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D-1004 Was originally trained to be a commando on Polis Massa by the Mandalorian Ghez Gilamar, one of the few non clones to train new troops, However at some point during training he requested a transfer to the rank and file troops destined for the 501st.

During his training he showed a penchant for unusual tactics and out of the box thinking, also an uncanny ability to read tactics and situations, He also developed a natural ability to understand his men that serves him in his current leadership role.

His name Firehawk was given to him after a training mission in which the point was to rescue a friendly from a base of droids, instead of simply landing the LAAT near and using stealth to get close, he flew the LAAT into the base at reckless speed, he and his squad got out, rescued the friendly and flew out, by the end, the LAAT was burning, and they were lucky it could still even fly them out, the LAAT was a write-off, but the mission was still deemed a success…

Early Life and Training

D-1004 was initially a commando clone assigned to Traycen Squad along with D-1001 Blaze, D-1002 Burnout and D-1003 Flamer, as well as the incident that gave him his Firehawk name, there was an incident where, during a visit from the Queen of Naboo, she accidentally fell over a walkway and into a training zone during a live fire exercise, Firehawk, ran from cover, and shielded her until a retrieval taxi could come, he received several hits to his armor and was in bacta for weeks, but the Queen lived,in gratitude she gave him a Naboo fighter, it was soon after this he transferred to the 501st and boarded a transport for Bakura...


D-1004 seemed to make an impact almost immediately, fighting in several high profile missions and rising through the ranks at a pace unheard of before, this was put down partly to his commando training however early on he made friends with a particular person, this person would have a profound effect on him, Queen Ma'at Nephthys of Bakura, the two developed a close friendship, he has saved her life on several occasions, disobeyed orders and generally risked his career for her safety, in return she has became a sort of advisor for him, a mentor in how to cope with life out with the GAR.

Despite his unusual approach to military life he eventually rose up the ranks to be the commanding officer of the 501st, he has assembled a group of loyal soldiers of varying skill and ability, he currently holds the rank of ARC

Clan Gilamar

News reached D-1004 of Ghez Gilamars death saving young trainees from a rogue Sith faction who attacked Polis Massa, and due to D-1004 being adopted in the Mandalorian way by Ghez, was now the Alor (leader) of the Clan Gilamar, since then he has invited several people into the family, from fellow clones to people he has met on his travels even Ma'at Nephthys is rumoured to be part of the clan.

Personality and Traits

D-1004 is loyal and tactically astute, if a little headstrong and obsessive, he has also very caring and would sacrifice himself to save others, His Mandalorian teaching has gave him a sense of pride about his adopted heritage.


Ma'at Nephthys

D-1004 had heard of Ma'at before he was stationed on Bakura, but it was not untill his second week stationed there they actually met, he saw that despite her government graciously allowing a Grand Army base, that they seemed to have little interest in her safety, something he even though he was merely a private, brought up this and vowed to help her as much as he could, it was clear he was captivated by her beauty and intelligence while she always appreciated his dedication and bravery, so much so he became one of the few troopers she fully trusted. the relationship ultimately became one similar to a brother and sister, something further enhanced when after hearing D-1004 talk about her and mentioning her parents were dead, Ghez Gilamar flew personally to Bakura and after finding out for himself her caring nature, strong will and the fact she treated the clones as people not as mere tools, adopted her into the clan. D-1004's loyalty to Ma'at is unfaltering, and regardless of her position, be it Queen of Bakura or Galactic Senate Chancellor, he has vowed to always be there for her. She currently is enjoying her retirement from politics on an undisclosed planet, this measure was taken to ensure she was able to enjoy her retirement in peace. however as a precaution she will always have a Clan Gilamar honorguard protecting her

Daana Kira

This very platonic yet undoubtedly close relationship D-1004 has with the reporter is something that has benefited both parties in the past, Daana knows she can come to him for any information and he watches out for her in days her reporting puts her in harms way. This seems odd given the general distaste others show the reporters, but D-1004 always tried to make time for her, after all, as he sees it,she is trying to do her duty just as he is doing his.

K-6541 Silver

D-1004 and K-6541 first met not long after K-6541 had joined the 21st Marines and they quickly became good friends, D-1004 nurturing and focusing K-6541's natural talent for politics and teaching the younger trooper the value of using what power you have as opposed to looking at gaining more. he was one of the very few Udesla officers to make a positive impact on K-6541, especially after D-1004 handled his officer training and adopted him as his son into Clan Gilamar. D-1004 is very proud of his "son".

S-3547 Tugboat

Another clone adopted by D-1004 into Gilamar as his son. formerly of the 333rd pilots, he always seemed to be the unofficial pilot for the 501st as he always seemed to be on hand to assist in his Rhino troop transport, so much so that when the 333rd was disbanded after a series of unfortunate incidents S-3547 was welcomed into the 501st with open arms. S-3547 is at heart an engineer and is in his element when building or repairing things.

Equipment and Weapons

D-1004 wears Clone 501st armor (although he also owns commando armor) and uses a DC-17 rifle and commando pistol.

Current Assignment

  • 501 Commanding Officer