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"The weak deserve their fate."

— Darth Chaos

Darth Chaos, also known as Dark Lady Chaos and Empress Chaos.


I walked into the land called Rakata, and there met Mephistus who became my master and I served with him and Adazca in the Sith ancients, but not long after my joining Lady Raven had usurped Adazca and he was exiled, and in a small temple my training began in the Sith and the dark arts for a time, though in a rush for power I had slain my master with a knife through the heart to take my place as Darth among my kin. But even so my training did not stop as another came to challenge me for my title... Axeonos did take my title as Darth to excel for his own means as ...i was just not ready... and thus I took more training under Magnanimous and there I had found my calling within the force and the dark arts. Finding my place as Darth once again we had moved into the world known as byss when the construction was complete.

We served under the Emperor Validus, there were many orders, The Sith ancients.. legends.. dlots..probably more that i have forgotten and in war and blood we tainted the land in darkness to defend it in blood sweat and tears, invading NOJ and the Mandalorian homeworld. But Adazca had returned to reclaim his title and the Sith ancients was split , lady raven had began the Dark ancients.. though my brother and I followed her , the path of the dark Jedi did not suited to us as we remained Sith in their midst. We had moved off with Darth Kaotix in the lead to form a group of assassins, it was work and purpose as we used our dark powers to slay those undeserving and unworthy using the excuse of bounties to do so.

In this we were hired by a newly forming empire and there they worked as their hand of darkness to smite those that opposed them, but in this I found a Jedi that had told me to truly understand the forces of the dark and chaos she must understand the light as both sides of the force were needed, and I did.. taking secret lessons on the light , reaping from any Jedi that would allow their knowledge.. it was a hard lesson as in the midst of it Mephistus and Adazca returned to send a call through the darkness to the remaining members of the original Sith ancients. The call was too much to resist and the dark tempted me home the passion too strong . At the height of this the empire had captured Mephistus and planned his death . I had just broken the seal to the chaotic powers and thus combined with the fury of protecting what I deemed as mine the dark, the force ..chaos.. had exploded into me and a rage of storm broke lose that was exacted on this empire that had deceived me, as I began to cut them down , taking on the army alone fuelled with this new power my sister had slipped in to assassinate their leader his life ended. as my fury waned they managed to halt me before their base was destroyed and contain me.. but of course i escaped in the misery of learning their leader and their structure was destroyed their leader lady ravens lover..Darth Keres and I cared not..their order had to be destroyed. thus was the end of Bastion.

I had rejoined the Sith ancients and returned to Byss to continue my path in both the dark and the chaotic, kneeling once more before the Emporer Validus and content in my path and time went by, battles, fights wars were many as the Mandalorian force returned to try and exact revenge , the Hutts had their eye on the power the Sith homeworld had acquired. Glorious years of blood , pain and shadows. But again that was not meant to be as the emperor had grown angry and tore down all he created.. it was a horrid time for the children of the dark , scattered to the winds and the corners of the galaxy...

Ziost, a new settlement to begin to train the younglings, for a time it was where the Sith ancients had stayed , though during this time there were rebels and they had captured my master Magnanimous, myself, Keres and a few other Sith invaded, cutting down the rebels of Hoth one by one till none were left standing and returned our master... This is where the dark sisters began, as a prophecy was found and the sisters vowed loyalty to each other to ensure the dark will remain dominant over the galaxy...we trained many in the world of Ziost but again..this faded and crumbled the sith ancients fell apart and the base on Ziost destroyed ...

I wandered alone... as I'm prone to do, and wandered upon the land of vjun there Kestrel had found me and taken me to as his second in command, purpose.. a purpose as I began to do as he ordered and serve him without question, placed in the assembly of darkness and taking in so many our lands had teemed and we fought a new empire , daily attacks as the jedi knights sought our deaths, we had troopers at our disposal and an army to take them down. So much so that the academy was formed and I was placed as one of the head mistress. Teaching the young ones of the dark force, alchemy and rune magic.. but few of those students were worthy and so many were lost. Strain had been put upon us as kestrel had vanished and I was placed as leader of the orders.. taxing work but i did take it on with a new found strength.. as Vjun slid back into the earth the lands of korriban were set into motion and for a tiem the academy prospered.. though the sisters were weary of undeserving students that were let in, a new emporer had taken the throne and thus... the sisters rebelled and the lands were destroyed...though in those time a secret was forged.

A new base on the frozen lands of Ziost was placed and there i ran the assembly , the alliances were strained from the beginning and during this time her arch enemy had returned Atticus... I cut him down without mercy...destroying him and sending him back to the force, extinguishing his life. There the twins were born and placed into hiding from the rage of my old master Axeonos who had returned to try and place dominance over me... i fought but was not yet powerful enough..time enough as the secrets to his demise will be unlocked soon enough.. but as the alliances crumbled... Ziost was lost again and I had cast off all ties with all orders, deciding to walk the words in a self exile...for many years I rebelled against everything i could... and finding Nar Shadda..there..I found my son yet again and began a following in secret apprentices..loyal gaurds that sought me out...but yet I'm still drawn back to byss time and time again as through the force the images of the past haunt me..

Fighting seemed never ending, a constant struggle of light against dark and one I took too yet again, taking my blade up as i had cast it aside for my dark arts, a battle in Byss against enemies had a strange feeling over me. Standing on the lava filled land, blood drenching the metal walkway , the scent of it filling me... old memories returned the blood-lusts of old the need to slay all those that oppose us...it was...as if being reborn. As such, I had began to battle once more, going where called. I found a merc...hired him to curb the assassins... hard to get work done when there are enemies at your back..he is a tank.

It was only time..until I found myself in front of the Sith Empire again and in front of the emperor I once pledged too in my beginning...I knelt and once more pledged loyalty to the Sith and the Sith Empire, the dark sisters had come home to byss and ...the story … Where Mortious had placed a strange mark on me. And thus the story continues.



  • Elite carbine,
  • Dual bladed saber,
  • Dual sabers, Xiphor, energy blade,
  • Sith Lanvarok: The Lanvarok is a projectile weapon worn on the wrist that allows the user shoot razor sharp disks at enemies. This is an ancient weapon of the Sith that was recovered and restored by Darth Malison.
  • Light whip
  • blood whip
  • ysalimir grenades (death to the lil sluggies)

Most Used Weapon[]

A small energy blade gifted to her by her brother, the Xiphor blade.

Black Rose saber is a single hand, crafted to perfection by her guard Corvus and her Brother Volken by weaving her blood into the creation. The sorcery of dark magic that imbues the Saber, allows it only to work to her specific genetic code. The darkness of its creation enshrouds it in a chaotic flare. The blade is powered by a Byss lava crystal while the hilt is engraved with powerful a ruin drawn across the bottom that channels the user's ability to inflict more pain in it's strikes then one might imagine. The rune and sorcery strike beyond the physical, past the armor, and into the very core being with the power of the Force.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Mastery of many paths and abilities including magics, sorcery, alchemy , cybernetics and combat.

Hand to hand combat master large force weapons and cannons adept long range weapons expert.

Force " Sith Master - force, alchemy, path of chaos, path of shadows, rune magic." MInd, body, mystical . master of many paths and powers (almost 13 years occurred and constant RP of learning

Can imbue her dark into her to form a force protection about her body that will suffice if she does not wear armor. force web- lattices that will drain the will , force and spirit from another to leave them weak and helpless long history of magic and dark arts master of the runes. favours force speed and strength during battles as anything can become a weapon to her. master of the force her powers retained over the long years. force storm being the pinnacle of her rage.

(no longer tortures unless absolutely necessary)




currently reborn into a new body, re-birthed by way of spirit transference as her old form gave way to the destructive properties of her dark arts. The new form is the remake of her original a few enhancements as the new does not carry the mutations of the old so visibly, her genetics pose a few secrets one would be pheromones that can be secreted though (Zeltron blood) as of yet she has not been able to figure out how to control it. (randomly happens according to her emotions) With her old form lost a few powers were lost and some were gained. Though her power is quickly taking over a wolf in a lovely skin of silk.


facial markings from the mutation and strange ones on her back. Mark of Chaos


various forms most common is a Modified Sith battle suit was a remarkably flexible medium combat suit that was manufactured by Aratech Repulsor Company in the wake of the Jedi Civil War. The name was inspired, not developed, by the actual Sith Empire; Aratech hoped to profit from the organization's fame. This type of armor was white and black in appearance, and provided a significant amount of protection while retaining a rather high level of flexibility when compared to other armors of that weight class. Modified to specific detail. imbued in a darkside force taint that will stun sicken all lightsiders near.

weakness : blood fetish, developed a taste for it in her early trainings as an adept. rage and passion each equally hard to control. Chaotic in nature, sparratic , flighty. non human, and has a dislike for all human beings.

(13 years of work and role-play, involving long detailed stories and training soon to be updating this page)

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