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Dae'dah: "What is this that I feel..."
Darth Dolusian: "That, is the Force."
Dae'dah and Darth Dolusian, the apprentice's first time actually attempting to touch the Dark Side

Dae'dah Haj'ra III, or otherwise known as Arch Lord Morior, King Morior, ruler of the Kingdom of Lithoria or Dark Lord Morior, was an Epicanthix male and brother to his sister, Thea'ah Haj'ra, but only known son of the now, Jedi Master Guntai Haj'ra and former Sith Lord and Jedi-in-training, Victoria Lumos. A significant but unknown alias is Dac Zhukov and some unnamed others. At the time of his birth, both parents served as Sith Lords within the Sith Cult called the Disciples of Ragnos, now formerly and reforged as the House of Ragnos by Morior himself. Known by the names Darth Sae'hal II and Darth Aurora at the time, the two mated if only to prolong the line of the Haj'ra family.

Dae'dah was born on Dagobah, where he was first exposed to the dark natures of the Sith as a young child. It was a time of plot, and even the Imperials of the Disciples of Ragnos Imperial Stormtrooper Corps were wary of the Sith, if even allies. An imperial official within the DISC and adopted cousin to Sae'hal, Ganron Kutilles plotted a coup; driven by the lust for power and empowered by the great influence and prestige that he acquired within the Empire Reborn, Kutilles was successful in his first few stages of thwarting the Arch Lord, Darth Sae'hal II's plans for his child.

As an infant, the heir to the title of Arch Lord was apparently sent off to the Moon of the Dead to train in secret, within sacred training grounds used by the Haj'ra family for thousands of years. With Sae'hal's intention being the preservation of his bloodline, he ordered Kutilles to take his still-young son to the moon. The not-so trusty Imperial had something else in mind; with many contacts, he had several options. But before Ganron was able to put his plans into effect, a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Dolusian threatened the imperial and took the infant for himself.

Growing up in constant fear and mass indoctrination of the Sith's ideals, born in darkness, Dae'dah knew no love nor compassion of any kind. Given that his earliest memories for that of parental holograms and fearsome shadowy demons of the mind, threatening to harm him in the dark. It was only when he was a young man did he make his first friend, a droid called TD-084 of whom served as his mentor regarding the basics of life - Or what he thought was life. It was few years after Dae'dah began physical training that he stored his rebuilt droid away in a vault. Lonely in his years, he took the time to sculpt his physique properly. The Haj'ra boy had finally grew up into a young man upon Dolusian's freighter.

Some time shortly after he became an adult, Dolusian summoned the Haj'ra lad; Dolusian said Dae'dah failed him and that he was a waste of time and was to be set free, but the younger man disagreed. He knew nothing else aside from the freighter and what he had learned. That was his life. It was then that Dolusian took him as an apprentice and Dae'dah began his real sith training without knowing of the living existence of his true family; Thus the Sith, Lord Morior was born.

His first mission, the new Sith Apprentice was deployed to Dxun and tasked to kill a Mandalorian Clan leader. His mission was to return with the Clan Leader's armor and gear. After moving through the jungles and encountering predators such as the mandalorians themselves and native Dxun creatures, Dae'dah was successful in his mission but moved to prove himself more worthy of the task by annihilating the entire clan through careful and strategic methods; using his environment, the native predatory creatures, brute force and the Dark Side.

After his first Mission, Dae'dah had recalled that he needed to generate a vast amount of wealth in order to fund his personal endeavors in the future. Those were the teachings of the Sith. While on Coruscant, he was able to create an alias with the help of a scummy friend that he made, Sor'jus Raitzer; a scoundrel of types who had connections to the Republic's inner workings. After successfully registering as the alias Dac Zhukov Kutilles through the Republic, he killed the Sullustan scoundrel. Given that the Sith Lord got what he wanted, he needed to tie up these critical loose ends.. with the partial reason of finding the Sullustan species disgusting.

Under the new alias name Dac Zhukov, Haj'ra created a small humanitarian organization that was open ended and it had no name at the time. With each planet he visited with his master, Dac conducted humanitarian work where he could. Making a visible, but small name for himself, he attracted the attention of do-gooder individuals interested in his work. It had been years and the young man who grew into a full adult had completed his training under his Master.

Around the same time that the humanitarian group was still small, Morior felt the call to Dromund Kaas. Whether it was the Dark Side calling him there or someone else, he heeded the call and traveled. There, he found a woman by the name of Aranka Alexander or otherwise known as Lady Aranka. Upon finding her on the Dark World, the pair fought. Morior defeated her usage of sorcery and prowess within the Force. Considering her to be a powerful sorceress, Morior spared her life and demanded that she pledge herself to him. He knew that she could feel that this is where she was meant to be after learning that she served his father. The pair quickly grew in relationship and traveled around the Galaxy performing what was needed done to forge the way that would soon begin the reformation of the House of Ragnos.

Along with the growing band of humanitarians under his lead, some significant individuals interest, people who were investors with their own vast wealth to spend; eventually they helped fund the creation of the Aurek Colony after seeing much good work. The colony had no base of operations on a planet yet, but rather a large frigate. With apparently no agenda other than to help the Galaxy (and to make themselves look good), the investors were mostly quiet. 

Because of the wealth he gained along with being busy with his new Sith colleague Darth Aspectu, Lord Morior had begun to spend less time around his Master, other than missions needing be done. As such, he put himself through a business academy on Sullust, where he did his best not to manipulate or harm anyone that got in his way of being top of his class. After some years of courses and around the same time of Dac graduating within the academy, the colony found a place with no-government to call home. Not without Zhukov's guidance, of course. It was a strategic plan to eventually control old Sith Space. Legitimately, they began to build what would be known as Aurek Tower, on the significant Sith world of Khar Delba; an ice, snow, rock and valley wasteland with a constant winter. Meanwhile, the Sith were also

After graduating, his wealth began to grow all the more over the years, and with the tower built, the Aurek Colony grew rather than using small buildings around the ice and snow world. While he was so busy with his Sith training and more, he traveled to Coruscant yet again, in order to register his new business; the Aurek Corporation was born. However, he needed someone to help run his organization, regardless if he had gone to school for it. Appointing various trusted individuals from the Colony, whom were intelligent enough, but who he knew cared not about the wealth. Dac was satisfied with who now helped maintain the growing business. But as the business got better, the officers wealth began to grow as well.

Years down the line, the Aurek Corporation flourished and Morior had a mission on Dathomir with his master, Darth Dolusian and the other apprentice. Not long after this, Dolusian had disappeared along with Darth Metusious, leaving Morior open to find his own way and the reformation of the House of Ragnos began. Starting out by locating former affiliates of the Disciples of Ragnos or powerful adepts in the Dark Side, both he and Lady Aranka sought out a woman by the name of Nyashae Ani Tali. The woman challenged him in order to prove his power and for the sake of providing reason for her to join him. Her use of illusions proved to be of little effect to the Epicanthix male, but still she proved to be a powerful adversary who, after defeat, agreed to join his House of Ragnos. 

Next was a former affiliate of Sae'hal's Sith Order as well as served the Byss Empire along with Darth Exitium, Nexma Ani Tali. Nexma was found within a cave on Dagobah, eating rats and clearly out of her mind. Lady Aranka suggested that there was something wrong with her mind. With a potent attack, she summoned Dae'dah's fears but he broke through them, they were similar to the demons he saw back on his master's ship, when he was younger. But the power of his within the Force, fueled by passion, alongside his species allowed him to quickly pull through these fears that had become materialized physically. Nexma had been currently trying to sacrifice beings to the Dark Lord Marka Ragnos, himself. After defeating the mental attacks, he convinced Nexma to join his cause, for she realized that he was of the bloodline of the Arch Lords of the House of Ragnos, and that he had more than his family's willpower.

• Creation of House of Ragnos Temple


In The Beginning..

Dae'dah, born with a twin sister, Thea'ah Haj'ra, to the Sith Lord's Guntai Haj'ra (Or otherwise known as Darth Sae'hal III) and Victoria Lumos (Darth Aurora) on Dagobah within one of the few old Temples that were constructed by the House of Ragnos, around 4000 BBY. Knowingly that the child would grow up to be strong and wise in the Dark Side, it was planned for the boy to be sent away to one of the Disciples of Ragnos training facilities on the Moon of the Dead; Kohlma. Before his journey could begin under his father's wing, the time in the presence of his true guardians was cut short. The early stages of his life with family were either forgotten or non-existent. The young heir to the Arch Lord's mantel was kidnapped and switched with a decoy, a young child by the name of Nagon Tsalen. The saboteur: Ganron Kutilles; an imperial agent of the Dark Operations Initiative, a product of the current Arch Lord, Darth Sae'hal III's making. The objective of the Kutilles' was to gain power. With success and the undermining of the Arch Lord, the infant was taken away to Kuat, which at the time was under the rule of The Galactic Empire with Dagobah and the Arch Lord Sae'hal within the Dark Council as the Emperor's Wrath.

Upon Reaching Kuat, Kutilles was encountered by Darth Dolusian. The Imperial Agent, forced to change his plans, was at least relieved that the infant Dae'dah was out of the Arch Lord's grip. The Haj'ra lad however, was now left with Dolusian and had disappeared from the face and public of the Galaxy until he was in his late teens.

A Childhood No More


Dae'dah Haj'ra, a Dark Acolyte of the Sith

Taken to Dolusian's freighter, preparations were made and set in order. A single interior dormitory made to 'suffice' as a child's room. All that was needed to survive was there. The various life support systems, the food and drink. Each device, object in his room was shaped smoothly, but dreadfully dull and created only for practical use. The entirety of the room was pearly white and fairly bright, some might consider it blinding. For years Dae'dah was made to be isolated, secluded even. The only interactions he had were with holograms of generic parental figures and a droid to which taught him the basics of life, or so what he thought was life. However, at his young age, he became frustrated and began to destroy things out of anger; both through physical efforts as well as accidentally through the Force. Such items that were destroyed included the droid that was his general education system.

Being punished for his destructiveness, Darth Dolusian ordered the young child to either rebuild or create a new droid that would act as his new teacher. But Dolusian had only ever used an intercom to communicate.

TD-084, the droid was created through spare parts after Dolusian had learned that Dae'dah had a knack for most things technological, from an early age. It was the key to sating his boredom as well as being more useful to the one who would be called his master. Dolusian provided the necessary components to program the droid and thus a new friend was born.

Peace is a lie; There is only Passion

Too soon after completion of the Droid, the brainwashing had begun. Anything that might have been fun with the droid was hastily snuffed out and replaced with ideals that were meant to shape his thinking, the very way that he lived his life. Unexpected 'demons' began to appear every so often; illusions created to strike fear into the child. Often times the boy rocked in the corner of his small quarters, arms clutched to his knees in fear. An emotion to which he felt the most, and it drove him. But those were merely three basic emotions that he felt.

Age Thirteen. The young teen awoke to see death staring into his eyes. A cloaked figure stood over the young man, laying curled in a ball at the center of the freighter's bridge. The brilliantly shadowed near-featureless metallic mask stared blankly at him. Vertical extrusions for a mouth and no eyes. The room was lit just enough to see each piece of blue cloth upon the figure had spatters or droplets of dried blood about it. Dae'dah shrieked in fear at the man. The various depictions the mystical 'death' he learned about came to mind. The interaction was confusing and Dae'dah doesn't recall much of it. Only flashes of this nightmare.

Up until Dae'dah's mid-teens, his mind was the only excitement he received, aside from the few hours to which he was allowed to play with the Droid. However, 'play' became exercise and the monotone droid of his became his trainer. Anger was an emotion he felt far too often after his 'parents' disappeared; the holograms that were only meant to tease him. Never once had he felt more alone. However, 'alone' was built into his system, drilled into each midi-chlorian that connected his very being to that of the dark side. The young man learned to cope with these emotions. He grew strong and quick, channeling each hated emotion into his exercise until exhaustion was all that was left.

Through Passion; I Gain Strength

Upon the day that he turned 18, Dae'dah awoke. Perhaps the most sleep he had yet to receive in the entirety of his life. Although, it only took a moment to realize that there was something much different in his room. A vibroblade laying in the corner to which he slept. It was fashioned fairly well. Though that was one of two oddities, lastly was a datapad that laid upon his chest. The Datapad's Content:

Datapad with a message to Dae'dah

"Dae'dah Haj'ra,

long have you waited for this very moment. Though little did you know that you were waiting. I leave you here with a mission, a mission to which only you may partake in. You have been kidnapped by a Lord of the Sith. You have only one chance to utterly obliterate him. I have left you with this vibroblade, you may use it as you so wish. Do your parents proud, for the Lord has murdered them in cold blood."

- Ganron Kutilles

Through Strength; Power

Immediately after Dae'dah read the datapad, the door to his room whooshed open, naturally he was curious. He brought only the vibroblade and the clothes upon his back, which he had become accustomed to black robes, unknowingly of Sith design. The ship was quiet, he made his way around with little restrictions until he finally found the exit.

Once again the young man trailed to the bridge, though this time and for the first time, leaving the white room himself. He had gotten sick of the lack of interaction and tired of the bright room. Upon his entrance he noted the figure, 'death' as he thought of and really, had dreamed about. His fear pumped through his veins, as adrenaline was let off into his bloodstream. His heart rate increased to the point that he feared that the figure would hear it. Dae'dah had tried to play it quietly. He was no fool. And upon reaching the figure, only then would he activate the vibroblade and lash out at the figure from behind.

Dolusian, the Lord of the Sith of whom would not have been easily thwarted by this one.. made an effort to dismiss Dae'dah's actions through punishment. The Lord arched his hand forward in order to raise the helpless young adult. Dae'dah squirmed in the air as he lifted with a force that he had only dreamed of. His throat was constricted by that of the invisible hands of the dark side, and in turn he choked. He coughed and shut his eyes, though there were no tears as there would have been in the past. There was only a gritting of his teeth and a clenching of his jaw. However he was only dangling there for a few moments, for Dolusian had another plan for this one. The Lord slammed Dae'dah  on the ground in a rough manner. And only then could the man catch his breath, though the breathing of his was cut off by an arc of lightning. The electricity coursed through his body, moving along every groove and curve that made up the mans physique. Dae'dah shut his eyes tighter, groaning and moaning as his body jerked uncontrollably whilst smoke rose into the air off of his massively heated body. He did not say a word, or rather half until the end.

Through Power; I Gain Victory

He begged for the demon to stop until the young man passed out. Dolusian however left him alone, laying upon the bridge's floor. He fully intended to ensure that he was taught a lesson. Or perhaps that was the entire plan. Little did Dae'dah know. Perhaps it was a test. Dae'dah's weapon laid beside him. Dae'dah awoke in the same place, spread out on the floor where he was surrounded by a few of the droid crew of the freighter. He winced however, the burns of his were more than he would have ever thought of. He had never been burned, nor had he encountered pain such as that. The most pain was that of a pulled muscle during exercise. Upon pulling himself up however, he realized that he had been cursed. Continuously he recalled the recent happenings and was only reminded more so through the sting of his burns. His body was scarred in a variety of places.

The young adult trailed about the freighter, there didn't seem to be much locked aside from his 'room'. There were a number of dark corners to hide behind or in. Several rooms with areas to seek shelter. After all, he never knew when he was going to come face to face with 'death' once again.. 

Dae'dah's last years on the freighter were fairly dull, as were the years to which when he was young. Not a day passed however that he did not think of Dolusian. The metallic and emotionless mask of his. Peering down at him as he awoke. Only a few times did the two encounter, but the times could hardly be called interaction. The cold 'gaze' of the eye-less monster for several moments before he moved off was all that was left for him. Perhaps it was a reminder that Dae'dah was not alone. He preferred it now. Over time Dae'dah found an empty datapad, something that he could pass the time by with. A journal with little entries on it.

The other entries did not matter, Dae'dah couldn't have cared less. As the young man aged, finally reaching twenty he had written several entries into his new device. Mostly about his feelings and the interactions with the droids. Or the deep hatred that he had grown for the cloaked Sith Lord. How he felt after his exercises and the emotions that he wished he could simply dismiss. Dae'dah had learned much from the droids, especially the 'trainer'. Continuously he learned the rather one-sided view of the galaxy. A corrupted view, but he wasn't aware. It was all he knew. Dae'dah simply now tried to pass the time and plotted escape...

Through Victory; My Chains Are Broken

Eventually the scares did not bother him, he had grown to fear the illusions less. Over time, he had learned that they were illusions and that they were temporary. He knew that they could be dismissed and when they could not be, they were true interactions with Darth Dolusian. He continued to train, alone, mild interaction with the droid was all that he had to pass the time, which was training and education. He had not stepped foot out of that freighter, ever. He began to wonder more about what was outside, instead of being occupied by training, he continued to plot his escape. Given that he now had the freedom to roam the majority of the ship, he was able to coordinate with the schedule of ship's maintenance protocols and more. TD-084 practically begged the young man to stay on the freighter, but Dae'dah declined.

He found that he was able to plan a day to escape on the same day that the trash was going to be dropped. On the day, he dressed in dark garbs, provided to him for his training, and he made his way out. He was on Coruscant. The air that filled his lungs was too much for him, and there were so many beings that he'd never seen in person. It was almost too much for him. He was overloaded with smells, sights and sounds that he'd only ever experienced through a view screen and playback via TD-084. He knew that it would take a while for the trash protocol to come to completion, so he began to do this over and over.. at least for a few months, if only to experience some areas on the worlds. But, his curiosity was kept in check, for he realized that over time, he was growing stronger.

He knew it in his heart that he was coming close to the end of all he knew and experienced. He also suspected that Dolusian knew what he was doing. Perhaps that is what he felt and it was why he frequently saw Dolusian more often.

The Force Shall Free Me

Touching the Force.

Darth Dolusian: "Dae'dah. We are traveling to Wild Space... to Bakura. You will be free in a few hours from our location now."
Dae'dah: "Reports show that there's an increased number of Republic personnel, especially Jedi. What if I don't want to leave?"
― The apprentice, about to pledge himself to Darth Dolusian's teachings.

Dae'dah had just finished more training with a blaster, but he had learned many blaster types and the like. Many which he had nearly mastered how to use and became deadly with. But all that would soon become less relevant. A few days after his last 'personal adventure' on the Twi'lek Homeworld, Dolusian called him to the bridge while they were on their way to Bakura and the Sith Lord stated that Dae'dah was about to be freed. After some more attempted trickery from the Sith Lord, Dae'dah confronted Dolusian about his lies about freedom and that he knew that it was simply yet another trick. Soon after, he pledged himself to Dolusian's teachings.

His first task as a Sith Apprentice was to take apart and rebuild a hydrospanner, but not with his hands. He was required to do so only with the Force. Much training came after his success. He began lightsaber training, after building his own lightsaber and had grown within the Force. Pairing his lightsaber technique with powerful telekinetic abilities. It was recognized that he was able to manipulate the minds of others quite easily, leading Dolusian to believe that he had become a powerful ally. Dae'dah was a quick learner and spent several years as Dolusian's second apprentice. He had only learned later on about the other, who eventually became known as Darth Metusious.

Surviving Dxun

Hunting The Mandalorians

"Welcome to Dxun. Home to some of the most dangerous predators of the Galaxy, mandalorians included. Your objective: obtain the armor of a mandalorian clan leader. Return back once you have it, if you don't.... the ship won't leave."

— Darth Dolusian

Being Darth Dolusian's apprentice wasn't easy. Because of failure, he was tossed around and punished in various ways. Dae'dah learned that failure was not an option. Finally given a mission, he was eager to learn of his objective. Landing on Dxun, he was ready to begin. Equipped with a few grenades, ammunition, a detonator, an electrical pike and his personal gear, he set out on his first mission.

Dxun was known to have terrible predators upon it, including the Mandalorians, which was Dae'dah's mission. Making his way through the jungle, he could hear the calls of the wild beasts and feel the shifting of the breeze. There were lifeforms, the apprentice could sense them, everywhere. He used his scanner to find that there was an encampment a few clicks away. Great walls of rocks, caves and valleys were in his way, however. Careful consideration was taken after he returned to his ship for a larger scale view of his surroundings in hologram form.

Deciding to go through the caves and trust his feelings, he found creatures within the cave, Boma. He fought his way through the cave successfully, eliminating the creatures. However, covered in Boma's blood, he expected more creatures that topped the Boma in the food chain to come after him.

Using both the Force and a droid to survey the area, in order to find the Mandalorian camp, he remained in the shadows as he traveled. Keeping his senses attuned, he came upon some Mandalorian Scouts who were setting up mines. Using the mines against the Mandalorians, he strategically planned to hurl one of the mine's towards the Mandalorians, as though one of them stepped on them. A series of explosions occurred and alerted a Zakkeg's nest. Dae'dah planned to tame the beast with the Force and use it against the Mandalorians, but the creature's mind was too powerful at the time.

The Mandalorian Clan leader

Systematically trying to kill the Mandalorians while trying to adapt to each individual's combative technique and avoid the Zakkeg itself, proved to be difficult, but he was successful. The mandalorians fired everything they had on the creature; blasters, missiles, grenades, flamethrowers and more.. nothing was penetrating the creatures near-indestructible armor. He stalked the Mandalorians and remained in the shadows while they were slowly picked off one at a time by either him or the large creature. Finding a lone Mando, Dae'dah observed and then sprung towards him, dancing in a half-circle with his electrical pike, he thrust his pike upwards and the Mandalorian's unprotected neck gave way. A perfect, clean kill.

After more hunting, Dae'dah eventually encountered the Mandalorian Clan leader and acquired his gear, but not so easily. The fight was strenuous, but the Apprentice was victorious. Returning to his master with the armor, he was pleased and offered the broken down armor for reward. Little did he know that Dolusian knew exactly how to get that armor fixed, to which he did. The other Mandalorians within the clan, Dae'dah took time to annihilate them strategically, using his natural environment and the beasts to either lure them to their death or outright force death upon them with his own hands. Eventually, he acquired a list of names for each Mandalorian that he killed via a datapad and terminal that displayed their vitals. Dae'dah spent several days there, having to survive off of the land and avoid the Mandalorians, but checking off each name to ensure that there were no survivors left in the clan. He wanted to be the one to tell the tale of the Sith Apprentice who wiped them out, if anyone were to do it.

From the Ashes; The House of Ragnos, Reborn

Art of the House of Ragnos' Council; Arch Lord Morior (left), Darth Aspectu (Aranka, 2nd to left), Darth Nyashae (2nd to right), Darth Nexma (Right)

"Take my hand - know that if you betray me, your heart will curl into thousands of embers via my embrace."

— Dae'dah Haj'ra III to Lady Aranka before sharing her visions

A New Path

After the defeat of the Mandalorian Clan, Morior had much more training to do. Much time passed and he continued to train with his Master, growing more powerful within the Force, he had learned what his greatest abilities were, finally, and worked to perfect them.

However, a short mission was taken to Dathomir, where much was going on and unclear. However, not too shortly after the Dathomir mission was complete, Darth Dolusian had proclaimed Lord Morior's training was complete. But Morior insisted that he felt that his training would never be complete. Not long after Dolusian's proclamation, Morior's Master disappeared, along with Lord Morior's apprentice brother, Darth Metusious. It was suspected that the pair had died and Lord Morior found himself not caring much, for he had his own plans in the works. Something was drawing him elsewhere.

The Serpent

The Dark World; Dromund Kaas was calling him, or perhaps it was someone else. Morior found himself in search of something or someone, but wasn't quite sure what it was. He finally came upon them, though. Knowing that when they met, something was going to change his life drastically. Whether or not it was for the better, he was not sure. Dae'dah met the person who would stand by him longer than anyone could imagine;

Lady Aranka stood there next to some ancient artifacts, in a room filled with much technology. There were interesting specimens around them, it appeared that there were many types of Sith experiments, but they were irrelevant. The call that Morior felt was from the Force and his objective was to meet this woman. However after what short verbal interaction there was, the pair fought.

Lord Morior had to batter his way through a Force Barrier she created and was successful, defeating her through is lightsaber technique with minor force abilities. The Sorceress was weak against a foe that was so powerful with his lightsaber technique in close quarters. The pair regarded each other as formidable warriors in their own way and Aranka realized that he was who he claimed he was; The Son of Darth Sae'hal II, Arch Lord of the Disciples of Ragnos.

It was suggested that it was time for Morior to claim his title of Arch Lord and so that was his next journey. He would need to gather one from the old council to agree to this new mantel of Arch Lord, but only after trials.

The First Sister

It had been some time and the House of Ragnos (being Morior and Aranka) had been training with each other and proved to be powerful allies. Their next goal was to begin building the House of Ragnos' new Dark Council. Seeking out various powerful individuals who would serve the House of Ragnos well:

Morior and Aspectu sought out a woman by the name of Darth Nyashae, a powerful Sorceress and daughter of a Hapan by the name of Henrietta Ani'tali.

After MOrior defeated her by 'seeing-through' her illusions, the woman agreed to join their Council and assist them in re-recruiting her Sister.

Returned Is An Old Disciple

A powerful sorceress and old Disciple from the Disciples of Ragnos (from Sae'hal's incarnation), Darth Nexma served both previous Arch Lord's Darth Exitium and Darth Sae'hal II well, especially when it came to battle. Some years after Guntai Haj'ra had betrayed the Sith Order, the Sorceress became a recluse and hid herself on the Planet Dagobah. The traitor gone Jedi sold the planet to the (in)Famous Shaka The Hutt, who turned parts of the planet into luscious growing grounds for farmlands.

The Sith Lord Morior and Aspectu made their way to the swamp world and found a crazed elderly woman who would feast on rats; it was the reclusive once Darth Nexma. After some convincing, she agreed to join the Council which proved to be a mistake later on.

The New Order

With The House of Ragnos rebuilt and new Sith being trained under their guidance, the Sith Order flourished and slowly, plans came to fruition for the New Golden Age of the Sith to arrive. But things were not without fault. The Sith had not quite learned from the mistakes of the Late Arch Lord and traitor, Darth Sae'hal II.

Because of the many varying viewpoints of the Sith way, many betrayals had occurred and the Arch Lord sought after a new way.

The Way of The True Sith

Morior & the Unconquered King's Crown.jpg

After the near destruction of the Temple from the betrayal of Darth Nexma and the death of many Sith within the House, Darth Morior had come to the conclusion that the way that the House operated and their Sith ideals needed to change if the House was to survive.

Looking back into the roots of how the House of Ragnos operated in ancient times over 5000 years BBY, the Arch Lord and Darth Aspectu considered that they must adhere to the cult-like mentality that the Disciples of Ragnos once partook: the collective goal of the Arch Lord Morior's will, a ruling of zero-tolerance for killing House Sith and forward thinking ideals that would mesh well to create a powerful and loyal True Sith.

Therefore, the Sith would need to either be trained fully by the House in order to meet this mentality. If established Sith wished to join, they were either turned away or needed to adhere to the Houses' ideals. Those who could not work with these methods were swiftly removed or executed. As such, the House of Ragnos became an extremely exclusive organization.


Promotion Videos

The Haj'ra Legacy

The story behind this video is that the character was born between Victoria Lumos and Guntai Haj'ra, kidnapped quite soon after and then believed to be dead after certain circumstances. 'They were wrong.'

Morior's Devotion

The Newly Crowned King of Lithoria and Dark Lord of the Sith; Arch Lord Morior, has some words for the one that the infamous cult-like organization calls their God; Marka Ragnos.