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D-1107-GGR-890511 was a CIS Droideka manufactured during the clone wars. The Droid was repainted blue and reprogramed to only attack hostile or potentially dangerous being. It is curently patrolling Ruusan as it's programing requires.


Early 'life'[]

D-1107-GGR-890511 was built during the Clone wars by Phlac-Arphocc Automata Industries to be used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. 'Unfortunatly', the droid was unable to follow it's programing as the end of the war brought it's model's deactivation. The unit was quickly stored and eventually sold and reprogramed to stand on gard and defend it's current location, no matter where it was or whom it was facing.

The Droid retained it's role for mostly 150 years before it's maintenance cost became too high for it's utility and technological level. Outdated, under maintained and lightly battle damaged, the droid was sold for a ridiculous price to A group of smugglers who thought it could be usefull in their journey. However, the droid only kept on aging and required energy charges more and more often only to keep rolling thriugh the ship. It was eventually sold to a rich Ruusan householder with poor rapair skills who gladly bought the machine for an exceedingly high price. the man kept the droideka deactivated at the front of his courtyard but had it back onlinethe day the planet was attacked by the sith. However, his hopes of helping in defending the planet were quickly compromised as he got killed during the very first wave of the attack, when the droid was still reinitialisating it's data.

Stuck on the planet, Masterless, the droid had no choice but to return to it's last programing, instead of attacking 'ennemy forces only' it would only roam around the planet and attack any hostile beings, may it be alive or droid.