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"Your screams will only prolong your agony."

— Unknown Inquisitor

Darth A'temra Darkrose, also known as Mistress A'temra Darkrose or Lady A'temra Darkrose, is an Iridonian Zabrak female belonging to the Triumvirate of the Sith. Formerly a member of the New Sith Order and the Empire of Chaos 


Early Years

Born as Elva on Iridonia she was the oldest of three daughters of a Republic Commando. Along with her two sisters and her mother they survived the day to day turmoils usually found on Iridonia. Her father trained them all in hand-to-hand combat as well as the use of Zhaboka. Elva showed great promise and was a fast learner and she was insturcted in the art of Teräs Käsi by an old family friend. When news of her father's death during a mission reached her family she was forced to look after her mother and sisters. It was then that her hatred for the Republic started. She vowed to one day make the Republic pay for letting her father die.

Emergence of the Force

During a routine gathering of plants and checking traps for food along with her sisters they were cornered by a Reek. The beast started to charge at them and Elva moved in front of her sisters to shield them. Tossing up her hand and covering her eyes purple lightning arched from her fingertips towards the Reek. She hit the beast giving it a mild shock. A mix between the quick flash of light and pain sent the beast off running away from them. Her sisters thanked her for saving them and rushed home to tell their mother what she did. When her sisters told their mother what had happened she quickly asked them to never speak of it again. Elva’s mother pulled her aside and told her that what happened wasn’t an accident. She was told that she was descended from a long line of Force users that were neither Sith nor Jedi. Her mother tried to urge her to leave to find an ancient family heirloom.


Elva was getting ready to find the heirloom her mother mentioned when three Human male Sith approached her home. They insisted that Elva come with them to their Temple in the system to further her training. Elva resisted and said she was going to go and do things her way. One of the Sith started to use Force Choke on her mother as he gave an ultimatum. To watch her mother die and be forced to come with them or spare her family and come willingly. Elva chose to save her family and go with the Sith to their temple.

Initial Sith Training

Upon reaching the Sith Temple in the System around Iridonia Elva could feel the darkness of the place. She was more curious then frightened of what she felt and wanted to know more. She was forced to undergo harsh training as well as drastic hazing by the Sith as well as the other Acolytes. She did form a relationship with a Human male Acolyte, Noth Hithern, and they would secretly train with each other. Due to her training as a child she quickly adapted to the physical combat of her training. The continued hazing only fueled her more and more to push harder. It took her a bit longer then usual to harness her force abilities. By the use of meditation and floating three colored crystals around her she was able to control her telekinetic powers faster then most. However, she couldn’t replicate her use of force lightning when she wanted to. And due to this drawback she would fill with rage the more she would fail to do what she knew she could.


After about ten years of training Elva still hadn’t passed the rank of Acolyte. She found out she wasn’t being promoted due to her species and gender. The Sith in charge of the temple would promote Humans or males less qualified then her just out of spite. It wasn’t until her so called friend, Noth Hithern, was forced to fight her in a duel. As they fought they never pressed the attack not wanting to hurt each other or their long term friendship. Then one of the Sith told Noth to kill Elva and he would be promoted. Without much thought Noth pressed his attack on Elva forcing her to retaliate. Elva used the combined training of her youth and what she had learned at the temple to better her friend. Blinded by rage she attacked him in a flurry and broke his arm. When she realized she had hurt him she still felt sorry about it. She tried to comfort him and instead Noth attacked her again saying he was going to kill her and only trained with her to learn her weaknesses. For the first time her eyes shifted to a solid red as she screamed in a rage. Her hands lifted in front of her as purple lightning arched from her fingertips towards her former friend. She stopped when she could feel her hands starting to burn and when she calmed down she saw the smoking remains of Noth. Overwhelmed by the first time she ever killed anyone she just fell to her knees. It was after this act that the Sith banished her from the temple and vowed to never let her become a Sith.


After her banishment she found a way off the planet and started to search for the Heirloom her mother had mentioned to her long ago. During her search, she came across a few holocrons that aided her in bettering herself. She constructed her very first double lightsaber and trained with it until it became second nature. A few years later she returned to the Temple she was banished from. Approaching the steps she was halted by two guards. They told her she wasn’t allowed to enter If she tried they had orders to kill her. All she did was give an evil grin and drew her saber. The red blades spun through the air as she killed the two guards and entered the temple. She had to fight her way through the temple to the main training chamber killing everyone in her path. Upon entering the main chamber she saw all six of the Sith Instructors from before. They knew why she was there and sent the acolytes to attack her. She quickly dispatched them as she moved to the center of the room. Once in the center she finally spoke. “The only way to defeat me is to kill me.” The Instructors circled around her and drew their sabers. First one of them attacked her and she killed him almost instantly. A second attacked her and she tripped him sending his saber flying out of his hand. The rest of the Instructors started to move towards her and she deactivated her saber. Closing her eyes and crossing her arms a force bubble formed around her. When the Instructors were about to attack she released the bubble sending them flying and making them drop their sabers as well. Then their sabers started to float in the air pointed at them. She then said. “I have no use for you anymore. Time for my promotion.” The sabers then impaled the Instructors through the heart killing them. She left the temple and then continued on her mission to find the heirloom.


Self Exploration


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New Sith Order

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Lordship Trials

Trial of Pain (a.k.a. Trial of Tears)

Still angry with her Master’s request even after entering her own ship. She left the planet Eshan and set a course to Iridonia. While in hyperspace, she could still feel the Dark Side fueling her anger, though she kept it under control. Knowing that this task will not be easy. She started to think back to when she saved her youngest sister from a Giant Reek that awakened her latent Force abilities. Once out of hyperspace above her homeworld of Iridonia she starts to remember the last time she saw it. She was being shuttled off to a nearby system by the Sith Acolytes. This only fueled her anger and hate further. She landed not far from her childhood home. Emerging from her ship, she lifted her hood over her head and walked along the almost barren land. The smells and sounds filling her up remembering why she missed this place. Not having set foot on her home planet for over a decade. Her only hope was that her family didn’t recognize her. Passing by familiar acid pools and what appeared to be decaying trees and plants that seemed to thrive near these scattered pools. The sound of the violent volcanoes erupting in the distance alerting that an ash storm was on its way. She continues to walk along beaten paths leading to her old home. Sensing through the force she sees images of the many wars her planet had endured. She was never able to see them before this only proving she has grown more powerful in her time away. She stopped only a few meters from her old home. She could hear her sisters laughing in the distance. Suddenly one of her sisters emerges from the small hovel-like building. Using the Force, she blends in with the surroundings, her sister maybe only catching a glimpse of her before she faded away. Her sister still looking to the area she was. She wondered if she could sense her or not. After watching her sisters for a while and waiting for the sun to set just then she could feel the tiny flurries of the ash falling slowly to the ground. She walks towards the front door. Knowing that it is the usual time for supper, she took this advantage to make her move. She doesn’t knock or even let her presence be known until she is inside. Her hood still covering her horns and most of her face. Her mother is just setting the last of the food on the table. Her violet eyes glancing over at her mother than her two sisters. She then hears her mother speak. “Hello. Can we help you miss? Are you lost?” Just the sound of her mother’s voice once again after so long almost brought her to tears. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “No. I come to bring you a message from your oldest daughter.” Her mother and sister’s eyes grow wide as they hear mention of her. They even offer her a seat and to talk about how she was doing. She held up one hand and shook her head. “I am A’temra. I faced your daughter in battle and she perished by my hand. However, she told me of her family before she died. I am here to finish what she could not.” Without a word, her hand made a partial fist and her mother started to hold her throat. One of her sisters came at her and stabbed at the vamp races with a fork. “You must be the youngest one she sacrificed her life for.” Her violet eyes shimmered as purple lightning arced from her fingertips to her youngest sister. The lightning traveled all over and through her younger sister’s body until she fell to the floor. Her clothes and skin smoldering from the effects of the lightning. She then released her mother from her grasp letting her flop to the floor. Her lifeless body bringing somewhat of a pleasing feeling across her. Her dark lips curling into an evil grin. She then looks at her oldest sister. She could feel the fear and hate growing inside her sister. Suddenly the utensils floated up from the table and flew towards her. She quickly ignited her saber and blocked most of them. A knife caught her arm slicing it. She gritted her teeth using the pain to fuel her rage. Her voice still calm and soft, “Seems you are sensitive in the Force too, young one. To bad we will never see how strong you could’ve become.” She swings her saber with a backhand motion. The tip of the blade slicing her sisters from her left hip to right shoulder. She then twirls it back around catching her left shoulder to her right hip before she falls dead to the floor. She then sits down and pulls back her hood. Seeing a fresh meal at the table, she decides to have a meal and wait out the ash storm. After she is done, she looks around and starts to head out the door. She casts her hand and three colored crystals float from the pouch. They would normally glow though now they don’t give off any light. She then thrusts her hand and the crystals fly to a separate corpse before shattering. She exits the hovel and aims her hand towards it. Her palm facing the door as the hovel starts to shake. Her hand slowly closing as she uses her anger for her master and what she had to do to advance to strengthen her power. The hovel then starts to crush and fall into itself. Soon the once happy home is now in ruin. She looks around a bit and spots a huge boulder that landed nearby from one of the volcanoes. Using the force she lifts the huge bolder and moves it over the top of the ruined hovel then suddenly lets go watching the huge bolder fall onto the Hovel as if to cover her tracks so nobody would even notices she was even here. She watches the dust and smoke billow up from the rubble before heading back to her ship. She feels no remorse or guilt for what she had done. She knows now that all ties to her past were to be severed if she was to attain the power she desires. Looking at the cut on her arm while in hyperspace back to Eshan she charges two of her fingers with lightning and slowly runs them across the slice. The lightning acts like stitches pulling the wound closed and barely leaving a scar as she uses the force to heal her wound.

A'temra is Born

After her trials Elva returned to Echan to inform her master of her progress. Her master was pleased and let her choose her new name. She looked up at her master and said.

“I choose to be called A’temra. It means Demoness.”

Her master smiled and gave her a bow. “It is suiting.”

Soon after she joined Darth Chaos, Darth Apparition and a few more of the Order in the throne room. Darth Apparition drew his saber and granted A’terma her Lordship status. After that she was know as Lady A’temra. This filled her with great pride knowing it was one large step in her progress.

House of Darkrose

Her time with the New Sith Order didn’t go unrewarded. She had proven not only her skill but her loyalty as well. The New Sith Order is controlled by a strong Sith Family called the House of Darkrose. Because of her proven loyalty A’temra was made an honorary member. After that she proudly wore the Darkrose name and was know as A’temra Darkrose.

Master Trials

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None that have survived the training.

Notable Encounters

Rescue of Sith Prisioner

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Capture of Republic Ship

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Execution of Umbaran Senator

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Powers, Skills & Abilities



  • Zabraki - Native Language.
  • Galactic Basic - As with most Zabrak this was her Second language.
  • Sith - Learned from various Holocorns and Force Ghosts throughout the galaxy.


  • Huttese - Learned through her travels while searching for the Lost Holocron.
  • Mando'a - Learned when she orchestrated her very own capture. She used this time to understand Mandalorians as a whole.

Ground Combat

Fighting Styles


  • Teräs Käsi - Taught by Her Father's mentor and long time family friend
  • Dun Möch - Use of Deception, doubts and weaknesses to overpower an opponent. Often used in conjunction with a Lightsaber but could be used with any other weapons as well.


Lightsaber Forms

A'temra preferres not to use a lightsaber. Most of her focus was to defend against those that relied on lightsabers for combat. However, she eventually saw the need to better herself in the Forms for both offence and defense. Her chosen saber was a double-bladed lightsaber that could also separate into two twin sabers.

The Following Forms are listed in order of mastery.

  • Form IV: Ataru - aggressive combat form relying on a combination of power, strength, and speed. Practitioners of Ataru were always on the offensive, attacking with wide, fast, and powerful swings. Also used the force to enhance attacks and movements.
  • Jar'Kai - able to maintain a strong offense, as the speed of attack that two blades allowed would overwhelm most opponents. A typical maneuver was to continually attack with one blade while relying on the other for defensive coverage, ensuring that the duelist could keep up his guard even as he attacked. However, it was common that both blades be used for offensive purposes, keeping up a continuous wave-front assault.
  • Form VII: Vaapad - described as more than a fighting style; it was a state of mind that led through the penumbra of the dark side, requiring the user to enjoy the fight, and relish the satisfaction of winning. The practitioner of Vaapad would accept the fury of their opponent, transforming them into one half of a superconducting loop, with the other half being the power of darkness inherent in the opponent.
  • Sokan - Sokan teaching revolved around using the environment itself to gain a tactical advantage in combat.
  • Tràkata - making use of the lightsaber ability to be turned on and off.

Space Combat

Personal Ship: Modified B-wing with a Dark Force Drive.

Force Powers

"The Force is neither Light or Dark. Only the heart of it's wielder can determine this. Even if the heart is pure doesn't mean they are good. The absence of good is the purity of Evil."

— A'temra Darkrose

A'temra explaining the Unifying Force.

Telekinesis - The use of the Force to manipulate things around from simply moving to crushing. She can even Levitate and Fly if the need arises.

Force Lightning - Channeling her hate and pain into a manifestation of the Force. It is often purple in nature though under extreme circumstances it has been known to turn red. She has also adapted a way to heal personal wounds or to use a tiny shock to trigger implants she places in experiments.

Force Drain - The act of draining the Force from an Organic being to use for herself. On rare occasions she would use it to heal others if they benefited her goals. Over time this ability became her soul means of survival.

Force Fear - Strike directly at the deepest parts of the target's mind, causing an uncontrollable shaking fear that would wreak havoc with the target's capabilities. A'temra would use this to "make the meat taste better."

Force Travel - Tapping into the Shadows around her, A'temra can travel to almost anyplace she desires. The further the distance and unfamiliarity with the place the greater energy she would exert and need to replenish.

Sith Alchemy & Magic

Sith Alchemy

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Sith Magic

During her training under Darth Ratheria She learned about Sith Magic. Her master taught her the basics but that was enough to want her to progress further. She first traveled to many Sith and darkside Planets all over the galaxy. The Following is a List of some Techniques she had mastered.

Sutta Chwituskak - (literally "Flung Spears" in Sith language) was the proper name of the Bolt of Hatred, an ancient Sith technique conjured through magic. The Force user would create a radiant sphere of pure hatred which they could hurl at any target in their direct line of sight. Knowledge of the ability was recorded by the Sith Lord Sorzus Syn in her journals.

Dark Force Blast - was a Force power used by dark side and neutral Force users, that when conjured, projected concentrated blasts of pure dark side energy at objects or opponents, usually with devastating effects. It could however refer to a neutral Force user's usage of the Force to create a ball of compressed air and debris that could be sent at an enemy.

Odojinya - was a Sith incantation that created a dark side web, a magic technique favored by Sith sorcerers. When used successfully this power would summon strands of dark side energy that would wrap around the target and ensnare them in an unbreakable mesh. The lattice of dark energy would then effectively sever the being's connection to the Force and continuously sap their strength as well.

Dark side tendrils - were pure manifestations of malevolent Force energy summoned through Sith magic. These tendrils rose in the form of black mist from the ground and took the form of serpentine tentacles which swarmed their victim and attacked with the power of the pure dark side. Exceptionally powerful and difficult to conjure, this Force power required complete mental concentration. When conjured by a seasoned Sith sorcerer, dark side tendrils were able to instantly annihilate any kind of matter they get in contact with, as well as subject the individual who got injured to the full scope of the void of the dark side.

Summon Fear - Similar to Force Fear, horror, insanity, or Torture by Chagrin, summon fear was a dark side Force power conjured through Sith magic, that caused the victim to experience their worst fears to the point of hysteria. It was a very powerful ability, and the duration and intensity varied depending on the caster.

Waves of Darkness - When performed by an individual adept in Sith sorcery, waves of darkness was a dark side Force power conjured through Sith magic that created visible, palpable waves of literal darkness, accompanied by a loud roaring sound. When exposed to waves of darkness, beings suffered from feelings of intense despair and confusion, before feeling compelled to flee the scene of the disturbance.

Invoke Spirits - Invoke spirits was a dark side Force power conjured through Sith magic, that summoned the spirit of a deceased darksider, usually to augment the requesting Sith magician with the deceased's power.

Special Abilities

Dathomir Magic ~ A'temra learned how to harness the Force in a spell like manner with the aid of both living and dead Nightsisters. Through the process she was guided towards the many versions of the Book of Shadows as well as the Book of Law. She was able to communicate directly with the spirit of Gethzerion and learn the darker and forbidden arts of the Magicks.

Personal Fleet

139th Sith Experimental Fleet - Covert Operations Fleet
Commanding Officer: Commander Persephone Darkrose
Flagship: I.S.S. “Shadow’s Claw” Sarlacc-Class Star Dreadnaught
Command Ship: Interdictor II-Class Sith Destroyer
Supporting Ships: Imperial II-Class Sith Frigate

Each Ship is equipped with Stealth/Cloak Generations

A'temra's secondary fleet is made up of various unmarked Transports, Cargo Ships, Supply Ships as well as automated scavenging droids.

Personality & Appearance


Strongly inspired by Drow women from The Forgotten Realms as well as a mix of female Sith throughout Star Wars. A’temra has a strong belief that only the strong will survive thus always striving to better herself in anyway possible. She believes in a Matriarchal society which makes her see males as the weaker gender. She has also developed a strong hatred for Humans and the Republic. She will not pass up an opportunity to disgrace males if one arises.

Over time she has developed a fetish for the pain and fear of others. She has studied the various ways to cause, increase and even resist pain and fear. Her skill is so surgical she knows the pain thresholds of a wide variety of species. She is rumored to even be able to feed off the pain and fear of others to enhance her own powers.

Views on the Force

A'temra started out holding to the views of the Unifying Force then over time she evolved into following the Potentium belief. After delving more and more into the Darkside and her corruption slowly taking hold along with the extensive use of Force Drain her views slowly turned towards the Dark


A'temra's Eyes

A’temra has crimson colored skin adorned with black Sith tattoos. Her hair is long and black styled up into a braided top knot at the back of her head. Her vestal horns were brown and short when she was young. Over time and the corruption of the Darkside they started to grow and slowly shift from brown to solid black. Her eyes are naturally violet but have a tendency to shift colors according to mood or when she ‘surges’ with the Force. Sometimes is seen with purple lightning dancing on her fingers, hands and/or forearms.


Through the use of Sith Alchemy and inspiration from the Yuuzhan Vong, A’temra has altered her body with organic augments. Although, the changes are quite subtle.

  • Razor sharp claws on both hands
  • Fangs that can secrete or inject a highly corrosive acid
  • Long, serpentine and prehensile tongue that secretes a strong paralytic toxin that will quickly sedate living beings when introduced into the bloodstream. Acts slower if absorbed through the skin. It also acts as a way to smell the air and sense emotions of her prey.
  • Eight opposable spider like legs that emerge from her back.
  • Heightened sense of smell, hearing and sight
  • Enhanced natural healing (this masks her natural age and Dark Corruption as well)
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Enhanced Night Vision

Due to her highly augmented body A'temra must 'feed' on the Force to sustain and even control some of them. This fact has resulted in a small addiction and mild insanity. If she fails to feed over an extended period of time her body starts to show her corruption and she reverts into a near feral state.

A'temra's Saber
A'temra's Wrath (Joined Double)
A'temra's Fang (Main Hand)
A'temra's Claw (Off Hand)

Saber & Gear

Construction: Two identical sabers joined at the pommel to make a saber staff.
Separate Hilt Length: 30cm
Joined Hilt Length: 60cm
Blade Configuration: Deep Purple color. Thin. Each end extends 1 meter
Hilt Configuration: Consists of Phrik externally
Crystal Configuration per Hilt:

Bracers: Dark Dura Steel Enchanted by Sith Alchemy to resist Lightsabers and other plasma based weapons. Two Jewel Setting holding Twin Kaiburr Crystals.

Kaiburr Crystals: Crystals forged by combining multiple Kaiburr shards with the use of Sith Alchemy. It enhances the wearer's force abilities by a significant amount.

Wears Black or purple clothing or a mix there of. Choosing sensual clothing over practical most of the time. Tries to limit the amount of armor she wears so she can stay nimble and react quickly.