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Crow shanks is a female Twi'lek by birth, whom became a dark lord of the Sith during her time upon Trayus, later to sit

upon a hidden dark council as lord betrayer with the name of Arulo. Crow is by birth a purple skinned Twi'lek, marking covering her upp check and lekku, each mark holding a story behind it.

As a Sith she apprenticed to begin with under the nightsister Lady Teninista, and later and more formally under Darth Veka of Trayus academy, training with one other whom she saw as a kin to herself. Though she followed the ways of Ragnos it did not prevent her from numerous attempts to end her Masters life in the hopes of some freedom being gained from the action.

As a Jedi she never succeeded in much, her first time at the academy ended during her padawanship when she became enraged by a Sith Lord whom stole something she held very dear to her. Causing her to embark on a mission to retrieve it, ultimately leading to her downfall from the lightside. Her second attempt is still unknown at this time, it is unknown if she completed her time with the Jedi or if she parted ways with them to became something else.



Crow was born upon the planet of Ryloth, but was sold into slavery at a young age being the second child of her family, to settle a debt. She was transported to Nar Shaddaar, where she was trained to be a dancer or at least that was what it she appeared to be up front. Her main goal was to listen and to learn of any information from those she danced for that could be of use to her owner. And so she danced and learned, gaining knowledge with ever day that past.......that was until she learned too much.

Learning of a crime lords personal affairs tends to lead to one of two things, first and most likely being your death. Second and most unlikely it would lead to a job of sorts or a way to control the crime lord. Unfortunately for Crow she was neither well connected or much of a threat to a crime lord so it was death that they wanted. She remembers being dragged out back beaten, pleading and begging for her life to the begins around her that simply laughed at her pleads. One of the figures drew a blaster and it was at that moment that her mind locked up, nothing came to mind other than one thing.......to live

She danced around the men, taking the blaster from one of them and fired with little to not accuracy, but she kept firing. Catching the men off guard and leaving them as nothing more than a smoking pile of bodies on the floor. That was when she did the one thing she could do, she ran.

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Knowledge of what happened to her was lost, though there were several break ins and fights that were believed to be linked to her, nothing was ever proven. Till the day she was seen as a member of the Levianthan Consortium, a bounty hunter that was a sharpshooter. Carrying a modified X-45 sniper rife, she took her bounties down from great distances. It was while she was a member of this Consortium that she caught the attention of a Nightsister, whom began to have her apprentice groom her. One day while the apprentice and Crow were sparring she was held down by the force, locked against the wall, the apprentice whispering in her to dig deep and unleash what was inside. She did not understand it, but what she didn't realize was what the nightsister was doing out of sight. What she was forcing to happen to her. The Apprentice began to beat Crow, pound into her with no intention of killing, merely harming if not torture. It went on for what seemed like hours, Crow screamed in agony, her anger building more and more in her, anger and hate of being weak in herself.

She does not remember fully what happened, but next thing she remembered she awoke in a bacta tank. The apprentice is another one, close to death. All that anyone would tell her of what had happened was they found her and the apprentice in the sparing room. The apprentice had been smashed against the other side of the wall. Crow had been found laying were she had been pinned.

It was later revealed that was her awakening to the force. And so began her training. To replace the apprentice whom later died. To replace the apprentice and take her place as an assassin in training.

Years passed by, her training was near completion when she was ordered to head to Dantooine to gain information on their order and kill a Jedi Master by the name of Blade. It was the first time she had been permitted to go on a solo mission. And perhaps their reasons for not allowing her in the past were well founded. For when she arrived upon that planet she found the Master in question. Her saber ignited in hand was tossed aside as she requested that the Jedi sever her force connection. The Jedi ultimately declined, taking her in as a student of the Jedi order.

Student life for Crow was hard, she had been taught only to control the force in anger and rage, being unable to use these emotions hindered her progress in force abilities and tended to lead to mistakes as well as flare ups of anger she remained in control. That was until the day that a Dark Lord of the Sith discovered something that was in Crows collection, a small crystal that she had gotten from the nightsister. The Sith stole this crystal and took it with her to an imperial base.

When Crow discovered the theft of this crystal on the day of her padawnship she snapped. She knew the Sith had been there, she knew they had taken something, taking her saber from the days of being a nightsisters apprentice she gave chase. Arriving on the planet with little resistance, anger burning through her body she stormed the Sith temple. With no resistance all the way to the Sith Lord whom was meditated upon the crystal. Without warning Crow struck, but the Sith was ready, deflecting the blow.

The fight raged on neither one wanting to give a footing to the other, Crow began to gain the upper hand and was about to deal the final blow before she realized what she was doing. She was allowing her anger to take over her. That moments hesitation allowed the Sith to capture her. She spent the next few days locked within a cell, little food or water was provided to her. Finally she was transported to the Sith Academy upon Trayus, there the prefect of the academy took her as her own prisoner and tormented her. Warping her mind, till Crow bowed to her new Master.

She trained within the academy, studying Sith Alchemy and the teachings of Ragnos. As the years rolled by she became stronger in the darkside of the force. By the end of her training Crow was no more, she had been destroyed and replaced by Lady Arulo, standing with her Master Darth Veka they began to plot and plan. Soon Arulo rose to the rank upon their dark council as Lord Betrayer due to her ability to twist people and turn their will into her own desire.

This continued for many years, till one day the temple was rushed by troopers and Jedi, many sith acolytes died during the attack and only three members were known to escape and survive that Crow knew of. Herself, her former Master and Crows apprentice. They were separated during the escape, were Crow fell upon a force user, not of the Jedi and not of the Sith. She was over powered by this man, the man whom did not give a name. Whom did not seek to turn her, but rather open her eyes to another way of things. To the unified force. It did not take long till Arulo became no more and Crow returned. Feeling shame for what she had done she sought to make amends for her past. Returning to Dantooine to complete her training.

Her Jedi records show that she went missing at the time that her second Master also disapeared, some say that she felt that it had been her failure and chosen the life of an exile. With rumours of appearance being in the wilds of Onderon for some time before an attack saw the figure flee with a collection of nightsisters