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Coruscant Founders

sensory Hax, panelope Vella                                                     

Administration (Management Team)

Otacons Resident, Fabry String, Aix Loon

GMs (Game Moderators)

Marakella Writer, Sirio Constantine

AeonFlux was a full region Second Life sim featuring Coruscant in Star Wars Roleplay.

The sim was built by sensory Hax and panelope Vella in 2008.

AeonFlux has been mentioned on Linden Lab Destination Guide since 2010. The city was immense, and it used to cover different levels.

A large underground area featuring the Poligon Club, an immersive place hosting techno and electronic music.

A Middle Sector featuring a Jedi Temple for ILUM Order which used to include large archives and Jedi Artfacts, such as color crystals and holocrons.

An Upper Sector, also called Sector Zero featuring various cantinas, platforms, floating pads and a circular transport system which used to be extended for all over the upper level of the sim.

The sim has been built using an automated transport system which could be used by any visitor in order to explore the city, reach many points of interested and basically going up and down different city levels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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