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"To know power is to know the Dark Side - to bend it and control it to one's own desire is true mastery..."

— Darth Mortis


Originally written 8-23-2005, updated 7-10-2009

Dark Lord Mortis was born on Naboo,the child of a popular nobleman and his wife,both members of the Theed council. Kind people whos only concern was to make sure life was well for others,they politcally faught crime lords,and syndicates with strong protests and council meetings. A dark evening, their triumph caught up with them,they earlier had made an attempt to try and have a local crimelord removed,before he could buy the council or corrupt the council. The crime lord Distrok Kumazii had them both killed in their sleep. Being left by himself he was quickly taken in by close friends of the family and nobles themselves, Sheva and Broniff Galev.

At the age of 8 he ran from home seeking answers to his parents murder. Being a a bit too young and on his own, he had nowhere to go. Mortis soon saught refuge with a Jedi who took him in as his own. The council of course did not approve of his training but the Jedi master insisted in secret. Through the years Mortis developed a strong relationship with the force through his training and constant studying of its ways. As time moved on Mortis felt he was missing something...something more. Mortis wanted revenge for what transpired and he knew the only way to do this was to build his power and improve his skill. To accomplish this he must push himself harder.

Over time Mortis began to study the ways beyond the light...the dark. He quickly learned many traits,codes and powers of the darkside. He wanted revenge,but the jedi did not allow it,said it was "not the jedi way... not right". Feeling he was stronger than the jedi before him and all the others int he order,he wanted to seek answers,answers to help him gain a better understanding and knowledge of the force..mainly the darkside. He wanted to be above all others; no rules,no orders...and to achieve this he must eliminate any who could get in his way.

That day came soon enough. He had overheard a holo briefing his master participated in with the council. The plans were to assign four Jedi to comandeer a droid control station. The four jedi were to be hand picked by Mortis' master. His Jedi master believe Mortis had proved himself worthy for his first assignment would be one of those four. Mortis seeing this oppurtunity as a chance to venture out and find answers excepted without hesitation. Mortis with three other jedi,who were oblivious of his studies set off on their assignment. Taking jedi figthers they quickly made way to the control station,which was on a secluded planet outside the mid rim. They quickly entered the facility,eliminating the droids and shutting down all the units it had in its control....of course it was simple. After it was done,Mortis saw his chance,he quickly turned on his jedi brothers! Catching one off gaurd he made quick work of him with his saber removing the head in a single swift action. The second master shocked by what had happened,drew his saber but hesitant, Mortis quickly put him in to a choke retention with the force. Slowing callapsing his airway killing him.

While this was transpiring the third master drawing his saber was force pushed by Mortis,loosing his saber in the process. With Mortis still concentrating on one master the 3rd quickly used the force to pull a blaster at hand ,then fired striking Mortis in the face scarring him for life... Mortis stunned and loosing concentration on the 2nd master, made pain his power and anger his strength, the walls cracked and the ground shook,objects crushed by the gathering of power, he used all he had,even the memories of what he had lost as a child, turning his force into a lightning form ending the two masters and causing extensive damage to the facility?

After all was done he became so full of hate,anger and power from the darkside,his surrounding force soon became cold and uninviting... not understanding it right away he just moved on. He proceeded injured to the deck,setting the facility to self distruct. Bleeding and needing to escape from the building before the building being incinerated,he made his way to an EVAC pod.

Exiting the planet and the facility blowing apart his set coords for the nearest planet. Mortis then came across a planet with no sign of life and no name. With no other options he set course for a clearing. Entering the atmosphere at a great speed and burning up upon entry Mortis passed out. The EVAC pod then crashed with great force on a remote planet,a volcanic wasteland...awaking after the crash he then made his way out of the shuttle ,reaching for his lightsaber for protection..it was not there...just a survival knife in the pods survival bag...the saber possibly lost during the struggle with the last two masters. He quickly fancied a hilt from spare ship/droid parts and electronics from the pod, (a hilt that he still carries to this day)...he had no crystal to power this. Upon being stuck with his saber he fealt a familiar feeling coming from a volcano,it had an entrance? How was this possible he thought. He then entered to see droid mining into the ground right next to raw force crystals...he quickly picked the one he felt was best suited for him,carved it with elaborate cutting tools ,completed the saber and on it went with a thundering sound louder than any saber he heard...strangly comfortable with it he moved on.

Later after walking many hours Mortis came across a temple... inside was a man meditating... the man stopped... and said "come in".... Mortis moved forward... and asked the mans name... he responded "Darth Padar,I am the Dark Lord... this is my land"...Mortis responded "i have turned away from the light, three jedi I have killed in my rage"... Darth Padar quickly interrupted..." I know I sense much power , anger, confusion,hate and thirst for revenge in you", Mortis said "I have studied the ways of the sith,I want revenge for the bloodshed of my mother and father and i wish to join ...my Lord", Darth Padar smiled and replied "Welcome to Korriban... Darth Mortis".

From war, comes unity...[]

An unbiased story written by Darth Mortis about the war of Dantooine

It was a late evening and the curtains of sky was clear and revealed an alter of fire lit sky and the bright stars grinned upon its canvas. Mortis was alone working on a rifle design for the Sith Troops when a friend of his and fellow sith sends him a message. "WAR has broken out in Dantooine!" he says. Without any hesitation Mortis quickly jumps to his feet and makes way for Dantooine. Upon his arrival he finds what appears to be the wreckage of an imperial ship,half on the ground,half in a building. Buildings are leveled,hubs have collapsed, but yet sees no occupants in a "War".

After observing the wreckage he makes way for the senate offices. Mortis comes to find a small barracade and "Marines". A wall of sandbags with two rifleman and a mech. The Mech with an arsenal of weapons quickly opens fire on Mortis,he rushing to cover he uses force push to get him away for just a moment so he may engage one marine before again being engaged himself. Thinking quickly he puts a marine into a force choke stasis as he throws his saber into the other. As he retrieves his saber he cuts the marine who still lives, down. After the two Marines are dealt with the mech once again opens fire striking Mortis as he covers himself behind a wall. Seeing his options of running and getting angle on the mech with gattling guns very small, the mech is moving closer using heavy fire, he sees his moment and takes a dive to the other side. Now behind another wall and once again pinned he starts to focus, channeling his Anger into power he uses the energy to disable the mech and with a blast of lightning takes it down.

Having dealt with the resistance Mortis makes way to the offices and arrives to find a Senator Cowering behind his desk.

Senator: "W-What do you want?"
Mortis: "Where has the war gone?"
Senator: "T-The jedi temple..please leave me be"
Omega then nods saying "Thank you senator" and cuts him down, "Looks like im going to the jedi temple" Mortis mutters to himself.

The Jedi Defense[]

Arriving at the Temple, Omega sees nothing on the landing pad or outside except two Jedi bodies and a dead sith. It was at that moment he heard the clash of lightsabers coming from inside the temple. Mortis ignited his saber shaking the ground he stood on, making his presence known. Not more than a few steps forward,sith come running out,jedi following. Protecting his fellow sith Mortis used a rare technique known as "Force Horror" putting fear and doubt into their minds not allowing them to come near him or others around him. He notices the sith heading for their ships and follows hoping to regroup.

The Counter attack[]

After arriving back on Dantooine, many sith are present, followers of Sith Legends, Sith Enigma and Dark Jedi. Mortis walks up to a group sith setting up a post to watch the entry way and asks "Where are your superiors?", the sith is quickly to respond "below in the arena my lord". Mortis makes haste to the arena and finds the leaders. He begins to catch up on recent attacks and what has happened when the clash of sabers begins above followed by the firing of laser rifles and movement of machinery. The group including Mortis all immediatly split off and take charge of their groups..Mortis not having reinforcements quickly calls them in.

- Omega Groshomme: Sith needed in dantooine, must hold this city. Not more than a moment passes and eight lords appear sabers drawn. ((Recorded during the event ))
- Omega Groshomme: KILL ALL JEDI AND ENEMIES TO THE SITH", and with out hesitation the sith do as they have been trained to and join the fight. Mortis then spots another mech..thinking hard he trys an old technique."Mind Trick". The mech stops...and stumbles a bit...after a few secs the mech turns around and begins firing on the jedi ((Convinced the mech to see it our way =P)). He takes advantage of the mechs abilitys and says "Find any senators, kill all who threaten us and report to me".. the mech takes off. (( Recorded during the event ))

The Stand Off[]

After a short time since the mechs departure a transmission comes through "Target located Northwest hallway.. awaiting orders"..Mortis responds "Hold position ,keep target and hostiles at bay"... after this Mortis contacts the other group leaders and tells them where the rest of the defense is... they all make way. Gradually covering the stairs they make it to the hall way and what they see is nothing they have had their chance to witness. 10-15 jedi at the rear of this Senator with sabers drawn. All sith and Mortis himself draw theirs, with his being the loudest and even making the jedi have second thoughts. All the sith then rush the jedi and Mortis shouts : "KILL THEM ALL", as he storms in along with his followers. One after the other jedi fall, many by sabers..many by force choke,lightning or several hundred rounds from the mech. More and more fighting until only the senator stands...a man by name of Darth Knave leader of Sith Legends and a corrupted sentor comes to the senators' ground. "Dantooine is mine" he says..and down the senator goes by the strike of Knaves saber.


After all was done the remaining sith and their leaders gathered in the hall for debriefing. The following is a broken transmission found in a broken Holodisc. Recorded by Mortis. ((Note: Since that evening many have claimed and even written stories of their own on themselves being the ones to unite the sith... wrong... read on for the correct answer. 2006-07-03 20:47:47 note card.))

Omega Groshomme: Sparda and lucifer, and fellow sith
Lucifer Kirkorian: yes my friend
Omega Groshomme: Do we all now see what can be done with sith unity?
Gabriel Nosferatu: Total domination.
Sparda Aridian nods
Lucifer Kirkorian: yes
Lucifer Kirkorian: Sith Enigma, Dark Jedi, Sith Legends, and Dark Lords of the Sith control Dantooine, all opposed to this will be destroyed
Omega Groshomme: I invite all into DLotS,you may keep your groups and titles,let us unite under the traditional banner.
Lucifer Kirkorian: thats an idea...
Omega Groshomme: This way we can also use one channel to speak with all
Lucifer Kirkorian: an umbrella alliance
Sparda Aridian nods
Lucifer Kirkorian: I agree with that
Sparda Aridian: very well
Lucifer Kirkorian: we keep our personalities
Omega Groshomme: this is a great night for sith
Gabriel Nosferatu: It is a great night indeed.
Lucifer Kirkorian: everything that is us, but we can call on each other for total domination much like the jedi have tried to do tonight
Seamus Faulkland: I love seeing all these Sith Lords around
Gabriel Nosferatu: The sith are unified like the jedi claimed to be.
Omega Groshomme: Cast votes in your groups if you wish for more to join

After this discussion members began to join Dark Lords Of the Sith to organise and better their power. May the morning of July-3-2006 be marked down in history as day all sith conquered Dantooine and united together. ((Note: So who is the true sith to untie all sith? The self procclaimed sith frauds? Or Mortis?))

Current Status[]

Currently, Darth Mortis resides on Byss, a Dark Lord to his masters order.

Power and Abilities[]

  • Master of Force Manipulation in both physical and mental assets.
  • Master of Force Lightning and choke.
  • Master of a one-handed saber tactics.
  • Channeling of passion and anger to fuel power and focus.
  • Master of deception.

Behind the scenes[]

Back in the early days ((2005)) Omega Groshomme sought to find others interested in SWRP. Upon a short search he foundone Sith related group. The "Dark Lords of the Sith" founded by a man named Darth Padar. Upon contact with the founder he was told the group and temple were still under construction and to inquire later. Weeks later, Omega Groshomme contacted Darth Padar again to inquire on DLotS progress. Told the group and temple were ready but still being improved he was invited anyhow as the first member. During the first days of membership he sought out other Jedi orders to better his skills and knowledge of the force. Darth Mortis at various points in the history of the Dark Lords both led the Order directly and supported its leaders from the Shadows.