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"I am the embodiment of chaos; I create and destroy in the name of progress."

— Darth Infestus

Darth Infestus was a Shi'ido Dark Lord of the Sith. Taught by Darth Matraya (former Jedi Master and founder of the New Order of the Jedi), he was a skilled saber duelist, even though he was known mostly for his mastery of the arcane arts. Under the guise of various forms, he fought in wars, infiltrated galactic organisations and ruled the mountainous fortress world of Prakith as its Imperial Governor before finally claiming a seat on the Dark Council.

Darth Infestus remains an enigmatic figure, despite his appearances on the HoloNet. He often presented himself ostentatiously, but those closer to him knew this was mostly a show performed to distract.

He much preferred operating from the shadows, as the head of a mysterious sub-class within the oldest Sith Order, the Dark Lords of the Sith, called the Prophets of the Dark Side, who specialize in Machiavellian practices. With a vast network of spies and assassins under his command, he layed the groundwork for a new era. 

While his agents mostly manipulated affairs far from home, however, he changed the heart of the Sith Empire in more visible ways. Darth Infestus was the mastermind behind the construction of Khayal City and the Imperial Citadel, which was designed to channel the Dark Side of the Force. By taking Emperor Validus' work and improving it, he has transformed the hellish world of Byss from a fortress world into a galactic metropolis, and became known as the Dark Architect. 

He served as Hand under Emperor Destius for many years, before finally dethroning him and claiming the mantle of Sith Emperor. His reign was short-lived, however. Only a week after his ascension, Executor Rowe slew him in single-combat and claimed the throne instead.  

Ever since, it is rumoured that his cultist followers, known as the Infestites, have been working tirelessly to resurrect their ultimate Master. One such attempt to bring the Dark Lord back occurred on Mustafar, in Fortress Vader. There, Darth Infestus sought to make use of the Dark Side locus inside of an acient Sith cave which according to legend can bridge the world of the dead and the living. The attempt was thwarted when the Sith Empire discovered the whereabouts of the Infestites, after they made a bold attack on the imperial capital, Khayal City.  



From the Statue of Hands:

"It feels like an eternity passed, and yet, I remember the day as if it were yesterday. The day the Dark Side of the Force beckoned me to ascend. The day its enticing embrace revealed to me the truth, and lead me to the Dark Lords of the Sith. I remember setting foot on the hellish world of Byss for the first time. The very sight of the citadel, surrounded by fire and lava, ignited a conflict within me; it drained all my courage and overwhelmed me with fear, yet simultaneously, it filled me with tremendous strength and inspired me to move forward. I knew then, that the path to power was not a path to embark upon lightly.

The Sith Order knows relatively little about my past, because I remained true to the nature of my kind. When I applied to join the ranks of the Sith, I did so in the form of a young human male. However, as most of our brethren know by now, I am neither human, nor young. I am a Shi’ido, who are well-known for their curiosity and shyness. From the day I was born, I was taught to manoeuvre in the shadows - never in the open, exposed. I found that anonymity grants a certain kind of freedom.

There are many reasons why the Dark Side of the Force appealed to me. Though there is one reason in particular: even among the Shi’ido, who are also known for their long life spans, I am considered old. Those who paid close attention to my myriad forms might have noticed subtle changes that occurred against my will; they offered a glimpse of what I once was. It was a weakness I could not tolerate, and so it was that I became a student of the arcane arts, delving deeper into the dark secrets of necromancy and alchemy.

My end drew nigh, but no longer. I lost my original name, face and identity many average lifetimes ago. If you desire to learn more about me, gaze upon me through the Force, and behold my incorporeal form. Only then will you know who I truly am."

— Darth Infestus


"Seemingly empty threats have a curious effect on the arrogant; if you don't strike straight away they will take you for a harmless fool, they will ridicule you and laugh at you, but once they've finally convinced themselves you'll never bite, they'll expose themselves entirely to you."

— Darth Infestus

As a Prophet of the Dark Side, Infestus usually kept to the shadows. Ever since his elevation to Hand, however, he has stepped into the spotlight several times. The first notable occasion was when he presented his work to the Galaxy as the architect of the new Imperial Capital, Khayal City.


Byss - The New Capital (SWRP Second Life)

The second occasion was when he addressed the citizens of the Galaxy during a public speech, urging all to unite under the Imperial Banner.


Darth Infestus - The Truth (SWRP Second Life Speech)

The third occasion, when he threatened the Republic in response to public statements made by its representatives.


Darth Infestus warns the Republic SL SWRP

On the fourth occasion, he announced further reconstruction work in the capital of the Sith Empire.


Darth Infestus - Chaos -SL SWRP-

During one of his last speeches he addressed loyal citizens of the Empire.


Dark Lord Infestus' Speech -SWRP-

Current Status

Darth Infestus was a Dark Lord and former Emperor of the Dark Lords of the Sith (DLoTS).