Darth Aran, born Arron, was orphaned on the planet Tatooine, in the Dune Sea, as an infant. Taken in by a group of mercenaries, they raised him as their own, on the edges of Mos Eisley.

Free to roam the dunes on his own, at age 12, he became lost in the vast sea of sand. He stumbled upon a young Order of Jedi, who took him in, upon discovering his talents. They trained him until his teen years. But as he grew older, he began to discover that the Order itself barely understood the ways of the Force. He yearned for knowledge, power, and most of all, an escape from the monotony of his daily routine.

At fifteen, he began to grow restless. A combination of boredom, annoyance, and adolescent lack-of-control, he grew angry with one of his Masters and Force-choked him. He was promptly excused from his position and thrown out of the Order, his lack of control evident from his actions.

He left the Order, setting off on his own, fate eventually bringing him to Coruscant, where he was discovered by a lone Sith Lord. The man took him in and began to teach him all that the Jedi refused, and Arron was able to harness the anger within himself.

At twenty five, his Master ordered him to assassinate the sister of a prominent Darth, Queen Rowe of the Order of Rowe. His plan to do so was discovered, however, and Queen Rowe began to hunt her sister’s would be assassin. Upon his capture, she saw the potential within him and gave him two choices: join her or perish. He yearned for power, knowing his Master was not teaching him all that he knew and knowing it was not a battle he could win. He bowed before her, and she made him her apprentice.

He underwent training as an Initiate and Acolyte, proving his worth and loyalty in many battles. Under the watchful eye of Queen Rowe, he rose in the ranks, eventually attaining the title Sith Lord at age thirty, and Darth, at age thirty five. He was renamed Darth Aran, and grew to become one of the most well respected Marauders in the Order. Sith followed him, respected him, and obeyed his command, looking to him for guidance. Queen Rowe saw the power he possessed and the loyalty he held for her, and named him her Shadow Hand, her most loyal subject.

As Lady Rowe is often in the shadows, it is said, today, that Darth Aran is the backbone of the Order of Rowe. His strength, loyalty, and power is what holds the Order together and allows it to function as it is today.

Vanished into the Shadows leaving the Order of Rowe for reasons not mentioned he took on a new challenge with the Dark Lords of the Sith. He begun as Darth and was made Arch Prophet by Darth Revanche agreed by the Emperor's Hands. In time his efforts were noticed and he was then elevated to become an Emperor's Hand . The Empeor himself burned Arans skull once promoted giving him the ability to see force aura's either dark or light and the amount of power emitted from the aura. He remains loyal to this day to Dark Lords of the Sith as a Hand of the Emperor, training his new apprentice Sakura.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A physically imposing and intimidating figure, Darth Aran is a quiet, and serious man with a twisted, dark sense of humor that very rarely makes an appearance. A shadow that lurks the halls of the new Death Star, he is a stern, but fair judge. Even tempered and calm, he fills the role of Shadow Hand expertly, quietly guiding the Order from the shadows. Highly skilled with a saber, his fighting style largely resembles that of Vapaad.

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