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Daana Kira is a SWRP character.

She was a female Togruta, reporter at the Galaxy News, often in partnership with Rakiko Lowtide.


Early Life

Daana was born on Shili, in a large Togruta tribe having frequent contacts with outsiders. Her curiosity grew with time and she was hired to be a local part time correspondent of the Galactic News holonet channel. When she became more experienced, she applied to become reporter.


Daana and Rakiko

As a reporter she witnessed many events in the Galaxy.

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Personality and Traits

Daana was a sociable and talkative Togruta having left her tribe on Shili to merge with a larger society which is the Galaxy. She enjoyed listening the other, since when child the elders narrated the exploits of the old times.

She liked partnering with Rakiko she considered like a member of her tribe.

Professionally, her ambitions in her interviews were to ask the right questions to allow the truth to progress. The interviewed people may lie her, she believed the truth would eventually emerge with time.


As a reporter, Daana usually carried in her bag and pockets recording and communication items and backups, a portable encyclopaedia, a six shot holdout gun, thousands of credits in different currencies and a small first aid medikit.

Occasionally, she might carry her Togruta hunting equipment, a translating device, long range communication devices or any gears required by her current reportage.