Damian Lockheart is a star wars roleplay character.

Current StatusEdit

Currently traveling between worlds collecting things he and his fiance needs and trying to stay as close to the planet she is on to avoid more arguments with her.


Before RP Life- He to be taken by a jedi to a academy but it was not to be when parents and the jedi to take him were killed by a Celenia Soulstar a bounty hunter despite her job she felted pity and took him with her as one of her children but as time went on she was lonely raising him to be a bounty hunter like her untill one night she came into my room drunk and forced him into sexaul acts with her and she didnt stop and keep doing it when she could till he had enough and attacked her and ran thinking she was dead.

Bounty Hunter Ark - He was commissoned to kill the leader of uvena prime a few years after escaping his foster mother and was jailed for the failed assassination attempt and was to be executed but was broken out by draken viper to work with his Blitz Soldiers due to his skill but time with him ended rather fast due to were his actions were leading him and one time when he was drunk started hearing voices t first thought it was just him going mad drinking too much but over the month they became more frequant till he relieved that in was the same as those jedi spoke about and after a time after a drunken rage killing most Blitz Soldier members joined the KOJ seeing it was a better choice then drakens Blitz.

((OOC:KOJ Ark is being rewritten up))

Mind Transfer Ark - After he had returned from being kidnapped and used in a mind transfer experiment that resulted in his mind being transfered to a Bio-Made body crafted from the flesh of his own and his mind could not comprihend it and broke out of his testing facility and returned to the places that was left in his memory but had not recalled being a jedi so his abilities seemed new to him but after a event with slave trading when his master Iria Tuqiri was able to return his current state of mind back to normal and he recalled all of his life and now has more added to his shame as he tracked down and helped and said sorry to the woman he forcefully used and traded now he is resuming his jedi training with his master till he had grown a hunger to kill and assume new forms and left his order so he wouldnt hurt them and left to find the cure for it all and at times attain new forms.

Redemption Ark - now back on Yavin IV hoping to come back to his old life in KOJ now hes founds a way to control the hunger to assume forms and is also trying to learn medical side of the force use to help people he hurts or has hurt hoping he can have a chance at redemption and with enough hard work passed all that was put in front of him and has now been knighted with the KOJ.

JND Ark - Damian had decided to finally leave Yavin IV and the KOJ order since he was mostly just staying to be with someone close to him who had left and gone to another person so he left to went to Mos Entha and joined up with the JND order which he actualy knew rather well seeing they were former KOJ members before disown in leadership caused him to leave and stay as the loner he is till meeting up with Sable someone he fell for rather quickly and not long lead to them getting closer despite there additudes even leading to Sables pregnancy of four children and the eventual engagement a year after the birth.

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Calm,Mostly Focused and Unflinching he may seem none talkative and unemotional at first but is normally thinking on several things at a time and keep a ear to his surroundings.


  • Guns- E-11 blaster rifle,DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, DC-15 blaster rifle and two Material bullet pistols.
  • Blades- Mandalor Steel Sword(He made)And a Sovereign Crest Blade.
  • Lightsabers- His padawan sabers from KOJ, A Damascus Steel double-sided saber and his main sabers the Ultimums using a crystal he created to emit a unique color.


Force Powers- Force Push, Force Pull, Force Absorb, Force Speed, Force Sight[Random/Uncontrolable], Force Repulse [Learning], Force Heal, Force Lightning/Judgement, Nerve Pulse[Self Made], Force Weavings[Advanced Healing,Self Made], Shatterpoint, Beast Control, Force Dopplegänger, Sever Force[Learning], Force Deflection, Force Valor, Lightning Body

Also has had hand to hand practice and bladsmenship before even relising his force bound potential and also a wide array of shooting practice with most known guns.

Possible FutureEdit

As with all people there will be a ending Damians will just be a good death RPed out when the time comes.

Hopefully no more children after his fiances second pregnancy

Friends and EnemiesEdit


  • Lady Sable is his loving fiance and the last love his life will bring him]]
  • Lady Crebane was his second master after becoming a jedi padawan with KOJ
  • Iria Tuqiri was his first master to teach him in KOJ even through his stubbornness
  • Renai Stillwater was his girlfriend in KOJ before she passed her Knighting before parting ways



  • Christine Icefox is his older sister who has a hatred for him cause of a misunderstanding
  • Ro'tashi is a shistavanen that hunted him through the times before the experimentation but has called off the hunt assuming Damian went KIA
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