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"Those who serve you always start out with good news. Do not be blinded by their self-congratulation. The more they blather, the more they are trying to cover their mistakes."

— Darth Devarii

Darth Devarii (born Ri’kin Lorran) is a long standing Dark Lord, former Jedi Master and fixture on the Sith homeworld of Byss. Primarily a mentor of Sith hierarchy and ranking Lords of the Order, Devarii is known better for his ability to teach Darkside theory than his practice of it, a practice which Devarii strives hard to keep private and out of the public eye. Devarii has trained two apprentices and is currently in the process of mentoring his third and possibly final personal student.


Early Life

Ri’kin Lorran was born to a married mining couple in the Outer Rim system of Roon, a planet located in the impenetrable "Cloak of the Sith". The planet, bearing the system’s name had a temperate climate and was very suitable to humans and near humans such as Ri’kin's family, and the young boy grew up in a completely human mining community, maybe accounting for Ri’kin’s early xenophobia.

In early years instead of attending the settler schools, Ri’kin, his brother Ra’Dex and sister Aisha all attended schools of the regional Imperial capital of Tawntoom, which were also strictly for human and near humans only. Records show that Ri’kin excelled at academics and by the end of his time on Roon at age 14 had applied to the Imperial Academy. Ri’kin would keep his plans hidden from his family until the day he left, leaving behind a single letter for his father, mother and brother, but a separate, sealed note for his sister.

Ri’kin left his family on Roon to attend the Coruscanti Pilot Institute where he finished 1st in his class after 4 years and was selected to continue to specialized studies as a TIE pilot at the Academy of Cardia, where he was merely two years behind Rebellion hero Han Solo and Corellian TIE pilot Soontir Fel. Ri’kin would graduate as a lieutenant and served through the Galactic Civil War in the 18th Specialized TIE Pursuit Line, being promoted to the rank of major by the end of the conflict.

Post War and Isolation

Major Ri’kin Lorran left the Imperial Navy in 8 ABY, refusing to fight for Grand Admiral Thrawn and his fleet. Ri’kin isolated himself in the Outer-Rim and never kept permanent residence, collecting Roonstones from his native planet of Roon and harnessing their power, known only to Ri’kin himself. It is rumored that the stone, while usually best for preserving large amounts of information, is also used for the preservation of Ri’kin’s health. After sufficient time in the Outer-Rim, Ri’kin surfaced again, but with a new view of the Galaxy and a desire unforeseen by even himself years before.

The Jedi Alliance

Ri’kin Lorran sought out the New Order of the Jedi led by Masters Marymac and Christopher Black. It was there that Ri’kin, obviously with a high midi-chlorian count, began his apprenticeship as a Jedi Padawan. Padawan Ri’kin took the path of a sentinel-class Jedi, a sort of midground between guardian and councilor. Dawning a yellow lightsaber.

Soon after achieving the rank of Jedi Knight Ri’kin specialized in espionage, and at one point went so far as to infiltrate Korriban, the home of the Dark Lords of the Sith under the leadership of Darth Padar. It was at this point that Ri’kin became intimately aware of Sith culture, philosophy and combative practice. This was also around the time the young Knight met Jedi Master Marcus Moreau. Though Moreau was not the Master of Ri’kin, the two struck up a friendship that lasted until Ri’kin’s turn to the Darkside.

Ri’kin was made a Jedi Master along side the Jawa Force adept xPaulx David, however Master David stepped down after it was revealed he had been having relationships with his apprentices. At the temple at New Holstice, Ri’kin’s teachings became progressively more Dark and the young Master’s behaviors: more erratic. A minor Sith invasion led by Sith Lord Zip Paz proved to be the last Ri’kin could hold back in the presence of the Dark Side.

The Dark Lords of the Sith

"While I was in meditation around those suns, it is as if my dormant brain had awakened for the first time. It is at that moment in time that I knew what had to be done."

— Darth Devarii

Ri’kin Lorran abandoned his name and his life that night. Initiated into the Dark Lords of the Sith as a level 3 Sith Lord, Ri’kin took the name Devarii, after a twin sun system in the Outer Rim where he spent many of his days meditating over his decision. Devarii immediately slaughtered the contingent of mixed Jedi and New Republic troops sent to kill the turned Jedi Master with the help of Darth Zen (Zip Paz) and other Sith Warriors. Marcus Moreau himself came to appeal to Devarii but it was far too late. Devarii however, with maybe the last bit of light in his being, let the Jedi Master go unharmed and ordered that no other Sith Lord was to attack him. To this day it is the last time the two have shared words.

The events leading up to the rank of Dark Lord of the Sith are vague and mostly known only to Darth Devarii himself. The Sith split into many separate Orders and would never be under one Dark Lord again. Because Devarii is self-taught in all his disciplines there is no known Master to be held accountable for his studies. Devarii has little comment on the subject and insists that the Sith are based off a “rule of two”, and that those two should never be advertized publicly.

Current Status

Darth Devarii maintains a residence on the Deep Core world and Sith capital of Byss, and Sith space planets of Ziost and Roon. His personal vehicle is a modified Civil War era TIE Interceptor, which was the same model he flew as a major in the Imperial Navy. He has weilded a single bladed red lightsaber since his first days as a Sith Lord and has rebuilt his saber twice due to close deuls. Dark Lord Darth Devarii has trained two apprentices, Darth Gevecht and Darth Destius. Both serve as Hands to the Sith Emperor: Darth Validus, also a direct descendent of Darth Padar.

Devarii has just returned from another stay at his castle on Roon. It is clear that his parents, siblings, and any traceable direct decedents are dead. All records of Devarii’s nuclear family report his brother and sister killed in the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War around the time of his meditations. It is rumored that Devarii has returned to Byss to train one last apprentice for the Dark Lords of the Sith. The fact that it is widely believed to be his last has led to much speculation on the training curriculum he will use and the methods by which he intends to carry it out. It is unclear as to how many Devarii has killed over the span of his whole life, and equally unclear how he has managed to stay alive. He concludes, “some powers only a Dark Lord of the Sith can understand.”