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Tirimus and its nearby star Stella-Prime, The little Planet next to Tirimus is its moon Cornelius

Born on the planet of Tirimus Cortana Gravois was sister to Jedi Master Truth Gravois, she however did not seem at the time to have sufficient force sensitive abilities and unlike her brother was not asked to join the Tirimonian Knights.

Cortana instead joined the Tirimonian Navy, eventually becoming one of the finest pilots on the planet. It was said that she could fly a ship close enough to the nearest sun Stella-Prime to catch a sun tan in five seconds without allowing the stars gravity to pull her space shuttle into its burning core.

Cortana was first assigned to planetary defence missions and was based on the planets surface. Her job was to stop the planet from the threat of piracy which was rife in the solar system at the time. It was at the Battle Of Prime that her talents where discovered by Admiral Yivar Chuck of the giant battle defence station the T.M.N Unity. Admiral Yivar quickly fast tracked her through her 150 year training programme in just 50 years and she was assigned to the newly built battle cruiser T.M.N Savannah.

T.M.N Savannah leaving repair dock

The Savannah helped win many battle within the solar system and about 75 years after the Battle of Prime the system was declared a pirate free zone. It had appeared that new life forms had inhabited the other planets in the solar system and has began to form complex and sophisticated ways of living.

The Savannah was posted as a peace keeping shuttle and helped patrol the solar system in order to keep the peace and protect the Monarchs of Tirimus.

25 years later and the system was at war once more but this time by the Sith. It had appeared that the pirate planets had been the secret training ground of Sith from quite some time and this had gone unnoticed to the privet planet of Tirimus who had not interest in the other planets function or political system.

The Savannah was played an important part in the finale mission of Tirimus, King Vlad of the first Tirimonian Kingdom, Nova-Prime, Cortana and Truth's birthplace had organised a last stand against the Sith in order to protect the culture and civilisation of the planet but ordering 6 Nobles and 6 Tirimonian Knights to take relics and archives with them in escape pods. The plan was to fire a secret weapon the Tirimonian Kingdoms had been developing, one that would destroy its atmosphere and stop the Sith from corrupting its people.

The Savannah was ordered to protect the escape pods path from atmosphere to space from the Sith Capital Ships. The Savannah managed to protect most of the pods but was destroyed causing the pods to fly into space uncontrollably.

The Savannah's wreck floated through space for millions of years until it was pulled by the Gravity of Endor. The wreck was soon explored by the Jawa and it was they who activated the Cryo Chamber defrost sequence.

Cortana had survived for all this time, and later join the New Imperials. It was there that she Gained the Title of Fleet Admiral and was posted on the Super Cruiser Sword of Justice.

The Reliant docked on Yavin

Cortana served her time in the Imperial army without any conflict and with the credits she made bought a small cruiser carrier she named The Reliant. She decided to stick to a peaceful life and started her own heavy transport business, transporting heavy ship parts for various clients across the known universe. It was on a mission to Yavin that she found her brother Truth Gravois again, and has since settled. The Reliant currently sits unused in a Yavin Space Dock.


The Kingdom Of Nova-Prime

Not much is documented about her youth, other then she lived with her Grandparents in the kingdom of Nova-Prime until the age of 30 when she left home. She joined the Tirimonian space programme at the age of 35.


Cortana was an apprentice of Admiral Yivar Chuck of the T.M.N Unity. She served under him for 50 years as leader of the battle stations fighter defence pilot unit (F.D.P.U) until later becoming the Captain Cortana Gravois of the T.M.N Savana.

Personality and Traits

Curious but careful, Truth does not like to get into any kind of confrontation. He prefers his brain to his Saber.

Powers and Abilities

Master Rank Force Powers, Plus a Wide array of other powers through his study as a Scholar Master.

Light saber Training

Trained by Truth she knowns enough to battle a Sith without feeling to nervous

Force Abilities

None Documented


Blater Pistol Backpack Glider



Light sabers

She carries one Saber her brother forged for her but is more suited to a blaster.

Apprentice Saber

There was now apprentice Saber for young Tirimonian padawans instead they used a vibro-sword known as the Ru'mucka. Although Cortana never got the privilege to own one.

Star ships

The Reliant


Highest Rank: Admiral

Biggest Shuttle Flown: Imperial Super Cruiser

Flying Hour: 2 Million Hours

Favourite Shuttle: Tirimonian Battle Ship (The Atlas)