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Dantooine Jedi Enclave is a committed Order of Jedi Masters, Knights, and Padawans, who have dedicated themselves to the study of The Force. The Jedi Order is dedicated to the rebuilding of and protection of the historic Dantooine Enclave.

"Even the Sith would think twice before attacking Dantooine. There are many Jedi here, including several of the most powerful masters of the order. There is great strength within this place."

— Jedi Master Bastila Shan

To be Jedi in Dantooine means to be the protectors of this community, we are not the government, we are only the defenders of this planet, working together with the Civilians and the Dantooine Guards, for to keep Dantooine's peace ... because this is our compromise with this community .. and to keep Dantooine's freedom, our hope against the Sith domination in the galaxy.

"Jedi do not fight for peace. That's only a slogan, and is as misleading as slogans always are. Jedi fight for civilization, because only civilization creates peace. We fight for justice because justice is the fundamental bedrock of civilization: an unjust civilization is built upon sand. It does not long survive a storm."

— Jedi Master Mace Windu

The Dantooine Jedi Enclave strives to be a family which provides one another with mutual respect, encouragement, help and protection in the face of any challenge or threat. This concept of the called "Family" is the bedrock of the Jedi Order, everyone in DJE has voice and the main goal of the community is to keep this concept of Family present in any DJE member, because DJE without this concept, doesn't exist.


The Beginning

Dantooine Ruins.jpg

For Centuries, the Jedi Enclave was left, after many wars, the Jedi order was eradicated from Dantooine, the commerce and presence of Dantooine in the Galaxy go down, but now, the ruins of the buildings, the commerce and the Dantooine society were restored by the new community.

This community in majority human farmers, they start to be the main settlers of this planet, with the time, The community established a government based on the principles of the Republic, learning from the lessons of the past, what it meant the Sith Empire presence on Dantooine, that led to the community almost total destruction.

Now this new Dantooine government, has its main objective into strengthen the economy of Dantooine planet, working hard and closely with the Dantooine Guards, the DJE Jedi to maintain peace and security on Dantooine.

Dantooine First Meeting.jpg

Being in the Post-Legacy era, while the Dantooine Community was working in the restoration of the planet, a group of Jedi from the Jedi Order of Ruusan, left the planet to establish a new Jedi Order on Dantooine, with the objective of restoring the Historic Jedi Enclave.

Many Jedi left Ruusan and went towards to Dantooine, to support the local settlers and to reconstruct the Jedi Enclave there.

A first Jedi meeting was made there, that was the beginning of all the things. By the will of the Force, and with the participation of the main Leaders of this new Jedi Enclave, the called "The Family", The first Council Masters decided to rebuild the Dantooine Jedi Enclave and restore the Jedi Presence on Dantooine.

This meeting was made with the presence of Master Don Gaton, Master Caronte Blanco, Master Edwina Heron (Eds), the Jedi Knights Mark Ordram, Stallion Raiden, and the Padawans Zero Dragone, Marc Raiden, Brenna Hastings and Blade Kamala.

"The ways of the Living Force are beyond our understanding... But fear not. You are in the hands of something much greater and much better than you can imagine."

— Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn

The First Generation


The Main leader of the Jedi Order on Dantooine was Master Don Gaton, Being a Jedi Master Former in NOJ, he decided to lead the new group of Jedi, for to build a Jedi Order in Dantooine, establishing the base of the DJE Jedi Academy, then, the first DJE generation of Jedi Knights continued his work on Dantooine, keeping the fundamentals and improving other things on the Jedi Order.

Master Gaton established the bases of this new community, and defined the role of the Jedi Order on Dantooine, his vision and his dedication on Dantooine will never be forgotten.

He was a real example of a real Jedi, and the example to follow for the new generations of Jedi in DJE.

DJE Firsts Jedi Knights.jpg

The firsts DJE Jedi Knight defined the Jedi Academy training , working in the knowledge of the Force, the Force users abilities, the sabre skills, the discipline and vision of the Jedi Order. They defined the policy against the Darksiders, for to protect Dantooine against the Sith menace, because they were witness in the past, than how the Sith was allowed in other planets and at the end, how that planets fall under Sith domination.

It was not an easy decision, but their goal was clear from the beginning, Having the approval of the Dantooine Government, it was very needed for to bring Hope in the galaxy, for to believe in the restoration of a Republic in the Galaxy, and the freedom against the Sith domination.

"With the Force there are two paths, good and evil, ... one may take, nothing in between. One leads to a full life, no matter the years. The other is most assuredly a short path that leads to a certain solitary end. One should choose wisely."

— Jedi Master Qu Rahn

The Time of Darkness


But this beautiful project called Dantooine not always had happiness all the time, Dantooine lived his most difficult time, when some of the Jedi Patriarchs of the Order decided to move away from Dantooine for personal reasons.

Was in that time, than Master Caronte Blanco decide to lead the Jedi Order with the help of the other few ones, Master Mark Ordram, Master Blade Kamala, Master Kaz Haiku, and Sir RavenClaw Karu.

Being few ones on Dantooine, they start to work in the bases of the Jedi Order of Dantooine, that work was very difficult, because the moral of some ones go down, but with heart and decision, The Masters with patience start to recovery "The Family" concept again, because they know than without that concept, Dantooine will not exist.

"One cannot avoid the darkness unless one knows where it lies and the routes that lead to it."

— Jedi Master Tolaris Shim

Dantooine Darkness2.jpg

In the worst time on Dantooine, after few days than some of the Jedi Patriarches left Dantooine, the Jedi Master Stallion Raiden betrayed DJE.

The fallen Jedi Master, made pacts with the darksiders, the Nightsisters, the Bloodtalon, and taking with him to others from Dantooine Jedi Enclave.

Stallion, being manipulated by the Darksiders, made his own army, for attack Dantooine in a weakest moment.

It was a time of darkness over Dantooine, Stallion was leading Darksiders and Dark troopers against DJE. They started searching to find the new ones alone on Dantooine, for strike them, in coward way, when the few Masters were not around, searching to make the Dantooine moral fall down, and for that, Dantooine was under attack constantly for some days.

Dantooine battle2.jpg

The brave Jedi on Dantooine tried to defend the planet, sacrificing their life's with honour, being outnumbered, the Jedi challenged them on each attack, but for them, to fight against the fallen Jedi, their brothers in the past, it was very difficult.

Only when Master Blade Kamala, in front of everybody there, ready for to fight again, He spokes to Stallion about of the reasons of his selfish acts against his old Jedi family, Master Blade offers to him to sacrifice himself (Blade), Leaving Dantooine Exiled, with the condition than Stallion stop the madness of his acts against Dantooine, and only in that moment, Stallion, seeing that his best friend was resigning everything about Dantooine, he ordered to stop the attack, and the dark Forces obeyed him.

"Training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge, and even if you succeed, it's a hard life."

— Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn

The Second Generation

DJE Ceremony.jpg

At the end, the light of the force heal the Jedi Order again, and after of many tears and to be concerned about of Dantooine, the will of the force with the Jedi Order of Dantooine was showed, and a new Jedi generation was growing up on Dantooine.

Master Caronte Blanco starts to be the Jedi reference for the Jedi Order, and for the will of the Force, The Masters Mark Ordram, Caronte Blanco, Kaz Haiku and Blade Kamala worked so hard for to make DJE growing up , training a new generation of Jedi there. From this new generation, we can find the names of the following Jedi: Master RavenClaw Karu, Sir Kanno, Sir Agen Kolher, Sir Ruins, Sir Keiran, Sir Otacon, Sir Rothlan, Lady Krystal, Lady Laura Kamala, Lady Melody Kamala, Lady Bianca Dallas, Lady Neren, and others.

"Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose."

— Jedi Master Yoda

Dantooine Second Generation.jpg

Their work and support were very Important for to define the new base of the Jedi Order, and the protectors of the Jedi Enclave, Many of the padawans than suffered the dark time in the past, they become in DJE Jedi Knights, and the few Jedi Knights than existed in the time fo crises, become in Jedi Masters, and all of them worked hard with the councils for to restore the Jedi order again.

It was not an easy work, the Sith tried to destroy that work many times, but Many times also they failed, because Jedi Knights, Padawans with honour, with their sabres, protecting and defending Dantooine against the Sith Attacks made by Sith Lords, but, these Braves Jedi show them, each time, than when a group of Jedi has a real goal in their heart, nobody can destroy or take them that.

"I'm not a Jedi because I like the hum of the lightsaber in my hand…and I'm not a Jedi because I like being a Jedi. I'm a Jedi because the Galaxy needs Jedi."

— Jedi Master Torr Snapit

DJE Ceremony.png

Now, on Dantooine Jedi Enclave, the sunrise illuminates the faces of the Jedi there, now, with the Jedi Order healed, new Masters, new Jedi Knights, new Padawans, born in DJE, and the Jedi Order on Dantooine starts to grow up in Humble way, against the desire of their enemies for to see them fall down.

The Jedi of Dantooine, worked in silence, they are being firms in their convictions, always acting as servants of the Force, teaching the Jedi Way to who wish to follow the Jedi path on Dantooine, helping to others, defending the innocent, protecting the weak by the will of the Force, doing their duty, as Jedi.

"Being Jedi Master doesn't mean only to have a Rank or Title superior over others, in a Jedi Order. In fact, being a Jedi Master, in a Jedi Order, is to be a servant of others, sacrificing yourself for the rest of Jedi, under your leadership"

— Jedi Master Blade Kamala

The Third Generation

DJE Council meeting.jpg

At the end, with all the efforts made, the work in DJE provide the first results, The Dantooine Jedi Enclave, was working in the new base of the Advanced Jedi Path, new students and padawans start to appear for to be teached by the Jedi of Dantooine, new DJE Jedi Knights are made, and new DJE Jedi Masters are showed by the will of the Force.

Blade, Laura & Melody (day).jpg

The Dantooine Goverment and the Jedi Order, build a strong base of cooperation in the planet, the presence of the Jedi, is demarked by cordiality and respect in the community, and having clear their compromise with the community, the DJE define a new base of Council Masters, in this new Generation of Council Masters, the names of Master Sha'ira, Master Keiran Horn, Master Artiste, Master Laura, were recognized by the community like an example of dedication, work and loyalty in the Jedi order.

"To walk the path of the Jedi, one's spirit must be strong. That requires discipline."

— Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis

The Fourth Generation (Present Day)

After Master Artiste, Master Lau, Master Sha'ira and Keiran departures, Dantooine and DJE itself have been going through a period of decline followed by a slow renovation process. The Jedi Enclave went through a difficult period in terms of activity, but its community and most loyal members hold strong and decided to carry on the DJE Legacy and so forming a new generation of Jedi.

The 4th generation was born.

At the end of a long period of rebuilding and re-organization, a new Council was nominated.

Council members are: Master RavenClaw Karu, Master Thot Mistwalker, Master Destiny Vuissent, Master Neren Valis, Master Otacon Skinstad, Master Valery Goldshark

DJE is now established in a renovated and rebuilt Enclave, still on Dantooine Planet.

The new rebuilding has shown particular influence from the Old Republic architecture and tradition.

We can find new personalities together with some old members: Master Arth Darkwatch, Master Rothlan Nabro, Master Gabriel Botha, Master Galise, Lady Jarael Kimono and more...

The New Council strong of new jedi knights and masters and of a renovated alliance with the Grand Army of Republic (GAR) will keep Dantooine safe and form the DJE next generation.

This new Generation of Council Masters in DJE, has the duty of to keep the DJE academy in a highest level, having clear than the challenge in this time will be major, and the Galaxy needs the presence and support of the Jedi, and Dantooine needs to be a reference of why the Jedi is necesary for to keep the justice and peace, against the Sith Empire.

The Jedi Order of Dantooine, works so hard for don't allow the Sith Domination over Dantooine. but the price of that is to see than DJE has many detractors, many organizations and groups than don't see them with good eyes, often accused of being too aggressive with whom only represent the dominant power in the galaxy or the servants of the Sith Empire,

DJE will not betray their principles and values as Jedi, they will not betray the will of the Force. The Jedi Order of Dantooine will be firm against the selfish desire of glory, power and domination over others, against the Sith Empire, than offers us a false peace, with the objective of eradicate the only ones than really can make to others challenge them, the Jedi.


DJE Temple.jpg

The Dantooine Jedi Enclave is a Jedi Order than is defined in the same standard hierarchy used by the Jedi Orders in the past, the leaders of the Jedi order are the DJE Council Masters, with them are defined the principles and values than govern the Jedi Order and their members, but, exist a difference with other Jedi Order structures, because in DJE, the Chamber of Jedi Knights and Masters work together, They Define and vote for each important matter than the Councils or the Jedi Order, needs to define for the future of DJE.

"I don't believe the training of a true Jedi comes from listening to lectures. I want to teach you how to learn action, how to do things, not just think about them."

— Jedi Master Luke Skywalker

Dantooine Jedi Enclave 008.jpg

The Jedi Order of Dantooine has defined the use of the rank called "Jedi Quarton" than represents a kind of Padawan in advanced training, ideal for special induction in the DJE Philosophy, for foreign Jedi, from other JEdi Orders, than decided to work and be apart of the Jedi of Dantooine.

Exist in DJE, the advanced Jedi Paths, the DJE Knights needs to recieve an additional training, for to development skills in advanced JEdi Path or Advanced Classes, also exist a Jedi Master Leader for each Jedi Path, who determines and define the Advanced Jedi Training for each Jedi knight in each Jedi Path.


Jedi Council Master
The DJE Council Master is the highest Authority in the Jedi Order.
The leaders of the Jedi order are the DJE Council Masters, with them are defined the principles and values than govern the Jedi Order and their members.
Jedi Path Leader
The Jedi Path Leader, more than a rank, is a The Jedi Path Leader, more than a rank, is a responsibility , than is assumed by some council Master or Jedi master in the Jedi Order.
Exist a leader for each Main Jedi Path (Guardian, Consular, Sentinel), This Leader has authority over a Jedi Knights , Jedi Master on each Jedi Path under his leadership.
Jedi Master
The DJE Jedi Master is the highest formal rank obtainable by a member of the DJE Jedi Order. It is Reserved for those who have shown exceptional devotion, skills, as balance in the Force and combat, having the option of wear the DJE Jedi Armor for each Jedi Path.
The DJE Jedi Masters are instructors in advanced Jedi Paths, they has the leadership in the Jedi Order, and needs to be an example in the community.
Jedi Knight
The DJE Jedi Knight referred to a member of the DJE Jedi Order who had completed their Jedi training as a DJE Padawan in the Jedi academy, having the option of wear the DJE Jedi Armor for each Jedi Path.
As a Knight and a full member of the Jedi Order, the Jedi Knight receives assignments from the DJE Jedi Councils.
Jedi Quarton
The DJE Quarton is a Force-sensitive who have recieved an instruction as Jedi Knight or Master from Other jedi Order, and has decided to be apart of DJE.
The DJE Quarton is under the mentoring of some DJE Jedi Master, this mentor has the duty of do the induction in the DJE training program, principles, values and phylosophy of Jedi life.
The DJE Padawan is a Force-sensitive who have begun an instruction with a Jedi Knight or Master from the DJE Jedi academy, having the duty of wear the DJE padawan clothes.
The DJE Padawan is not yet a Jedi, but after several Lessons and tasks with his mentor a padawan can be able to use a lightsaber and participate in missions with the aproval of his mentor.
The DJE Student is a Force-sensitive who decided to recieve a Jedi training and the Student has the hope of to be selected for the Jedi Academy,
The DJE Student needs to do several Tasks and follow a code of conduct on Dantooine, having the duty of wear the DJE Students clothes.

Behind the scenes

Dantooine Jedi Enclave is a Dream, a project, than was launched, based in the concept of respect, friendship, and loyalty, a group of Jedi decided to build a dream, and after of a hard work, having good times and hard times, generation over generation, the esence of the Dantooine Family was the base of this community in SWRP.

The Vision of this project is... "To be an example of a good SWRP community, having a good participation, respecting the good principles and values of a proper role-playing, based on the strong conception of friendship and acceptance, mutual respect and dedication, to afford any role player, a place to enjoy, learn and grow in SWRP."

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