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Darkstar - Swoop Gang

Darkstar was an infamous swoop gang originally based out of Mos Espa, Tatooine. The affiliates of the organization spent their time piloting, racing, mechanics on their vehicles (and others). Other activities they tended often was that of spending late nights in the local cantinas. Darkstar ran a mechanics shop on Balmorra Run as well as on Mos Espa, Tatooine. The organized swoop gang lived off of their ships to which were docked near their shops. Their way of life was such. The gang served as a family to those who had none and were taken into the organization, showing great compassion towards each other; they rivaled that of those who claimed to have 'back up'.


Races that Darkstar competed in were held in a separate circuits. Their entry names were that of that "Team DarkStar".