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The origins of the one known as Dark Master Chaos are mostly lost to the annals of history. It is known he was born somewhere in the Outer Rim. His parents were initially unaware of their own innate Force Powers, having lived in isolation for many years, wanderers among the planets and trading for their livelihood. Growing up, Chaos found it difficult to accept a lifestyle limited by his parents profession. Early on he learned of valuable markets where human lives were bargained for and became a Mercenary.

Having crossed the Galaxy in search of his target, he was attacked by Alliance fighter ships and crash landed his ship on the closest planet, Orion. This would prove fortuitous to his future life.


Era of the Dark Lords of the Sith[]

Found wandering the lands of Orion, Chaos came across a small band of Sith. Their Dark Lord had abandoned them, and they were building a new Order from the shards. Recognizing his Powers immediately, the Dark Lords of the Sith took him in as a refuge and began to train him in the ways of the Dark Side. Lord Chaos quickly flourished under the tutelage of Darth Zen and regularly took on stealth missions to infiltrate the Jedi Alliance.

As the Dark Lords of the Sith began to rebuild the empire, Chaos found himself promoted to the 3rd Degree and worked to train incoming Sith Lords. It was during this time that Korriban was re-established under now Dark Lord Zen, and Lord Chaos assisted the Order in establishing this new empire. Soon though, the past would come to crush the Dark Lords of the Sith and scatter their members to the edge of the galaxy.

As Korriban was near completion, Darth Padar re-emerged and demanded tribute from his old order. Many Sith would revolt in this time, and the Dark Lords of the current Order would resign and exile themselves in protest. Lord Chaos could not bend his knee to a usurper such as Darth Padar and so resigned.

Foundation of the Legends[]

Having left the Dark Lords of the Sith, and watching internal strife begin to unravel their legacy, Chaos began to meditate on the power of the dark side. Consulting with then Lord Knave, a new foundation was laid towards a new Empire of the Sith. Once the basics of the Order were set, the two consulted with their former Dark Lord Zen and received his seal of approval to move forward.

Soon after the establishment of Sith Legends, exiled members would return the Dark Side. As their ranks grew, a Council was formed to assist in governing the Order. This council would give birth to many future Dark Lords and Ladys amongst the Sith Legends. With the building strife within Dark Lords of the Sith building, Darth Padar again destroyed the order and the Sith Legends acquired most of their members.

Members began to refer to Lord Chaos as Dark Lord or Dark Master. though he made attempts to dispel this unacquired rank, eventually he accepted this title and saw it fit that members of the Sith Legends had chosed their Dark Lord instead of it being forced upon them based on nothing more than a self-given title. Dark Master Chaos acted as an emissary amongst the various Orders of Jedi, Dark Jedi and Sith. Along with Darth Knave, a new golden era of the Sith would be witnessed.