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"There is no Light or dark side of the force simply the force and the will of the force. Those who are open to the force and its full potential have forever been known by those who limit the force as Dark Lords."

— Dark Lord Pyer

Dark Lord Pyer was truly a Force User set apart from other force Users, He did not believe in the Light or Dark sides of the force and preached that the force was a living thing and those who opened themselves up to the full power of the force would become what the force wanted them to become.

He also spoke out against the Jedi saying that they limited the force and were seekers of weakness saying that those who allowed the fullness of the force to flow in them were named by those who were jealous and those who limited the force with a badge of honor since the beginning for those who were true to the force and sought all of its power were called Dark Lords.

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History Of The Dark Lord

Dark Lord Pyer Born as Owen Tiratzo a Red Skinned Zabrak on the Mid Rim planet of Iridonia.

Tiratzo was a powerful force user from birth. Much of his child hood he is unable to remember. the earliest clear memory Tiratzo has is a man offering him shelter and food if he would pick pocket and beg for money but it was his ability to fight that made him such a money maker this man was not a nice man and would regularly beat and torment Tiratzo and Others that worked for him None of the children that worked for the man were told his name but Tiratzo and the other came to call the man "the Dark man".

After Losing one of his battles, laying in the wet street the Dark man took Tiratzo and beat him for losing. after draging him through the streets the Dark man stabbed Tiratzo with a lightsaber destroying Tiratzo's lungs.

The dark man left Tiratzo for dead never to be seen again by Tiratzo.

Tiratzo was rescued and after spending months under the care of a medical droid Tiratzo was finally able to function again with a breathing mask.

Tiratzo continued to live in the harsh environment of his home planet and the harshness of constant battle. Tiratzo went on to become a great fighter learning how to make a quick credit battling with other blood thirsty Zabraks and brave but empty headed Mandalorians who commonly frequented Iridonia. Using the force to the best of his untrained ability Tiratzo would destroy those who stood toe to toe with him in battle quickly making a name for himself and drawing much attention to himself from a Sith academy operating on Iridonia. The Sith Lords had become very interested in Tiratzo and his abilities but before they could get to him Tiratzo was approached by a Religious force using order known as the Tyia (Thuwisten) Discovering Tiratzo the Thuwisten Missionaries made quick work out of Tiratzo convincing him of a better life growing in the force strong and Peaceful. Tiratzo had fallen in love with the teachings of the Tyia and very shortly after he had under gone the Zabrak right of passage Tiratzo finally was convinced to Leave his home world with the Thuwistens and go with them be taught on Anzat in the Tyia Monastery.

Living in the Monastery was good for Tiratzo, he had fallen in love with the Tyia way of life and spent many hours in the library soaking up all the knowledge he could from those great force users both Tyia and Non-Tyia that had come before him. days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years and soon Tiratzo who had become recognized by the Tyia Monks as a brilliant follower of the way and a very powerful force user was invited to become a full Tyia Monk which Tiratzo Gladly accepted.

Tiratzo had become a teacher and missionary leaving the Monk's Monastery frequently to visit other worlds and teach. It was during a peaceful Mission to Arami that Tiratzo's life would change forever. While in orbit the Peaceful Tyia Monk ship was attacked by Pirates, the Group of Monks including Tiratzo had taken a vow of peace many years earlier and were now facing what could have been the end of there life but out of nowhere came there rescue.

through the smoke ignited 3 red lighsabers. 3 Dark lords of the Sith had come to rescue the monks fighting off the pirates and setting the Monks free. Unknown to Tiratzo was that the whole event had been set in motion by the Sith to gain the trust of Tiratzo and the plan worked even better then expected. Since the Tyia did not believe in a dark side or light side of the force they did not favor the jedi over the sith or the sith over the jedi even though they did believe the Jedi had become much better users of the force as far as good deeds went. the Sith began frequenting the Tyia monestary working closly with Tiratzo and it was not long until Tiratzo began to favor the sith force users over others learning as much as he could and participating in sith events. Some of the monks began to fear that Tiratzo was losing his Tyia grasp on the force and was beginning to fall into the Sith way of thinking and when Tiratzo was confronted by them he felt disgraced and beaten down by the monks when they demanded he quit working so close with the Sith.

Tiratzo could not understand how the monks could demand that he no longer work with the Sith seeing that the Tyia did not take sides and were supposed to be friends of all force and non-force users. Later that night Tiratzo spoke to sith friend who had become rather close to him and he had become convinced that the monks were indeed jealous of his accelerated abilities to use the force. Later on when the Tyia monks were on a peaceful mission to Nar Shadda that Tiratzo was not included on the monks were again attacked by pirates but this time there was no rescue for them and they were slaughtered. This left Tiratzo as the Tyia Monk head and he took over his new duties with a light heart.

Tiratzo opened up the monastery to the Sith and became a very close friend with them as he now believed the sith were the true users of the force allowing it to flow pure and free within them unlike the jedi who Tiratzo believe limited the force and there for limited there power to use it. soon Tiratzo began to train with the sith, wanting to have a full and complete knowledge of the force and open himself to the fullness of the force. Secretly Tiratzo became a dark lord of sith and took the name Dark Lord Pyer. He continued to work as a monk of the Tyia teaching what he was convinced was the truth of the force and searching for a worthy apprentice.


Known Family of of Tiratzo

Tiratzo was adopted into a Non Red Skinned Zabrak Family in his early teen years. Since he does not have a strong memory of his early child hood or his real family this is the only family that Tiratzo knows.

Neri Nayar - Neri is Tiratzo's Half brother however Neri was concidered an Outcast of the colony that he and Tiratzo grew up in and Unlike his brother Neri never Underwent the Zabrak Right of passage.

Sara Blackrain - Sara is Tiratzo's Half sister who he is very protective of. Sara Dosn't know that Tiratzo is Dark Lord Pyer. Tiratzo added his sister to the Tyia Order to keep an eye on her and keep her safe. Tiratzo's sister is one of the only people that he truly loves in his life and unknowingly she was one of the main reasons he chose a life of darkness.

Known Apprentices of Dark Lord Pyer

Grancha Desilijic Dasmijn the Hutt - One of the most Note worthy Apprentices of Lord Pyer. Grancha was not only one of the most recognizable names of students that studied under Lord Pyer but Grancha also became one of the most feared Sith Lords in the Galaxy due to the reach of his clan and the strength of his power.