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"Since the dawn of time, there has always been a counterweight for every weight – a right for every wrong. This is the law of the universe. There can be no Light without Darkness. No Good without Evil. I am merely preserving the balance."

— Darth Gevecht

Darth Gevecht stands at about 6'2", a wolfman of medium build. His greeny-yellow eyes are his most prominent facial feature. His fur is jet black except for a diagonal scar that runs from below his left shoulder to above his right hip.

Brutal, precise and unquestioningly loyal to his master, Darth Validus, and his comrade-in-arms Darth Destius, Darth Gevecht serves as Hand to the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Validus. His immersion in the Dark Side is absolute and complete as is his service to the Sith Order to which he has devoted his life. Though his Force abilities are strong, the Shistavanen prefers instead to use his lightsaber to make his point - wielding it in an Ataru style as a surgeon would use a laser scalpel.


The Birth of Darth Gevecht

((OOC Note: This is the pre-RP event background stuff on Gevecht. If you want an abridged version of what actually happened in-game, skip ahead a chapter.))

A native-born Shistavanen, the future Darth Gevecht grew up in a community on Uvena Prime. Even as a youngling, he knew he was different from the others in his group. Though his people were renowned for their heightened sensory abilities, he was gifted with intuition that went far beyond the five senses, claiming that distant voices were what gave him this power. His family attempted to keep these abilities secret, given that as a people, the Shistavanen distrusted any deviants or outlanders. This decision was taken away from them one day when, during a rather cruel childhood prank, Khyle was knocked into a metal worker’s furnace, causing a red-hot metal bar to scorch his chest, leaving him with a permanent white scar. The enraged Khyle suddenly felt a power coursing through him unlike anything he’d ever felt before in his life and before he knew what was happening, he unleashed a lethal attack upon the young prankster, crushing his windpipe and killing him instantly.

Both afraid and furious at the child, the elders instantly decreed that Khyle would henceforth be excommunicated from the Uvena system. Leaving as quickly as he could to avoid being killed in revenge, Khyle found himself facing inner turmoil. He vowed never to listen to the voices that had empowered him with the ability to kill again. Given his natural Shistavanen sensory abilities, Khyle never had a problem getting a job as a mercenary, working for anyone who would take an interest in his services and no longer caring about politics. He discovered that his brush with his one-time use of the Dark Side of the Force had given him a rather sadistic streak – a love for combat and a very strong adrenaline rush while in battle. From this, he earned a reputation of prowess in combat, gaining him the nickname "Gevecht", meaning "Combat" in an ancient human language.

As a young man, however, Khyle’s life was set to change irrevocably. While on a final mission from the Imperial Remnant to sabotage proceedings at a meeting of the New Republic, the transport ship he’d taken to Coruscant, Khyle once again heard voices talking to him, warning him of some kind of imminent danger. He tried to shush them, but some kind of force spurred him on to dive into an escape pod… only moments before the ship was destroyed by a rogue asteroid. He drifted through the core systems in his escape pod for several weeks – exhausting the pod’s supplies in the process – before being rescued, half-dead from lack of food and water. During this point in time, with no other company but the Force, Khyle could take it no longer. He’d denied this part of himself for so long that he’d become half of what he was capable of becoming. A balance had to be struck. From that moment on, Khyle began to listen to the Force, allowing his long-buried abilities to rise to the surface and consume him.

The Evolution of a Sith Lord

In his travels to learn more about the strange abilities he'd been born with, the Shistavanen found himself inexplicably drawn to the planet Dantooine. It was there that he first became actively aware of the existance of the Jedi and their counterparts, the Sith. It quickly became obvious to the unschooled Force-sensitive that these groups held the key to understanding his own power and therefore unlocking his true potential. He was first approached by the Jedi. This meeting did not go as planned for either party - Khyle was disgusted at the notion to shun what the Jedi referred to as the Dark Side, feeling that he had already detrimentally limited himself by ignoring the Force during the formative years of his life. Equally, the Jedi Knight he spoke with was horrified at Khyle's eagerness to explore all aspects of the Force, using them for his own understanding and wellbeing rather than the protection of others. While Khyle's parting words to the Jedi were neither friendly nor threatening, he did rubbish the Jedi Code as "limiting" and "misguided".

Unbeknownst to either party, the next time the wolfman would encounter the Jedi, they would be enemies.

Feeling like he had no other choice, Khyle broke into the archives of the Knights of the Old Republic, the Jedi Order based on Dantooine. Taking copies of whatever information he was able to carry, the Shistavanen withdrew from the populated areas of the planet to study. He'd encountered members of the various Sith Orders during his initial time on the planet, but he'd come to realise that in order to gain notice and thusly receive training, he would have to impress them. After a time spent in relative isolation, Khyle had learned very basic applications of the Force, namely object manipulation and the ability to read surface thoughts, though the latter required far more concentration on his part than the former. It was only when he experimented with the combination of these two abilities - the physical and the mental - that he found he was able to accentuate his natural physiology, making him stronger and faster than he'd ever been.

One article in particular caught his eye; the instructions on how to construct a lightsaber. Khyle had never seen such a weapon being used at this point and his interest was piqued. After all, in times like these when most of the civil population of the galaxy owned a blaster, what possible use could a melee weapon be? Returning to the city where he'd first met the Jedi, the wolfman watched the populace silently for days until finally he was lucky enough to witness a lightsaber battle. His lust for battle stirred and the elegance with which both combatants wielded their weapons was beautiful to the Shistavanen. Furthermore, the outcome of the battle further hardened his view on the Jedi, as the dark-clothed combatant was the eventual victor.

His beliefs proven in his eyes, Khyle once again vanished into the populace to calculate his next move. After considering how best to prove himself worthy of joining the ranks of the Sith for some time, the Shistavanen decided to draw on what he already knew - namely battle.

A Force To Be Reckoned With

"You are like a force of nature. Most run toward their enemies but you run over them."

Darth Devarii to Khyle

Over the next few months, the wolfman began to take odd jobs once more - collecting bounties, spying and so forth - all to allow himself to put his long-ignored abilities into practise. And now when he killed, it was with a vibroblade instead of a blaster. Finally, when he felt more aware and capable than ever, he embarked on a much greater challenge altogether - constructing a lightsaber. It took several weeks and more than one failed attempt, but his obsession was too strong for him to even consider quitting at this point. When he finally returned to Dantooine, he carried not one, but two weapons. One sporting a bloodshine blade and the other, an emerald green; a symbol of the balance of opposites he'd long denied himself.

Some might say it was destiny, others the will of the Force, but when he reached the circular arena-cum-meeting area, not only was the dark combatant he had observed previously present, but also those who appeared to be her brethren. However, it was not her that took his interest today, for even though he was unaware of exactly how he was able to do so, even Khyle could literally feel the power eminating from one of the group - a dark-haired human that the others referred to as "Darth Devarii". The wolfman could not thusly believe his luck when none other than the Jedi Knight he'd previously encountered whom he now knew to be named Neliss Eldrich strayed into the arena. Acting with a particular determination in both his movement and his voice, Khyle barked out a challenge at the unsuspecting Jedi.

The Jedi paused, recognising the voice and yet seemingly unwilling to accept it. By the time she had turned, Khyle had already ignited his blades and was bearing down on her. She moved faster than he had expected, even with his enhanced agility, she managed to evade his blade. This angered the wolfman. How dare her mediocre talents exceed his! How dare she be the one to deny him of what was rightfully his! All the injustice in his life, all the pain and anger and hatred he'd ever felt boiled up at once. Once again Khyle touched the Dark Side, and this time it would not let him go. By the time he had finally brought his rage under control once more, the Jedi lay unconscious and covered in a multitude of severe, but non-fatal cuts.

Unbeknownst to Khyle, Devarii was not only considered xenophobic but also rather disdainful of those who rated martial skills above all else. The hows and whys of his actions that day therefore, may never be known. Perhaps he saw potential in the Shistavanen, or perhaps he felt this alien would be an amusement. Whatever he might have thought, Devarii merely chuckled and told Khyle to come with him, much to the shock of his own entourage.

Learning The Ways Of The Sith

It would not be a stretch to say that once Khyle was allowed access to the New Order's archives, he learned more in a week than he had in a lifetime. Perhaps this was Devarii's hope. Either way, the Master seemed content to leave the apprentice to learn through both the vast amounts of time spent in the archives and through observation of the other, more prominent Sith in the Order such as Darth Caliga. Devarii offered advice only when Khyle seemed truely lost and even then, he would do so in a way that forced the Shistavanen to figure out the metaphor his Master had used before the advice was of any worth. His mind proved as sharp as his skill with a blade, learning not only that which he had originally intended but another lesson too - those unable to work things out for themselves are weak. Slowly but surely, Devarii's intellectualism was making more sense to Khyle.

The wolfman quickly discovered that his eagerness, few basic skills and his Shistavanen aloofness all lent themselves incredibly well to the ways of the Dark Side. When he finally decided he'd learned as much from books as he could, the wolfman travelled back to Dantooine with his new brethren, ready to put what he'd learned into practise and eagar to prove himself as a valued member. For the remainder of his time as an apprentice, Khyle spent much of his time humbling all who opposed his Master through his skill with a blade, taking especially great pleasure in slaying Jedi and turning others to his Master's cause through the weight of his words. During this time, he even took one or two of the younger members of the New Order under his wing, giving them pointers and advice even though he was merely an apprentice himself. It was not long before Devarii was impressed enough with the wolfman's martial prowess and understanding of the nature of the Dark Side that he was promoted to the rank of Sith Lord. Lordship allowed Khyle more freedoms than he'd previously known - no longer was he required to always inform a superior of his whereabouts when not at the temple and he was trusted and accepted by those around him. This was a new situation for Khyle, as he'd never really garnered respect or acceptance from anyone before. If anything, it only hardened his belief in having made the right choice and devoted him further to the Sith way.

The sacking of Dantooine was an opportune time for the fledgling Sith Lord. Besides fuelling his obvious lust for battle, it opened Khyle's eyes to the Sith Order that spawned all others: The Dark Lords of the Sith. Khyle had heard of them, even seen some of what they had accomplished, but had little to no interaction with any remaining members of the Order at that point. During the battle, Khyle was able to observe first-hand the raw power these few individuals wielded with seeming ease - the sheer strength of Darth Validus and the might of Darth Mortis were a sight he would never forget. By the end of the battle, Khyle was one of the few victorious Sith left standing. In honour of his part in the Sith victory, Darth Devarii finally decreed that Khyle's training was complete - surprisingly foregoing the ritual final battle twix Master and apprentice - and he was now worthy of the title Darth. Khyle accepted this great honour, choosing for himself the Sith name of "Gevecht".

"I am the fire that forges the blade. I am the blade that culls the weak. I am the battle and I am the combatant. I am Darth Gevecht."

— Khyle Monn becomes Darth Gevecht

Relocation And Rebirth

While many Sith sought to either better or eclipse the acheivements of those who fought at the Battle of Dantooine regardless of whether they were worthy or not, Devarii and the New Order now seemed content to train the creatures who would become the next generation of Sith. The Order all but faded from the prying eyes of the Galaxy, taking up residence in what was thought to be an old stronghold of Devarii's - a temple on the planet of Roon. The facilities offered here were better than any Gevecht had known before and allowed him to further his own skills as well as take part in the training of apprentices. Indeed, it was during the training of one of these apprentices that he met another Dark Side Master who would prove influencial to Gevecht. His name was Darth Adazca and as if his skill with a lightsaber was not enough to convince the Shistavanen of his power, his skill with words and uncanny command of the Force were. Though Gevecht and Adazca were to eventually refer to each other as brothers-in-arms, Adazca's talents in battle made him useful for Gevecht to learn from.

Shortly after the fall of Dantooine, a great power emerged within the Galaxy calling out to all those who touched the Dark Side. The Sith Lord known as Darth Validus had somehow managed to reform a barely-habitable stronghold on the remains of the planet Byss. Even Darth Devarii proved not to be immune to this call and within a matter of weeks the New Order relocated to what had become the Sith capital, provided with a stone-for-stone reconstruction of the temple on Roon. At first, Gevecht was apprehensive. It was the first time he'd seen Devarii act in an almost servile manner not to mention the fact that Adazca had also answered such a call. He recalled the power of Validus from the Sacking of Dantooine, but how could one man prove so influencial? Able to sense his former student's reservations, Devarii explained his thinking: The New Order was one of the smallest. Thusly Devarii would have to make a difficult choice: continue as they had and risk their teachings being lost forever or merge with another Order that their ways might continue. Gevecht's next mission would be the most important as well as his first in the realm of diplomacy he had received: He would broker a deal with the newly-crowned Emperor Validus. Little did Gevecht realise that this mission would dramatically alter the course of his life.

The meeting with the Emperor went better than expected. Not only did the Emperor welcome the New Order into the ranks of the Dark Lords, but Devarii was instated as Imperial Executor and Gevecht given the position of Emperor's Hand. This new position gave Gevecht a rather unique view of the Sith Emperor and he began to learn little snippets of information about him, along with furthering his training as a prophet. It was during the height of the Empire's power that Gevecht met the Arkanian who was to become Darth Destius, admitting him to the Order and directing him towards Darth Devarii, who would become his Master in turn.

Ziost and the Dark Times

Gevecht was present for the day the SSD Ravager turns its main gun on the surface, though he was lucky enough to be near to his ship when he sensed the imminent danger a split-second before his home was turned to ash. Having received an invitation from Darth Adazca to bring his talents to Sith Ancients and having nowhere else to go, Gevecht jumped to the planet Ziost. Here, he maintained close ties with Darth Devarii and his pupil Destius, but it seemed the driving fire had gone out in the Sith Lord. He appeared content to merely remain at the temple and teach combat technique and theory as well as express his own views on the Dark Side.

After Adazca's depature, Gevecht acted as little more than a caretaker to a loyal few, lasting until Ziost fell. During the early part of the reign of Kestrel and the time of Vjun, Gevecht vanished from Known Space for a long time. No one knows exactly why though some say Darth Destius would know better than most. Later, it was rumoured Gevecht had gained information regarding the whereabouts of Darth Validus.

Validus Returns ((Current))

Whether or not the irony was realised, Gevecht once again returned to Known Space at the behest of Validus just as Devarii had before him. Returning to the planet of Dromund Kaas, the Shistavanen once again took up his previously held position of Emperor's Hand and helped his fellow Sith rebuild the once-great Order.

Since the rebirth of DLotS and the subsequent relocation back to what remained of Byss, Gevecht has been content to settle into both the familiar and unfamiliar roles of prophet, puppetmaster, duellist and mentor. His greatest success of late has been the training of the now-formidable Sith Sorceress Darth Nyx.

Whatever the future holds for the fanatical Sith remains to be seen, however...

Powers and Abilities

Possesses natural abilities thanks to his Shistavanen physiology, namely:

  • Greater sensory capabilities (smell, hearing and sight)
  • Excellent stamina allowing for greater physical exertion
  • Slightly accelerated healing factor

Force-related abilities include:

  • Advanced knowledge of most forms of lightsaber combat, utilising weapons from a shoto to a lightwhip
  • Has the ability to channel the Force to accentuate his natural agility
  • Skilled at mind manipulation, either to remain hidden, extract information or cause pain
  • Master of Force Choke and Force Crush


Gevecht's Armour

Although similar to the armor worn by the Jedi Knights of the Galactic Republic, Sith armor was in fact much more personalized to the wearer than its Jedi counterparts; indeed, for many Sith, their armor was an integral part of their identity. Many Sith are most easily recognized by their distinctive armor, and often use this to further intimidate or impress their foes and allies alike.

Gevecht is known to own three distinctive sets of armour, all serving their own purposes:

-His battle suit is made of a phrikite alloy, enhanced by his Master Darth Validus' knowledge of Sith Alchemy to heighten its resistance to energy weapons such as blasters and lightsabers. The chestplate is reminiscent of Mandalorian armour, since Gevecht's first makeshift bodysuit was taken from a defeated vod to serve his own purpose. Alongside this, the wolfman also wears a number of belts looping his waist and upper body to allow him to carry anything he might require. This suit also sports a shoulder cloak and armour, with the left shoulder being a copy of the Korriban lizard shoulderpieces his Master wears, indicating Gevecht's loyalty and status. Unlike his other suits of armour, the Force-imbued enhancements have changed the metal to somehow bond with its wearer, meaning that once donned, it cannot be forcibly removed by anyone besides Gevecht or his Master.

-His second suit is known as his ceremonial armour and only tends to be worn during meetings or envoy missions when appearing both authorative and regal are as important as the protection the suit provides. While this suit affords less protection than his battle armour, it is still enough to shrug off a close-range blaster bolt or two.

-His final suit is the one he wears most of the time. Referred to as his exploratory armour, the suit not only provides moderate protection from hazardous environments but is equipped with a wrist computer and a removable eyepiece that allow the Shistavanen to detect and catalogue objects that the Force could not (droids, electrical emissions, etc). Unlike his previous two sets, this set is also the most visually understated, given that most of the armour is hidden beneath an outer robe. This is understood to be the first set Gevecht has forged himself and thusly the combat capabilities are assumed to be quite impressive.

Gevecht's Wrist Blaster

The latest addition to Darth Gevecht's arsenal. Having looked over the texts written by the Sith Lord Darth Nihl, Gevecht constructed himself a ranged weapon. Taken years before from the same fallen Mandalorian as his now-destroyed first suit of battle armour, Gevecht has heavily modified the left gauntlet to function solely as a wrist blaster. It too has recently undergone extensive modification, now being much smaller and well-integrated into Gevecht's glove, thusly making it more of an unexpected (and unpleasant) shock when used in combat.

The "Swiftclaw"

Fashioned from parts of various much older ships such as the TIE Advanced, Z-95 Headhunter and the X-wing series, Darth Gevecht's customised fighter is a sight to behold. Dubbed the Swiftclaw by the Sith Lord, the vessel is equipped with a class 1.0 hyperdrive and a pair of oversized ion engines, allowing great speed even at sublight. The vessel is armed with a pair of independantly-targetting laser cannons and a proton missile launcher. The tradeoff is that the armament and engine size leaves little room for much in the way of personal shielding for the vessel. As such, Gevecht must rely on his piloting skills and command of the Dark Side when in a dogfight. As many unfortunates who have found themselves in his crosshairs can agree, the lack of shielding does not seem to have detrimentally affected the Swiftclaw's ability to blast ships out of the sky.


"Being a fierce combatant makes you a Sith only in spirit. Being a great planner makes you a Sith only in mind. But combine these two with a hardened resolve and you become a Sith in your soul"

— Darth Gevecht

"Since the dawn of time, there has always been a counterweight for every weight - a right for every wrong. This is the law of the universe. There can be no Light without Darkness. No Good without Evil. I am merely preserving the balance."

— Darth Gevecht

"As beings, we are bound by the limits of mortality. As Sith, we bind others by the limitless power of the Force."

— Darth Gevecht

"Any halfwitted nerfherder with a few ideas may influence the masses. However, it takes power and greatness to dominate them."

— Darth Gevecht