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"There are few among us who can achieve the power the Sith seek. Allow me to show you this power"

— Cyprus Talon to Naferia

Cyprus Talon was created by his master and father, Aeon Talon, on 196 ABY in the depths of Korriban's tombs. Created to be the very definition of the Sith, Darth Talon's life would be rigorous facing many challenges and setbacks as he attempted to reach the prescribed goal his Master demanded of him.


"My greatest creation... finally you are here"

— Aeon Talon as he looked down at the growing body of Cyprus

Aeon Talon was a master of sorcery and Sith Magics, dedicating his life to creating the perfect Sith, knowing he would never have the ability to do so himself. During his final years after the Great Tython Conflict, he hid himself deep within Korriban's tombs to finally work on his greatest achievement. Hundreds of samples were created and all fail. After years of studying and research, he finally was able to create a conscious clone of himself that could be infused with the natural dark energies of Korriban. Finally achieving his goal. The Dark Lord would train the child, nourishing him on basic foods and training Cyprus' natural ability to feed off of the dark side of the force in order to stay alive.Growing up on Korriban, the young Sith was subjected to gruelling training since birth.

Early Life

"Make the pain stop! Aaaaah...I'll kill you! "

— Cyprus to his master during his first time in the Embrace of Pain

Growing up within the nexus of the Dark Side, corrupted the young child as his creator forced him to embrace it. Knowing

Things to note:

Death of Cyprus

Training with KOJ into ruling robes of the hand

Speaking with Miron, telling him his vision of the future and how it came true years later.

Joining forces with the serpentine order with Connor Titan

Moving to Nar Shaddaa

Dismemberment of the order

Mirons death

Joining Seraphinus (all about Sarapin)

Knox stuff


Reformation of Inquisition/ concept of rule of 2

One Sith adaptation