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"Immortality is a pleasure reserved for the persistent."

— Atrox

A name chosen by the Dark Lord Validus himself, the word "Atrox" loosely translates to "terrible", "cruel", and "horror".



Originally born Kalen Sura on Hapes Prime, the young Hapan found it rather difficult to adjust to the societal hierarchies that had been in place for millenia. Hapan society is a matriarchy. Male members of the society are considered to be second class citizens, having less worth than a female. Kalen, much like his father, Malcolm Sura, struggled to accept this belief.

Malcolm Sura was an expert fencing instructor to the Royal family on Hapes Prime. During his youth, Kalen would accompany his father and assist him with his duties as needed. Rumor has it that Kalen even once met a younger female of the Royal family. Though it is unclear what transpired between the two, the young man's path would be changed forever on that day.

As societies rise and topple, so do prominent citizens and ideas. When Kalen was in his teens, his father, having always struggled to accept a subservient role, organized a relatively insignifcant uprising against the Hapan government. The uprising, however, was short lived as several of its organizers, including Malcolm Sura, were apprehended, tried and executed for their crimes.

Doomed to a life of social stigma and deeply affected by the execution of his father, Kalen decided that it was time to leave Hapes Prime in search of a better life. A few years after the demise of his father, the young man crafted a brilliant plan to steal a Miy'til starfighter from the Royal Navy and use it to make his escape. Though his plan ended up being successful, Kalen was forced to destroy several other Miy'til starfighters that were dispatched to apprehend him. As a result of his escape, an arrest warrant was issued by the Consortium for him.

With the Consortium's agents and various bounty hunters close in pursuit, Kalen set a course for Tatooine as the planet had a reputation for harboring the galaxy's fugitives...

Life as a Smuggler

There is no glory in being a smuggler. The pay varies from minimal to extravagant. Work comes and goes seemingly at random intervals. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is taken for granted. Still, for a fugitive on the run, it was good work. Anonymity along with the constant change in location, allowed Kalen to finally blend into society. He no longer felt the paranoid of every corner and every dark unlit alley. For the first time in a long time, he was starting to feel normal again.

Kalen takes a break in the cargo hold of the Persephone.

As is common with the smuggling world, the Captains usually make out much better than their crew. Kalen worked odd jobs here and there for various shipping vessels until he saved enough money to purchase most of the raw materials needed to build a small ship.

Though he knew not how she would look, the Hapan did know that the name of his vessel would be the Persephone. Months of work during the night and day produced several sub-par versions of the ship. Finally, after much trial and error, Kalen built a functional shipping vessel. Slowly, he gathered a crew for the Persephone. As his crew grew in numbers, so did his vessel's reputation.

One of his greatest deceptions as a smuggler was his dealings with the former Mandalore himself, A'denla. Kalen offered to assist the Mandalorian in shipping needs. The Mandalorian directed the Hapan to a cache of weapons and asked him to deliver said weapons to Uvena Prime. Craving a quick paycheck instead, Kalen accepted the Mandalorian's money but never delivered the weapons. With the eventual death of the Mandalore, Sura's crime, along with several other unpaid debts and loose ends, was buried.

The Calling

The following is an exerpt from Lord Atrox's personal datapad. Records indicate that this recording was made on Mos Entha:

"I stood staring across the vast desert. There was but emptiness and its reach was infinite.

I held a pile of sand within the clutch of my palm. As time progressed, so did the sand escape, drifting lifelessly to join its brethren in eternal migration.

And in the nature of the sand, I saw my true self, nomadic and unsettled.

As if it was predetermined by the stars, the sand soon came to settle and the wind ceased, a premonition to catastrophe.

And my eyes, at that exact moment, came to rest upon a star that shined so brightly it penetrated the shroud of daylight.

And though the star was distant, her essence felt close.

And a single note, more beautiful than a harmonized rendition of Mon Calamari opera, escaped her lips.

She called to me.

And though I knew not the implications of such a call, I had but one choice in all of it.

The Darkness calls to us all..."

Arrival On Byss

There is a duality to the nature of the galaxy's Sith. Some are rather upfront with their affiliation, apologizing to no one. Others, however, operate within the shadows, behind the concealment of legitimacy. It was during his tenure as a smuggler that Kalen came upon a young woman by the name of Nora. Nora seemed rather...well...normal. What set her apart from the rest of Tattooine's diverse residents was that she wore a curious item upon her belt, a lightsaber.

Kalen knew only what he had studied of the Jedi and their dark counterparts on Hapes Prime. Now that he'd set out upon the rest of the galaxy, it would only be a certain amount of time before he came face to face with one of these legends.

In those days, Kalen and his crew took whatever job came there way. Survival was difficult, work came and went, and the competition was stiff. Nora approached Kalen and requested transportation to Byss. Suspicious of this destination, Kalen reluctantly agreed to transport her and her cargo to the mysterious planet. Truth be told, the Hapan felt somewhat drawn to the planet. Even if the pay was mediocore, it would be impossible for him to refuse the job now.

And so it was that Kalen Sura, Nora and his crew aboard the Persephone departed for the planet Byss...

Initiate to Disciple

Upon completing the required Initiate's curriculum, Kalen Sura was promoted to the rank of Disciple of the Dark Lords of the Sith.  His Master was to be Lady Nessa, a seasoned Sith Lord within the order and rising Sorceress.  While the exact nature of the work that as performed by Kalen during his tenure as Disciple is of a restricted nature, one of the best kept secrets of his achievements during that period is his successful infiltration of the Kalway Order of the Jedi on Yavin IV.  To this day, he has not been held accountable for that crime.  

While serving under the disguise of a Jedi Padawan, the Disciple was brought under the tutelage of Jedi Knight Xzhar SeaTreader.  After enough information was collected about the Kalway Jedi Order, the Disciple slipped away into the night and returned to Byss to be honored by his comrades for his achievements.  It was upon his return that Kalen Sura was given the name of Atrox by Darth Validus himself and promoted to the rank of Sith Lord.  His master, Lady Nessa, was also promoted to the rank of Darth for her contributions to the rise of Lord Atrox.

The newly promoted Lord Atrox stands atop a hill on Ossus.

Trials and Tribulations

Among the Empire's many former, fallen enemies was one that stood apart from the rest. The Galactic Empire under Emperor Kulith Laan was the most formidable opponent that the Sith Empire under Emperor Destius had ever faced. With both Empires vying for to rule over all Sith and eventually all sentient life, a cold, proxy war began between them. Now a fully fledged Sith Lord, Atrox was dispatched by Emperor Destius to infiltrate the upper echelons of the Republic and use their forces to crush his rival.

Though the Galactic Empire eventually crumbled, it was not without great loss to life and property around the galaxy. Lord Atrox, operating under a false alias, eventually climbed to the rank of General of the Republic Armed Forces. In this position, he was able to direct much of the military policy of the Republic's forces and gather intelligence not only on their mutual enemy, but on them as well.

Lord Atrox is confronted on Nar Shaddaa by Jedi Knights Xolarin and Nikkat.

Eventually, the true identity of General Alphaville was exposed. Two Jedi Knights, Xolarin and Nikkat, were dispatched by the Senate to hunt the Sith Lord down and neutralize him. It was on Nar Shaddaa that a paradigm shift occurred in his story thus far. Knights Xolarin and Nikkat caught up to Lord Atrox there and confronted him atop one of the towers in the heart of the city. A vicious battle ensued that ultimately resulted in the Sith Lord plummeting to almost certain death. The seemingly lifeless corpse of the villain was recovered by agents of Darth Nessa after the battle and transported under absolute secrecy to a hidden location where months of rehabilitative procedures commenced. Much of what occurred during this period of time between his defeat and return is obscured and, at best, considered rumor.

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