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General D-5104, more commonly known as Mag, is a faithful clone of the Grand Army of the Republic. Currently Co-Commander of the group.


Clone Trooper "Mag" had his start in the 21st Marine Platoon under the leader named M-2117 "Abrams". It was during the ending days of the conflict on Coruscant, yet there were still patrols being sent out. Both "Abrams" and "Mag" went on such patrols and saw action on the streets of Coruscant. It was not long after that a clone named "Wolf" joined the ranks as well. Together, all three clones formed the A-Team of GAR. Able to take on any challenge with "Abrams" being the leader, "Mag" being the guns, and "Wolf" being the comic relief. It wasn't long before Wolf and Abrams outranked Mag, Abrams leaving A'denla to become the ARC trooper of Udesla Legion, and Wolf becoming the ARC of A'denla, yet even then the triumvirate continued its reign of badassery over GAR.

After Wolf and Abrams departure from the A'denla Legion, Mag was given the title of Commanding officer, which at the time meant he was the head of GAR's navy. Noticing a distinct lack in ships and pilots, Mag put most of his effort into securing Naval Assets for the Grand Army, the most notable being the addition of two Venator Class Star Destroyers, the Karma and the Nova, as well as the acquisition and distribution of a fleet of retrofitted Clone Wars era fighter craft.

During the Swoop Races held by X-play and the Hutt factions, Mag decided to pilot a swoop under the Grand Army Flag to show that even mass-produced clones could fly and fight with the best pilots and drivers in the galaxy, and he succeeded, holding a strong second place in both Seasons of the events, and coming in first place multiple times against ace pilots like Nora Saria of the Renegade Armada and Rakiko Lowtide of the GNN.

After quite a long period of working hard at keeping the Grand Army up to date with its arsenal. Mag was awarded the position of General/Shock Trooper of GAR.

Later on, Mag was a player in securing the Grand Army's position as the main military branch of the newly formed republic under Chancellor Valara.

Shortly after, Mag was appointed as Commander of GAR. With the Republic moving to Taris, Commander Mag was instrumental in installing Kamino as the main base of the Grand Army of the Republic. With the GAR now working from their homeworld of legacy, they helped equip the fledgling Republic with the military might they needed. Unfortunately this might was tested against the Serpentine Order, who were growing to become one of the more powerful Sith cults the GAR had ever faced. In the end, after a drawn-out and bloody conflict, Taris was left decimated and the Republic in scattered to their own worlds.

Working alongside Shock Trooper Rush, Commander Mag took on the temporary Role of Acting Chancellor of the the Reformed Republic, now called the New Galactic Republic. After serving his time in this Role, he passed the baton to Shock Trooper Rush, and proceeded to concentrate his efforts on the Grand Army's needs.