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Quason Talem, better known as Darth Aridian, was a well-known and respected Jedi Master (a contemporary of other notables, such as Marcus Moreau, Marymac Dougall, MindBender Vox and Christopher Black), who has now passed to the Force.

Standing well over 6ft tall, Quason was a transgenic human created by an Elder Kamino from tissue with a high Midichlorian count. But for the fact that the tissue was from a great Jedi, he may never have seen the error of his early ways, and remained a Sith. Quason also had engineered senses that allow for his healing processed to be far quicker than most Jedi and also gave him white eyes with the capability to see in pitch black darkness.


Originally a Sith, Darth Aridian saw the error of his ways and grew tired of rampaging around the Galaxy causing death and destruction to innocents. A battle with his former Sith brethren left him scarred and hairless, and he took to wearing his trademark mask (a tradition passed down to later Jedi Masters in his Order) to hide the mark of his past sins. He entered the Jedi Alliance and for a while learned there. In the end, he grew dissatisfied with some of the bureaucracy of such a large Order, and left to form his own Order, Jedi Master. Although he could be dark and brooding at times, he was also humorous, gentle and kind, often responding to violent provocation with a calm and reasoned manner that allowed him to redeem several miscreants (i.e. griefers) and turn them into good Jedi and Citizens of Second Life.

A Master Artisan

Known for his trademark mask (which he made himself), Master Aridian was also a well-known (and sought-after) craftsman, a Master Artisan who built notable bases at Sedge, Cloud City/Bespin, New Hope, Rhodes and perhaps his greatest build for the Order, the sky plaza of Ossus Praxeum as well as many other items, including components for Master of the Force, Force Prophecies and other tools. Anyone active in SWRP from 2005-2006 will recall these achievements.


As a Master, he trained several notable Jedi, including Pantera Asturias, Kokiri Saarinen, Praegorn Sachertorte and his eventual successor as Grand Master of Jedi Master, Leonardis with whom he maintained a close relationship, eventually adopting him as his son. Master Aridian was married to Bliss Darrow, who became a Jedi Master after his death.

Master Aridian's legacy lives on in the Jedi Guardians of the Peace, the Jedi Order which grew from the highly-respected Jedi Master, and in each and every one of the Jedi there.

Behind the scenes

Darth Aridian

The person behind Darth Aridian is still active in Second Life as an alt but no longer involved with SWRP and the Darth Aridian account is no more. His building skills have developed even further without the responsibilities of running a great Order to divide his loyalties and he is notable and well-known builder, especially of highly-detailed guns and of sims.