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Darth Infernus was a male Jawa Krath Master. He was one of the legendary six Dark Jedi Masters of the Dark Ancients and known as The Krath Elder for some time. He kept his actual species a secret.



Jokion spent much of his childhood on the gritty world of Tatooine; though he did not suffer from many of the same problems that ailed other children. He was fortunate enough to have a father who had just started to get into the organized crime circuit and was on the good side of several of the Hutt crime lords. This soon changed however, when Jokion's father had ambitions beyond his simple lackey role and tried to arrange for a local Hutt to be assassinated. The attempt was poorly concealed however, and when the Hutt heard of the plan, he doubled the assassins' pay to turn on his jawa employer. It goes without saying that Jokion's father was killed for his rather bold and stupid move, but to further pay for his debt, Jokion was taken as a slave of the Hutts.

Dark Experiments

At this time Jokion was still quite young, and he had never been a very good physical specimen; seeing this, the Hutts shipped Jokion off world to the core of their territory for use as a guinea pig for one of their most recent cybernetic research projects. The project, at that time called "Advent", had been geared towards improving the standard assassin, or assassin droid, by coming to a mid ground of the two. To do so, the Hutts made plan to take an organic being, easily able to get through check points and scanners that would turn away an obvious threat such as an armed droid, and implant a memory storage and transmitter device within its body. The device would hold a modified version of an astromech and medical droid A. I. and be directly linked to the brain of the host to give the mechanical mind access to the advantages of the organic one, and to give a greater degree of control over the assassin via standard droid control equipment.

The theories about the operation of such an assassin failed however when Jokion became the first test subject. When the droid mind made contact with Jokion's, it found within him Force sensitivity. Being not only an A.I., but one with no worldly experience, the mechanical entity was driven insane by its touching the Force through Jokion's body and its attempts to comprehend it. Jokion was affected by the event as well, suddenly becoming aware of his Force ability through his link to the A. I. and not only being new to it himself, but forced to experience the A.I.'s spiral into insanity combined with its natural assassination protocols; Jokion felt a surge of darkness. His power was still quite little, but it was more then enough for him to break free of his bonds and stealthily make his way from the facility.

Travels with 'Requiem'

In the years following their escape from the lab, Jokion and the mad mechanical being that now called itself "The Requiem", sought to expand their knowledge of the Force and discover how they could apply it to furthering their goals. Though little could be found in the ways of useful texts that were not held by the Sith, certain natural abilities were discovered through times of desperation. When pressed with a knife to his neck, Jokion responded with a choke to his assailant's; when forced to flee, he found himself moving at greater speeds; however the most interesting was an incident on Dxun, where Jokion came face to face with an ancient Basilisk war droid. This time however, it was Jokion who felt through Requiem; as the droid approached him, Jokion could feel the transmitter signal from Requiem's storage unit and he used it and Requiem's astromech knowledge in unison with the Force to touch the droid's "mind". Such a thing had never been attempted by anyone, much less a budding darkside devotee, so the results were no better then those that created Requiem and Jokion was forced to flee from an insane war droid. This however did open doors for him to experiment with manipulations of the Force that took advantage of his unique link to technology.

Enter the Shadow Academy

During his travels, Jokion had noticed a select few who seemed to be not only practitioners of the darker portions of the Force, but far surpassed the more primitive beings who called themselves the "Sith". On the world of Ziost, Jokion approached the Dark Jedi leader known as Darth Bellator, and was soon inducted into the Shadow Academy to continue his studies and fulfill his originally designed purpose as an assassin, enforcer and loyal agent. He cast off his former name and was consumed by the fires of Lord Infernus.

Ever since his initiation into the Academy, Lord Infernus had tried to shy away from the more conventional forms of Force use. His training has come to focus not on outward uses of the Force, but inward.  The unique study of the Force that he now trained in would not grant him the gifts of fire and lightning, nor of thought bombs or alchemy. The goals of Infernus were powers of personal enhancement, to move at speeds greater than a sentient is capable of comprehending, to powder durasteel plating with bare hand, and to purge any foreign substance from his body. Through this inward focus of the Force as well as the study of cybernetic implantation, genetics and the Sith's alchemy (or at least some cousin of it), Infernus has sought to push his physical body beyond the boundaries of other "vermin," seeking, as he calls it perfection.