There is very little known about Darth Ikiryo, as for all intents and purposes she seems to prefer it that way. She seems to have put herself into self-exhile after having done a great deal of sabotage against her former organization, the Revenant Armada as she had access to everything, second only to the Grand Admiral in authority before her sudden actions against the Armada. No one can be sure why she turned on them, only that the method's to execute her plan had been in place for several years.

Korriban, the Assembly, and the Shadows.[edit | edit source]

"She might as well have knocked down the ancient statues on Korriban and placed images of herself instead..her pride made my hands burn with the desire to choke the life from her...


— Darth Ikiryo on Imida

Ikiryo at 16

What is known is that she attended Korriban Academy at the same time as quite a few other Sith's of note such as Imida, Revanche, and Malicia. She was said to have been very much the opposite of Darth Imida and there was much hostility between them. Ikiryo felt Imida was weak and spineless, and Imida likely felt Ikiryo to be too bloodthirsty and reckless. The final straw came when one of Ikiryo's two apprentices were granted the title of Darth without Ikiryo even being consulted... this combined with various other issues would be a large part of the split between the Assembly of Darkness and the Shadows of Primus/Sith Dynasty. Ikiryo would personally hunt down and defeat any member of the Shadows who would face her, though Imida herself constantly avoided her sabers.. perhaps she remembered in the Academy when all students were placed in a pit and told to fight until only one of them was left standing.. that it had been Ikiryo still on her feet while Imida and many others were left broken on the dirt floor..

Decline of the Sith, Rise of the Armada[edit | edit source]

"I stood by Chaos when Imida and Dolor pulled their schemes for power... but now, now I must take a new path... the Assembly cannot see past Korriban..."

— Darth Ikiryo

Ikiryo at 24

With the leaders of the Assembly Darth Chaos and Darth Keres often away for long periods of time much of the Assembly's well-being would fall to Darth Ikiryo and a Sith Apprentice by the name of Takaki Rejkus. Takaki was bold and with the help of Ikiryo and Lord Occidian the Revenant Armada would be formed. The original goal of it being to provide the Sith with the armies needed to be able to stand against the Fel Empire, the Imperial Remnant and the People's Galactic Alliance... However some Sith Order's felt threatened by this new war machine rather then embracing it... Dark Lady Chaos deeply offended the now Admiral Rejkus when she attempted to establish a military force which served the Assembly exclusively. The Armada would withdraw it's services from the Assembly, and Darth Ikiryo though she held Darth Chaos and Keres in high regards did what she felt would aid her agenda... she would follow Takaki and remain with the Armada leaving the Assembly behind. Some say they formed a small exclusive Sith conclave of sorts, but little is known about that. In the meantime, Ikiryo's prey would dwindle... Imida, Dolor, Malicia and the other Sith she felt scorned by would die off or fade away...

Conquest[edit | edit source]

"I sought retribution, I have found only slaughter, countless death's at my hands... I feel no closer to finding an ends to this need..and though we have taken a large step for what I truly desire beyond the retribution... I do not know if this ambition I have will be fulfilled in my life span.. .unfortunate."

— Darth Ikiryo

Ikiryo at 28

Darth Ikiryo would be one of the leaders of the Armada as it found victory after victory reaching it's peak with it's complete conquering of the Fel Empire, PGAF, and Jedi forces on Coruscant in what could only be described as a massacre. She took some satisfaction in achieving something through brute force that her rivals had not been able to do through manipulation and politics in striking and conquering the very heart of galactic civilization.. though her reasons for wanting to do so may surprise some.. There is still very much unknown about Ikiryo, she seems to say very little about herself to anyone besides a rather strange darksider spoken of as 'Indal'. Even the Sith she tends to work with such as Darth Abyssus, Darth Apparition, and Darth Occidian seem to know little if anything about her..

To what ends?[edit | edit source]

In time she felt the Armada had lived out it's purpose and sought to see it destroyed. She would work to cause an interior collapse which coincided with the Tetan revolt. Some suggest it was her who convinced Richter to become the Tetan's High Commander. She turned herself in to the Tetan's following but later escaped and was last seen on Prakith engaged in combat with her former apprentice Darth Appartion. As he has been seen since and she has not it is assumed she was defeated by her apprentice.. though Ikiryo has always been able to alter her skin, shedding one much like a snake..if we have seen the last of her has yet to be determined.

Apprentices[edit | edit source]

Darth Indal. - She would meet Indal on Korriban, he had essentially been 'forced' to become a Sith by another Darth in the Assembly of Darkness... She took an interest in the man for his originallity, he did not fit the traditional view of a darksider and showed his prowess when he defeated just about every soldiers the OST had.. His training would prove difficult for the very reason's she took him on in that he did not agree mindlessly to the idealogies or orders of she detested this trait found in most darksiders. When his training was complete he would be far more kin to a Dark Jedi then a Sith, he had developed his own personal beliefs in the force that did not mirror her own, or the generic Sith belief.

Darth Malicia. - Malicia had been a fellow student at Korriban when Ikiryo attended, seen by many of the students as quiet and a bit timid. When her companion was killed by the staff she seemed to take a leave for some time and fall behind her fellow students.. Ikiryo was asked by Darth Dolor to finish Malicia's training though at the same time Malicia had been sent to infiltrate the Fel Empire.. when Malicia returned from her assignment very succesful in her spying on the Empire she was given the title of Darth by Darth Imida in which Ikiryo was not even consulted -- fueling the hatred Ikiryo had for Imida.. Do to that assignment, very little training at all was done.. Malicia later continued training under Darth Dolor.

Darth Apparition. - Apparition's training would be done with haste, he had already started learning in the force as a member of the Revenant's AIU. She would expose him to many life threatening situation's with seemingly little concern whether he thrived or was killed. When she was satisfied with his progress she issued a Darth title upon him, however.. he wished to further his knowledge and sought further training. She was somewhat dissapointed that he would kneel to many Master's yet his military victories in the Armada such as the conquest of Dac have managed to keep him from falling out of favor.

Persona and Misc[edit | edit source]

  • She is very critical of Sith who seem only interested in the needs of the flesh, she believes this is a weakness.
  • She is suspected in the death's of many Arkanian scientists.
  • She seems to have the ability to alter her skin tone and scarring.
  • Some believe her to be behind the plot to kill the former Revenant Armada's Grand Marshal Preacher, which is strange considering he seemed to be one of the few people she respected yet it is unlikely her apprentice at the time acted without her approval.. or order..
  • She had a part with Preacher and others in the death of of the last Fel Empress Calliope Quan, having her exposed to multiple tortures while in the hands of the Armada, some believe her cause of death during childbirth to have some relation to the treatment she recieved from the Armada just prior.
  • She is also the one who gave the orders to have disgraced Xean executed, his rank and medals stripped post death, and name stricken from any Armada document.
  • She killed the last Fel Empire Imperial Knight Grand Master Abel Rosenkruez on Nar Shaddaa. Abel is the brother of her former apprentice Cain.
  • She had been training several 'Wraith's" and other members of the Armada, from the Wraith's Jakira, Grado-Ekk, and Zor have recieved her guidence, and Ghost a Defiler, a role which many in the Armada do not even know exists has been taken under her wing as well.
  • Her Sith name meant "living ghost" (japanese)
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