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The Darkspear Project Development Complex, more commonly referred to as the Darkspear Complex, was the site of a secret project codenamed the "Darkspear Project" and commissioned by a previous emperor. What few records of the project existed were destroyed somewhere around the time of Emperor Infestus, and the complex itself was mysteriously emptied of sentient life not long after.

The Darkspear Complex was re-discovered during the reign of Empress Rowe while Lord Gidiskin, in collaboration with the Imperial Sith Military and Imperial Customs, was investigating rumors of a secret Sith starfighter being put up for auction on the black market. Upon discovering that the Darkspear Complex had become home to a gang of starship parts thieves, the Sith mounted a surprise assault and re-captured the complex, leaving the rest of the thieves' associates unaware of the destruction of the Black Steel Syndicate presence on Byss.

Behind the scenes

The Darkspear Project Development Complex is a private parcel owned by Vatharn and dedicated to the ongoing story arc known as the "Restoration of the Darkspear Project", which is currently one of the two main ongoing story arcs for the Dark Lords of the Sith. The complex itself is located on Byss IC, and it is affiliated with that sim.

The Darkspear Complex is currently open only to DLotS, ISM, and Mythos members. It is expected to become available to visit by members of other groups at some later point in the storyline.