

The Upper City of Nar Shaddaa

Her trip to Nar Shaddaa was a long one. She made many stops on the way to make sure that the path that she was choosing was the right one for her. When her ship finally touched down upon the moon she felt a sense of relief and calmness wash over her that she had not felt in some time. Lumine did travel with her and they both sought employment under the hutts. With some missions under her belt she would be there whenever Shaka needed her. She was contemplating becoming an apprentice under one of the sith that was round Shaka as well. This would never happen however. She learned of her own student's sister being in a compromising situation and took it upon herself to get her out of the hands of the Black Dawn. Renai traded herself for that of a child to make sure that she was going to be ok. This however was not the best idea she had. Her long time friend Kyrain came to her aid and got her out of that situation. After talks with her former Master and Kyrain she broke and went into hiding. Renai was missing and no one seemed to know of her whereabouts.

This is how and when Metrodora was born. Renai bleached her skin, colored her hair, and learned to conceal her presence in the force very well. No one seemed to notice that it was her. She began tutelage under Kyrain working on unlearning everything she knew bout the dark side. She forced and pushed herself to work harder than before doing exactly what was asked of her and when it was asked. After some time Jay and Morrigan, two of Shaka's employees, did find out that this was indeed Renai but kept her secret because her life depended upon it.

After some time she ran into Serenity again and she was in bad shape yet again. Renai pushed herself and accidentally let down her walls and Serenity found out it was Renai. This is when Ren got a punch to the face. It was not a very pleasant experience but it was warranted none the less. The three of them kept her secret.

Uvena Prime

Uvena Prime Mountains

After months of being in disguise as Kyrain's apprentice Metrodora she grew tired of having to hold up the walls to hide her presence from those that she knew. Kyrain decided he wanted to go with an Order once more and too Renai with him. This is where she met Master Mikori Lawson. The three of them had discussion of what should be done about her hidden identity. It was decided that she would just go back to being Renai. She stopped bleaching her skin and decided to keep the new color of her hair. They also decided that Renai was correct and that she would under go her training once more. She begin her path to becoming a Jedi Knight under the Uvena Jedi Academy. She trained for a bit here but it was not long that she realized this was just not the place for her. There was a sense that she didn't belong anymore here or as a Jedi. She set off to find another path that might lead her to a place that would bring her closer to a home and where she truly would find hope.

Susevfi IV

Susevfi IV: Home of the Jensaarai

Renai had gone back to Nar Shadda to her old contacts and to try to fit into her old ways but to no avail there would be no hope of going back to that life. She had heard of a planet that had a few issues but also needed help. She set off to Susevfi IV to see what this place held for her. When she arrived she was greeted by smiling happy faces of the locals and the Jensaarai. Vincent Harracut was the first to meet her and tell her about the people,the planet, and the group of warriors that found residence here. Soon after their conversation she stood before her two friends and asked to join them. To be taught by them and after beating Vincent's butt they accepted her into their ranks. Their training was harsh and took a toll but she was better because of it. She became much more than what she was before.

She acquired the rank of Azinimas-Sergeti and began working in the vaults and closely with Vincent. Their time together was something she began to cherish each and every moment. There was a warmth in her heart she had not felt in a long while. Vincent and Kaidek consulted and decided to offer her the rank of Azinimas-Kaar and she gratefully accepted once they explained to her exactly why she should take the position. Shortly after that Vincent and Renai found themselves becoming husband and wife willing to spend the rest of their lives together. With that being said Renai began to bring balance to the council that was not that before. Having a woman there and a gentle guiding hand was something that was lacking before. The Jensaarai had suffered many trials and tribulations but over the years have seemed to withstand the onslaught that now lays at it's feet.

There had been many trials and tribulations for the Jensaarai upon Susevfi IV. They had fought sith spawn, sith, and so much more. time carried on and three years seemed to come and go so quickly. Renai got to the point that she developed a close relationship with the General of the Element. He became pretty much her protector and made sure that nothing was going to harm her. There was a day however that Renai sought out Medraut Tome in order to try and save him from a fate she didn't think he should deserve. Her husband wanted Medraut killed for the crimes against the Jensaarai but Renai couldn't bare for that to happen. She found Medraut upon his station and she tried to confront him about what he had done. After talking for a bit it was clear he didn't plan on letting her walk out alive. Her memories show a fight between her and Medraut. He in the end was killed. She gathered the body and placed it in her ship and made her way back to Yavin IV. Here she told Vincent and Kaidek about what had transpired. She tried to move on but there was something she couldn't stop thinking about. Her husband prevented her from doing her job. Now, she has help taking care of their two beautiful children and is starting to train her two students.

When certain events happened that will be revealed at a later time Renai has gotten herself attached to someone in a force bond. The person cannot be identified just yet but it's clear she is bonded to someone new.

Temporary home before going rogue.

No Home

Just when you thought things were going well she found herself at a new crossroads. The battle with ROTH and L had taken it's toll on Susevfi IV and it became locked under quarantine. The Jensaarai would head to Yavin IV to rest their heads for a while. So much conflict and terror had happened upon Nar Shaddaa that Renai couldn't just turn a blind eye. Kaiban one of the Sergeti was on a mission to look into what the crime lord was doing there. This was also around the time that Lady Ciera had come back into her life. Things were changing and even more so when Susevfi IV brought two of the Kaar's up on charges. Her family was falling apart and she was the one voice that tied to remain strong.

She ended up having a couple of talks with the Crime Lord herself and that didn't go over too well for her. Her own life was put on the line because of another in her family and this would not go well. When the one she considered a son wouldn't follow an order she saw this as the beginning of her road to leave. How could she learn to re-trust her family. There were some that never lost it but there were some that hurt her in ways that no words could describe. She once again ran into a long time friend and even though their meeting was heated she couldn't help but be thankful that he was back in her life. She had missed having him there and he would prove to be paramount in her survival when she put her plan into action.

When Renai felt that she had no one left to tun to she did the only thing she could. Nico Fett was her first an only call. She had told him about how she distrusted her family but never once revealed anything to him that would harm them. They talked for what seemed like days and she made her decision. She would leave. Now with the Jensaarai this only happens one one of three ways. You remain hunted for the rest of your days, you have a memory rub to remove their information that is harmful to them, or you die. Renai was not eager for any of that to happen. She transferred all of her money earned with them and the sum she had before them into an unnamed account in hutt space knowing that from there it would have no trail. She walked into the vaults and there alone she retrieved a mask that was paramount in her survival and then she vanished. It was as if she left on a gust of wind.

Some time later after she had been doing her own thing she did contact Kaidek and let him know she was no traitor. The information she had about them was never given to anyone and that if certain conditions were met she would come to him for the process. There was still some unfinished business to be had since she had told her husband the charges that were being held against him because of her would be dropped. She never did drop them. She never went to the government and told them she wanted to let them go. She asked Kaidek where her justice was and that it was another reason that she had left how she did. Watching afar as her children are raised she does keep tabs on them more than even her husband knows. Well at this point one could effectively call him her ex-husband because he wants nothing to do with her since she left and was labeled Isdovkal. She still has plans that she will be setting in motion. Plans that will allow her to thrive once more and do so without worrying about someone hunting her. Well almost.

There was a hutt on the moon of Nar Shaddaa that seemed to have taken an interest in her. Slave? She would never allow such a thing. She knew however that with her new identity and him finding out her name she would never not have to look over her shoulder. She resides right now with someone she considers family and he has been keeping her safe. Right now that's what matters right? A family that you can trust.

Byss - City Of Khayal

Byss - City of Khayal

After may years of raising her family in a place that was not known to many people besiced her close friends and family Renai finally went back out into the galaxy. She had a nice trip down memory lane however she found that no longer could she follow the light path that she once resigned herself to. When she fell it was hard and she vowed to take everyone with her. She joined up with the Dark Lords of the Sith and is working hard to turn what she knew into something more. Making her stronger than she thought possible. Darth Sylum had saw her working hard and took her on as his Apprentice. He gave her the name Vestige for it means a trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.

His job as being the Wrath had turned out to need more of his time than he had so training her was no longer an option. Darth Adaliah had stepped in to take over training for a short time until another master could be found to finish her path. It was later decided that Darth Inviktus would be that very person. He pushed her to her very limits and after a very painful trial she mistakenly lead the council to believe she thought he was a traitor. There was no coming back from this until the Emperor had seen through it and saw her potential. She was elevated to the rank of Lady within the Order and started on her next path.

With the new name of Lady Vestra, one that was given to her by Darth Adaliah, having the meaning of belonging she had decided to take on the next challenges that were laid in her path. The Prophet class called her name more so than any other and she asked for permission to join it. Not too long into her Lord tasks Darth Inviktus was sent on a mission and she was taken on by the Hand of the Emperor Darth Moi'Rai. The Darth had been guiding her indirectly almost her entire time here weather he knew it or not but now came the time for her to blossom under his tutelage. This was also around the time she was accepted into the Sorcery class and began her work training as a Sorceress as well. Her hard work and dedication working under Dark Lord Infestus has earned her the rank of Assassin of the Dark Lords of the Sith. A title she wears proudly.

Vestra In A Cavern With Blood.png

The One Sith - A New Path

On a new path to discovery the Lady of the Order has found that her path with the Order cannot continue. After events that have transpired she decided that there was but one place that she would go. Vestra made her way to Coruscant where the Sith had complete control of the planet. Over the moths that she was there she found with Darth Umbra and used her knowledge to try and help the sith there keep their foothold but it seemed that the Republic forces were to overwhelming. After the fateful days upon Coruscant and losing her apprentice there Darth Umbra had bestowed upon her the rank of Darth and given the name Isolde.

Personality and traits

Renai is very introverted person as of late. This has changed over the years. She doesn't go out of her way to speak with people anymore because of the distrust that has come up with other people. She comes off as a kind and gentle person most of the time until you finally manage to anger her. Lately that is very difficult thing to do. She has become more in control of her emotions and tends not to project them as much anymore.

Powers and abilities

Water Manipulation, Force Dash, Push, Pull, Repulse, Throw, Sight, Light, Force Illusion, Alter Environment, Flash, Flashburn, Saber Throw, Mechu-deru, Force Destruction, Torture by Chagrin, Mask Technique & a few others.

She has learned a few offensive techniques to aid in defending her mind from torture.

Can also use the force to aid in the regeneration of cells.


She always has on her person the following:

  • Medical Supplies
  • LightSaber
  • A flask of water
  • Datapad
  • Com link


She has a few weaknesses they are as follows:

  • Projection of emotions.
  • Slightly short anger fuse.
  • Trust issues.
  • Worried about crowds.
  • Unsettled by hutts.