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Daana and Rakiko

  • On Dromund Kaas with Rakiko, investigating the rumour on the Sith Emperor Laboratory.

Daana and Rakiko inspecting a walker on Hoth

  • On Hoth for a technical care of their ship by the local Imperial troops. The empire was in conflict with the local Potentium knights for the control of the planet. They went to interview both sides.
  • On Dantooine to familiarize with the Jedi outpost. Many of their interlocutors were focused on past and future combat, mainly against the Sith. However, they explained them their goal was to build a family, including non force users in their rank.
  • On Yavin 4, master Tuqiri explained them they were a strict Jedi order, up to their outfits. She advised them to visit the nearby Massassi temple.
  • Alone back on Yavin 4, she learnt the opposition between this Jedi and those on Dantooine. The Jedi were training hard to fight the Sith.
  • Alone on New Tibannopolis, Bespin, she learnt the planet was recently damaged by a huge explision. She interviewed the local Jedi order, the Jedi Jewel Alliance about their specificities, being close of the Potentium views. She was invited to the future investiture of the new Senator.
  • On Corellia with Rakiko, people rumoured about an apparition of Revan, even if the officials said it was a hoax. Interviewing the queen, she affirmed her aim to combat the Sith and to open the planet to allies.
  • Visting Ossus, trying, but unsuccessfully to have news of the Jedi.
  • On Onderon, investigating on an attentat in a cantina. She was slightly wounded by a wall collapsing, caused by a further bomb.
  • On Eriadu, she attended to the the end of a regional meeting leaders and interviewed the Autocrator Trevor Ashdene about the defensive alliance they signed with Corellia and Bespin. Then back with Rakiko inspecting the new mining station.
  • At the temple of Haashimut, a jedi told her his disbelief combats can solve issues.
  • On Talus, they interviewed Jedi, including the Grand Master Azlum Grimlock, telling the local order followed the pre-civil war principles, and defending the Republic as it's the will of the Force.
  • They interviewed master Prez Pall on the Dantooine temple, he confirmed the Jedi would never negotiate with the Sith, arresting them soon they're spotted. The Jedi had the right, as following will of the Force and seek the recovery of the natural state of things. If this mystical energy was beyond understanding for non uninitiated like them, they had to ask the people which knew the Jedi were good. However, the last people they meet on Nar Shaddaa had another opinion.
  • They went to Onderon and met the Jedi at the told place and had the chance to talk to Masters Zav and Zuric. They both refuted the accusation of torture at would be against their religion. They stated they weren't aggressive, at most replying to rescue calls from deserving friends. However they refused to talk about their foreign relationship and were short about their vision of the Jedi philosophy.
  • On Dantooine, Daana met the crimelord poet Arise MacBeth, from the Bloodtalon syndicate. He asked her to publish his book of poetry Just Crime and explained her his doubt about who is right and wrong.
  • They went on Tatooine, investigating on the rumours the mandalorian controlled the slave traffic. The situation was rather confusing, they were a lot of them, maybe half of the population they met. However, they were far to be united, divided in many clans. Some called other dar'manda, a sort of failed mandalorian in their culture or religion. Those they asked rejected a mandalorian would trade slaves or they will be dar'manda, and if they looked like aggressive they were not hostile.
  • Frozen people

    Still on Tatooine, after having been told a Hutt slaver lived in the Dune Sea, they took a swoop to visit, but the door of the said palace staid closed. Furthermore, the outside decoration was more related to Sith culture. They left the place but too late to prevent the jawa to steal their swoop and they had to return by food. On the way they noticed a strange door then opened it and expored the place. It led to a huge room filled of thousands of people from an unknown species by them, stuck in stone. Apparently this place was still in use but they didn't found out by who and why. They left thinking to come later.
  • Returning to Haashimut, Daana talked again with the peaceful Jedi to met the other time. He confirmed he wouldn't raise a weapon, preferring to show by the example and without constraint what is a Jedi and how he like the people are. For him, a Jedi shall not derogate to his ideal of peace. This disturbed Daana for which peace is not the topmost of the ideals, preferring the sociability.
  • She however returned to Dantooine to confront this idea to the Jedi, known to be most warlike, if any and having defined her previously the jedi as people following a side of the Force and fighting the Sith, but being good without defining what good is. As they had told her to ask people to ensure they were good, she gave the example of the Jedi of Haashimut, but they refused to answer her, pretending to have already said everything she shall know about the Jedi.

The Dark Side

  • Landing on Rhelg, they interviewed Darth Umbra, one of the Sith, telling them the sith program, based on their old history and how they were superior to the other Sith, as hosting the rest of the original species (See also the Taral'ari interview by Daana and Rakiko)

Sith Invasion of Ruusan

Main article: Sith Invasion of Ruusan

Sith parading in front of the occupied temple

They reported lengthy the invasion followed by the occupation by the Sith Empire of the planet Ruusan. After the Sith push back, they interviewed the Emperor and the Taral'ari, as well as many other people involved in this conflict.


  • On Vjun, they interviewed a couple of Sith about their motivation goal and relationship with the Jedi. The Sith denied the aggression came from them and claimed they worked for a better galaxy. The reporters were then allowed to assist at a mastership ceremony.
  • On Vjun, Moy Borsuk, a grey jedi taught them there was another group of Jedi on Onderon, outside of Iziz, which may inform them about the recent conflicts. Further Fedhar, from the clan Draslshy'a talked them about his disbelief of the Jedi about good, and honourable people, especially those ones on Onderon which had tortured him for having rescued a defenceless sith imperial subject. He had a minor role in the Sith Invasion of Ruusan, having looted some of the museum artefacts for the Sith.


  • Darth Nyx and Daana at the Dark Side Cantina

    To confront the ideas of the Jedi with the Sith, Daana returned on Byss and stopped at the Dark Side Cantina, the cantina of the Ravager. She met Darth Nyx and exchanged some news. The Sith was away during the Occupation of Ruusan, but she told the reporter her general disdain on the Jedi and her approval of Validus counter measures. As an example, she told a former apprentice, passed to the Jedi of Ruusan was mistreating his previous Sith Master. Daana tried to know more and proposed to meet the Jedi reformed by the Sith and was replied they will contact her at the suitable time.
  • Lady Matraya at her interview on Byss

    They interviewed Lady Matraya which they meet first during the Emperor interview warmly approving his will to reform the Jedi. She was actually a former Jedi herself, founder of the New Order of the Jedi. She left the order realising her mistakes about the Jedi, they would limit themselves ignoring their passion and they don't have supported her when she needed. She however doesn't actively tries to convert more of them, thinking they will finally understand they follow the wrong way. She had a fast promotion in the Dark Lords of the Sith, even if still at an intermediate rank at the moment of the interview, maybe because her previous formation or the passion she showed at learning this new path. She looked attracted by the power, giving an example in the powerful lava streams flowing over Byss.
  • Sable and Daana at the Dark Side Cantina

    At the Dark Side Cantina, on the SSD Ravager, Daana interviewed Lady Sable, a former Jedi having joined the Sith. She saw her already during the occupation of Ruusan controling harshly a jedi refusing to throw his weapon. Daana learnt at this interview it was Sable's previous padawan. Sable quitted the Jedi feeling too limited by the restrictions the Jedi imposed to themselves, restriction the Sith had no more, allowing to gain a greater knowledge which was her main motivation. She didn't regretted her leaves from the jedi but felt a bit of nostalgia, even if Daana was unable to define where exactly. After the Interview, Darth Nyx came back and they continued the conversation about the knowledge. Daana shifted the thread to Dromund Kaas without having more answers at her interrogations on this matter.

The towers

Byss towers from the landing bridge

Having being told the Towers of Byss will be scrapped and replaced by another stricture, they headed to this planet, to attempt to visit them before it happens. The towers were protected by a security system preventing outsider to come in. They parleyed with the Sith and had a final authorisation from the Emperor's Hand Darth Gevecht, under the condition they leave him their recorders devices.

One of the towers having already collapsed, They first visited the smallest of the remaining towers, under the guidance of Darth Nyx and her young apprentice. Its first floow hosted a cantina the Emperor granted to an allied mandalorian clan which had surprisingly its ground covered by straw. The upper level had a room surrounded by statues with signs they didn't understand, this room led to railing connected to the second tower, containing facilities. They were able to visit the meeting room, which over chairs, this room being large enough for the order but too small to host a full meeting with the allied. Then the medical lab with many screens. But all the stairs they had to climb woke up Daana leg wound and they had to end the visit for now.

Hutt Stories

On Onderon, investigating on an attentat in a cantina. Daana was slightly wounded by a wall collapsing, caused by a further bomb. According the witnesses, it may be related with an argument between the Jedi and a Pirate clan of Nar Shaddaa.

Daana followed Ku'gan The Hutt on Nar Shaddaa, and interviewed him after finished his business meeting. He revealed to be a Galaxy wide businessman, treating with all factions, and was proud to have succeed this position alone. He was still looking for opportunities and people to recruit. Then, with Rakiko, they met Jess, one of his agents, complaining the Jedi searched to involve too much in the spice trade.

Huttila the Hutt demise

Jedi getting into Huttila's den

She later was invited by Huttila the Hutt's protocol droid, having his master jealous of an interview given to another Hutt but him. She went at the cantina held by Huttila the Hutt, but it was crowded too much for she approached him. Furthermore, he revealed to hold in custody a Princess of Onderon, while a rescue team, led by Jedi from the Old Jedi Order attempted to save her. Daana left the closed room when the weapons were about to warm up. She learnt later it ended by the death of Huttila the Hutt

Nobody on Talus being able to give them useful information, Daana and Rakiko returned the next day on Nar Shaddaa, talking to the people about the event, those ones showed disappointment on the Jedi attitude.

"Nar Shaddaa, undercity: People on Nar Shaddaa accuse the Jedi to have executed Huttila the Hutt, shortening the negotiations to free Thalia Ishtari or dealing them toward a a fight which was fatal for the Hutt. There was already a long run tension between the Jedi and the Hutt clans for commercial issues, and the jedi are suspected to have wanted to remove an obstacle by the Force."

Meanwhile, Daana returned to Talus to interview Thalia Ishtari and her Jedi master Mass Questi, she met them meditating in the garden below the temple and started to ask her questions. Thalia looked like still affected by her recent kidnapping, she believe for a ransom but did knew only little on her abductor, her face being masked. She called her master for help through the Force, which came alone without other goal than the release of his apprentice, the other Jedi being here independently. Thalia explained she was forced to kill Huttila for getting her freedom back, while his master was engaged by an officer of the Revenant Armada, apparently the accomplice of the Hutt. Talking about the Sith or the Revenant Armada, the jedi master didn't believed they would have a fair reason for diplomatic agreement and he would see no purpose to negotiations.

"Talus, Jedi temple: Miss Ishtari, formerly kidnapped by Huttila the Hutt and the Master Jedi Questi explained the circumstance of the raid at Nar Shaddaa. Mass Questi didn't had other purpose but releasing his padawan, acting independently that the other Jedi. The young lady was forced to kill the hutt to get her freedom back with sabre found in the battlefield. About the Revenant and the Sith, Master Questi don't see any purpose to negotiation, those having shown by the past they can't be trusted."

— Daana Kira, for Galactic News

Hutt on Bakura

Daana visited Bakura with Rakiko for having an appointment with the Grand Army of the Republic's public relation officer and follow one of the clone squad in training. However their visit was disturbed by the arrival of a couple of hutt, one of them having a heavy helmet and two rotary shoulder blasters. He defeated the successfully escaped the followed. During the attack, the reporters caught he was avenging for the death of one of them, Beast, and wanted to kill all men here. While they were supporting the injured with the Queen and her guard, a trooper explained them this Beast had been killed after having resisted to an arrest for harassing a woman on Bakura.

Struggles for the power

After the death of Huttila the Hutt, leader of many factions of Nar Shaddaa used the instability of the situation and gathered to control the planet. The reporters managed to be at the meeting and interviewed them at the end.

"Nar Shaddaa, Black Sun Station: The Black Sun and other planetary personalities, acting as the government of Nar Shadda is decreeing the martial law on the planet after the death of Huttila the Hutt. They fear the criminal would otherwise take profit of the demise of the Hutt leader to trouble the city. Also, they're protecting the Nar Shaddaa interests against outside interventions. During this period, which may last weeks or months along, they intend to promulgate progressive laws, like the outlawing of the slavery."

However their plans met a certain resistance from the locals and wasn't applied. Ku'gan the Hutt came back and took the position Huttila had, leaving, however important positions to the the Black Sun. He was planing to improve Nar Shaddaa attracting outsider personalities, and starting himself by an official visit to Tantooine.

In the under-city, an agent of the Galactic news reported rumours about the Black Sun creating a new Spice refining device and was increasing his holding of the small crime clan, absorbing some of them. However he wasn't able to talk with the Hutt or the Black Sun. Daana returned to Nar Shaddaa, trying to meet them herself, but only meet a lady she knew from the station reportage, inviting her strong to not interfere with the Black Sun. She met this lady again later while searching information despite her advice. She was surrounded by Mandalorians, one of them called her Cayce, queen of the Black Sun, she took Daana's recorder, even if unused, and broke it to show her power or her discontent, or maybe both of them.

Daana at Ku'gan's court

Daana, however still had a good contact with the Hutt, which attempted to use the media at their advantage. She was called at Ku'gan's palace and he told her he was displeased the Black Sun tried to grab the credit of his last idea, the Extractor, a machine made to clean Nar Shaddaa and build by the scientists he hired.

"Nar Shaddaa, Ku'gan Palace: Ku'gan the Hutt affirmed strongly to be at the command on Nar Shadda, and the Extrator was his own project, even if some other organisation try to get the credit. The Extractor is a new machine which will work on cleaning Nar Shaddaa. The first prototypes will be released very soon."

— Daana for the Galactic News

He told her also the struggle for power the hutt had at this time with the Black Sun to get the power left back at Huttila's death.

Living Planet

After having visited Dromund Kaas, Danna and Rakiko wanted to meet the Yuuzhan Vong, they learnt on Hoth most were located on Zonama Sekot but their informant refused to reveal the position of this planet. An interview with the Sith Emperor was also unfruitful to know the nature of the relationship, so they continued their search and someone at the Galactic New Station found out a possible location of the planet. The reporters took a ship and jumped at the mentioned location. After a travel without problem, they had the bad surprise their jump leaded to asteroid field. Daana tried to avoid them in emergency, but she panicked limiting even more her piloting skills and a meteor crashed into the hull of their ship. They had to evacuate the ship in emergency . Daana insisted to bring her full hunting gears with her in the escape pod, but in her precipitation, she didn't attach her correctly.

Hard Landing

Daana and Rakiko hard landing

After the hard landing Daana woke up in the middle of unattached object and was rescued by Rakiko. He lifted a crate blocking her leg and with the pain she felt, they knew it was fractured. To prevent another panic, they both instinctively tried to keep a good mood. Rakiko gave the first aid to Daana, splintering her leg and set up the camp with her verbal assistance. The air was breathable, they were on a hard glare in a large rainforest, not far from the meander of a river. They were too far from a relay for they comlinks and didn't see any trace of sentient presence.

Daana teaching to Rakiko the basics of hunting

They had another worry as their supplies were low. Daana was a good huntress, but her broken leg prevented her to practice her skill. She asked Rakiko to search for game track, which would be easy near a water spot, and showed him how to use her hunting equipment, a foldable spear to pick a small animal and traps to place carefully on the track. Rakiko went in the jungle and came back few hours later, delighted to have took a prey, and Daana prepared it in the togruta way, saving the entrails for further fishing.

They lived a couple of days like this, Daana hoping her leg would be quickly better for they move to a better place to camp and to be able to hunt herself. Being immobilised was about to depress her, but she refused to show this feeling to Rakiko, trying to looks enjoyed from his disgust when she shacked the entrails near him.

Daana and Rakiko rescued

After two days, they heart the sound of a mechanic, a couple of bikes where overing quickly in their direction. Daana hoped it was rescues, but just in case, she held her hold-out blaster in her palm, until she saw they brough a child with them. It was actually the local authority of this planet : Commander Zak and Sergeant John, two officers of the Zonama Sekot Rangers, along with Ghourah, an Arkanian child from Onderon, and Raf Marek, a retired jedi. Seeing Daana was wounded and not transportable on their bike, they returned to call a ship to evacuate her to a nearby medical centre where the healer Qarlo Tek waited for her.


After the treatment, which the healer warned Daana against moving during the next five days, the reporters started to question the people present, wondering how they could meet the Yuuzhan Vong, which would be difficult by this time, and if they knew there relations with the Sith Empire, which would be probably hostile on both side they said. Salene Lusch, apparently the leader, and Flint Mokeev looked like interested by their discovery on Dromund Kaas and proposed to visit it soon themselves. They also were surprised to meet a tribe of Cyborgs which had very different behaviours, from helpful to sarcastic, and even had seen a baby of them.

Daana spent too much time for her taste in the med lab recovering, the local holonet broacasts being unable to catch her interest. She also missed the interview Rakiko gave to Salene Lusch, taking two days before reading the record, not thinking it was important as she didn't knew she was the Magister of the planet. Salene Lusch, actually sent a two people exporting Dromund Kaas Emperor Laboratory and they came back to report, confirming what the reporters witnessed. Independently of their ethical disgust of the Emperor experiences and their dangerousness, they didn't want the Yuuzhan Vong are involved in outside conflicts, and started study an appropriate reaction.

They also evoked them the current troubles they had with a crime-lord called Vexxus, sending Quarren thugs to get back a green and poisoned stone. They had however been allusive about the properties of this stone, but this event prevented then they throw all their effort at Dromund Kaas.

Daana, Rakiko, Lanya and Cayce at Zonama Sekot

On Zonama Sekot, they meet Cayce Urriah, which they already had met in the past, at Nar Shadda where she threaded Daana and broke her camera and once on Ruusan when they were going to interview the Jedi. She reiterated her claim the reporters couldn't judge or understand her, but having more time, and being near of a child calmed the mind down. Daana answered she had no intention to judge her or anything but understand what she's the witness and report it to the public. She started to ask few questions but were interrupted by a visitor, and Cayce agreed Daana can continue later, without posing a formal appointment as she was sure she'll met her again. To please everyone, Lanya, the child, made flower necklaces to those not wearing one already.


During their stay, they met a deserter of the Sith Imperial troops, he wrote an interesting document telling, called "Sith ideologies and their impact on the youth" in which he explain if the Sith army is attractive, this is a lure and people have to renounce to themselves to join and progress. They decided to help this work to be published by the Galactic News Network.

She read back Master Salene Lusch long interview led by Rakiko. Her main concern was the safety and the independence of Zonama Sekot of which she was the leader in title, and its inhabitants. She fell concerned by Dromund Kaas Laboratory as it may lead people to dislike the Yuuzhan Vong even more and those ones would attempt some foolish action. Even if the planet was isolated, she watched the outside events and for example analysed the Sith Invasion of Ruusan as a political coup more than a military victory. She placed her interest closer to the Jedi's than to the Sith's, she wouldn't blindly ally with the first ones or reject negotiation with the seconds even if she doubt they would be fruitful. She was a master of the Potentium Order, an old splinter from the Jedi, and she saw them too limited in their teaching.

This last point was more detailed in the interview Daana gave to Master Flint Mokeev, if the jedi were strict long time before, the beliefs of most changed, some adopted a view close of the one of the Potentium they banned centuries ago. They had experiences with battling against the Sith before and with Jedi trying to boss the local and wary about them, even if some can be trusted.

Then, they interviewed Zak, a Noct, formerly living on Nar Shaddaa and leading the Rangers group. He sounded to be a demanding but fair officer, considering everything even, including the Force Users even if, for him some might feel superior.


Lanya's birthday

After few days passing to recover and interview people on Zonama Sekot, they were ready to leave, but staid one day more to assist at the tenth birthday of the little Lanya. Many people were present to offer her gifts. Daana gave her a tooth of an animal from Shili, explaining the little girl, it was a so cruel and strong animal it could only be defeated by a group of hunter, acting together.

The Alliance

Ronet Korr's extraction from Nar Shaddaa

Wandering in the undercity of Nar Shaddaa, looking for informations about the recent regain activity, Daana, entered in a mandalorian bar, and here learnt the Revenant Armada installed in the street. The mandalorian didn't care as long as they didn't bothered with their own business.

Dr Ronet Korr apprehended by Gene's People's Galactic Alliance Force squad

Looking for her way back to the space port, she meet a squad of military from an uniform she didn't know and asked their way. They told her to wait as they were in mission. They were actually talking to doctor, wanting to to being him back to the People's Galactic Alliance controlled part of the Galaxy.

"Bakura, Hospital: The doctor Ronet Korr, former Bakura Senator was extracted from Nar Shaddaa by a squad of the PGA and brought back to Bakura hospital. Dr Korr attempted to resist and protested, claiming this would ruin the free clinic he held in the under-city. The squad leader justified Dr Korr needed their protection, as PGA citizen, even against his expressed will, especially since the enemies of the Alliance, the Revenant Armada, withdrew back to Nar Shaddaa."

— Daana, reporting

As the Doctor refused to follow, they used a stunning bullet to control him then cuffed him, leaving Daana to check if he didn't have been injured by this shock. She tried to talk him during his awakening but he wasn't able to talk clearly. They then headed to Bakura, followed by the reporters, Daana being caught with Rakiko, and took a ship to Bakura.

At the hospital, the doctor was examined by Gene, the squad leader, now able to use the medical equipment he diagnosed a chock on the head, preventing the doctor to think clearly. This one, however pretended he was clear and the troopers were corrupted. He wanted to return to Nar Shaddaa to take care of his free clinic in the under city. They mitigated he would see the doctor of his choice later to assure of his state.

Sergent Gene interview

As they were on Bakura and the doctor was resting, they gave a long interview to the Sergent Gene. He explained they he had no choice but removing the Ronet Korr from an enemy controlled planet, the Revenant Armada having fled Coruscant to Nar Shaddaa for a reason he didn't know. The Alliance constitution also prohibited their citizen to own good in enemy territories. The reporters, then not used to the alliance found it too restrictive for they could practice their job, even if this constitution ensured them a freedom of speech.

He explained the People's Galactic Alliance was a better choice for the citizen than, for instance the Revenant Armada. This last one having little respect for the people and led an offensive war. The recent event in the chancellery, the replacement of two chancellor in a short time, showed the alliance was robust enough to survive to such changes, not being dependant of one leader. He didn't however understood the deep reason the former chancellor, Rimzy Baudin, had to resign accusing the senate of corruption, instead of helping as chancellor to the rebuilt if Coruscant newly freed.

The Kashyyyk Crisis

The People's Galactic Alliance still considered Kashyyyk as a member. But the senator declared by his own its withdrawal, also a Wookie elder called the Empire, call which was quickly followed by the announce of an Imperial fleet heading to the system.

Rakiko and Daana talked formerly with Gene about this case, for him, the Senator had not the right to remove his system without the agreement of its people. When the interest of the Empire increased, Daana headed to the system, stopping on Alaris Prime.

Daana and troopers, interviewing the Wookiees

She stopped to a ruined area near where her ship sensor detected activity and walked around to check. Her first meeting was with an armed wookiee, Kafa, near an old ruined building. When she installed her personal translator unit, a group of Marines of the PGAF, in which she recognized Gene, came along, starting to talk with the wookiee, and eventualy using Daana as translator. Progressively other wookiees came along.

"Alaris Prime, Kashyyyk system: While the Forces of the PGA dispatch on Kashyyyk, the Wookiees are split on the attitude to hold face regarding the call to the Empire made by their former senator. If some want a negotiated solution with their elders, other shown their intention to kill the Imperial whenever they show on the planet considering their past of slavers of the Wookiee people"

— Daana Kira, Galactic News Network

The PGA Forces showed their support to the wookies, which on their side welcomed them. While Kafa, retired Kaskyyyk senator, was looking for a peaceful negotiation to the situation still wanting to stay the Alliance , younger Wookiees declared their lack of respect to the elders wanting to impose them the Empire, and were ready to a more violent solution.

Rakiko and Daana exploring the temple caves

After the wookiees left, Gene guided Daana to the nearby ruins entrance for she can dry and send her articles. She made a fire and prepared her text then sent it with the help of the PGAF emiter. Her com being too wet to work. Meanwhile Rakiko landed on Alaris Prime and looked for her partner. After asking locals he found the way to the ruins and meet Daana. While her dress was still drying, they took profit to visit the deep and large cave network. It lead to many interesting places like a underwater river with crystals or a watch tower with a plain view on the region. After the exploration they returned to the rainy forest.

On their way back to the shuttle, they explored a concealed refinery, apparently automatic in which they slept for the night. When approaching for the space port, they met a group of people, an armoured woman looking for imperials, without telling why, a rebel wanting to help the wookiee people against the imperial and an old acquaintance, Moy, a grey jedi formerly a Vjun royal guard which resigned, disagreeing the Sith named an outsider as he though it would bring unnecessary conflicts. Since, he was wandering thinking to make his own order.

Nar Shaddaa withdrewal

Leaving the Kashyyyk System, Rakiko and Daana moved to Nar Shadaa where they were contacted with Lady Zaloth which the Senate of the People's Galactic Alliance required her to leave its forces deploying their troop on Nar Shaddaa, as she refused, they voted for the Y'Toub System is withdrew from the Alliance.

"Nar Shaddaa, Upper City: Lady Zaloth, Representative, of Nar Shaddaa to the PGA commented the eviction of her system by the Senate. She refused and still do the PGA takes the control on the Y'Toub system deploying troops. As the system hosts an important contingent of the Revenant Armada, this would have bring to conflicts harmful for the local economy. She told her policy as part of the PGA was to promote balance and negotiation between each part of the conflict but it failed because of the Alliance stringency."

During the interview, she added she had the support of the people. The Revenant Armada was always welcome on Nar Shaddaa and they never refused the negotiation for peace she proposed.

The reporters leaved as the Grand Moff Tarkin VI and a guard was entering in the Lady Zaloth's office, after few words exchanged they agreed to meet later after he finished his business there.

Grand Moff V Tarkin, VI Interview

The Grand Moff Valdimir Taking during the interview

The reporters interviewed the Grand Moff Tarkin VI, at a table of a cantina in the upper City. They talked about the imperial current state, which according him was working on improving the citizens welfare with a better economic and promoting the galactic stability. He presented the Empire as a regime of equal people following a military order. The citizen had the duty to serve as did the servicemen for their self promotion and the common well being. It has an open politic and outside interest inside of its borders.

Daana asked a question about the recent Anti-Tarkin manifestation on Eriadu, which he supposed, as he never went back on his planet since 40 years, it was inspired by the local propaganda for their own goals, reusing obsolete rant.

About Kashyyyk, the stated the Empire just wanted to involve to support a legitimated government having called it to get freed from the People's Galactic Alliance. The Empire doesn't discriminate the Wookiees or any other non human species and they don't have any fear to have from it about slavery.

"Not that I wouldn't enjoy chastizing them. I would. I can be extremely spiteful."

— Grand Moff V Tarkin, VI about the Revenant Armada

It's also because they were called the Empire started diplomatic negotiations with the former Nar Shaddaa representative. They would ignore the Revenant Armada on Nar Shaddaa as long as they remain peaceful. However, they wouldn't forgive their crimes, especially those made on their former capital, now Galactic City the Armada evacuated after having caused extreme damages.

Maven Haus

Elaera Maven, chairwoman of Maven Industries

At the restaurant of Galactic City, Miss Elaera Maven bustled about to organize the place where her company, Maven Industries, just installed to provide high quality entertainments to the City. The reporters Rakiko Lowtide and Daana Kira succeeded in having an interview with the chairman, they sat on a table, while on the background, the droids hurried up to their work.

Maven Haus, the subsidiary of Maven Industries, newly installed at Coruscant specialised in the lastest entertainments, without restriction of species culture of political opinions. The panel of their activity was wide, but focussed on the quality and the novelties. Because of her new arrival, she was still looking for new artists and other employees. She was a very demanding woman but she managed to show her best face in front of Rakiko's camera.

Coruscant Visit

During they stays in Galactic City, an informant told them wondering news about Tiffany Vandergraff.

Gene during the interview

They also sent to Gene an message for continuing the interview stopped before. They were only able to evoke the situation on Kashyyyk, where the PGAF are still deployed when a group of people in trooper armour, guided by a mandalorian passed by and the alarm rang when they attempted to break and enter in a nearby facility.

Gene controling a group of people in trooper suit

Gene asked them to leave but as the troopers insisted and resisted, he managed to to push them back from the base, having kill one during the operation. The mandalorian, the leader of the Gilamar clan, staid aside with the reporter during the operation, they even agreed about later interview for better understanding the mandalorians. After the fight, he tried to bargain a gunship, as he was now protecting the Queen of Bakura with limited means. Gene answered him to use official channels for such requests.

After a night of rest, they assisted to a training of the squad against moving target and talked about the intensive training program and their former interventions. Then they returned to the interview. for Gene, Nar Shaddaa adhesion at the PGA was ambiguous since the beginning and the attitude of its representative, Lady Zaloth increased the confusion.

They talked shortly about the Onderon Royal Family, from where a member, the princess Nagerie died recently. Gene was also witness of the kidnapping of Thalia on Coruscant by the Revenant Armada to deliver her later to Huttila the Huth.

The Tetan Empire

The Empress Interview

Daana was on Nar Shaddaa looking for someone, when she was invited by Cal, she met previously, for a drink. At the undercity cantina many people came along, and, as she was talking about her job of reporter and her difficulties to met the Revenant Armada, a Zeltron, miss Zeezee told her she knew their location and proposed to guide her. As many people wanted to follow, she accepted to take them as assistants if they took of their armour and wear civilian clothes. Then they presented at the headquarter, in the under-city. The Grand Admiral was away but the Emperess Xera Keto accepted the interview.

Her Imperial Majesty Xera Keto

"Nar Shaddaa, Revenant Armada Headquarter: After their withdrawal from Coruscant, how are the Revenant Armada and the Tetan Empire organised? Do they have a criminal agenda like depicted by their opponents or are they ready for peace? What are their relationship with the other systems? Our reporter Daana Kira has interviewed the head leader of the Empire, her majesty Xera Keto"

The Empress explained the Revenant Armada was the military pendant of the Tetan Empire, which was the civilian part. Due to the war, the it had an amplified role in the imperial regime. Despite what the Grand Moff Tarkin said about their terrible relationship, she saw them cordial. Her reason of their withdrawal from Coruscant was the harassment of the PGAF, causing too much damages to the city for they be fixed while keeping the planet prosperous for its citizens. She doubted the PGA wanted the peace as they never sent an emissary, but they never sent one since long either. Daana was surprised to see the princess of Bakura friendly invited, even if Bakura was member of the PGAF.

Bakura politic

Political Context

Bakura hosted the headquarters of the Grand Army of the Republic. It was ruled by Senators, but had a Royal family as chief of state. The senator were changing frequently for many reason, retirement, promotions, and even an arrest. This made their role less and less important for the benefit of the Queen.

One of the Grand Army officer told the reporters the army also had instabilities, it was suspected one of their council was influenced by the Sith. Another was assassinated under mysterious reason, and the officer believed the Queen was wary of the clones.

Furthermore, even if Bakura was a part of the People's Galactic Alliance, the royal family had good relationships with the Revenant Armada, their sworn enemies.

Alliance with Bespin

The reporters were invited to the negocitation of a treaty between Bespin and Bakura. The agreement was at the Queen Ma'at Nephthys's initiative and prepared by her advisor Moy Borsuk, which the reporters met already in other circumstances, at Vjun and Alaris Prime.