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Darth Inanna, also known by her birthname Vassa D'Nor, or her previous Sith name Mephala, is a Twi'lek female Sith of the Red Shadow order. She studied under Darth Sar'Rai, Darth Inviktüs and Darth Kalaratri while a member of the Sith Empire of Byss. She currently is under the direction of Dark Lady Invidia to setup the the Inquisitor program for the order


Vassa D'Nor's original parents and planet of birth are unknown, but at a very early age was adopted by an older couple that settled on the outskirts of Mos Espa. Her parents and upbringing in itself has some mysteries and things to note and consider. Her mother was a former Shadow Guard for the Mistryl. Her father was Mandalorian, but as to what clan affiliation is unknown even to Vassa. Why a Mistryl and a Mando would choose to bond, and leave their professions is unknown and not verified.

Other than from the unusual family member origins, Vassa's early childhood and upbringing is really no different than most others that would come from such an environment, with the notable exceptions of her mother teaching Vassa the combat arts of the Mistryl, and her father training her in weapons and piloting. When she was 10 she started going out with her father and others of the area in defense of Tusken threats when they would present themselves.

It only took the first hunting foray to realize that Vassa had a gift of sharpshooting as well as other talents. On one of her first hunts with her father and a few others on a dark moonless night, they spotted a travelling Tusken raiding party from a cliff edge over 150 meters out. It is said that before a shot was fired, Vassa asked her father "The leader - left eye or right eye?" The rest of her party laughed and to perhaps placate his daughter called 'right eye'. When it was over, Vassa's hunting party was shocked and awed by her performance.

In her later teens, Vassa continued to develop her combat and piloting skills under the tutelage of her parents, as she took jobs dancing in the cantina's of Mos Espa. Here she refined not only her dancing knowledge, but her language skills in Huttese, Mando'a, and Twi-lek (as her parents did not know Twi-lek and had to rely on other Twi'leks for knowledge.)

When Vassa became of official legal age, her parents presented her with a small, lightly armed freighter, as well as a small dowry, and 'kicked her out' of the nest.

Vassa attempted a few avenues of work after leaving Tatooine. Assassin and Bounty Hunter contractors and guilds laughed at her for even showing her face at the door. Smuggling was not really an option either as she could not compete with either the Hutts or established Smugglers. About the only thing she could find as work to keep her ship and self barely fueled was dancing in cantina's and an occasional light maintenance job at some spaceport.

Then one day fate (or the will of the Force) showed Vassa part of its hand. With a ship malfunction, as well as lack of ration bars, Vassa had to set down on Yavin IV. The Jedi were kind to her and after hearing some of her background history asked Vassa if she would submit to force-sensitivity tests, which she reluctantly agreed to. When it was verified that she was in fact Force-sensitive, Vassa began to not only have a change of perspective about force users, but developed a deep hate for her parents that had hid this knowledge from her. Declining an offer to join the Order on Yavin IV, but with her ship repaired and her supplys stocked, Vassa took another brief galactic tour as she took stock in learning about her potential, as well as the difficult and painful emotions of the lies her parents raised her with. She continued taking side jobs when available, including a short stint with the Zeltros Monarchy.

She then came across Korriban, and met a Miralukan Dark Jedi, that offered her to show her the ways of Luka Sene and in return asked for assistance to build a new Order. Eagerly accepting at first, she soon became distrustful of her first master and his intents. She became so distrustful that she had nothing but contempt and despised him for his complacency. She had developed a thirst for more knowledge and power than the Miralukan was offering.

It was at that time she decided her only true option was to fully embrace the Dark side. So shedding her Luke Sene practices (for the time being) and her former ties with the Dark Jedi, she then traveled to Byss. Unlike other would-be initiates, instead of going through the normal applicaton processes, she boldy strode into a gathering of the Dark Council and Order with the request to join the Order. A week later she went from Initiate to Disciple with Darth Sar'Rai becoming her master. However shortly thereafter, she was transferred from Darth Sar'Rai to Darth Inviktüs. The reasons were not given, only told that it was of no fault. Regardless this enraged Vassa, as since joining the order she takes her pledges of loyalty seriously.

After moving up the ranks to Lord, and being given the name 'Lady Mephala' by her then master Dark Inviktüs, She participated as a marauder in a battle on Kaysshik, and officially joined the Marauder program. Things seemed to be going well for the young Lady Mephala, but destiny, or the Force, had other plans. She took time in the Unknown Regions in seclusion, reappearing a brief times to spread misinformation about her whereabouts.

Vassa is elevated to the rank of Lord by her Master.

Lady Mephala eventually returned to Byss and was reinstated into Byss Empire.Her return was short-lived. She became impatient, and unfocused while under her newly assigned master, Darth Kalaratri. She once again stepped into the shadows, and departed Byss.     

Lady Mephala returned from the shadows once again. This time with a renewed purpose to complete what she had always secretly envisioned. Obtaining power and knowledge. But she did not return to Byss. She instead traveled once again as Vassa D'Nor. She obtained the services of the Jedi on Yavin IV to have some cosmetic changes made.(tattoo removal) and then set out to create an information network, and become an infochant. It was at this time while establishing contacts that she met Throbon the Hutt and was given a position within his clan to be a chief informant.     

While investigating a lead on Talus regarding the presence of Sith, Vassa was contacted by someone from her past. As it turned out, this someone was no other than Dark Lady Invidia. The very same Invidia that she had a violent encounter with on Byss when Vassa was a Disciple. A very violent and almost life-ending encounter where Vassa obtained artificial limbs (an arm and a leg) as well as parts of her Lekku needing cybernetic implants and reconstruction. Dark Lady Invidia sought Vassa out encouraging Vassa to be a part of her newly established Red Shadow Order with the promise of a new, and different path to power    

The tense and potentially violent encounter ended with Vassa accepting the Dark Lady's offer. After having completed several tasks, Vassa was minted Darth Innana and is currently overseeing several tasks within the Order. She also continues to operate her infochant services and network as Vassa D'Nor or under some other alias or disguise.