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The Dark Ancients was an academy of Dark Jedi formed when the Dark Lady Raven, owner and Master of the Sith Ancients moved to raise her people to a higher calling after renouncing the false teachings of her former master Darth Adazca.

From this, a new academy was born that would bring the Dark Jedi to power.


The roots of the Dark Ancients come from the order Sith Ancients which Lady Raven took over from her former Master Adazca. Lady Raven was never fully consumed by the Dark Side and found that the Sith ways she had been taught were flawed. Her searching for answers led her to the Dark Jedi Shadow Academy (Dark Rose Station) where she learned a new code and new ways to maintain the army she desired. Thus, Sith Ancients became the Dark Ancients.

Salem's apprenticeship as recorded by Adazca and Kizu

Lady Raven was given an oath to save Adazca which led to her betrayal of Kizu. The Jedi also assisted her in some ways, but left her with Adazca, which finally led to her falling to the dark side out of despair. Kizu a shell of what he once was after being bested by Adazca in order for Raven to re-join the order, had returned. Raven's despair sparked anger in Kizu old memories and he set off to challenge Adazca for the order. Kizu was struck down, and Raven herself challenged Adazca but was also struck down. She was not killed though as Darth Devarii saved Raven. Indur Rakosi and Lord Escape also challenged Adazca siding with Raven and Kizu. Adazca fled, leaving Lord Escape as the new master of the Sith Ancients.

Raven having seen the tremendous power of how her passion could change events, continued her studies and bided her time, secretly forming and alliance with the Dark Lord Validus. Finally she was ready to challenge Lord Escape.

Raven leads the Sith Ancients

The Order, The Sith Ancients, now came under the control of Darth Raven and she took the name Dark Lady Raven. Within the Order, Lords and Masters included Nymph Zenith (Dark Chaos), Nox Chamberlin (Darth Arcanus) , Slyfer Kotobide( Darth Artrarious), Bri Townsend(Darth Magnanimus), Jeska Itame (Darth Night) and her Inquistor Indur Rakosi (Darth Dawndeath), Jaesiah Toman (Darth Reverence), Darth Reed (Master Reed ), Squall Welinder ( Master ), Kizu Katayama (Darth Obsion). There were many members and at one time this order boasted a roster of almost 80 Sith.

The order fought several wars with the Mandalorians, one of which was coined War of the Heart

Move to Byss and the betrayal

In the war with the Mandalorians, not all battles were successfull and the order began to lose faith. Raven however moved the order's base to Byss to seek more stability along with the support of the other Sith orders. Still in-fighting continued along with the large influx of young people seeking instruction. One day Darth Arcanus and Darth Chaos approached Raven and told her that they were leaving her order as they felt that the order would fail. They took with them Darth Reverence and Master Welinder. Many left the order after this and Raven was left with an order that seemed to be crumbling. Rather then giving up, she continued on and sought out new students. During this time she met Darth Sinis as well as Darth Shadow, but she also knew that the Sith ways she had been taught were not working and so she looked for answers by approaching the Dark Jedi Shadow Academy for instruction.

From this The Code of the Ancients was born and the order's name was changed to The Dark Ancients.

Dark Ancients birth, the Orb and the Shard, the death of Lord Obsion

The Imperials, Bastion and the war with the Sith

Once the dreaded Orb had been destroyed, Raven sought a new alliance with the Imperials for now she had reason to betray the Sith. It was during this time that she met the Grand Admiral Rob Solomon and became fond of him. An agreement was reached with the Imperials where the Dark Ancients would be given Byss to govern should they assist the Imperials.

The battle of Byss and the order's new bases

Raven watching for opportunity finally attacked Byss on her own, but this attack failed. She was driven from Byss, her order scattered. Still persistence always being Raven's strength, she opened new bases and rebuilt her old base on the planet Fresia.

The Krath ritual that changes Raven to become fully human

Blaming her past for her failure Raven seeks out her Krath Master and Knight to perform a ritual that would change her genetics and past as a sacrifice to the dark powers in order to give her the keys to besting her current enemies. This ritual is a success as Raven becomes fully human. In the process however Raven loses her memories as well as her previous hatreds and passions.

New alliances, new betrayals

Once again the Dark Ancients sought alliance with those that would assist the order's purposes, namely the defeat of the Sith who had now taken over the DA's old home base and academy. Raven turned to the new Imperials remembering her old alliances. But the Imperials betrayed the Dark Ancients, not once but three times. The first betrayal occured when Raven and Indur, Raven's captain met one another in a cantina on Tatooine. The 101st tracked the two here and they attempted escape. During this event the Imperial troopers on tatooine joined in the fight but mistakeing Raven for an Enemy Sith, shot her down as well as her captain who had attempted to stand between Raven and enemy fire.

A second betrayal then occurs

While Indur had gone to Byss in search of Raven's brother who appeared to her earlier, Raven went to meet the Jedi Justin in Naboo. During the meeting, an Imperial Loyalist and a Jawa showed up asking to meet Raven stating he had private information regarding one of her people. Thinking Indur might be in trouble, she took the information. The man and the Jawa opened fire. The Jedi joined in the fight but Raven was downed. Two of smooka's men showed up and commenced to engage Indur. One was downed at the same time Indur was also shot down. Master Infernus and Adept Revan arrived and joined in the fight, downing the other still alive. Grand Master Ardonis took Raven and Indur to the Imperial medical center where he tried to determine who had betrayed him. Just that morning Raven had completed an alliance with the imperials, offering the captains's service in exchange, but had seen a vision of the captain being killed.,

And the final betrayal involved Imperials who were actually working for the Hutt:

Raven was confronted by the Hutt's men on Telos. Knowing she had little chance of surviving the fight she instead seeks out a meeting with the Hutt. She lays down her saber to show her sincerity to negotiate, however, she is struck down. While unconcious, a chip is placed into her bloodstream which is really a bomb controlled by the Hutt himself. Should any tampering occur, the bomb will explode. Knowing that now she has no choice she sends her final orders to her Krath Master Dov, while seeking out her captain In addition, she sends a message to the Jedi she had been meeting with. Upon Raven's death the Hutt and all his order must be hunted down and killed.

Alliance broken, and new alliances formed

Angered by the betrayals the DA break their alliance with the Imperials and form new alliances with the Rebel forces in Tatooine.

The death of Atticus, Raven's son

The only way that Raven could have the chip removed from her blood was through a blood transfusion with a blood relative. The Jedi Knight, Justin told Raven he would find a way to save her and to not lose hope. In seeking an answer, Justin goes to Koji, and old Jedi Master. He learns that long ago during one of the Mandalorian battles where Raven was struck down, a Jedi had removed some of Raven's flesh and had used this with a host female to produce a son, Atticus a Grey Jedi who is also the enemy of Raven:

Meeting the Jedi on Telos, Lady Raven was told the shocking truth, that somehow Atticus was her blood son. A transfusion of blood commenced, during which Raven nearly lost her life. Atticus however gave up his own life to save hers, giving her the last of his blood. The chip was removed and the Captain now works to send this along with a message to the Hutt. Lady Raven is weak but well, with much to think on now regarding the Grey Jedi's sacrifice.

Special delivery for the Hutt

Captain Rakosi sends a special package to the Hutt consisting of a bag of blood containing the chip that had previously been in Raven's blood and a bomb set to go off upon the opening of the package. The Hutt accepts the package, but it is opened by one of his slaves and so the ruse is not successful. The message contained in the package was as follows as you wipe away the blood you see the following message written directly to you, Smooka the Hutt.

"The Raven flies injured, a chain on it's breast, tied to the one without honor or crest.. But the chain has been broken, the Raven flies free, and she now has a gift for just you to see! It is sad indeed you have such aplomb, as you read this, look closely.. you are wearing the bomb!"

Meeting an old enemy in Tatooine

In one of her many travels to Tatooine to spend time with her Krath Knight Lord Skall, Raven meets someone from her past, the old Mandalore Prime, Cuy'val Dar.

Raven seeks out Sith Masters

Sickened by the emptyness she continues to feel in place of the old passions which gave her power, Lady Raven seeks the Sith In secret. She finds two original Sith who adhere to the true ways as well as the rule of 2. It was as if the force had led her to this meeting. Darth Jen'ari and Darth Tenebrous. Both Sith take on the lady as their apprentice, an ironic binding of three.

The goals of Raven are solidified.

  • Eliminate the Infidels, the false Sith on Byss and Telos.
  • Eliminate the Jedi
  • Eliminate the false Empire

Raven has a renewed sense of personal power as she begins her new journey while the History of the Dark Jedi begins to repeat itself.

The death of Darth Shadow, Grand Master Krath

Seeking a way to return Raven's memories, Darth Shadow finds and old text and a ritual. Asking Raven's permission the ritual is performed. Raven's memories are returned to her but the cost of Darth Shadow's death.

New battles, new victories

Recieving a communication that Lord Kardex had been captured by the Hutt's men, Raven and Darth Infernus set out to rescue the lord. The Hutt's men were bested in a battle of two against seven and Lord Kardex was rescued.

A visit to Byss ends in battle

Lady Raven and the captain return to Byss, curious as to the rumors they hear regarding Adazca's state encased in ice. This peaceful mission ends in battle with Raven taken prisoner but then rescued by the DA and the Mandalorians

Raven meets the governor of Tatooine and learns of the crystal

Through the force, Raven sees a picture in her mind of someone she had only met once before, the Governor of Tatooine. Feeling strangly compelled to find this man, Raven sets off for Tatooine and the Governor's mansion. Meeting the governor, she learns that he has in his possession a large red Kaiburr crystal and that he is willing to pay her on condition of eliminating certain people and watching others. The meeting is interrupted however and the Governor gives Raven a few chip from the crystal as proof of his possession, stating that the terms of the deal will be given to her later.

Further confrontation with the Hutt

Captain Rakosi is called to meet with Smooka the Hutt alone. The Hutt however captures the Captain as the Hutt now uses this to try to secure peace with the Dark Ancients. Once again the Mandalorians come to the Dark Ancient's aid. A chase ensues and the Hutt is found, the captain is rescued and the Hutt forced to seek peace conditions with Lady Raven.

Conditions For Peace - The Capture Of Adazca -

Lady Raven gives the Hutt her conditions for peace. Capture the Sith Master Adazca, now encased in ice and kill him. Smooka agrees to these terms sending his people to Byss to obtain Adazca. Raven is then called by the Hutt to come and retrieve her trash. Knowing time was of the essence, Raven decides to take Adazca as her prisoner.

An exchange with an old foe, the crystal obtained and the defeat of Adazca

An old voice comes from her cloak where a communication device had been hidden in the seam, again her old enemy, Cuy'val Dar. The old Mandalore apparently seeks the prisioner Adazca for his client in exchange for the prized crystal Raven had heard about from the governor. Anxious to remove the prisoner from the Dark Ancient's base, Raven agrees to the exchange. The resulting events lead to her possession of the crystal, the defeat of Adazca and perhaps the defeat of the Hutt.

Raven's hand, the governor and the rebellion

Various skirmishes continue between the DA and the Sith. In one skirmish Lady Surya removes Raven's right hand with her saber. Raven finds a temporary replacement for her hand but the area becomes infected as her body rejects the mechanical device Raven had used. She ignores this condition as best she can.

The Dark Ancients turn their attention away from the Sith to the Jedi problem. In several fights the Dark Ancients are victorious even though they are outnumbered.

Many days later, In a chance meeting in the cantina on Tatooine, the Governor whom Raven has met before, offers his own surgical team that specializes in limb replacement. Due to the infection that has now set in, the surgery is ordered immediately for the replacement of the hand.

After the surgery the Governor shows up at Raven's base on Fresia. A meeting takes place between the governor and Raven. He shows an interest in the orb of which Raven has kept a history in her library. Asking for privacy the Governor asks that Raven assist him on Tatooine in removing the rebel cause. Raven agrees as long as a base is created for the DA to operate from. At the end of the meeting, the governor shows Raven a device that displays her vital signs.

David Arizona takes out a small object out of a pocket in his belt David Arizona places the small device on the table in front of Lady Raven Raven: And what is this governor? a small screen on a small black flat rectagle the screen light is green with a few Galactic Basic numbers rolling across David Arizona: that, is an indicator sensor David Arizona: all systems are normal and functioning well You: alright you have my interest what intrigue do you have up your sleeve hmmm? David Arizona: nothing up my sleeve David Arizona taps on the back of neck, at the base of the skull Salem Benedict understanding dawns in Lady Raven's eyes David Arizona: i think you will be quite egar to listen to my suggestions. we do, after all, have a mutual benifit Raven: do not underestimate me governor David Arizona: i dont David Arizona: never have David Arizona: do not assume that i am so petty Raven: I am afraid I assume many who are not of my own empire shall we say are petty in many ways Raven: your ways are not my own David Arizona: it is not of force that i am seeking, but of assurances Raven: My word is your assurance governor.. that and do not forget what you seek from me David Arizona: i am making an investment, i am just making sure to be able to benifit form my investments Raven: you have need of me David Arizona: no, i dont David Arizona: but i want to use you Raven: laughs David Arizona: i can get anyone to do what needs to be done. but you have an interest in the same outcome, so, your enthusiasim is to my benifit as well Raven: Your arrogance astounds me humble scholar David Arizona: let's just say, i wish to make sure enthusiasims stay in check David Arizona: are we agreed? Raven: Yes we are in agreement that we have mutal goals and will will work together for the moment to achieve those goals Raven: but you will acknowledge both myself and my people before this ends .. a prohecy of my own shall we say? David Arizona: i have no desire to withhold any bounty that comes your way David Arizona: that is not my desire Raven: It is not bounty I seek governor David Arizona: i think you will find benifits that you have not tought of before Raven: I can see the benefits I will gain David Arizona gives a little wink " i think you will be most happy with these arrangments" Raven: happiness is not somthing leaders allow themselves often governor you should know this David Arizona: and let's keep the conditions of our arrangements...to ourselves. i think your fellows would not quite understand David Arizona: or try to take advantage David Arizona: let's avoid that Raven: Very well .. but you suprise me Raven: you are more witty then I thought Raven: I respect men of intelligence David Arizona: and i respect women of cunning David Arizona: you have my respect, Lady Raven Raven: Very well on these words we will end this meeting .. words of mutual respect.. and an alliance towards a mutual goal David Arizona: yes David Arizona smiles David Arizona: will you walk with me to my shuttle? Raven: of course David Arizona: i thank you for your time. i have agents finding out details of the rebel forces Raven: smiles.. I already have more access then you know David Arizona: i will not hesitate to get you reports David Arizona: i am sure, but consider this a way of cross referencing Raven: very well David Arizona: and, just so you dont waste your time, the "conditions" are very sensitive and bundled tight. i would not suggest "altering" it David Arizona steps up close to her Salem Benedict looks into his eyes with defiance David Arizona takes her chin in his hand "i think your head looks very pretty where it is" David Arizona lets go and steps back Raven: have an uneventful trip home governor David Arizona: until another day. i shall talk to you soon. hopefully, i will even get the pleasrue of seeing you David Arizona: and i am very glad the surgurey had given you a succesful hand back. such a loss and be hard on the soul

Rebel prisoner taken

A communication is sent to Raven from Zeitus, that the rebel cause needs the Dark Jedi's help. Raven invites Zeitus to the base. He is then taken prisoner and commanded to contact his commander for conditions. Unfortunately while Raven is away tending to business, Darth Jen'ari mortally wounds the prisoner. Raven must now find another way to trap the commander of the rebel forces.

Times of darkness

Not much is known after the rebel attacks of the ancients. They were thought to have gone extinct, but they only resorted to the shadows. With the Dark Lady and Darth Sinis disappering into the outer rims, the order was left crushed in the hands of Nagual and Zerafon. Left to rot under the Sith Shadow the empire grew under Emperor Kestrals name, the Dark Ancients waiting quietly in the shadows to strike.

Mad reign

Deep on the surface of Vjun, one of the Masters of the ancients lost some touch with himself, developing a insane psychotic beahavoiur that eventually lead to the destruction of the Jedi of Ac'trayth destroying one of the major of many Jedi orders out their, this was a crippling blow to the Jedi. Using Obelisk psychological tactics, and Krath interlect the Ancients, carefully manipulated a key member of the JOTA and soon the very foundrys and Masters fo the JOTA fell to the dark side, corrupting the order and soon destroying it.

Purification by eradication

The order now lay in turmoil.. With most of the Masters gone and the members, disappering action needed to be taken.

Darth Zerafon the youngest of all master devised a plot in order to gain independence from the Sith once and for all.

The order now situated at Cathar, Zerafon with a few order members and a old friend of the Ancients Darth Terrista travelled to Korriban, in a highly sucessful attack upon the then leader fo the Assembly of Darkness, Darth Imida.

Succeeding in the attack upon her, the Ancients fled the Sith hold, with Terrista now a member of the Ancients and began preperation for their Lady's visions.

The rise of Sanit

Master Zerafon's alternative self Sanit seems to take over his body, interuppting an important ritual held at Yavin IV. Sucking Prazen into the darkside vortex, mutating him into a spawn of the darkside. Master Nagual is forced to flee Yavin IV and make refuge in the undercity of Imperial City. Sanit leaves the Ancients after a long service and joins the Sith Dynasty.

The Obelisk Master soon fell to his own so called insanity and it was too late. He changed into the dark manfistation of himself, Sanit. Betraying the ancients during a important ritual, Sanit burned the yavin Temple to the ground in a hope to kill off the Krath Elder Nagual. During the chaotic skirmish the Krath Knight Prazen was slain as his body destroyed and corrupted by the ritual. The Dark Ancient Apprentice of Zerafon, Morrigan and the DA ally Sakura was also reportdly slain during the betrayal.

Nagual escaping with what he had, escaped the temple, leaving the nemesis Sanit behind.

Alliance reborn

Master Nagual travels to Korriban in preperation to meet with the Dark Lords and Ladies of the Sith Dynasty. A new branch of sith is born, the Sith Dynasty later to be renamed to the Shadows of Primus. He is successful in mending the wounds Sanit has made within the heart of the Ancients. the Alliance is reborn.

The rise of Sanit - Part 2

As weeks past, the DA took refuge in many places, attempting to rebuild there losses, to the tyrant Sanit. Nagual and the now disfigured Knight Prazen, took it into there own hands to restore what was loss..after the Knights sacrafice for his Master, only Krath magic would tell what happened to his damaged body next..with the rest of the Ancients scattered across the gloom galaxy and the psychotic master, Sanit, hiding within the sith ranks the next chapters of history were unclear.

Manipulative and decietful, it was clear Sanit was behind most of the sith's investigations into the DA's refuge on claims of treason. With even attacks and violence against the already crippled yet still strong order..something needed to be done.

Word had spread of Sanit being within the Shadow of Primus, Sithes..reaching Nagual he didn't like to take chances sending scouts to confirm the evidence, although what seemed to be a reliable piece of information turned to be a wild goose chase as he had disappeared once again..this time for good.

Confused and paranoid for his return, Nagual set up safety measures..but in a unlikely chance of events..a pecular package was delivered to the Krath Elder..inside lay a severed head..it was Sanit's...the mask attached...clearly a clone head of his former friend and even without bodily functions the head spoke, the mask laughed...Such a abomination to existence needed to be treat with care, Nagual took it into his own hands and studied it, before keeping it locked away out of sight, for eternity.

A sight for sore eyes...

With the menace of Sanit gone, it was time to rebuild..survivors needed to be located and alliances re-joined. It was at this time a old figure was found, Zerafon had re-emerged locating and aiding the survivors throughout the vast galaxy..overwhlmed, it was hard to understand yet. With the Krath Elder, Nagual's dissaperence once again it was back into Zerafons hands.

Leading the ancients once again a reformed Zerafon, could not remember the events of his past..as Sanit. Instead it was time to move forward, placing the loyal Knight Prazen as head of the Krath Order, in Naguals absence it was time to place his working plans in place.

Secretly he ordered a dig on the dark planet of Korriban. The digsite that served no purpose, as locals recalled it..with its dark echos and thunderous roars..who knows what dark excavations have taken place.

Yet, it was, the very pressenc eof the newly reformed Dark Master that worried the people..his dark plans and covert operations seemed to serve no purpose as yet..although with orders of assassinations and irregular patterns of movement form the DA, under his orders..also mixed with the numerous alliances it seemed a new movement was forming...

Months past and the terrible roars thundered underneath Korriban, with Zerafons orders for the Krath to go their own way and steer clear fo the planet, Prazen sensed something odd on the horizon..the newly appointed Knight, Lady Wemyss..a old apprentice and valuable assest to Zerafon was also given the curious tasks of enlisting aid.

Return of the Jen'Jidai

After months of Sanit on Korriban, eventually the disease is clensed. Darth Zerafon returns to the Dark ancients and tries to continue where he left off. leaving Sanit behind for good. Lord Prazen's heart was taken from the remains off what was left. Master Nagual set out to find him a form. This form coming as an Aleena. Prazen returns aswell as Zerafon. The ancients grow strong again. The only set back with the removal off the Imperial City Refuge.

The Revenant Armada

The Assembly of Darkness hidden away on Korriban train a student known as Takaki. Takaki eventually leaves the Assembly seeing his mentor: Darth Chaos as old, weak and withering. Takaki creates an Armada with his resources and offers Prazen with a chance to get involved concerning the Empress teta system. Prazen accepts after a long talk and assinates the whole royal guard, the Emperor and Empress of the Empress Teta system, Cinnagar. He leaves the young princess in ruins. The Armada move in and claim the system as there home. An assassin known as Gen Morane marries the young princess and secures there place. Takaki also makes his move on Imperial City, hoem to the Fel Empire and PGA. HE eradicates multitudes off foes and claims the planet for himself for a short peroid of time. He takes the title of Darth.

An old plague enter, Darth Infernus

Lord Prazen and various other ancients hear rumours of an old krath master returning, buzzing about. There attention is caught. After much research and searching. Prazen manages to find out that Darth Infernus has been in contact with the Revenant Armada and arranges a meeting at Cinnagar, heart of the Empress Teta System. He discovers many things about the old master, considering they never met and new details. A mysterious master is working with Infernus or is he?

New Korriban Empire

With the Galaxy and Galactic affairs in chaos, the lonely planet of Korriban remained isolated. Quite and barren, with the Shadows Of Primus and Assembly in ruin, the Blackheart Army of Korriban all but gone. The Dark Ancients made a move to new power. Laying down law and order, the dark jedi silently killed of outsiders and scum that had made the planet there new home in the sith's mysterious dissaperence, with the carnage and bloodshed of hundreds in a single night the valley was quitened once more. It was at this time, with Naguals leave once more Zerafon established himself as a charismatic leader of the ancients, with many following him in his new awakened state.

Following the new rise of dark jedi. Quakes and tremors scattered the land as new buildings and facilites rose, all under the nose of the galaxy. The digsite was caved in after a mysterious object, that was rumored to be "The Heart of Korriban" a stone of immense power that connected itself directly with Korriban, yet the stone soon went missing..apparantly from the public eye.

During the building of the empire, Zerafon bought together the Blackhearts and Shadows, along with his trusting right hand, Master Wemyss and loyal apprentice Sekhmet. Soon the strong foundations of the empire were completed, repelling forces and healing the planet the force began to re-connect. With the new and upcomming talent from the young adept Shiefo, trade routes were established and income came in steady. Yet all in the ranks, were not quite settled....

The end of a ancient era...

Since the rise of the Dark Lady Raven and her people of the ancients. The Dark Ancients have flourished and altered the way the Galaxy is seen today. Being the pupeteers pulling the strongs, or the ones whom really control Galactic Affairs, the order unlike many has never died out. Continuing to grow strong, the dark jedi were the enigmatic individuals of the dark side. Loyal to themselves and there brethern, based on the founding principles of Dark Lady Raven they have existed for over centuries cutting down all oppessesion....

Since the Dark Ladies sudden disapperance years ago.....the order was left in the hand of the First Masters... The legendary Six:

  • The Krath Elder - Infernus (Jokion Lach)
  • The Ancients Fist - Sinis (Tyrant Laffer)
  • The Shadows - Shadow (Anwer Engawa)
  • The Warlord - Ubel (Kuchiki Ichigo)
  • The Krath Oracle - Nagual (Dovryn Skall)
  • The Corrupt One - Zerafon (Rei Seelowe)

Over the years, each died out...Sinis known for his power and strength as a fighter soon disappered from the Galaxy along with the Dark Lady....

The Founder of the Krath and Master in the Force, Infernus overcome and engulfed with power, soon disappered like a distinguised flame by the others...

Shadow, not even death could keep him bound, he still looms..waiting....watching. Holding onto the Ancients as the proud Master he is admired by all, feared by many.

The iron fist and warlord of the order, the one and only Sith Master to ever strike fear into the many. Upsurping power within the order, he soon died out..now his name remains forever engraved as a Master of the Ancients...

The Oracle Nagual, along with Zerafon the Corrupt...two were brethern..fighting side by side. Until that fateful day when each flames diminished, there could only be one and in the end the Krath disappered for the Galaxy..

With the Firsts died out, the order was left to only one of the original...turning away from his Ladies teachings and others, living in a dark paranoid psychotic mind. Zerafon emerged the ruling fist, the lord and the darkness of the ancients. Assuming the title of Dark Lord he took his Dark Lady's position....

Now the Dark Lord Zerafon, the ancients begin a new book, a new chapter of war, chaos, blood and carnage...the final entry of one of the most strongest roleplay and plots of the galaxy comes ot a close as a new one in a new leaders wake rises.

Thus..ending......Begin the chapter of the seconds....

The new chapter of the Ancients, Dark Jedi/Sith

The new legend of the Ancients begin from where Zerafon upsurped and established himself superior to the rest of the First Masters. Forging the Ancients from his old Master's teachings into his own, the connection between power and morals establised. The Dark Jedi and Sith came together once again in the new order as the beginnings of a empire formed under his thumb, thus a new chapter begins...

The first second

A loyalist and un-surpassed Anceint. Morrigan Wemyss, her former name. Once a subordinate of Zerafon, teaching her what he knew the two drew a connection that lasted years. He had lead her through thick and thin, yet despite her Masters un-orthodox and questionable ways of teaching she remained loyal. Without doubt she was one of great insight and Zerafon placed her as a Head of Intelligence...seeing her true potenial she excelled many others and crushed all under her thumb..she would soon be known as Master Wemyss..Confidant of Zerafon.


With the sudden change on the planet Korriban and uprising. The population of the planet left mysteriously. Newstheads caught glimpses of a mighty fleet leaving the planet, destroying monuments and ancient arcitecure before dispersing into darker space. With the Korriban sith now just a migrating fleet, some broke away while half of the Sith followed with Zerafon and the Blackhearts commander Umbra. They needed anew home, seeing Dxun as a perfect location to continue there plots, they easily attacked purging and wiping the planet free of the Mandalorians, what would follow would be heavy defence and building on the now war-torn planet, held steady by the Sith.

Dxun - Part II

With Dxun under control, Zerafon began to place his own resources and finances into the Planet. Quietly spreading his forces to multiple areas of the Planet, he kept away from Galactc affairs for a while. Avioding enemies and continually pushing the remaining Sith and his Dark Jedi followers forward. Though all was not right, under guidance from Zerafon. He left Lady Wemyss in charge of the fleet, while passing down the ranks of General to his two loyal followers Rev'Ka and Dominus. Fortfying the strongholds steadily. Unrest grew among the ranks. With no reason to build and continued attacks from rogue Mandalorians, Zerafon began preperations for his next move.

Late plans and experiments conducted by the deceased Dr.Dervious under Sanits command now lay at Zerafons hands. Dxun was not a random choice, many ancient monoliths of dark side energy rested on this planet. Using Sanits old scriptures, Zerafon and his scientists began to corrupt them. Changing the Dxun landscape. Mutating creatures and energy, the once ripe and fruitful life of Dxun was devoured by the demoninc sith spawn. Twisting his dark jedi followers and sith, fights broke out and the planet began to delve into a wasteland.

Upon hearing of Zerafons madness, the Mandalorians returned laying waste to his mutant allies and creatures before reclaiming the planet. The Dark Lord left, with his ship the PANDAEMONIUM. Leaving behind many of his army without care.


With the fall of the Zerafonic Empire, the remnants of the Dark Ancients and Blackhearts left for refuge in Ziost. Under the care of Lady Wemyss and Darth Umbra.

Zerafon and his loyal followers Rev'Ka and Domnius returned to Ziost. Morrigan seeing that Sanits twisted games have created a monster, prepared to upsurp the order from the old Zerafon. Yet it was on the temple mount that Zerafon abondned her and his order for the last time. Leaving for a station only mythically known as Eden or Dark Rose, the birthplace of the Ancients. This would be the last time she would see him. Just a shell of his former self and so the Ancients legacy came to a close. Under the care of Lady Morrigan, Rev'Ka and Domnius left and the order gradually came apart. For the years of fighting, the upheavels and bloodshed. Love, losses and betrayals and the grand vision the history of the Ancients comes to a close.

"Peace is but a Dream. Power is but a Desire. We can only be true to ourselves."


Code of the Ancients

Purpose: "The order is based on placing its self as the primary manipulator of galactic affairs...we exist to take hold of the entire galaxy under our will, whether it knows it serves us or not, to serve whatever purpose is desired by our lords"

  • Respect
  • Strength
  • Wisdom

This code is a guideline of conduct that must be followed without exception in the Order of the Ancients. This code is in addition to agreed upon RP rules. The code forms a triangle. Each side must be strong, or the other sides are weakened. Each side supports the other.

Those that call themselves Ancients will show respect for their Order and their Masters and Knights at all times. Orders from a senior will not be questioned.
All orders come from The Dark Lady Raven.. then to her Masters, and then to her Knights, and from her Knights to the apprentices and initiates.
Action that is done without sanction from the proper chain of command will be dealt with severely as will any show of a lack of respect to one's senior.
Strength comes in part from the seeking of perfection in all manner of battle. The Ancients will produce the strongest Masters of Saber/Force as well as Masters in conventional weaponry.
Trials in this order will include showing skill and mastery of of the Saber and Force.
All Ancients are brothers and sisters in the order. Therefore no saber will be raised against a fellow Ancient. Strength of the whole will be gained by our bond. Power will be the reward. Violation of this will be seen as treason against the Order.
Wisdom will be honored as a distinct and supporting side of the code's triangle. It is wisdom that guides our hand in battle and in finding our ultimate place as rulers in this universe. Our skill in battle is the arrow.. our strength is the hand that holds the arrow in place against the bow, wisdom is the eye that commands the hand to release and guides the arrow to it's target. Meditation and discipline will bring wisdom.
No-one will advance their place in this order without proving they pass trials of both skill as well as wisdom and respect.


Dark Lady Raven - No rank above hers.

Rank 5. Masters command and instruct the Knights. A Master must be well rounded and have attained much wisdom through experience. Their loyalty is without question. Should the Dark Lady fall.. it will be the Masters that command the order.
Rank 4. Knights may have up to 2 Adept apprentices which they will be fully responsible for training to Knighthood. Knights must pass trials of Respect, Strength, and Wisdom. A Knight must choose an order, described below.
Rank 3. Chosen by Knights to learn excellence in their respective paths.
Rank 2. Have proven their loyalty to the order through their actions in seeking to learn and practice the code of Respect/Strength and Wisdom. A Knight must recommend an Initiate to be promoted to Adept to Lady Raven before they can have any official training.
Adepts are not authoritive over Initiates and should never give orders to an Initiate. They lack the training and discipline to give proper direction. After at least 3 days a Knight may choose an Adept as their apprentice.
Rank 1. Seek to prove themselves worthy in the order through learning the basics and following their seniors orders without question. Must stay in this position for at least 3 days before being considered for promotion to Adept. Initiates will recieve no formal training at all. They should make an extreme effort to participate as much as possible during this time, because the entire Initiate period is an ongoing trial. Initates will be judged on everything they say and do.



The scholars, diplomats, researchers, and scientists of the Dark Jedi. They command an immense knowledge of the Force and can manipulate it using a form of magic known only to the Krath. The Krath work best alone. The Krath only come together to share knowledge with eachother, otherwise keeping to themselves in isolation for their studies. The Krath are always staying in the shadows, lurking for the right moment to strike, manipulating from afar to get their way. Cunning and calculating, they produce stunningly complicated plots to gain power through subtle force rather than direct brutality. A Dark Jedi Krath Knight is the bringer and seeker of knowledge and magic to the order. A Dark Jedi Krath Master is said to be the ultimate power of the Force.


The warriors, soldiers, and weaponsmasters of the Dark Jedi. They command an incredible skill in all things combat, including hand-to-hand combat, military prowess, and special forces maneuvers. Utilizing the Force to aide them in battle, they act swiftly and violently to any threats. The Obelisk are often utilized as direct ground assault and will be placed in field command positions over troops, but lack the overall leadership discipline that is required for larger fleet command. Their lightsaber skills are invaluable in combat. A Dark Jedi Obelisk Knight is the muscle and meat of the order. A Dark Jedi Obelisk Master is said to be the ultimate warrior.


The warlords and leadership of the Dark Jedi. They have an immense drive for conquest and power and stop at nothing to get it. They place themselves in leadership positions and drive for control over anything they can get their hands on for nothing other than their personal greed. Yet in doing this they accomplish a variety of skills in both combat and Force usage. Power hungry and corrupt, they brutally punish any who get in their way and ally and command those who seek to promote their power. The Sith are the ones who take full command of a situation. They charge out and utilize their array of powers to aide in their fights, ruthlessly cutting down any who stand in their way. They also are quite fond of piloting starcraft and galactic exploration, always seeking new areas to influence. A Dark Jedi Sith Knight is the organizer and commanders of the order. A Dark Jedi Sith Master is said to be the ultimate warlord and leader.

Purpose: "The order is based on placing its self as the primary manipulator of galactic affairs...we exist to take hold of the entire galaxy under our will, whether it knows it serves us or not, to serve whatever purpose is desired by our lords"