Crimson Squadron was formed by then Commander-in-Chief of the Republic Liberation Forces Selkisto Horten, under Colonel Carlinso and attached to the Gavel-Class Attack Cruiser Devi, commanded by Captain Baron Carver, formerly of the Corellian Security Forces. Upon the formation of the People's Galactic Alliance, the squadron was placed under the command of Zaedrac Rexen. Crimson Squadron serves in long-range reconnaissance duties, and occasionally in point-defense or in an interceptor role. Crimson Squadron's most famous engagement was the defense of the Devi, destroying most enemy fighters and buying precious time for the RLF Constitutional Convention to evacuate the flagship.

History[edit | edit source]

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

The first official fighter of Crimson Squadron, the Eta-8 'Xesh Mk I' would soon be replaced by the renowned Xesh 2 Mk I Reconnaissance Fighter

Crimson Squadron was named as an allusion to Red Squadron, which evolved into the celebrated Rogue Squadron under Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles. It was created by Selkisto Horten and placed under the command of Colonel Carlinso to patrol Onderon space during and immediately after the Imperial occupation of Iziz, using the Eta-8 Xesh Reconnaissance fighter, due to its enhanced stealth and sensor capabilities. However, th Xesh's limited range prevented it from fulfilling the multi-role requirement origionally envisioned for the fighter, and as its production by a company subcontracted by the Intergalactic Banking Clan dwindled after the absence of its representative Acantha Heron, Selkisto requested an upgraded fighter with a greater range and survivability. Velmoran Military Engineering Works, the military contractor that originally designed the Xesh 1, began work on a new prototype. The first run of prototypes was completed as Selkisto began undercover excursions to the Coruscant Undercity, where he found and recruited Captain Baron Carver and Zaedrac Rexen, both expatriates of the Corellian Security Forces. Selkisto made Baron the captain of the RLF flagship Devi, which he assigned the new Xesh 2 prototypes to, along with new pilots.

The Assault on the Devi[edit | edit source]

Crimson Squadron's main fighter, the Eta-9C Xesh 2 Mk I Long-Range Reconnaissance Fighter

Outfitted with a new fighter and new pilots, including Zenasa Shinn and Sariana (IC name needed), Crimson Squadron began extensive patrols around Onderon, based from their mothership, the Devi. After the Republic Liberation Forces conducted a harrowing rescue mission to free Queen Astra, who had taken the throne of Onderon after the end of the Imperial occupation, a loose coalition of the RLF and its allies met on the Devi, setting in place the framework for a Republic constitution. Crimson squadron served as the personal fighter guard to these meetings, and it was during the final meeting, when Empress Jael herself made a visit to the flagship to negotiate a peace treaty, that Executor Ardonis Commodore and a squad of Imperial Commandos conducted a strike on the flagship. Crimson Commander Carlinso lead the starfighter defense of the Devi, supported by the mothership's defensive laser cannons. The defense screen successfully stalled the attack and destroyed the Imperial TrIE fighters harassing the ship, but Ardonis and one of his men crash-landed into the hangar bay of the cruiser, and a daring escape ensued. Captain Baron was fatally severed by a lightsaber during the escape, and Crimson Squadron pilot Zenasa Shinn suffered injuries from an attempt to careen his fighter into Ardonis. In his last moments of life, Captain Baron overloaded the forward reactor of the Devi, effectively setting it to self-destruct in an attempt to kill the Imperial Executor. As the crew of the cruiser fled in escape pods, Ardonis escaped from the ship just before it exploded. Crimson Squadron mopped up the remaining Imperial fighters and escorted the escape pods to safety.

Invasion of Coruscant[edit | edit source]

Crimson Squadron regrouped with the RLF fleet after the incident on Onderon, and in light of advice given by the Executor's former fiance, the RLF and its allies planned a retaliatory attack on Coruscant, intending to liberate it from Ardonis, who had taken control of the Empire after Talmerith's attempt to forge peace. Zenasa Shinn, newly promoted to Commander of Crimson Squadron after Carlinso's promotion to Wing Commander, was integral to the final stages of the attack plan. Crimson Squadron conducted numerous stealth reconnaissance missions around Coruscant space, feeding information about the fractured Imperial Fleet that remained to guard the planet. When the RLF Fleet attacked Coruscant, Crimson Squadron escorted the gunships that descended, ferrying ground forces that would overwhelm the Imperial defenses, and liberate the planet.

People's Galactic Alliance Forces[edit | edit source]

Following the reorganization of the RLF into the People's Galactic Alliance, Crimson Squadron was integrated into the People's Galactic Alliance (Armed) Forces and assigned to its latest primary role of long-range reconnaissance. Commander Shinn became chief of security on Coruscant during the occupation, and Zaedrac Rexen was promoted to Commander of Crimson Squadron, and holds the position currently. Surveillance footage from Crimson Squadron's Xesh fighters facilitated numerous missions on Onderon, Korriban, and Coruscant, and was a driving force in the decision to relocate the PGA headquarters to Rhen Var. Crimson Squadron was slated to have a permanent base on Antilles Station for providing first-warning of any attacks or intrusions by hostile starships. However, the onset of war with the Revenant Armada saw Crimson Squadron affected by the pervasive reorganization of the PGAF military structure by the Chancellor, Secretary of the Navy Green, and the PGAF representative Vampire.

War with the Revenant[edit | edit source]

Following a restructuring of the PGAF, Crimson Squadron was integrated into the elite A.I.R. commando division, which shared the primary role of reconnaissance and infiltration with the squadron. Commander Rexen was put in charge of AIR's space and air operations, which primarily utilized the members of Crimson Squadron, who had been issued brand new Xesh 2 Mk III's catered more towards potential combat operations to compliment an upgraded sensor array. This integration increased the ability requirements of all A.I.R. agents and commandos to mandatory acquisition of Xesh fighter flight training, supervised by Rexen.

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